Jam Chart for Foam (38 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1988-10-29 Plainfield, VT 4:27 Debut. First version contains only the composed and lyrical sections with no jam component.
1988-12-10 Amherst, MA 7:26 Strong early version has the three essential components of the "Foam" jam: 1) Page-oriented solo; 2) Trey-oriented solo; and 3) band build-up to a peak before the final verse and ending riff from Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer."
1989-11-30 Boston, MA 8:53 > in from "AC/DC Bag." Really great Trey soloing, and a high power build-up.
1990-06-09 New York, NY 9:32 -> in from "Fee." Groovy and excellent Page section with solid backing from Mike and Fish. It's all good from there.
1991-08-03 Auburn, ME 8:32 Excellent early version from Amy's Farm. Delicate meanderings by Trey followed by a great full band peak foreshadow the epic version from 12/14/95 that would happen 4+ years later. Thanks to @Curtiss for unearthing this one.
1992-03-14 New York, NY 7:53 A very tight, well-played version with solid contributions from all four and great cohesion. Nice, crisp sbd recording taboot.
1992-11-28 Port Chester, NY 9:38 Awesome build-up section with Machine Gun Trey taking a strong lead position.
1993-08-13 Indianapolis, IN 9:20 -> in from "Makisupa." A fantastic segue. Jam begins with Mike soloing quietly, then Page joins him in a largely delicate duo (with Fish subtly keeping the beat). Trey's solo is similarly restrained. At 7:15, the volume comes back up for a exclamation point finale.
1993-08-16 St. Louis, MO 11:24 Very improvisational version. Fish is the star here, varying the rhythmic structure several times during Page's solo, and during Trey's solo, which has moments of reggae-like sound, as well as a brief jazz-like swing. Then at 7:10, the band begins a silent jam which continues until 9:00. (NOTE that several versions from 1993 and 1994 include "silent jams" such this one. See 8/25/93, 8/28/93, 4/8/94, 5/12/94, 11/22/94 and 12/4/94 for examples that are also excellent versions).
1994-04-11 Durham, NH 10:07 Great rhythmic variation from Fish throughout. Page's solo is interesting and unusual. A near-silent jam during Trey's solo, after which he shreds the build-up.
1994-04-25 Knoxville, TN 9:35 > in from "Fee." Page's solo is dynamic, with both subtle and louder moments. Cool band-wide collective improvisation during Trey's solo, and a high-octane ending.
1994-07-01 Philadelphia, PA 9:42 Some great Mike and Trey teaming following a short, near silent jam, with rhythmic, staccato plucking by both. Ferocious ending.
1994-07-13 Patterson, NY 9:50 Solid Page section, Trey's solo has a cool, unusual suspension at about 7:00, and Fish is fantastic throughout.
1994-10-13 Oxford, MS 10:37 Loaded with sprinkles of improvisation throughout, and with strong contributions by all, this is also one of the funnest "Foams" to listen to. It sounds as if the band was having a blast working its way through this one.
1994-10-29 Spartanburg, SC 9:50 Another very strong Fall '94 version, infused with rhythmic and other stylistic variation.
1994-11-02 Bangor, ME 10:30 From a show loaded with improvisation ("Tweezer," "Possum"), this version includes moments of uncharacteristic dissonance, and unusual chord progressions and melodic content, particularly in the build-up, which is scorching.
1994-11-12 Kent, OH 10:29 Riveting, powerful version. Page travels way up the keyboard, and the ending of his section is so dynamic that it sounds like the grand finale. Then Trey works all the way up the fretboard, with Page briefly (and uncharacteristically) on the B-3, before launching the band into a blistering build-up.
1994-11-26 Minneapolis, MN 10:33 Page's solo is pretty amazing on its own, but especially when coupled with the dynamic interplay among the band during this section. Trey has a very quiet solo, and the build-up features great Trey/Fish teaming.
1994-12-09 Mesa, AZ 9:48 Mike and Fish are awesome during Page's strong solo. Then Trey and Mike play a near duet with little touches from Page, and Fish rocks the house for the intense build-up.
1994-12-29 Providence, RI 9:25 -> in from "Runaway Jim." Fantastic segue for this great pairing. A typically strong '94 version with a dramatic build-up.
1995-06-13 Maryland Heights, MO 10:03 Some great plucking and strumming by Trey. The band is so tight and locked on in this version.
1995-06-20 Cuyahoga Falls, OH 10:44 Great mini build-up at the end of Page's solo. Mike is strong during the quiet section of Trey's solo. Powerful build-up.
1995-06-28 Wantagh, NY 11:07 > in from "Axilla (Part II)." Both Page and Trey have unusually long solo sections.
1995-12-14 Binghamton, NY 10:47 > in from "Horn." An overlooked standout from a show loaded with noteworthy performances. The balance and modulation of intensity is stellar, from the subtle, delicate musings during the solos, to the thrilling crescendo jam finale. Mike and Fish masterfully modify their texture as this one undulates while trending upward.
1997-08-03 George, WA 12:06 > in from "Bathtub Gin." Very cool, exploratory Page solo. Trey's solo is enhanced by an echo-like effect. A bass and percussion rich build-up leads to a soaring finish. If you aren't on the edge of your seat when the final verse starts, your soul has gone missing!
1997-08-09 East Troy, WI 11:58 Unusual second set placement. Listen to this one back-to-back with 8/3/97. Both masterpieces. But very different performances. Here Page's solo is less adventurous, but finishes in a rousing manner. Trey deploys very different effects from the preceding version, with surgical precision. And of course, the build-up is epic.
1997-11-29 Worcester, MA 11:45 No free-form improvisation like a big "Ghost" or "Tweezer," but within a self-imposed, rigorous construct, there is a hell of a lot of musical creativity going on in this characteristically '97-style stretched-out version.
1997-12-06 Auburn Hills, MI 10:54 -> in from "Bathtub Gin." And, the -> is really top notch. Another stellar '97 version.
1998-11-21 Hampton, VA 9:51 Super Page solo followed by ever-so-delicate-and-nimble Trey. Fish rocks the build-up with some serious drumming.
1998-11-28 Worcester, MA 11:04 Solid Mike and Trey interplay during Trey's solo. Build-up is excellent and razor tight.
2000-07-14 Columbus, OH 10:10 Interesting version in which Trey strums chords during the build-up rather than striking individual notes (as is customary).
2003-03-01 Greensboro, NC 10:40 The ever dependable Page is just awesome here with some great rolls at the end of his solo (5:07 - 5:19). Trey is both delicate and on the mark with his solo. Nice build-up.
2009-06-10 Knoxville, TN 8:11 Powerful Page solo with a ragtime feel. Trey brings the volume way down at first before a big peak. Sounds like '93 - '94.
2010-08-07 Berkeley, CA 9:03 > in from "AC/DC Bag." Like the old days. A very fine version. Great collective playing during the build-up.
2011-06-15 Alpharetta, GA 7:45 Strong group play during Page's riveting solo, followed by a nice handoff to Trey who leads the boys in an inspired build-up.
2011-08-16 Chicago, IL 8:28 > in from "Runaway Jim" (old school). Mike and Fish remind us who's really behind the "Foam" in this "teamwork" version.
2013-08-04 San Francisco, CA 8:02 Despite a couple of minor glitches in the composed section, all the good ingredients come together for a short, quality jam.
2021-07-31 Alpharetta, GA 8:11 While not as fast as a 93 (or even come 9/3), the version is extremely well-executed, and typifies one facet of what’s so fun about Phish: Four friends playing as one. Trey’s play is self-assured, his warm tone welcome and offset by fantastic Fish, whose fills and flourishes standout - even for Fish. Mike anchors the version as the band hits their changes and takes their runs, with Page predictably great on his concert G.
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