Jam Chart for shows in the city of Columbus, OH (28 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1992-12-02 YEM Columbus, OH 19:13 The intro to "Wedge" is in the jam segment!!
1992-12-02 Possum Columbus, OH 9:38 Interesting start to the jam leads to a tense, somewhat dissonant remainder with great playing by Trey.
1992-12-02 Tweezer Columbus, OH 13:47 Weird jam, that was a "Big Ball Jam" at one point. Goes from beautilful/melodic to thrashing "Tweezer" jam off and on.
1993-04-20 Fluffhead Columbus, OH 14:49 After successfully navigating the treacherous early sections, there's a palpable sense of energy as the lyrical section of Clod ends, leading to a super Page solo complimented by great play from Trey. An excellent Bundle of Joy gives that momentary sense of an impending train wreck, before the band explodes into a powerful, notably strong Arrival, featuring pounding Fish and great licks from Trey.
1993-04-21 Antelope Columbus, OH 12:07 Unusual, intense and improvisational jam that almost sounds like a "SOAM" jam at times.
1993-04-21 SOAMelt Columbus, OH 11:36 The jam from this fiery, intense version was attached to the end of the song "Demand" on the studio album Hoist. In a 1994 interview, Trey noted this performance marked the beginning of a watershed, 14-month period, during which the band really clicked and coalesced on "SOAM's" complex jam rhythm. Not surprisingly, the golden age of "SOAM" overlaps with this 1993 - 1994 period of technical mastery considerably.
1993-04-21 Weekapaug Columbus, OH 9:12 Nice interplay between Trey and Page in the breakdown section, then the jam seems to be headed for home with a fiery peak, but instead veers off-course into more improvisational jamming, gradually diminishing unfinished, and (arguably) > to "Gumbo."
1994-06-22 Stash Columbus, OH 10:51 Although this version mostly stays inbounds, the boys play the tension card to full-effect, and the ending is unusual.
1994-06-22 Simple Columbus, OH 1:22 Crazy medley, where "Simple" is played to the melody of the Allman Brothers' "Midnight Rider" at one point, and segues back and forth to "Catapult" and "Icculus" in a must-hear "Mike's Groove."
1994-06-22 Midnight Rider Columbus, OH 1:38 -> in from "Simple." Lyrics to "Simple" are sung to the melody of the Allman Brothers Band's "Midnight Rider." -> to "Catapult."
1994-06-22 Catapult Columbus, OH 2:10 -> in from "Midnight Rider" Jam, part of an incredible version of "Simple." -> to "Simple."
1994-06-22 Simple Columbus, OH 3:54 -> in from "Catapult," as this "Simple" medley of songs continues. -> to "Icculus."
1994-06-22 Icculus Columbus, OH 3:42 -> in from "Simple." A high energy, highly amusing version of "Icculus," ripe with NBA references, appears midway through an incredible "Simple" medley.
1994-06-22 Simple Columbus, OH 1:52 This concluding section of "Simple" follows a classic performance of "Icculus" and -> to "Mike's Song."
1994-06-22 JJLC Columbus, OH 10:22 Trey brings the volume way down, then he and the band bring the intensity up to a near boil. Fish is great.
1998-07-31 Ya Mar Columbus, OH 11:25 Pretty straightforward, but a nice, stretched-out, rhythmic jam with a cool closing.
1998-07-31 Roggae Columbus, OH 8:34 More relaxed and cerebral than the version from Prague, this style for the jam section would become typical for most versions through late '00.
1998-07-31 Cities Columbus, OH 15:17 Outstanding, R&B-esque, and quite melodic jam emerges from "Cities" proper that gets more and more rocking before cycling down. This is what the "HOSE" is all about.
1998-07-31 Free Columbus, OH 9:53 Sweet, funky, almost bluesy groove. A great version.
1999-07-23 Ya Mar Columbus, OH 11:22 Fairly ordinary, but much more spirited and up-tempo than 7/4/99, until the ending gets a little spacey.
1999-07-23 Ghost Columbus, OH 16:48 Relentless molten neon electro rockslide that comes to rest in a glistening mountain lake. [Fish and Mike lead a fantastic, uptempo groove, and as Trey pours it on, you can literally hear the audience get whipped into a frenzy, then soothed with a great outro.]
1999-07-23 BOAF Columbus, OH 25:23 An upbeat and snappy groove develops beyond "BOAF", which then bounces between spacey and pumped-up forays. The band was apparently playing along to a wild thunder and lightning storm occurring at the time.
2000-07-14 Timber Ho Columbus, OH 8:07 More similar to pre-'97 versions with driving percussion and intense guitar work. A raging storm.
2000-07-14 Jibboo Columbus, OH 9:36 While shorter, this one has a stronger peak than most with lots of classic Trey/Page interplay - definitely a top-shelf "Gotta Jibboo."
2000-07-14 Foam Columbus, OH 10:10 Interesting version in which Trey strums chords during the build-up rather than striking individual notes (as is customary).
2000-07-14 Mike's Columbus, OH 16:38 Awesome yin yang version. The 1st jam is a rocking, intense incendiary groove, while the 2nd is its serene, blissful and introspective foil. This version was the last "Mike's" to feature a significant 2nd jam until 2015.
2000-07-15 DwD Columbus, OH 26:45 Another big and rocking groove-based jam that neatly -> into "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."
2000-07-15 YEM Columbus, OH 19:59 This jam is why some people hate jambands. A noodle factory. (but I still dig it) The jam just segues into the VJ (no WUDMTF lyrics). (No B&D.)
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