Jam Chart for shows in the city of Durham, NH (27 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1989-04-27 Jam Durham, NH 2:11 "String Changing Nature" jam is a jazzy one featuring Page, Fish and Mike, plus some Trey while he tunes his guitar.
1989-04-27 Divided Durham, NH 12:32 Machine Gun Trey aptly named. Great early and seriously rocking version.
1989-11-02 YEM Durham, NH 17:51 "LOCK IT" VJ, segue into "Kung."
1989-11-02 McGrupp Durham, NH 7:36 In Fall '89, the band was re-tooling "Fluffhead," and for a period tacked the "Who Do? We Do!" section onto the back end of "McGrupp." This date is a good example, and the band nicely rocks along with Page in "McGrupp" proper.
1989-11-02 Who Do? We Do! Durham, NH 1:48 For a brief period, this section of "Fluffhead" was added to the ending of "McGrupp." This show features a good example of the "McGrupp"/"Who Do? We Do!" combination.
1990-10-04 Esther Durham, NH 8:54 Great pacing and impressive musicianship. Trey modifies his tone and solos beutifully, with Page striking a fine balance.
1990-10-04 Possum Durham, NH 10:03 Mildly dissonant, "DEG"-like jamming early on. Then some great Machine Gun Trey action as the jam cranks up.
1990-10-04 Magilla Durham, NH 5:25 An early misstep seems to put a little extra pep in Page's playing, most notably his solo. But not before Trey takes a truly cool line and runs through a series of descending chords to create a jam "Foam"-like in sound and spirit.
1993-05-08 Stash Durham, NH 12:32 "Stash" -> "Kung" -> "Stash." Intense, high voltage jam in "Stash." Great segues.
1993-05-08 Kung Durham, NH 1:59 -> in from "Stash." The second "Stash" -> "Kung" -> "Stash" appearance is also a strong version.
1993-05-08 Stash Durham, NH 1:01 -> in from "Kung" to conclude this excellent version.
1993-05-08 Reba Durham, NH 13:08 More subdued, "underwater" jamming, with the band winding the sound way down. Only Trey never ceases playing, and the effect is instant and sustained beauty. Page provides great fills as, trilling and shredding, Trey drives the band through a soaring peak.
1993-05-08 Bowie Durham, NH 0:37 "Bowie" -> "Jessica" Jam -> "Bowie" -> "Have Mercy" -> "Bowie." Awesome medley, but the "Bowie" sections are also outstanding. The pre-"Have Mercy" jam section is excellent but very different than any preceding version. Post "Mercy": the usual high wire shredfest.
1993-05-08 Jessica Durham, NH 2:27 -> in from "DB." Awesome little melodic section in the "DB" intro pays homage to one of Trey's big guitar playing influences.
1993-05-08 Bowie Durham, NH 10:18 -> in from "Jessica." The "Bowie" intro concludes and launches this epic "Bowie" into action.
1993-05-08 Have Mercy Durham, NH 2:00 -> in from "DB." Great segue to "Have Mercy" in the midst of a stellar "Bowie" jam. -> back to "DB."
1993-05-08 Bowie Durham, NH 4:12 -> in from "Have Mercy." Returns to "Bowie" to wrap up this classic and top shelf version of "Bowie."
1993-05-08 It's Ice Durham, NH 9:26 "Discipline" and "Manteca" teases in an extended jam unusual for Spring '93 tour.
1993-05-08 Coil Durham, NH 10:13 Towards the end of Page's solo, Trey, and then Mike and Fish jump back in and kick off (by ->) an awesome, rocking and bluesy "Jam."
1993-05-08 Jam Durham, NH 6:20 MUST-HEAR, fantastic rocking and bluesy jam that -> in from "The Squirming Coil." As the jam progresses, it starts to sound a bit like "Crossroads," which appears later in the show following "Mike's." -> to "Big Ball Jam."
1993-05-08 Mike's Durham, NH 6:23 Following a strong but typical 1st jam, the 2nd jam gets really rocking and blues-infused, then neatly -> to a great version of Robert Johnson's "Crossroads," before -> back to "Mike's" to wrap up.
1993-05-08 Crossroads Durham, NH 4:58 -> in from "Mike's Song." The Phish debut of this Robert Johnson blues classic is sandwiched in the middle of a strong version of "Mike's."
1993-05-08 Mike's Durham, NH 1:13 -> in from the debut of "Crossroads" to complete a strong, sandwich version of "Mike's."
1993-05-08 Amazing Grace Durham, NH 3:50 "Amazing Grace" goes electric! Only instead of creating a Judas, Phish induces a 'Come to Jesus' moment, which, incredibly, seems to take a detour through "Weekapaug." An absolutely stunning tour closer which packs the emotional punch of NYE's "Auld Lang Syne." A-freaking-men.
1994-04-11 Foam Durham, NH 10:07 Great rhythmic variation from Fish throughout. Page's solo is interesting and unusual. A near-silent jam during Trey's solo, after which he shreds the build-up.
1994-04-11 Magilla Durham, NH 4:03 More scuttling and scuffling from Fish. Great Mike. Page playing with great intensity. And Trey modifies his tone; he really shapes and bends his notes. Collectively, a wholly rocking, as opposed to jazzy, vibe.
1994-04-11 Possum Durham, NH 10:47 Start/Stop jamming in the intro. Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love" is teased during an intense jam.
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