Jam Chart for Canada (62 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1992-12-12 SOAMelt Toronto, Ontario, Canada 9:05 Exploratory version with great melodic variation by Trey. The jam just gets better and better as it progresses.
1992-12-12 Tweezer Toronto, Ontario, Canada 14:26 Very heavy and punishing.
1992-12-12 YEM Toronto, Ontario, Canada 17:48 Davey Crockett teases in jam and VJ.
1992-12-13 Wilson Montréal, Québec, Canada 7:38 Lenghty intro and Simpsons and All Fall Down signals plus other creepy shenanigans before BLAT BOOM.
1992-12-13 Bowie Montréal, Québec, Canada 12:34 An unusual, somewhat mean-spirited jam shifts at 8:25 to something akin to "Tweezer Reprise." Returns to normal "Bowie" and concludes with a hard rocking trill section.
1992-12-13 CDT Montréal, Québec, Canada 7:45 > from "Fluffhead." This version has a fun intro that sounds almost "Possum"-esque. The jam is full-speed ahead and builds and builds. Fans of banter should stick around after the song for Trey filibustering while Page gets a string repaired.
1993-04-03 Stash Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 12:34 Fantastic improvisation in a very cool and very different jam than most. Mike and Fish are awesome keeping pace with Trey, who excels. Dissonant and blistering ending.
1993-04-03 YEM Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 26:56 Excellent, raging, machine-gun Trey jam segment!
1993-04-27 YEM Toronto, Ontario, Canada 23:31 Another strong entry from Spring '93. Trey latches onto a catchy swinging theme in the jam which also teases "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" and "Sundown" by Ontario's own Gordon Lightfoot.
1993-04-29 Antelope Montréal, Québec, Canada 12:41 Rocking version includes a brief jam on Pink Floyd's "Money" (4:45 - 5:20) followed by fantastic, very exploratatory jamming. Intense conclusion to the jam with Trey just shredding away.
1993-04-29 Mike's Montréal, Québec, Canada 9:20 The strong 1st jam includes jamming that hints at "Crossroads," before breaking into a repetitive, grundge-like Mike and Fish-led groove. The 2nd jam sounds very much like an early stab at what would evolve into "Simple" the following year, played atop a similar groove to the 1st jam, and then ends in a ripping and intense manner.
1993-04-29 Weekapaug Montréal, Québec, Canada 4:14 Excellent jam with Theme From Bonanza and "NICU" teases, as well as strong and unusual melodic content -> to the first "Makisupa" in 320 shows (last seen on 11/26/90) before -> back to "Weekapaug."
1993-04-29 Makisupa Montréal, Québec, Canada 2:47 -> in from "Weekapaug." "Makisupa" makes its first appearance in 320 shows (last seen on 11/26/90), amidst a strong "Weekapaug." -> back to "Weekapaug."
1993-04-29 Weekapaug Montréal, Québec, Canada 5:36 -> in from the first "Makisupa" in 320 shows. This section includes great "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" ("CYHMK") teases, exploratory jamming and a shredding peak. All in all, another great '93 "Weekapaug."
1993-08-09 CDT Toronto, Ontario, Canada 3:44 A "Who Knows" (Jimi Hendrix and the Band of Gypsies) jam is sandwiched between slices of "CDT."
1993-08-09 Who Knows Toronto, Ontario, Canada 0:58 -> in from "CDT." Brief jam on this Jimi Hendrix tune. -> back to "CDT."
1993-08-09 CDT Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1:59 -> in from a "Who Knows" jam (Jimi Hendrix) to finish this "CDT."
1993-08-09 Fee Toronto, Ontario, Canada 6:11 Diverges from the standard outro into a tense little jam before > to "Split Open And Melt."
1993-08-09 SOAMelt Toronto, Ontario, Canada 13:11 Improvisational, but a little bit weird. The jam begins with scat singing by Trey and immediately breaks into slow, plodding and percussive action. Returns to "SOAM" with sick trilling at the peak, then slows down, and down, and down, and -> to "Glide."
1993-08-09 YEM Toronto, Ontario, Canada 22:41 "Smoke on the Water" teases in the jam with Trey quoting "Here comes Speed Racer" during one of them. Vocal jam contains verses from "Psycho Killer." Great vocal segue into "Contact."
1993-08-24 It's Ice Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 9:32 "I Feel The Earth Move" tease/jam in another excellent August '93 version.
1993-08-24 SOAMelt Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 11:39 There's some "Crossroads"-like playing from Trey, a "Long Tall Glasses" (Leo Sayer) tease worked into the jam, then "DEG" teasing and "DEG"-like jamming as it gets way out there into a twisted combination of two unusual jams, then it returns to "SOAM" for a soaring peak.
1993-08-24 Maze Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 10:34 Not the jarring dissonance of later versions, but Trey plays like a demon possessed here.
1993-08-24 Mike's Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 11:36 Rounding out a strong August '93 for "Mike's," the 2nd jam here fills in the unchecked "heavy metal" box. Replete with screams and gnarly riffing, the band displays it penchant for unbridled improvisation to Canadian fans. Acoustic "Ginseng" follows. Go figure.
1993-08-24 Weekapaug Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 10:05 Quickly breaks into off-the-wall, "Type II" playing and concludes unfinished with a "La Marseillaise" tease before > to "Wilson."
1993-08-24 Antelope Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 10:40 Another strong August '93 "Antelope," with dissonance, improvisation, and shredding by Trey.
1994-04-05 Ya Mar Montréal, Québec, Canada 10:07 Cool bass solo follows Page's organ solo. Then Trey plays a great guitar solo, which Mike joins, to conclude.
1994-04-05 Tweezer Montréal, Québec, Canada 11:16 Contains an excellent melodic jam, and Mike is out-of-hand good. A well above-average short version.
1994-04-06 Stash Toronto, Ontario, Canada 12:39 "Stash" starts off '94 in a jarring, intense manner, seems to peak, then breaks into a 2nd, really excellent improvisational section.
1994-04-06 DwD Toronto, Ontario, Canada 7:49 Trey is just ON FIRE! A thrilling, albeit straight-up "Type I" version.
1994-04-06 Mike's Toronto, Ontario, Canada 11:03 Awesome and very unique version in which the 1st jam is the centerpiece of the improvisation. The jam slips away from typical "Mike's" into a repetive motif, which then breaks into nice melodic play that grows increasingly tense. Then the jam picks up a rocking head of steam. The 2nd jam adds color with great "Tweeprise"-like jamming. A kick ass version for a surprisingly mediocre year for "Mike's."
1994-07-05 Stash Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 12:12 Especially after 8:00, this one falls into the "extreme" category, with dissonance and chaos run amuck.
1994-07-05 Esther Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 9:43 Early "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" teasing is enhanced by great Trey, whose unique soloing features dynamic modulation before the band comes togehter for a strong conclusion and a great > into "DwD."
1994-07-05 Gin Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 12:45 Great, multi-section, power rocking jam which really doesn't sound anything like "Gin." Briefly returns to "Gin" before > to "Lifeboy." Soundboard version released on FTA Superball IX, Pt. 2.
1994-07-05 YEM Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 23:33 Weird jam. "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" tease from Trey in the VJ.
1994-07-06 Fluffhead Montréal, Québec, Canada 14:32 Mike rules! Another super and dynamic '94, this one isn't blemish free, but also has so much to offer that to pass over it for a couple of rough spots seems unfair. Mike is so solid and present throughout, while cohort Fish fills the tail gunner slot with martial ferocity. The twisted gyrations of Bundle of Joy resolve into a spellbinding whallop of an Arrival.
1994-07-06 Reba Montréal, Québec, Canada 16:26 Classic version featuring an incredible groove. Mike and Fish lay the foundation as Page becomes more prominent and then Trey just slays. After Trey develops and works through a fantastic theme, full-band play becomes more direct and straight-forward, with a "Paradise City" - or, circa 2014, that "REO Speedwagon" - sound, before the band builds to a powerful, fist-pumping peak.
1994-07-06 Tweezer Montréal, Québec, Canada 18:36 "HYHU" and "2001" jams. "Donna Lee" and "Who Knows" teases. Incredible version for this period.
1995-10-06 Tweezer Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 15:19 Even more crazy and chaotic of a jam than normal for "Tweezer." Jam reaches a good peak, cools way down, but then climbs and climbs and reaches an excellent peak beore concluding in a mellow way and seguing into Keyboard Army. (there's no return to the normal coda)
1996-11-23 Divided Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 14:01 A magnificent and triumphant version. Check out the superb "Hood" from this show while you're at it.
1996-11-23 SOAMelt Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 11:16 Jam includes some unusual key modulation, then breaks into a Mike-led groove of sorts with building dissonance.
1996-11-23 Weekapaug Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 11:39 A mildly dissonant and tension-filled jam peaks, then after 8:00 breaks into a funky, rhythmic groove which builds intensity and -> to "Catapult."
1996-11-23 Hood Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 15:07 A really excellent version that captures the sound of the band in Fall '96, including strong Page (who seems louder in the sound mix throughout much of '96), dynamic Fish, who increases the jam's intensity, and rocking Trey.
1999-07-20 Ghost Toronto, Ontario, Canada 16:12 Uncle Ebenezer's frozen head revivified through the injection of a steaming hot blast of ectoplasm. [Mighty Mike's monstrous Modulus groove massacres the minions at Molson.]
1999-07-20 YEM Toronto, Ontario, Canada 24:21 Jam is groovy, punchy, upbeat and peaks well, but the vocal jam is atypically melodic and percussive, and even pleasing to the ears.
1999-07-20 2001 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 10:03 The standard "Train Song" > "2001" > "Misty Mountain Hop" sandwich. Power drop that wastes no time. High energy upbeat rocker. Don't get hit by Mike's laser beams.
1999-07-20 Misty Mountain Hop Toronto, Ontario, Canada 15:17 Debut. Doesn't truly break free of "Misty Mountain Hop" proper, but it definitely chases after sheer unadulterated happiness. The classic hazy/swirly/gloriously happy summer '99 jamming, with "Disease"-like chord progressions and lofty whale call accenting the jam's peaks.
1999-09-09 Stash Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 14:12 Haunting and eerie version that is very unique. Trey and Page deploy effects to create a chilling, lunar soundscape.
1999-09-09 Ghost Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 15:27 Add nine grams of ground decarboxylated cannabis to nine ounces of Bacardi 151. Heat mixture to 151 degrees Fahrenheit for ninety-nine minutes. Strain and decant through nine ice cubes into nine medicinal glass vials. Take nine drops over the course of the next nine days. [An ethereal version, lush with the swirling and alluring sounds of '99, but also featuring a strong, Mike-led groove beginning around 7:45, which eventually dissipates.]
1999-09-09 Tweezer Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 21:09 Major "type II" version. Twisted jam. Coasts along in a dull fashion but then eventually goes batshit crazy, with a HUGE PEAK! Ends with space. Must-hear.
2000-07-06 Reba Toronto, Ontario, Canada 19:33 Huge show-opener featuring focused, pretty play, and the interesting sort of innovation associated with 2000 jamming. In lieu of pursuing a "peak," the band plays patiently, deft musicianship on full display, Trey in particular working through a number of ideas and really incredible effects (see: 14:28), culminating in great "strumming" which, later, he revisits note for note.
2000-07-06 Moma Toronto, Ontario, Canada 12:26 Trey tears into the jam segment and never lets up. First of a few versions in this very rocking style from 2000. "Tweezer Reprise"-esque playing around 9:40.
2000-07-06 YEM Toronto, Ontario, Canada 20:00 Hypnotic, repetitive jam that leads into vocal jamming (no final WUDMTF lyrics).
2000-07-06 LxL Toronto, Ontario, Canada 12:49 Jam departs somewhat from the typical direction, but is interesting and well-played. Unfinished with transition to "2001."
2000-07-06 2001 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 10:52 First minute is must hear. Second jam has enough energy and funk to look illegal and be searched at the border.
2000-07-06 Piper Toronto, Ontario, Canada 15:41 This one breaks very quickly out of standard raging "Piper" mode into a classic '00, Mike and Page led groove-based jam.
2013-07-22 DwD Toronto, Ontario, Canada 18:15 Some really beautiful, inspiring and upbeat jamming ("HOSE") darkens, gets punchy, and > to "2001."
2013-07-22 Bowie Toronto, Ontario, Canada 13:31 Standard "Bowie" jam breaks and modulates between modes several times beginning at 7:47, ending in the expected minor mode with good tension and a solid trill section.
2019-06-18 Ruby Waves Toronto, Ontario, Canada 9:07 Debut. Compact, and coyly > from Halley's Comet, playful licks, a meandering, breezy, and open-ended feel following the main chorus, offers a glimpse of what soons becomes a signature, second set staple.
2022-08-10 Theme Toronto, Ontario, Canada 13:37 Workhorse song goes huge, with Trey, just past the five-minute mark, riding rhythm effortlessly offset by an array of notes effects-laden and so "played," in equal measure, by his feet. Wonderful. Page is grand on his piano. Mike's play is deft and sweet. And Fish. On full display, here, that ineffable quality that is a sort of lead drum, a perfect case in point for the man who, if Trey had to lay down money, would pay to see play.
2022-08-10 Stash Toronto, Ontario, Canada 11:56 A nice three-minute departure of lovely, low-key major musing tucked inside an otherwise typical "Stash" jam.
2022-08-10 Sample Toronto, Ontario, Canada 12:02 The breakout version from earlier in the tour at Bethel Woods turns out to be no fluke, as "Sample in a Jar" takes off once again in Toronto. The band launches into improvisation off of the IV chord (Dmajor) and settle into a powerful rock jam reminiscent of "Theme from the Bottom." This then leads into a more classic '22 sounding segment via a minor key shift, with Trey looping and Page layering synths over a steady groove from Mike and Fish. The band then locks in on an exceptional effects-drenched funk segment that puddles and coagulates > "Down with Disease."
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