Jam Chart for the state of NH (64 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1988-11-11 Bowie Newmarket, NH 11:41 Similar to 11/5/88 with excellent and angry tension building. Good dissonance in the trill as well.
1988-11-11 Whipping Post Newmarket, NH 12:14 The second jam includes some really cool spacey effects from Page and Trey, almost more Floyd than ABB-like, followed by a brief, intense return to "Whipping Post." This space jam is way, way out there for '88 Phish.
1989-02-17 SOAMelt Newmarket, NH 0:00 Debut. No recording available.
1989-04-27 Jam Durham, NH 2:11 "String Changing Nature" jam is a jazzy one featuring Page, Fish and Mike, plus some Trey while he tunes his guitar.
1989-04-27 Divided Durham, NH 12:32 Machine Gun Trey aptly named. Great early and seriously rocking version.
1989-05-06 Slave Hanover, NH 7:21 A unique rendering in which Trey adopts a very space-oriented style and tone. This outer space "Slave" has more similarity to the 5/13/89 "Whipping Post" than most conventional "Slave" versions. The jam eventually fades into the Ether rather than peaking.
1989-11-02 YEM Durham, NH 17:51 "LOCK IT" VJ, segue into "Kung."
1989-11-02 McGrupp Durham, NH 7:36 In Fall '89, the band was re-tooling "Fluffhead," and for a period tacked the "Who Do? We Do!" section onto the back end of "McGrupp." This date is a good example, and the band nicely rocks along with Page in "McGrupp" proper.
1989-11-02 Who Do? We Do! Durham, NH 1:48 For a brief period, this section of "Fluffhead" was added to the ending of "McGrupp." This show features a good example of the "McGrupp"/"Who Do? We Do!" combination.
1990-05-04 YEM Keene, NH 17:17 "Flashlight" teases." "You Gotta Be A Doctor" VJ.
1990-05-19 Reba Concord, NH 12:35 Seemingly inspired of a single vision, Trey's tone and soulful sustain evokes the mournful pathos of the band's signature 9/14/00 version (Live Phish 3), created more than a decade later. Incredible.
1990-09-15 Divided Keene, NH 13:16 In addition to the predictably fleet fingered Trey, Page rocks the B-3 for a long stretch and Fish hammers away on the drums.
1990-09-15 Bowie Keene, NH 15:22 Many intro teases and signals (see Setlist). The is an evil monster with dark and very improvisational jamming, rhythmic shifts, and teases and signals in the jam proper. Machine Gun Trey in combat action towards the end.
1990-10-04 Esther Durham, NH 8:54 Great pacing and impressive musicianship. Trey modifies his tone and solos beutifully, with Page striking a fine balance.
1990-10-04 Possum Durham, NH 10:03 Mildly dissonant, "DEG"-like jamming early on. Then some great Machine Gun Trey action as the jam cranks up.
1990-10-04 Magilla Durham, NH 5:25 An early misstep seems to put a little extra pep in Page's playing, most notably his solo. But not before Trey takes a truly cool line and runs through a series of descending chords to create a jam "Foam"-like in sound and spirit.
1990-11-30 Llama Keene, NH 4:43 Played at a quicker (normal) tempo than the earliest versions, this one features more, really sick shredding.
1990-11-30 Possum Keene, NH 10:21 Enjoy listening to Page, Mike and Fish rock out while Trey sustains a single note for nearly 90 seconds (6:30 - 8:00).
1991-02-08 Antelope Portsmouth, NH 10:12 Mean and nasty spirited beast of a jam with extreme tension.
1991-02-15 Bowie Keene, NH 12:04 "The Sounds of Silence" ->'s into a wonderfully noisy version, featuring improvisation that marks the very best "Bowie's," and, in spirit, Phish, generally. Following great composed play, hear a radical departure from the song, proper. Here, too, is a jam that is somehow both of (crazy changes and playful nature) and beyond (an expertly placed false-ending) its time. This is music for all ages.
1991-02-15 Bag Keene, NH 6:40 Fast as a Fall '95 "Reba," this centerpiece "Bag" is an improvisational bonanza, showcasing truly unusual and adventurous play. A series of stop/start passages invites inventive exploration (read: Mike) before Trey lays into some seriously crazy sustain; this builds to intense soloing which somehow works to reshape the song's structure, the four then casually whipping through a fierce, fun, glasses-tinkling conclusion.
1991-04-26 Possum Plymouth, NH 8:28 Solid, mildly dissonant jam that picks up a serious head of steam.
1991-07-12 Bag Keene, NH 5:43 Giant Country Horns (who also played on 7/14/91, 7/21/91, and 7/25/91). Horns are a great addition. This version was released on Live Phish Vol. 19.
1991-07-12 Mike's Keene, NH 6:27 Giant Country Horns version, definitely worth checking out if you haven't heard "Mike's" avec horns before. GCH also performed on "Mike's" in 1991 on July 11, 14, 15, 18, 21, 23, 25, and 27.
1991-07-12 Weekapaug Keene, NH 6:00 Great jazzy Mike in the intro, then from about 3:00 - 3:45, the jam takes on an atypical but melodic and uplifting feel.
1991-09-25 Brother Keene, NH 5:17 Debut. First version includes some pretty ferocious, intense playing by Trey.
1991-09-25 It's Ice Keene, NH 9:25 Debut in Keene, NH. First version includes Page-led, band-wide jam following the descending chords indicating the lyrical skater's fall through the ice.
1991-09-25 Possum Keene, NH 9:12 Good pulsing, exploratory early part to the jam that gets very rocking. "Rhapsody In Blue" tease and signals too.
1991-11-24 Bowie Hanover, NH 18:21 Long intro with signals and banter while Trey hands out bathrobes to crew members. The largely straightforward jam includes spiraling tension and "DEG"-like jamming.
1991-11-24 YEM Hanover, NH 20:56 Easily among the sickest versions of YEM before 1993, every segment is tight and fierce, with the jam segment containing an almost Tweezer-Reprise-esque groove for awhile, as well as a "Waiting So Long" jam at one point, and it dissolves slowly and steadily and then an insane vocal jam begins...and the vj ends in sporadic click-clack vocalizations. Hear at all costs.
1991-12-07 Reba Portsmouth, NH 11:41 Still tinkering, this "Reba" is notable for a very cool and unique jam, which finds Mike out front early, creating a bouncy, infectious beat. Trey modifies both his tone and the intensity of his playing, before alighting upon a jazzy sort of theme. He then runs rapid-fire through a series of notes, before whipping the band into a controlled frenzy which ends dramatically.
1992-03-06 It's Ice Portsmouth, NH 9:10 Full band jam featuring Page on the organ instead of piano. Almost sounds like a "YEM" jam for a measure or two.
1992-03-06 Maze Portsmouth, NH 7:21 Debut is played at a slower tempo than later versions, and Page's solo features the piano rather than the B-3.
1992-03-06 My Friend Portsmouth, NH 5:41 Debut.
1992-03-06 Stash Portsmouth, NH 8:24 "Stash" starts to get interesting in 1992. First version of the year is a good one, with lots of tension and the beginnings of pushing the jam beyond convention.
1992-03-06 Possum Portsmouth, NH 9:25 Twangy country-like jam becomes more typically high powered. Several signals taboot (see Setlist).
1993-05-08 Stash Durham, NH 12:32 "Stash" -> "Kung" -> "Stash." Intense, high voltage jam in "Stash." Great segues.
1993-05-08 Kung Durham, NH 1:59 -> in from "Stash." The second "Stash" -> "Kung" -> "Stash" appearance is also a strong version.
1993-05-08 Stash Durham, NH 1:01 -> in from "Kung" to conclude this excellent version.
1993-05-08 Reba Durham, NH 13:08 More subdued, "underwater" jamming, with the band winding the sound way down. Only Trey never ceases playing, and the effect is instant and sustained beauty. Page provides great fills as, trilling and shredding, Trey drives the band through a soaring peak.
1993-05-08 Bowie Durham, NH 0:37 "Bowie" -> "Jessica" Jam -> "Bowie" -> "Have Mercy" -> "Bowie." Awesome medley, but the "Bowie" sections are also outstanding. The pre-"Have Mercy" jam section is excellent but very different than any preceding version. Post "Mercy": the usual high wire shredfest.
1993-05-08 Jessica Durham, NH 2:27 -> in from "DB." Awesome little melodic section in the "DB" intro pays homage to one of Trey's big guitar playing influences.
1993-05-08 Bowie Durham, NH 10:18 -> in from "Jessica." The "Bowie" intro concludes and launches this epic "Bowie" into action.
1993-05-08 Have Mercy Durham, NH 2:00 -> in from "DB." Great segue to "Have Mercy" in the midst of a stellar "Bowie" jam. -> back to "DB."
1993-05-08 Bowie Durham, NH 4:12 -> in from "Have Mercy." Returns to "Bowie" to wrap up this classic and top shelf version of "Bowie."
1993-05-08 It's Ice Durham, NH 9:26 "Discipline" and "Manteca" teases in an extended jam unusual for Spring '93 tour.
1993-05-08 Coil Durham, NH 10:13 Towards the end of Page's solo, Trey, and then Mike and Fish jump back in and kick off (by ->) an awesome, rocking and bluesy "Jam."
1993-05-08 Jam Durham, NH 6:20 MUST-HEAR, fantastic rocking and bluesy jam that -> in from "The Squirming Coil." As the jam progresses, it starts to sound a bit like "Crossroads," which appears later in the show following "Mike's." -> to "Big Ball Jam."
1993-05-08 Mike's Durham, NH 6:23 Following a strong but typical 1st jam, the 2nd jam gets really rocking and blues-infused, then neatly -> to a great version of Robert Johnson's "Crossroads," before -> back to "Mike's" to wrap up.
1993-05-08 Crossroads Durham, NH 4:58 -> in from "Mike's Song." The Phish debut of this Robert Johnson blues classic is sandwiched in the middle of a strong version of "Mike's."
1993-05-08 Mike's Durham, NH 1:13 -> in from the debut of "Crossroads" to complete a strong, sandwich version of "Mike's."
1993-05-08 Amazing Grace Durham, NH 3:50 "Amazing Grace" goes electric! Only instead of creating a Judas, Phish induces a 'Come to Jesus' moment, which, incredibly, seems to take a detour through "Weekapaug." An absolutely stunning tour closer which packs the emotional punch of NYE's "Auld Lang Syne." A-freaking-men.
1994-04-11 Foam Durham, NH 10:07 Great rhythmic variation from Fish throughout. Page's solo is interesting and unusual. A near-silent jam during Trey's solo, after which he shreds the build-up.
1994-04-11 Magilla Durham, NH 4:03 More scuttling and scuffling from Fish. Great Mike. Page playing with great intensity. And Trey modifies his tone; he really shapes and bends his notes. Collectively, a wholly rocking, as opposed to jazzy, vibe.
1994-04-11 Possum Durham, NH 10:47 Start/Stop jamming in the intro. Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love" is teased during an intense jam.
2010-10-26 Llama Manchester, NH 4:34 Solid Set I version of "Llama" with some great Page and an unusual refrain between Page's and Trey's sections.
2010-10-26 Curtain With Manchester, NH 14:00 The Curtain bristles with crisp energy and is tightly rendered, with Mike and Fish seeming to propel the opening section. The animated jam in With also seems to bound along at a slighly quicker clip than the usual, more languid pace. Again, Fish and Mike drive the tempo, while Trey offers inspired and rapid-fire melodies. A high octane version.
2010-10-26 ASIHTOS Manchester, NH 6:57 Straightforward version that features some nice whole tone scale use by Trey (the "off key" sounding scale).
2010-10-26 Makisupa Manchester, NH 1:49 To commemorate the passing of reggae artist Gregory Isaacs the night before, the band play "Night Nurse" as a sandwich in the middle of this "Makisupa." -> to "Night Nurse."
2010-10-26 Night Nurse Manchester, NH 3:55 -> in from "Makisupa." To honor reggae star Gregory Isaac's recent passing, the band plays his song "Night Nurse" in the middle of "Makisupa." -> to "Makisupa."
2010-10-26 Makisupa Manchester, NH 1:29 -> in from "Night Nurse" to wrap up a double reggae themed tribute.
2010-10-26 Mango Manchester, NH 8:02 -> in from "Ghost." Straightforward but intensely played version that transitions neatly to "Weekapaug."
2010-10-26 Weekapaug Manchester, NH 8:47 Wrapping up a standout set, "Weekapaug" contains "CYHMK" teases and jamming, "Ghost" and "Night Nurse" vocal quotes, and -> to a reprise of "Llama" to finish this show with a serious exclamation point.
2010-10-26 Llama Manchester, NH 1:20 Ending Set II, a -> to "Llama Reprise" following "Weekapaug" to close one HOT show.
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