Jam Chart for shows in the city of Amherst, MA (18 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1988-09-24 Divided Amherst, MA 13:08 First full length version is a real standout. Trey teases the "Popeye" theme several times and his trilling throughout is amazing. It's also one of the longest jam segments until late 1994.
1988-12-10 Foam Amherst, MA 7:26 Strong early version has the three essential components of the "Foam" jam: 1) Page-oriented solo; 2) Trey-oriented solo; and 3) band build-up to a peak before the final verse and ending riff from Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer."
1990-09-22 Magilla Amherst, MA 5:46 Mike dominates this version which features a swinging vibe, a "Chariots of Fire" tease, in addition to strong playing (and solos) from Trey and Page.
1990-12-07 Bowie Amherst, MA 13:19 Although essentially "Type I," this is a sick puppy with mind-numbing tension, "DEG"-like jamming and a "Mo' Better Blues" tease in the intro. Trey is on fire in the trill section.
1992-05-10 YEM Amherst, MA 16:49 Strong jam segment.
1994-04-16 Fee Amherst, MA 6:02 Trey and Page carry the lead while the rhythm section starts and stops several times before grinding to a halt.
1994-04-16 Stash Amherst, MA 12:45 Jam breaks into an upbeat, melodic but intense groove. Then, nasty old "Stash" makes a roaring comeback.
1994-04-16 Antelope Amherst, MA 11:56 Bad-Ass jam with power jamming, rhythmic shifts, and more. Fish rocks. The jam winds down instead of peaking.
1994-11-03 SOAMelt Amherst, MA 14:52 Epic, Exploratory MUST-HEAR Multibeast, well beyond simple description. When the jam finally returns to "SOAM" after 13:30, there's almost a welcome relief to be home again after a long, astounding, and mind-blowing journey.
1994-11-03 Hood Amherst, MA 14:49 The jam includes an unusual and very un-"Hood"-like section from 9:00 - 10:50. The build and peak sections that follow are strong '94 fare.
1995-12-04 Stash Amherst, MA 12:28 Although largely "Type I," this typically strong '95 version is an intense thriller, and has excellent dynamics modulation.
1995-12-04 Timber Ho Amherst, MA 7:04 Set II opener. Another typically strong '95 version that will fry your brain. Dissonance reigns supreme. > to "Sparkle."
1995-12-05 Gin Amherst, MA 23:34 A very exploratory "Gin" jam. At 7:00, the jam starts to twist away from the standard, and works through several sections including driving power rock, percussive '95-style funk, more power rock, and a -> to "Keyboard Army."
1995-12-05 SOAMule Amherst, MA 13:50 Page solos, then comes Trey on vocals/guitar, but the vocals are very atypical. Page responds with another strong solo, the klezmer starts, followed by Mike chanting and stomping his feet. On the final beat of the song, the band breaks into a high-powered, accelerating jam that lasts for 1:34 until abruptly transitioning to "Lifeboy."
1995-12-05 Jam Amherst, MA 1:34 > in from "SOAMule." A high powered, accelerating jam starts on the final beat of "Mule." Abruptly > to "Lifeboy."
1995-12-05 Hood Amherst, MA 17:12 Multiple rolling peaks that get higher and higher, and the final few, which incorporate an "Entertainer" tease are just sweet.
2010-10-24 Fee Amherst, MA 6:27 Another stretched out, harmonics-filled outro with added sirens and synthesizer. Excellent -> to "Time Turns Elastic."
2010-10-24 TTE Amherst, MA 16:08 -> in from a solid "Fee." Strong version with tight playing throughout the composed sections and some great and extended straightforward jamming on the tail end.
Jam chart versions are selected because of improvisational and other characteristics that distinguish these from typical versions of the song.
The jam chart team has highlighted some versions with a yellow background; these are the versions the team believes to be especially improvisational, or otherwise notable.
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