Jam Chart for the state of AZ (47 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1991-10-24 Bowie Prescott, AZ 14:13 Excellent intro (which begins at 1:18 on "TMWSIY" on the Spreadsheet and PhishTracks versions). Nice rocking and ripping jam is followed by an insane trill section which lots of wild screaming.
1991-10-24 Tube Prescott, AZ 3:08 First version to include the customary guitar solo to end the jam.
1991-10-24 Slave Prescott, AZ 7:27 In its final appearance for 2 years and 241 shows, "Slave" hints at its innate and powerful potential. Beginning with Page leading on the keyboard, Fish and Mike bring the power up, while Trey's initially soaring play turns to powerful trilling, a perfect template from which the band would expand.
1992-04-12 Reba Tucson, AZ 11:58 Cool Fish throughout the composed section, with fun fills from Page. Mike and Fish create a very musical, yet laid-back foundation, which Trey uses to great effect, his playing concentrated, focused, and somewhat subdued. Cerebral. More great percussion propels Trey to enter a passage akin to (but not exactly like) stop-start playing, before the musicians gel to work through a build featuring full-band "DEG"-like playing and a legit peak.
1992-04-12 Antelope Tucson, AZ 13:06 Very cool and very exploratory jam unfolds that gets far, far away from "Antelope" before spiralling into a sick peak.
1992-04-13 Fluffhead Tempe, AZ 14:25 Some fun, "Makisupa"-like teasing in the lyrical section. Like many spring 1992 recordings, Mike is way up in the mix on this one, so it's a great version to listen along and follow Mike's parts throughout, paying special attention to the latter half of Who Do? We Do! and all throughout Clod. By this point in time, the band has this song really dialed in, and this Golden Age of "Fluffhead" would span roughly from this year through 1996.
1992-04-13 Mike's Tempe, AZ 6:52 Bad Ass Mike early in the jam, followed by some excellent "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Nirvana) jamming. The short 2nd jam is a nice kicker.
1993-03-16 Tweezer Phoenix, AZ 5:26 Kinda messy jam on "Sweet Emotion" during the jam segment.
1993-03-16 Sweet Emotion Phoenix, AZ 1:10 -> in from "Tweezer." "Sweet Emotion" is sandwiched inside "Tweezer."
1993-03-16 Tweezer Phoenix, AZ 5:18 -> in from "Sweet Emotion Jam" to complete this "Tweezer."
1994-05-12 Maze Tucson, AZ 10:53 > in from "Fee." Ghostly and diabolical. All kinds of wailing screams from Trey's guitar push this one over the top.
1994-05-12 Gin Tucson, AZ 9:53 Very exploratory right off the bat with a good, rocking and percussive jam. Returns to "Gin" in the end, but in a seriously rocking manner with a -> to "Lizards."
1994-05-12 Fluffhead Tucson, AZ 13:56 There's something special about the band from Vermont playing in the desert, and this "Fluffhead" is no exception. An extremely tight, well-executed version, this one is also a straight out rocker, without any sense of the late '90s more mellow approach to this song. Trey fires off a cool "Bring It On Home" tease and provides edgy contrast to Page in Clod, while Arrival is compact, but thanks to Fish et. al., IT will kick your ass.
1994-05-12 Possum Tucson, AZ 11:43 Intense, powerful version with a "Bring It On Home" tease (Willie Dixon song popularized by Led Zeppelin) in the intro. The jam incldes a "Give Me Back My Wig" tease (Hound Dog Taylor) from 5:23 - 5:46.
1994-05-13 It's Ice Tempe, AZ 10:11 Ferocious jam with some pretty crazy improvisation by the band. All over the place!
1994-05-13 Stash Tempe, AZ 11:35 High power, intense and pounding jam that is mostly straightforward at first. But then, just when it seems to be finishing, the jam swerves abruptly, becoming a sick, growling and angry monster.
1994-05-13 Slave Tempe, AZ 9:22 Typical full power '94-style "Slave." Great quieter teaming by Mike and Trey early in the jam. At 5:43 Fish kicks into gear and it's throttle-up time.
1994-05-13 SOAMelt Tempe, AZ 10:42 Riveting, intense, pounding, a downright ripping version. Mostly "Type I" but so what - this one will kick your ass!
1994-05-13 McGrupp Tempe, AZ 8:29 Excellent and active full band engagement during Page's section, especially some great interplay with Mike, and Fish on the wood blocks. The already energized nature of the jam builds to an intense conclusion before returning to the closing section.
1994-05-13 YEM Tempe, AZ 19:30 Strong jam, "Mind Left Body" tease.
1994-12-09 Foam Mesa, AZ 9:48 Mike and Fish are awesome during Page's strong solo. Then Trey and Mike play a near duet with little touches from Page, and Fish rocks the house for the intense build-up.
1994-12-09 Antelope Mesa, AZ 14:38 Thrashing, dissonant, innovative and unusual "Antelope" jamming, it's all here, including an excellent "The Force Theme from Star Wars" tease in the jam. "Suck the deer shit from the side of this hole!"
1994-12-09 Tweezer Mesa, AZ 25:29 A spectular version with "hose" and a "Slave" jam. Just unreal, magnificent Phish. Very jazzy at times as well.
1995-10-11 Divided Chandler, AZ 16:05 A somewhat unusual approach by Trey makes for a different and interesting version. Being 1995, it's also very well played.
1995-10-11 Possum Chandler, AZ 14:36 Outstanding version with the jam based loosely on "You Don't Love Me" (Willie Cobbs, popularized by the Allman Bros.) - listen from 4:25 - 4:41, 6:15 - 6:30, and 8:56 - 9:03 for teases. "DEG" and "Johnny B. Goode" teases as well.
1995-10-11 Gin Chandler, AZ 12:43 First of several exploratory, rocking, and improvisational '95 "Gins." This one even has some early funk sounds from Page.
1995-10-11 Mike's Chandler, AZ 12:14 A great 1st jam includes different melodic material from Trey, and grows tense and dissonant as it progresses. The 2nd jam begins with a swirling, rocking tempest, grows spacey, and then some rhythmic low-key, Page-led exploration emerges from the haze.
1996-12-02 Taste Phoenix, AZ 10:19 Strong '96 version with fantastic Trey playing as well predictably strong Page work. Big peak at the ending.
1997-07-29 Gumbo Phoenix, AZ 13:30 The first jammed out "Gumbo" features a funky jam with Trey laying it down on his wah pedal. The jam begins to get spacey while Trey starts high pitched noodling out of a which a 4 chord descending pattern (not MLB) develops, with some beautiful work by Page (which sadly doesn't last long).
1997-07-29 Ghost Phoenix, AZ 15:01 Mellow "C&P"-like groove into Monster Funk ending in Went "Gin"-like jam. [A typically funky '97 version releases and then breaks into an excellent upbeat and hose-filled groove.]
1997-07-29 Loving Cup Phoenix, AZ 7:33 Another rager to close the first set.
1997-07-29 Antelope Phoenix, AZ 20:31 Awesome, extended, and uniquely remarkable version that departs into a low-key, melodic and exploratory groove that has moments of really beautiful, major mode jamming before working back into nasty old "Antelope."
1997-07-29 Twist Phoenix, AZ 18:27 Exploratory version with some variations on the "Twist" theme through 9:10, when the jam breaks away. After some brief engine grinding, a dark, dissonant section emerges, before eventually brightening and -> to "Taste."
1997-07-29 Taste Phoenix, AZ 11:04 -> in from "Twist." Pretty intense section towards the end of Trey's solo where the whole band is just hammering away. Great Mike on this one.
1998-07-21 Tube Phoenix, AZ 9:06 The Cosmic Tube. Funk jam with a reprise of the jam section. Spacey outro. Released on From the Archives-Superball IX.
1998-07-21 Mike's Phoenix, AZ 16:57 After opening in a nice groove, this long single jam settles into familiar "Mike's" ground. After some "Manteca"-like jamming, the play settles and grows more funky. When Page hits the piano just after 14:00, the big peak kicks in with all guns blazing.
1998-07-21 Simple Phoenix, AZ 11:23 -> in from "Mike's." A gorgeous straightforward jam eventually dissolves into ambient space and -> to the debut of "Bittersweet Motel."
1998-07-21 Ghost Phoenix, AZ 19:36 Funky groove into epic soaring balls-out rock and roll supernova that throbs smoothly into bluesey intro for "She Caught the Katy." [Quality and extended straightforward "Ghost" jamming eventually takes on a nice swinging blues vibe and -> to "She Caught The Katy."]
1999-09-21 Drowned Tucson, AZ 17:19 Huge, powerhouse version, featuring incendiary, Jimi-esque Trey, and pounding Page. More wall of sound than musical, the jam drones until, set off by some scattershot riffs, play cools to assume a remarkably chill, wavy groove, full-band improvisation suspended in sound somewhere between 99 and what would arrive circa 2000.
1999-09-21 Vultures Tucson, AZ 12:05 If not quite a carrion, than perhaps a clarion call to the desert's mystic surroundings. Trey breaks from the vocals to launch an all-out assault, his signature 1999 tone on full display. After setting a loop, Trey's beautiful, patterned soloing, artfully phrased, is matched by Page, with Mike soon leading the band through deep and cerebral play. Fish's perfect off-beat and stylized play soon smooths, with Trey's cool, slashing chording informing the -> "LxL". Awesome.
1999-09-21 Antelope Tucson, AZ 17:09 A killer Antelope that starts off with swirling, whirling loops and a relaxed energy typical of Fall '99, builds up tension by Trey playing some stabbing chords, then builds to a ferocious peak. Proof positive that Antelope still had its fastball even after the mid-90s.
2000-10-01 Guy Forget Phoenix, AZ 15:07 -> from "Piper". Terrific '00 style space groove including Trey on the mini keyboard for a spell. -> to "When the Circus Comes".
2003-07-07 Wolfman's Phoenix, AZ 14:01 A great version with a combination of good, low intensity 2.0-style funk grooves and quiet, spacious exploration that -> to the debut of "Scents And Subtle Sounds."
2003-07-07 Scents and Subtle Sounds Phoenix, AZ 11:11 Debut includes intro section. Pretty intense playing in the standard jam section that follows "colors in the void."
2021-10-22 Martian Monster Phoenix, AZ 7:03 Makes a surprising move out of the usual funk of "Martian Monster" into a crunchier groove, with Mike in particular doing some cool stuff. Grows more upbeat thanks to Page, then Trey leads them into "Soul Planet" via a nice segue.
2021-10-22 Soul Planet Phoenix, AZ 18:28 "Hmm... this jam is okay, I can imagine many of my friends lapping this up but I'm mostly disintere-SWEET HEAVENLY LORD THIS FINAL PEAK IS AMAZING."
2021-10-22 Everything's Right Phoenix, AZ 26:03 A long-winded journey through vignettes of constantly shifting happy and dark textures. Various peaks dominated by lush synth textures and whale call, all driven by the motor of Fish's cymbal work. Back half of the jam is dominated by a rhythmic pattern that would feel right at home in an extended "Chalk Dust Torture" as it does here.
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