, attached to 2000-06-14

Review by ND61400

ND61400 This is, for me, the greatest Phish show of all time, and there are two reasons for that. First, the music. This show is of a place with the European shows of 97-98. Think Amsterdam, Hamburg, Cologne, Prague, Barcelona. Small venues, intimate settings, and you can absolutely feel that conveyed through the music. The first-set Cities is played at a great, relaxed tempo (kind of a theme for the night, I would say), and the Gumbo -> Llama that follows is top-shelf. The second set is the best set of live Phish ever. Yes, a setlist that reads BOTT, Twist -> Walk Away -> 2001 is the best set of live Phish ever. Not a Tweezer or a Mike's Groove or a Hood to be found, yet the set contains a cohesion from start to finish that other contenders for "Best Set Ever" lack. There simply isn't a dull moment, and, what's more, the set contains two separate "Best Evers" - Twist and 2001. And to top the whole thing off, the encore of Sleep and Squirming Coil is the absolute perfect way to end this particular show. No other choices would have served this night and this venue and this crowd as well as Sleep and Coil. (Shout out to the guy screaming "Sleeeeppp" when the band comes out for the encore - good call!) Page's notes to end Coil and the night are, quite simply, beautiful. The second reason I consider this show to be the best of all time is more personal. In the not too distant past, I picked up my old copy of A Live One, which had been shelved for a very long time (sophomore year of college if I remember correctly), and gave it a spin for no particular reason. As I made my way through the Stash and the Montana (I just love that little section) and the Slave and that glorious Hood, I found myself thinking that, hey, I remember why I once spun these guys every once in a while. But I didn't know where to go from there. Eventually I made the decision to pick up two shows, just to see what might happen. Those two shows were 11/17/97 and 6/14/00, and as much as I love 11/17/97, it was 6/14/00 that I played on repeat for days and weeks at a time. Just to hear that Cities and that Jam out of Twist and that glorious dancehall funk of 2001 and, yes, that Sleep-Coil encore. This, then, is the one Phish show that you'll have to pry from my cold, dead hands.
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by ND61400

ND61400 Top to bottom, a really solid show - as good as anything else 2010 has to offer. Manchester and AC have never really done it for me, so this serves as my go-to for Fall 2010. Nice first set with a high energy KDF opener, a fantastic Curtain With, and I really enjoy the Pebbles and Bowie. Second set is excellent from start to finish, not a bad word to be said about any of it. Really good show.
, attached to 1998-07-29

Review by dr32timmymeat

dr32timmymeat Fishman fans (Afishionados?) will absolutely lop up Fish's work on the ride cymbal during the early stages of this Bathtub Gin. The Gin is legendary and understandably so, but grinding away under Trey's circular, feel-good riffing is Fishman, who's doing real dirty things to his ride cymbal. (Ride cymbals, for those unfamiliar, are the ones that make a sort of "ding" sound...) On the official Live release, this nastiness starts at about 6:15 and accelerates right along with the jam. It ticks up a notch at about 8:30, and by the time Trey really lets loose, the rhythm infection has spread. It's not the most technically impressive thing you'll hear from Fish, and this epic jam would soar into the clouds with or without this nuance. But boy, if you are a drummer or just dig Fish, this is must-hear stuff.
, attached to 1992-07-19

Review by SplitOpenAndMule

SplitOpenAndMule This show is currently the first recording circulating from Phish's opening gigs for Santana, and I'm very impressed with it, especially listening to the crowd reactions throughout the set. Trey shines on the Maze solo, but the crowd doesn't sound that into it. You know, just ignore the opener. They perk right up at the end of Runaway Jim, though, and I can't help but think Trey's shredding here really pleased these Santana fans. Runaway Jim has been one of Phish's most dependable rockers in '92. The following Bowie jam maintains a high-energy rocking vibe, but there's still a good amount of dynamism and full-band interplay throughout this (relatively) short version. As someone listening especially for jams, I endorse this Bowie, and the crowd seemed very won over by the conclusion of it. Sweet Adeline could almost be a questionable call, as it completely changed the aftertaste of Phish from a powerful rock and roll opener to a "what did I just see?" experience. But in Phish we trust, and their sense of humor has always been a central aspect of this band, and so it's great to hear this crowd laughing and giggling to this barbershop set closer, as if to say, "Huh? ...huh... Ok!" Show can be heard here: https://youtu.be/th0x-8rxtN4
, attached to 2003-07-19

Review by humalupa

humalupa Believe it or not, I just listened to this one for the first time since I attended it. Overall, I think this two-night stand has been somewhat forgotten, and I believe both shows are worth a listen to almost any fan. The first set starts off with solid energy, which propels the band through soaring and thrilling solo sections in Reba and Maze, and adds some additional heavy-metal menace to Wilson. S&SS was fairly new at the time, and Trey's somewhat ethereal approach to its jam section is interesting at the least. The "Leo Trio" of songs is fun for its novelty, but from NICU onward, the show sounds exactly as it looks on paper. The first of three giant Pipers of the summer kicks off the second set, and although I was lucky enough to catch two of these monsters, this version is the weakest in my opinion. Much of it is little more than an uneasy vamp, with a nice cohesive section in the middle and some rising chords at the end. I remembered being a little bored with it in person, and upon relisten, I feel much the same. It's worth a listen, but there are much better jams of a similar length from this tour. R&R offers concise and punchy type-I jamming, and the segue into Seven Below is butter-smooth. This Seven Below is mostly in-the-box, but Page adds some interesting synth textures and there's a nice ambient dissolve at the end. The following YEM should be heard at all costs, and is among the strongest of 2.0. Trey locks into a unique riff early on, and the power level is sustained for a good bit, which makes for very enjoyable listening. At the moment the D&B section might typically start, the band brings it down, and then a glorious build takes things to a big peak in a way more typical to the song. The entire jam is locked in, focused, and more than anything, a really good time. The Wading encore is nothing special, but a good choice in drawing contrast to a higher-energy set. Conventional wisdom seems to dictate this night as the superior show of the run, but I think it's fought to more of a draw, with the previous night showcasing an old-school first set replete with absurd banter, and a second set that, although a little doughy in the middle, is book-ended by spectacular jamming. Check them both out and see for yourself.
, attached to 1997-11-30

Review by gingerphish

gingerphish As a younger fan who avoided this Wolfman's for some time due to reviews I've read, I'd like add my opinion to the debate. After listening, I would also agree that the end of the jam is skip-able but should be listened to at least once to find out if it's for you. It very much is stuck in a loop IMO but is cool for a little bit. That being said, I regret not listening to this jam sooner. The opening funk jam and following hose are absolutely must hear Phish. At the minimum, listen to the whole jam once and then keep coming back for the first 17 or so minutes. Overall, this show is awesome. I might like the first night's consistency better but this show stands out for the uniqueness of the jams.
, attached to 2018-12-08

Review by nedhelio

nedhelio Having seen Phish,TAB, Trey and Friends, the holy grail of seeing Trey for me was a solo acoustic show, so when the tour was announced in what I believe was May, I immediately bought tickets for the Paramount show, since I have friends who live in San Francisco that I could stay with. I basically forgot about the show until the tickets showed up in October. My wife had a companion ticket that needed used by the end of the year, so for the price of 1 ticket to SF we both flew, which was nice. We went to the airport, and were greeted with 2 upgrades to First Class for both legs of the flight. This is starting off alright. Fast forward through 2 days of fun, weed shop visits, delicious foods, and restaurants, and now we are in Oakland. After a pre show dinner snafu, we walked into a stunningly beautiful Art Deco room that was dripping with history and cool. Trey takes his seat, says a few words, and drops into a brisk version of KDF, and the crowd gets into it. It was strange to see compact versions of songs, as we are all so used to stretched out jams, but he was moving through the set pretty quickly. I personally love Stealing Time, I think it's got limitless potential for a real jam vehicle, and was pleased to hear acoustic version of it. Loved seeing Inlaw, it appeared identical to the album version, and The Connection was a really cool composition piece. Trey started Sand, the place went a little bananas, and then he started monkeying around on his foot pedals building an acoustic jam that was really exceptional. Horse>Silent was awesome, some great sing alongs with the audience in Blaze On, and especially Limb by Limb. Twist saw another foot pedal jam develop which was also amazing. I'm a sucker for Lizards, and acoustic was really special. Trey closed out with Wilson, and the crowd was charged up for the night to continue. Encore starts with a beautiful Waste, which was the first dance song at my wedding, but my wife had to run to the restroom, so I recorded it for her instead. Driver, DFB, and All of these Dreams were great, but the closer of More was perfect. I used to not like that song, as I don't believe there is anything more than a good show, but it has really grown on me. The crowd was dancing in their seats, the aisles, and anywhere they could fit. The only downfall to the night was the shit head with the Nitrous tank 25 feet from the entrance to the theater. Hopefully he got pinched by the cops, because fuck nitrous. The solo acoustic show was everything I had hoped for, plus more. It was such a special night to get to see my favorite musician in such an intimate setting so stripped down. I'd recommend it to anyone. The only remaining way in which I can see Trey is with a symphony, which I will definitely do. I'll follow the Prince on Guitar to the ends of the earth to continue to be able to see him make magic.
, attached to 2018-10-19

Review by DARKH0LL0W

DARKH0LL0W This one is dedicated to Richie and Miranda! So I found out my phish bro, who I have seen more shows with then anybody, was inviting a girl to run with us for the Hampton shows. It turned out to be one of the best runs of my life. And I made a friend for ever it was her first show and you know how it works it got crazy. This show is what dreams are made of it has it all. First set is on point the Strawberry letter 23 is trey vocals at its best. the blaze on is bliss jam 98 style and we get top version of Meat and Undermind ! Second Set and encore need no explanation, if you listen get ready to be lost, thus the shipwreck quotes! my first night at Hampton and the mother ship delivered big time. go to this place to see Phish!
, attached to 2018-11-01

Review by moonofjupiter

moonofjupiter Most people are considering this as the weekest of the four day run. If you consider the strength of this show, which is very high, you can see that this four day run is perhaps the greatest four day run as a whole of all of 3.0. This show, coming off the Halloween show, was amazing. High caliber of play throughout. Lots of teases, dot net missed some, and the setlist alone is great. That said this is another reason why reason the setlist ans determining “how the show went” does not work for Phish. See 9/1/17 or 8/31/18 (close to the same setlist) yet not the craziest setlist. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE PLAYING ANS THE ENERGY. This show, 11/1/18 has extremely high energy and the audience felt it and gave it back. Back and forth. Another 5 stat show for me. The four day run, for me, is 5/5.
, attached to 2018-10-31

Review by moonofjupiter

moonofjupiter I waited a while to post this. This night is a movement. A revolution. It was so great that folks needed more time to wrap their head around it. This show is in the highest Echelon of Phïsh. With Bakers and Cypress ans Denver 97 and Gorge 98 And New Years 95. PERIOD. greatest show of 3.0! First set came out as strong as any great show ever. Second set was a movement. The one liners that we all need to become better humans. Words to live by. We get one chance on this earth. How are you going to spend it? Third set unlike any other third set. Extremely strong. This show will remain underrated due to the opposition of haters who are mad that they were not there. The rest of us who were, know that the entire building was singing the chorus (due to the repetitive nature of each line) and fist pumping it. As if we only had that moment to live! This show is being talked about constantly still. And in twenty years it still will be.
, attached to 2018-10-31

Review by moonofjupiter

moonofjupiter I waited a while to post this. This night is a movement. A revolution. It was so great that folks needed more time to wrap their head around it. This show is in the highest Echelon of Phïsh. With Bakers and Cypress ans Denver 97 and Gorge 98 And New Years 95. PERIOD. greatest show of 3.0! First set came out as strong as any great show ever. Second set was a movement. The one liners that we all need to become better humans. Words to live by. We get one chance on this earth. How are you going to spend it? Third set unlike any other third set. Extremely strong. This show will remain underrated due to the opposition of haters who are mad that they were not there. The rest of us who were, know that the entities building was singing the chorus (due to the repetitive nature of each line) and fist pumping it. As if we only had that moment to live! This show is being talked about constantly still. And in twenty years it still will be.
, attached to 1999-12-05

Review by Jaybp30

Jaybp30 My first show. I wonder if I thought every show got a new song. I'm glad I kept going despite what it sounded like. Definitely thought Meatstick was Fire on the Mountain. But is there a better first song to hear live than Carini? That should be how they open every show. I also kind of miss the Twist arrangement from this show, but that may be more sentimental value than anything.
, attached to 1989-01-26

Review by Moonruin

Moonruin Definitely an 80's show worth your time. The recording really highlights the energy of the crowd in a way that most of these early shows don't/can't. I think the excitement of playing to a room of 650 people for the first time and outside of Vermont is evident. Overall, a great sounding recording and a well played show with a ton of energy. Seemed like an absolute blast. Also, the fast Sanity is cool.
, attached to 2013-07-30

Review by jsauce

jsauce This first set is probably in my top 5 of 3.0. IN my review for the next night, I wrote "the first set is amazing" and then went on from there. What I should have said is that, minus the obvious Tweezer from the night before, this is the best set of Tahoe and definitely the best set of anything from the Gorge through SF. Yes, I'm serious. It didn't hurt that they played standout versions of some of my favorite jammers (Jibboo, Birds, Cities, Tube). Of course I've relistened to the Tweezer, but when I grab my iPod (cram it, millennials) and am at a total loss for what to play in the car on a drive, this first set is where I go. Enough said.
, attached to 2018-10-26

Review by MJ_Calleys

MJ_Calleys Mercury is completely bananas. Many people point to the 11/02/2018 as the star version, On my listen this version is cleaner with a butter segue into moonage. Which the sound mixer was completely ready for. Mercury may have exploded on 11/2... Mercury was born tonight! Rest of show is fantastic. Reba. PYITE. whole second set. 3rd best show of 2018 perhaps? 1. alpharetta 1 2. Halloween 3. ? Or 11/2 (I'll fight you, :) )
, attached to 1998-11-29

Review by markah

markah Here's a review I posted for the 20th anniversary of the show yesterday. The extra lyrics in Paul and Silas are "the cuffs were tight and my shoulders were sore" - I don't think I've heard this in other versions. I'm assuming this is a reference-within-a-reference to Paul's arrest the night before (allegedly for violating an open container law) . ----------------- 20 years ago - 11/29/98 - WOOstah, Massachusetts. What an absurdly good show. Paul and Silas opens, with some fun alternate lyrics and (atypical?) whistling. Axilla ratchets up the energy, and you can hear the crowd getting louder and louder, then without a moment's pause -- Theme From The Bottom. Explosive version, especially from Mike. After we laugh and laugh and fall apart, we get a nice Horn. Limb By Limb has some o' that extra mustard. Trey's playing in the final minutes is especially inspired--fiery and virtuosic. Then, again without a moment's pause, we are Catapulted into "uncharted territory" (thanks for the term, Aaron). '98 was really a great year for the spaces in-between the songs. I can hear a girl on the tape at this point who sounds a little bit concerned as she tells those around her that she's melting. Mike hits his fight bell, then Trey decides it's time for a runaway golf cart marathon. This is some top-shelf, back-corner of the cellar, really confusing jamming. And it’s still just the first set! After eight or nine minutes having just past, with no real song ever happening, Maze starts up like a startled schizophrenic. After packing an entire evening's worth of energy into an otherwise blistering 55-minute set, Trey thanks everyone, then Seth Yacovone comes up to play some blues guitar. Bonus Phish! And two debuts, taboot. Set II opens with Roses Are Free, which has a tail on it that would knock your socks off if you heard it today, but in the context of "oh, we just heard this from the Island Tour" (and I'm sure that's what I was expecting at the time), the jam is short-lived and Simple quickly takes up the two slot. And what a Simple! It gets dark quick, and with Mike's relentless plodding it's got the unmistakable underpinnings of a dance party, but the ambient textures from the past several weeks spill into the 20-minute classic that anchors this Fall tour closer, and give it a bizarre, frothy freshness that this band hasn't really matched before or since. I don't call this Simple the anchor of the set to in any way diminish the Makisupa, nor the Possum that follows, especially with the DEG tease and Wipe Out call-back that recalls what an amazing three nights it'd been. That Wipe Out, by the way, is exactly what a tease *should* be - hit it quick, everyone gets it, then get out of it and never look back. Bathtub Gin hits a nice theme that bubbles and churns--it's full steam ahead into another corner of the ambient dance-party outer space trance. As this winds down, there's a pause (this might be the first true "break" all night they've taken between songs)...then You Enjoy Myself. What's not to love? I also enjoy the Roggae>Ragtime Gal encore. But it is kind of odd that they sang a "Hello..." song to close out the tour. This show is absurdly good! https://youtu.be/Yux9besRiv4
, attached to 2018-11-02

Review by moonofjupiter

moonofjupiter First set cam out with a surprise cavern. The. Three straight bust outs. BOMD IF I COULD (most of the peoples first time ever) Weigh. Huge huge huge. The sand tore the walls off and the roof fell in. MERCURY WAS 24 minutes. Best version of all times. Second set was pure raging hell fire. Dwd was hard core af. And then trey rip cords into guyute with one stoke of the hand. Genius. And well done. Sally was even better than dicks. Light was one for the ages. And a clean slave to end. Then an all bust out encore. Each song was from the 80s. Top five show of 3.0 era. Period. Even trey admits that. Folks best listen to this. Best tour closer since Chula and dicks 16.
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by moonofjupiter

moonofjupiter Very underrated. Tour closer. No better closer than tweeprise. And this is the ASSHANDEDTWEEPRISE. The place was rocking. First set was out of control. TUBE went enormous. First time jammed out in a very long time. Second best Tube jam ever next to 11/2/98. Reba was lights out. And MM is the best version ever played. Sloth came as a request from a very close friend. As did the tube jam. Second set was full on party rockin phish. Severely pumped up energy. Easily a 4.6 show. Even 4.64. The Wolfman shad the place dialed in and sewed up tight. We were like one giant person. All giving together back to the band as they were pouring it out for us. Best tour closer in a while.
, attached to 2017-09-01

Review by pieface

pieface I fear this show will be forgotten in the great year of Phish, 2017. With the Baker's Dozen and a strong new year's showing, there's a lot to go around in 2017. Phans always know Dick's as a place to expect exceptional shows, but this one in particular was[i] beyond[/i] exceptional. Great first set (Tube!), [b]phenomenal[/b] second set (All of it). They did not stop bringing the jams in set 2 and I couldn't believe it was almost over when they dropped into the hood, no time for a break. Trey didn't come up for air until that hood intro, which you can hear in his first strained "Harry". If that hood got to a cohesive peak as so many legendary versions have, this show would automatically have been an all timer. I'll have that second set in relisten rotation for years to come.
, attached to 2000-07-08

Review by PhanFromWI

PhanFromWI Listening to this in Full Force this AM.. I forgot what the Energy of MY First Show did to me. This show sent me on my way to who I am. I am nearly 50 shows deep in 2018 and will chase this Energy and Feeling until the Band Stops Allowing Me To Do So... Phish has made me an all around better person and has saved Me and MY Soul countless times. They never have failed me when I have needed them. And it all started on July 8th, 2000 at the age of 16!!! - PhanFromWi
, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by Redbonefrancey

Redbonefrancey I was heartbroken walking out of Hampton that night. Everyone's covered pretty much every aspect. However I'm confused why, the absolutely fierce and fiery 2nd set opener, "All of These Dreams," (I do love the song regardless), upset most people. Well, every person I know, and, it seems, everyone here..BUT, it was an obvious decision Pholks! It is practically THE ONLY proper follow up to the 1st set's conclusion, "Loving Cup." Of course, no one can truly know the minds of four Vermontians when making such crucial, yet clamorous, melodic decisions! But if one tries to place him/herself as close as one can to that Phinite alcove, one might find one's self standing next to "THE MAN ON THE MOUNTAIN" and one would clearly see the connection, the transparent reciprocity available in that "PLACE ON THE MOUNTAIN NEARBY!" Therephore (!), in light of the first-line- lyrical-association of these two ditties, the irony of the "mountain," being a possible reason for such an odd decision, can painfully come to fruition in the fall that would take place, from that lofty proverbial spot, where these same Vermontarians fell, only to once again claim that uniquely Phormed ledge after a glorious, and painstaking, reemergence! That's the best I got! That show was tough. The whole scene/air/energy felt as muddy as the sludgy jams that characterize the 2.0 era. And I, personally, love that shit!
, attached to 2003-07-15

Review by moonofjupiter

moonofjupiter The venue is situated just so that the lot is above it. So as soon as they took to stage for sound check anyone who wanted to could watch the check through the chain link fence. That scents is the greatest scents of alltimes. And it’s a soundcheck! This show was my first show after the hiatus. And in my opinion, simply the greatest show of 2.0. (Island close second). The second set alone is a furious blend of fun old school phish sandwiched by 36 minutes of Mr. Completely (which, mind you, people heard plenty of by Tab during the off-season hiatus years, 01-02...) Please listen. This is mandatory Phish.
, attached to 1996-11-06

Review by tiggerphish

tiggerphish My 3rd show, and I distinctly remember the usher, an older guy, guiding us to our seats and how he kept getting closer to the stage and how I had no idea my seats were so good, and also how good Lucy was that night. The fact that I was laughing hysterically at the seemingly random "hey's" in PYITE, one tune I had never heard, makes it one I now love. David Bowie was a great set closer. The Mike's Song>Jam are very nice indeed with Weekapaug and Scent shining in a solid show.
, attached to 1996-10-26

Review by tiggerphish

tiggerphish This was my 2nd show, and like the 11/95 Charlotte show, it had a good deal of songs I was already familiar with from the studio discs and Live One, and the rippin' Julius opener was a fine start. With a Reba that confirmed why it's a favorite of mine, and also It's Ice and Theme highlights from the set. Set 2 had really stout versions Of DWD, YEM, and Simple. and the usual hot Antelope closer. An excellent 2nd one for me.
, attached to 1996-08-15

Review by truce76

truce76 This was awesome arriving early for the first fest. We were treated to a lengthy sound check. Some call it an actual show. Very peaceful and mellow for the small gathering. We got as close as we could to hear, everyone dancing and having a good time. We brought fluff the cat up with us. We tried the leash thing but just let him wander. He just roamed about mingling with everyone enjoying the scene. This was just a taste how wonderful the crowd was going to be for the next couple of days and a welcomed change from the fall 95 crowd.
, attached to 1996-08-14

Review by truce76

truce76 I believe this was my second show but by this time in the 90's its hard to put it together. We were on our way to the ball, about 40 of us in a caravan. I remember a lot of people didn't have tickets. Somehow we ended up with a cat named fluff or that's what we called it. My friend brought the cat into the show and we are still not sure how he managed it. If you saw a 300 lb dude with dreads with a cat in the show, that was Fluff. He lost fluff at the show, he spent most of the time looking for fluff while the rest of us looked for our minds. Can't tell you much about the show but it was a blast. I just remember asking myself why am I at an amusement park themed off chocolate. We got reunited with fluff at a rest area in upstate NY.
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by phloyd79

phloyd79 Just came here to say... tears streaming down my face during Ride Captain Ride, THE cover I'd been chasing for 13 years, following a Fluff taboot. Capped off with pure and unbridled bliss to finish it off. I remember bouncing up and down the aisles uncontrollably during First Tube. What a heater (literally) of a run..
, attached to 1985-05-03

Review by Hendrix_Phishinfloyd

Hendrix_Phishinfloyd Boy I'll tell ya what, from the tape I've heard of this show, bringing Page in from Scarlett Begonias on seemed to immediately open up the band to the 'Phish' sound we now know so well. The 9:15 Mark of Scarlett Begonias is like the beginning of what we now know as Phish. Truly remarkable. For me, listening to this reminds me of the feeling you get when you're in the dark, having a hard time finding the right key for a lock and then the right key fits in and the door is opened. The mind goes 'BOOOOOOOOOOOM'.
, attached to 2014-07-08

Review by melon

melon My first show! Had such a good time that i decided to go the next day and didn't have a ticket. found some on the lot and got in. Weekapaug groove encore was the moment it truly clicked for me. That's definitely when i got "IT". I remember the rain delayed the show, and a guy from the Mann center kept coming on the loud speaker telling folks on the lawn to go back to their cars... many people boo'd and stayed. some dove belly first down the muddy lawn while it rained. Phish came on, and people rejoiced
, attached to 1998-11-15

Review by Jrhunter

Jrhunter My first show. Arrived 30 min before showtime. Had no idea what I was getting into. [u]Pre-show thoughts:[/u] I hope they play Free., Why are all these people in the parking lot?, I should have gotten here earlier. Why hasn't anyone told me about this?, Where do these people come from?, Am I smelling what I think I am smelling? [u]Thoughts during show[/u]: What the hell is this?, Is he in a dress?, Is he wearing a helmet with horns on it?, These people dance weird, That guy is going to fall over from spinning around that many times. This is my new favorite song, Nope, THIS is my new favorite song, Are they playing a ZZ TOP song?, ROCKY TOP!, They sang the third verse that nobody ever sings! [u]Post show thoughts:[/u] I have to tell everyone about these guys, When can I see them again, This might be what my life is about now. [u]Thoughts now (2018):[/u] I wish I had a time machine, I have been to better shows, but this one was a great introduction, I will probably never see them in a venue that small again, That show changed my life in a wonderful way.
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