, attached to 2000-09-20

Review by Abe_Froman

Abe_Froman I took a couple college friends with me to this one, we were freshmen at UK in Lexington. Our preshow consisted of eating peanuts, smoking a bowl, playing All-Star Baseball on Playstation, and hitting 75 north at 420. Wolfman's Brother is a standard, excellent version (even a little Trey fiery?) and Mike's through Weekapaug is great. Guitar Gently Weeps was a nice touch. The second set is "workmanlike", though the Ice>Velvet Sea has been a personal favorite since that night, and remains so now. Has Kevin Shaprio gotten that into Bunny radio or Live Bait? I'd love to hear a soundboard. Fish plays drums along to the rain that fell outside the pavilion, and the rest of the band takes it from there. It's lovely. BBFCFM is a fun tune. It rained a ton that night. When we got back to Lexington, I set my shoes out to dry, but they were done. Waterlogged. Fun night, great friends, good memories, Ice>Velvet Sea is your jam takeaway.
, attached to 1995-12-29

Review by type2funk

type2funk The 'Gin' -> 'Real Me' is one of the better examples of the concept of "hose", which I take to mean a heightened flow of musical energy. See the discussion by Charlie Dirksen: [url=https://phish.net/faq/hose]"musical [b]Hose[/b]"[/url]. I also appreciate the 'Jam', which is a rare piece of smooth jazz.
, attached to 1995-12-30

Review by Sixtus

Sixtus My second show. My first, a year earlier more or less, in Philly. This was MSG. With my friend J High. He is the $hit. This introduced me to 2001, some Gamehendge lore, and a massive second set dose of awesome. I recall the MSG crowd's infectiousness. Head, mind blown. That setlist. My happiness. Sixtus
, attached to 1994-12-28

Review by Sixtus

Sixtus My first show. My younger brother got us the tickets. It was Christmas break; I was 'home' from UVM for The Holiday. My first-ever listen was Junta's 'Contact', in the Summer of '89 and I was intrigued to say the least. It was my friend TJ who played it on cassette in his mother's minivan. I distinctly remember this. I was floored by the energy of the crowd. I had been to a Dozen Dead shows but nothing prepared me for the roof-blowing energy release that occurred time and again on this evening. Peaks. I was agape and so very happy to be a part of it. I distinctly recall the Weekapaug and the Little Drummer Boy tease, as I was home for Christmas and it was entirely proper. Even though many of the song titles alluded me, the jamming and dancing was intense. This was a self-sold on arrival and ever since I have coveted this band Phish in a personal and uniquely respectful way. First posts can be daunting. Glad to be here. Sixtus
, attached to 2017-09-17

Review by FrontMan

FrontMan Super fun, upbeat sort of homecoming show for Trey and his bandmates. They played one two hour set and had a some special guests. Trey was gushing about VT, Burlington and his memories here. For headlining someone else's festival (GPN), the crowd was attentive and high energy. The effort the band was putting in more or less demanded it. Since noone else has provided a setlist, I'll take a crack. Pretty sure I'm missing a song or two: Cayman Review; Sand; Curlew Call; Money Love & Change; Burlap Sack and Pumps; Everything's Right; Valentine; Shine; First Tube*; encore: Water in The Sky**; Push on Til the Day * w Page **acoustic w Mike and Grace Potter
, attached to 2000-09-27

Review by hambone024

hambone024 This second set is one of the best I've seen of my 38 shows, spanning 1.0, 2.0, 3.0. Just incredible. The Piper > Gumbo > Ghost > The Mango Song stacks up against just about any 4 song sequence I've heard. Love the "mellow" Piper jam, with a guitar effect I've only heard Trey use at one other show, the 7/12/2000 Piper. That one was bonkers, this one was minimalist perfection. As if the former set up the latter. That slow, funked out Gumbo turned me on to slow, funked out Phish. The Ghost is a beast. Mike really drives this. Great to get a Brother. And the YEM is solid. Only down point of the set is Heavy Things, and it was kind of a needed breather after 56 minutes of jam and that ripping Mango. As of this writing, the ratings are in the 3.8 range. Seems low.
, attached to 2003-07-19

Review by hambone024

hambone024 As of this writing, the ratings here are 3.992. Seems low to me. First set: Good Reba, nice Wilson jam, the Leo trio. Fun first set. Second set: One of my favorites of my 38 shows spanning 1.0, 2.0, 3.0. Big Piper. Perfectly placed, needed Rock n Roll. And that YEM, my favorite of the 12 I've seen live. If you listen to nothing else from this show, listen to the YEM. Precursor to the more recent 3.0 jamming style (but without the echoplex). Sounds like the jam was precomposed. Really nice example of jamming around and building an idea, rather than some of the lost, meandering they often did around this time. Trey employs a strumming chords style in here that is lovely and unusual for him. But the tight funk jam they drop into was absolutely incredible live, and still packs that punch.
, attached to 2017-08-05

Review by StoryOfTheGhostHit

StoryOfTheGhostHit Fortunately/Unfortunately this was the last show of the Baker's Dozen run I was able to attend in person (fortunately because I did make 5 of them and this show was off the charts, yet unfortunately due to what lay ahead the following night). My fiancee, now wife, and I were set up to the side of the stage, slightly behind, yet not all the way. I had never sat there before at MSG and it was an interesting vantage point. I remember once thinking (or maybe, probably, definitely, more than once) that I would never ever sit behind the stage...I'd rather just listen the next day. Not sure if that still holds were I directly behind the stage, but being a little behind yet to the side was absolutely fine. The energy and vibe of that area was something I will never forget. If the previous night was the most energetic Phish show I ever attended, this show and, specifically, our location just had the perfect vibe to it. Musically, I remember just feeling that, by this point, they had clearly reached and were in "the zone" and could do no wrong. The first set was highlighted by (besides the Boston/Cream medley) the best Gotta Jibboo they've played since 7/4/00, with this one being a more focused, patient endeavor to the true Type II behemoth that was that aforementioned Fourth of July version in 2000. Additionally, it feels like Plasma has settled in somewhat to the repertoire now as a silky smooth number that is somewhat flexible in where it works within the set, and, for that matter, which set. The second set is obviously highlighted by the set opening, we all knew it was coming, MONSTER Ghost, of course the basis for my username. And this Ghost definitely went full on GhostHit, holding it in and in and in until there was nothing left, exploding in the process. It was an exploratory, raging, cathartic Ghost. And, I am shocked that this Ghost somehow is not on the Jam Chart. I am chalking that up to administrative oversight...one the should be rectified in due course (i.e. NOW). The transition to Petrichor completely changed the tone of the set...it felt that the subsequent Light would have been more appropriate in the 2 spot. A heavily compositional, plodding song after a monster Type II jam just did not seem to flow within the context of the set. That being said, I love the song, and despite a few minor flubs, it was relatively well played, and anything that the band is enjoying playing, which they clearly are with Petrichor, I am totally in favor of overall as that passion certainly comes through in their playing. The following Light was out of the box, not entirely memorable, but a good excursion nonetheless, which yielded my favorite segue of the night, The Lizards, which was greeted with feverish excitement from the now Gamehenge ready crow. The crowd exploded during the chorus making the singalong another massively energetic moment, which this run has been full off. The set rounded out nicely, but was clearly just add-ons now that the meat of the show concluded. I left the show with that Jibboo stuck in my head with swirling memories of that Ghost forever implanted in my memory. And, as I write this now, a little over a month later, and reflect on the show and the setlist above, I am left with just one unresolved thought: HOW DOES THIS GHOST NOT MAKE THE JAM CHART!!!!
, attached to 2000-09-14

Review by bl002e

bl002e The weird thing was how absolutely gorgeous a day it was that afternoon. Mid-70s, mostly sunny and blue skies. During the show, I was in the pavilion -- or as Trey says at the end of Suzy, "...underneath this big tent," -- but in the back section. While that Suzy Reprise Jam was building and building, the ground in the lawn behind us cheered louder and louder. Right as it reached the absolute top of the peak, a rush of cold, ankle-deep water came crashing in. Really put an extra exclamation point at the end of one hell of a set. Setbreak hits, and within 10 minutes any warmth that the afterglow of the first set was gone. I can't even imagine what it did to those of you on the lawn. Listening back to the Drowned now (literally now -- I put the end of the Suzy on to quote Trey correctly, and it just reached the start of Drowned going Type II), in retrospect it's one of 2000's darkest and most experimental jams. At the show itself, the jam's darkness and lack of danceability just absolutely killed the energy in the place, which never recovered for the rest of the show. When they announced a year later that 9.14.00 was chosen to be one of the first six LivePhish releases, I couldn't imagine why. It only took one relisten to understand completely.
, attached to 1989-06-10

Review by SplitOpenAndMule

SplitOpenAndMule This might be the best I've heard Trey play throughout an entire set up to this point in the band's history. I agree with other reviewers that the levels are a bit out of whack in Antelope, and you can hear Trey (too loudly) playing with letting notes ring out for what sounds like intentionally uncomfortable long periods before letting the machine gun loose. Unique, and probably works better with better mixing. Page shines throughout a slow-build McGrupp jam section and in Ya Mar. You Enjoy Myself features the band locked in, building up and quieting down all in sync, with a great groove, a ripping peak, and a comfortable, psychic vocal jam on the longer side for the era. Foam is the best I've heard in the 80's, where that, and the Good Times Bad Times that follows, both showcase Trey's jazz-rock style of guitar playing with a ferocity that's almost frightening. There is some serious virtuosity on display, and at only 1 hour long, it's 100% worth your time to hear the band playing this tight and with so much force. This was Phish's 68th show of 1989, and on this night, they were kicking ass and taking names. See you at the top.
, attached to 2017-09-01

Review by TweezingSpaceRanger

TweezingSpaceRanger Arguably, the top 3 moments of 3.0 Phish were Dick's 2012 itself, Magnaball, and the Baker's Dozen. Similarly to 2015, when Dick's had to follow up Magnaball, Dick's now had to follow up the Baker's Dozen. Both Dick's runs are highly underrated as a result. I'm not trying to say that the first 2 nights of Dick's in 2015 and the last two nights of Dick's in 2017 are some of the best shows in 3.0. But they should definitely be in the 4.1-4.3 range and are worth checking out. IMO the 2017 Dick's run is better than 2015. Mainly because of 9/1/17. This show is right up there with the Fuck Your Face night as the best Dick's show. The first set highlights include a fantastic Blaze On opener, extended Breath and Burning, a space-funk version of Free, incredibly unique and exploratory Tube that shifts from funk to bliss and loses itself in space before Trey subtly brings the funk back, and, of course, a beautiful Roggae. The second set is something you have to hear for yourself to believe. NMINML> Carini> Ghost is over an hour of must hear improv. I can barely think of a better first hour of a set in 3.0 from a jamming perspective besides jam night from the BD or Randall's Island night 3. The band had a little trouble coming back to earth in Harry Hood, but it didn't take anything away from the absurd energy of the crowd. For the Phish nerds out there, it's the only 5 song set of Dick's and only the 5th 5 song set of 3.0.
, attached to 2017-09-03

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads Buffalo Bill opener! That's goofy as all get-out. I'm glad Most Events Aren't Planned is starting to work its way into the Phish live catalogue. Back on the Train is a good version. Leaves makes another appearance. And Bathtub Gin is typically perennial. Set II: Down with Disease opens, and takes more of a textural turn, with plenty of effects from Trey. Light gets funkier, and the funk reappears in Piper. This may not be constructive criticism, but I think Phish should do something different with Meatstick than just the Japanese lyrics. I don't know precisely what that could be, unless maybe they could work in some musical allusion to Big Cypress and the role Meatstick played in *The Show*, kind of like how Trey almost always seems to emphasize the "Filter out the Everglades" lyric in Water in the Sky. Possum is always good value, and I enjoy the Waste > First Tube encore. 9/1/17 at Dick's might've been more experimental or groundbreaking, but the cat's among the pixies now. I give this show 4 stars.
, attached to 2017-09-02

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads One thing this show's got going for it is the songlist construction. It flows well, and both sets are bookended by longer-form compositions. The encore is also a nice surprise: about 20 minutes of music! The Reba stands out (first-ever at Dick's?) and Sand has a cool intro that I've never heard the likes of before. 9/1 was more of a jamathon, and 9/3 has the great, big Down with Disease. I'd hoped the Mike's Song 2nd jam was back to stay, but this version is really good, anyway. Winterqueen also has a nice placement inside the Mike's Groove.
, attached to 2017-09-02

Review by mistermooner

mistermooner I left this show saying that this was my best show I've ever seen. I know I've said it before, but man o man I think it'll be a long time before I forget that this is my favourite. I definitely danced harder and happier than ever before. I'm still sore almost a week later!! I don't give a sh** if the songs they played have been in heavy rotation. I don't need bust-outs to have a good time. They destroyed it from beginning to end. Everyone was raging hard. I can't understand the below average ratings on this one. So many highlights for me I don't even know where to begin. Everything was Right on this night. Nailed it!!!
, attached to 2017-09-01

Review by 3twenty6

3twenty6 After completely obliterating the Baker's Dozen in July and August, expectations were high when the Phish from Vermont hit Colorado. Some folks will tell you that maybe a couple of these sets weren't up to the same level as the preceding 2017 shows, but hey, folks will say a lot of things. Just some quick hits. First, they're in Colorado, the land of legal reefer and "Blaze On" kicks off the festivities. They're such clever boys, the Phish. And not just any version of Blaze On, this is 15 solid minutes of jam-packed blazing excitement for your head and your ass. Blowing your mind and making you dance. That's what they do. The tone of Trey's guitar in Free is just tasty goodness to my robotic ear. One of those things I could hear any day... Tube. Damn. They jammed it again!! Different from the BD version, but that doesn't make it better or worse. It was great, and I'm hoping that two in a row marks the start of a trend. Roggae. I love this song. Every version is the best version ever when I'm hearing it.. This one is no different. More is an anthem, and a pretty damned good one at that. They've not done anything really different with it since its debut and this version was interchangeable with any others. The second set is just about 3/5ths of everything you could ever want from a second set. The first 3 tunes were incendiary. The other two were solid, but not exceptional. The encores were average versions of commonly played tunes. What else can I say? Well worth checking out for the Blaze On, Tube, and NMINML > Carini >Ghost
, attached to 2017-09-01

Review by gratefulphishy

gratefulphishy Its been few days since this show and after relistening to it several times I'm not quite sure why it doesn't score higher. I guess after the BD the bar was set high. This was the best show of the Dicks run and for me in the top 3 shows of the summer. Set one is definitely over looked. I was having the time of my life during this set. Blaze on comes out strong. Maybe not the best version but a great way to open the show. 555 is always a nice touch. Never cared much from Breath and Burning. Theme was good but a standard version. Free was thumping out of control. Mikes bass was turned up so loud this weekend and I was loving it, this one had the crowd going for sure. Tube gets jammed out once again, and gets some nice licks from trey along with a perfect amount of synth from Page. Roggae isn't to be overlooked, plenty of peaks and trey shredding. More had the chompers going crazy but what do you expect. Now this is where things get going. Other than both sets from the jam night, this was the best set of the summer IMO. NMINML gets super psychedelic. This is better than the Dick's 2016 version. The carini is in the top 3 of all time. Psychedelic exploration, plenty of grooving pockets, and a massive peak... What else could you ask for? Ghost was great, had a NMINML groove and quotes, perfect placement in the set. Then we get a huge Hood. The crowd nearly caused an earthquake as Fishman hit the opening notes. Cavern once again had the chompers going crazy. Now the encore was a little bit of a let down. After such a high energy set I would have hoped for something just a little better. Not that I dislike Silent in the morning just a little slow for what was previously played. Then again let down by a zero. Overall this night was insanely good. Having attended Night 4 of the BD I would put it just under that show personally. The whole second set is worth a listen! 5/5 for me
, attached to 2017-09-03

Review by SpinningPiper

SpinningPiper This show was awesome. Dick's '17 is getting criminally underrated. Hot take: 17 > 15. However, the ratings don't say so. BD aftermath affecting this run severely. Phish came with a decided effort to play "Phish" shows. Hence, no covers (I don't count 2001). 3.7's for SAT & SUN are terribly unfair. These two shows are NOT worse than '15's N1 & N2. $.02
, attached to 2011-08-05

Review by panfence

panfence Great show! During setbreak I had gotten down on the floor toward the back but on the floor for the second set. My two friends left to go to the bathroom and I never saw them again. I remember looking around during the R&R and looking for someone to say OMG to, I live in the NW so I usually only get to see them at the Gorge, but have seen every show since 1998 and this was tops! Mike was a beast that night
, attached to 1994-11-02

Review by BigSpike

BigSpike Fishman never ceases to amaze me. Try to figure out how he keeps perfect time on the ride and squeaks in the little Cabasa sounds (chit chit) in between on If I Could. He always does this on this song, but, on this version it's over the top. A butt with arms and legs my ass!!!! An ass with 8 appendages flailing, with no rhyme or or reason, but still in time!!!!!
, attached to 1994-10-31

Review by BigSpike

BigSpike Umm... what a great show, but, Paul what's up? Everything's fine, with your awesome condenser mic perfectly placed exactly 15.3 feet above the soundboard (lol). But, your recording device's motor is running slow on the 3rd set. It makes it almost unlistenable, just like the previous night's soundboard. (for novices, if a machine runs slow, the output will sound fast... like Mickey Mouse on cocaine). Surely other people hear this, right? 8/16/93 (my first show) is the same way. Will somebody please fix this? I'd buy the American Theatre box set, but, by the time I looked it up, it was sold out. Please, make more....
, attached to 2017-09-01

Review by Gr8tful2

Gr8tful2 After a Relisten I gotta drop a line or two about the 4.5 9/1 show. I will say I love this band and have drawn unmeasurable strength from the music over the years as it relates to overcoming heroin/alcohol addiction but I digress. While I have enormous respect for the band's exploratory talents I can't agree with such a high rating for this show!! I know I said it right?!!? Carini Sweet!! 2nd set Sweet!! 4.5 Hmmmmmmm Relistened to Uniondale '03 last night 4.5. Sacrilege I know but there it is. Some of 2nd set sounded like drums/space at any Dead show I ever went to. There I said it. Whew Love this band and love you all.
, attached to 2017-09-03

Review by A_Buddhist_Prodigy

A_Buddhist_Prodigy I totally understand if folks don't rate this show top notch. It is a Phish show and if your scoring a show by the uniqueness of the set list or the 20+ minute jams, then you'll rank it low. But being there was great. I, too was disappointed by the lack of set list hijinks, but the true test of a Phish show is the fun everyone has and last night was fun. I don't know if the webcast showed what happened during Light. We were in Page-side stands and some folks launched THOUSANDS of glow sticks showering down on us. I know the band had to see it. Thanks Phish for a great summer of music.
, attached to 2017-09-01

Review by youenjoymybeard

youenjoymybeard Great show, the best show of the run easily. The second set was a monster, the hose was on full blast. Tube, ghost and no man's makes for a funky dance party. Carini was especially interesting. I think the whole second set needs the "must listen" recommendation. Had a lot of fun page side all weekend. Great folks.
, attached to 2017-09-03

Review by Playitleodan

Playitleodan To each his/her own, but Sunday Dicks destroyed. I knew the setlist wouldn't excite everyone, but dont sleep on the Gin, Disease (super dark deconstructed spacey), Light, Possum (incredible peak) and 1st Tube. The 1st Tube itself contained all the information of the universe conveyed by our 4 phabulous boys. Plus we got our Dance on with Meatstick 2001 and Suzy! Thank you Phish Thank you Dicks! Thank you everyone who came this weekend. You made it what it was and it was good
, attached to 2017-09-03

Review by Roundabackcircled

Roundabackcircled Wow, What a phantastic weekend! The NMINML>Carini>Ghost on Friday, the Reba and Sand on Saturday (not to mention that encore) were all amazing moments, and I feel so grateful to have been there! I think all of these shows are worth a Relisten, but for me the second set last night was THE highlight of the weekend. It was just so much Type II bliss, and the boys were absolutely locked in! My crowd neighbor called disease during setbreak and I'm so glad he did. It went deep into another world after a rather quick composed jam section. Fish took this groove and got all up in its business, while the band moved as one organism laying down this meditative atmospheric jam that just felt like riding the vibrations of a stream of light. So of course Light followed with the band gliding right through. And the good vibes came to a more articulated focus in the lyrics of Come Together. They abandoned the standard Piper crescendo almost as soon as it began and took it to yet another gorgeous improv'd creation. More flawless transitions brought a rock solid meatstick and groovy 2001 into a downright evil possum. So much tension!!! Suzy catharsis concluded one beautiful set of music that should not be missed! Thank you Phish for continuing to blow my mind! Much love to everybody at Dick's for another great year!
, attached to 2017-09-03

Review by Philbombs77

Philbombs77 I moved to Colorado a year before the annual Labor Day run at Dick's began and I feel considerably lucky to get these three days every year. In '15, I had a family obligation and flew back to the midwest Sunday morning, missing the famous THANK YOU show. And tonight was my second missed show because....old age. Okay - I'm still in my '30s, but Friday and Saturday kicked my ass, so I did the stupidest thing you can do as a Phish fan and chose to deliberately miss a Sunday show. Furthermore, missing a Sunday show at Dick's compound the stupidity if you just glance at the records: '11 second set obliteration punctuated by Guy Forget, '12 Sand Bliss, '14 Dark Sand Bliss and funky Wolfman's, '15 THANK YOU, '16 Crosseyed &hose& Painless / Light II. I watched the free feed tonight (Thanks Phish!) and it was a really upbeat show with a couple of highlights, but not a barnburner by any stretch of the imagination. Side note: Most Events Aren't Planned is fast becoming one of my new favorite Phish songs (do we call it a Phish song or cover if Page wrote it?). I noticed something on Friday that piqued my interest on Saturday, and, since I was sitting at home tonight, I actually looked into it a bit. It felt like Phish has been playing a lot of the same songs every time they do their 3 days at Dick's. I'm not a math person, so I can't begin to discuss statistical probability with even a modicum of authority. But this is what I do know - the following is a list of songs played at Dick's 7, 6, or 5 times. I've asterisked the songs that were additionally played at 1st Bank Center during their 3-day run in Fall '10. I know that they don't really look at what they've done historically at a certain venue to inform their setlist decisions and that those are predicated far more on what's been played recently, but am I crazy in thinking that they need to start focusing on '10 - '17 (if and) when they play Dick's next Labor Day weekend? This year, more than anything, I kept getting a bad taste in my mouth and yearning for some variety. I don't go on tour, so these are the only shows I get to see every year. I love this band and I think they did something monumental and historic with their MSG run last month. If they can avoid repeats for 13 straight shows, surely they can take a look at their past setlists and avoid playing Light and Chalk Dust for the umpteenth million time next year, right? Light (7)* CDT (7)* Ghost (7)* Moma (7)* Hood (7) Piper (7)* Antelope (7)* The Wedge (7) DwD (6) Sand (6) Tweezer (6)* Gin (6) 46 Days (6)* Slave (6)* Carini (5)* Free (5)* WotC (5) - - WotC played only 36 times in 3.0 (almost 1 in of every 7 at Dick's) Steam (5) - - Steam played only 27 times since it’s ’11 debut (more than 1 in every 6 at Dick's) Carini (5) Twist (5)* Mike’s Groove (5)* Hallye's (5)* Suzy Greenberg (5) BOTT (5)* One more note - I haven't been keeping up with the boards lately, so if someone has already pointed this out, I had no intention of plagiarizing them. Surely I can't be the only one who has noticed this, right?
, attached to 2017-09-02

Review by Cerias

Cerias Quite different from Night 1. There were some elements of the previous night present in Set 1, but Set 2 was the prototypical Saturday night run through. Now, we can't always get (or expect) Type II jamming all the time, but the IT factor was not there like it was Friday. Not to say that the show was bad (not by any means) but more Type 1 playing with some crowd/mood-deflating song choices (I'm looking at you "Please Play Never" Sometimes and Winterqueen). Certainly glad I was there. And for those keeping score this is how I see the first two nights - 1) Friday 2; 2) Saturday 1; 3) Friday 1; 4) Saturday Encore; 5) Saturday 2; 6) Friday Encore. Just one person's opinion. Two other notes - glad I finally got Reba (weird that I always seemed to miss it over the last 25 years); and a nice, compact and powerful CDT in Set II. Carry on and looking forward to tonight!
, attached to 2017-09-02

Review by BeAFractal

BeAFractal We'll have decades to critique various VR and AR technologies to smithereens. My motivation these days is collecting memories of real experiences while the getting is good. The ancillary content is so rich and only collectible by anecdotes. Digaman, time for another book! ;) Note how touring scene has evolved from GD time to Phish tour. I lived in the Bay Area and was always arguably gainfully employed. I would fly to catch six shows in a week a couple times a year, and always had some homies on tour. It seemed a majority (over half) of the audience were local or drove reasonable distances. Phish tour everyone is on. Everyone flies in, hotel or airbnb, secondary market tickets (I miss Grateful Dead Ticket Sales - never shut out once). It's not bad, just, well, different. Dance to the Weekapaug. And your behind is at Dick's tonight - no excuses, and no quarter given.
, attached to 2017-09-02

Review by Gr8tful2

Gr8tful2 Good morning I must say I'm a little surprised last nights show is not rating higher than 3.9. Maybe after the jamathon Friday has something to do with all That. Personally I thought last nights show was Supremely well played. To me the Simple open was a sign of things to come. Absolutely killed the first set IMO esp. with the Sand/Limb by Limb/Wolfman...Totally outstanding performance. 2nd set wasn't the exploratory style of 9/1 but still had many high points that only this band can do. And oh jeeeez that Slave was sweet!! Thanks to you all...
, attached to 2017-09-02

Review by BigWackenhut

BigWackenhut First set was on a comparable level to night 1. They Breezed through composed portions of Reba- not a given for probably 2 decades now. Everything was sharply played and worth at least another spin. The second set was not as tumescent as night 1. I'd prefer a more exploratory journey but this was still a good show. The jams were white hot. the opposition party who wants to singalong and strut out of stride to a virile, intricately crafted, slickly packaged, faster paced and perfectly executed rock n roll concert on a Saturday night at Dicks got their show. The show seemed longer than yesterday's. Everyone says they appreciate more stamina and staying power but I'm not sure that show length is a metric people care about in the post-Maxell XLII world and also because they don't pull out short with 60 minute sets anymore. I liked the Wolfmans- it was a level above the typical version. Could have used a couple more minutes of the supremely sicko Sand but part of their psychology is to leave you wanting more. Simple was cool. Limb by Limb was it's brilliant and hard hitting self. As for song length- Clock watchers might not be impressed with this show but every song was a worthy rendition. The second set was obviously a different beast than night one. The 10 minute songs were able to develop some upbeat and face melting jams- although that is par for the course at this point. They are that damn good. It shows how spoiled we are as a fan base that so many of us want deep dives into even longer jams and free wheeling improv segments. Anyone of sound mind should be very satisfied with this experience with Dicks.
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