Jam Chart for shows in the city of Bangor, ME (19 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1993-05-07 Antelope Bangor, ME 10:29 Unbelievable staccato picking by Trey throughout the jam is matched by deft playing Page and Fish. A serious ripper.
1993-05-07 YEM Bangor, ME 22:05 "Mission: Impossible" teases and a "Yield Not to Temptation" jam. Vocal jam based on the "Bonanza" theme.
1994-11-02 Foam Bangor, ME 10:30 From a show loaded with improvisation ("Tweezer," "Possum"), this version includes moments of uncharacteristic dissonance, and unusual chord progressions and melodic content, particularly in the build-up, which is scorching.
1994-11-02 Maze Bangor, ME 11:58 For a show filled with improvisational versions (see "Tweezer," "Possum," "Foam"), it should come as no surprise that this "Maze" is also both inspired and exploratory. It's also just insanely loaded up with tension, Tension, TENSION!
1994-11-02 Stash Bangor, ME 11:39 An unexpected and largely upbeat groove emerges from the typically chaotic jam for this time period.
1994-11-02 Tweezer Bangor, ME 31:00 Version from "A Live One." A "type II" version that is "all over the map" and "off the charts" (despite being on this one).
1994-11-02 Possum Bangor, ME 12:20 Must-Hear stormy exploratory jam with a descending melodic theme in parts, several sections that challenge the limits of standard "Possum," and "I'm A Man" (Spencer Davis Group) teases in the intro.
2013-07-03 Theme Bangor, ME 9:39 A clean bridge!!! The jam that follows is melodic, varied, and interesting. Trey makes good use of the "allotted" jam space.
2013-07-03 Golden Age Bangor, ME 14:14 Laid-back and funky jamming abounds in this one (including a "Manteca" tease). > to "Twist."
2013-07-03 BDTNL Bangor, ME 8:12 Excellent "Type I" version with great variation and playing by Trey, and no flat notes taboot!
2013-07-03 Antelope Bangor, ME 12:33 Jam starts out predictably enough, then surprisingly breaks into an upbeat major mode groove. Old school peak.
2019-06-25 Gin Bangor, ME 14:12 Fish picks up the pace early with an insistent beat and the jam seems poised to peak around 8 minutes but instead enters a brief transitional period and then gets funky for a spell before wrapping typically.
2019-06-25 LxL Bangor, ME 10:21 The jam begins quietly, then drops into minor mode with more rocking play. The music quickly shifts back to inspired, soaring play which sounds similar but slightly different than "LxL" and concludes with a quality peak.
2019-06-25 DwD Bangor, ME 19:23 This version is Mike-led from the very beginning. He and Page take the reins early, creating a cool, textured sound. By the 9:00 mark, a full band jam has emerged, which morphs into a funky, dance-party jam. Fantastic play from Trey punctuates the jam as it > into "Play By Play."
2019-06-25 Simple Bangor, ME 19:32 The typical outro dissipates into spacious twilight and then very gradually heats up while retaining its late-night feel as Trey's riffs get more rocking en route to a peak. A funky staccato section caps the jam before > "Piper".
2019-06-26 KDF Bangor, ME 11:06 Fairly intense but inbounds playing continues until 6:45 brings a shift to a warmer, more relaxed zone which gives Page and Mike space to step up before Trey brings things back to a rocking finish.
2019-06-26 Fuego Bangor, ME 17:18 Sprite and airy play dominates until, following the 13:00 mark, the band revisits the song's primary melody (nice and growly) and descends into a welcome, if not quite warm, passage of controlled, near-chaotic play. Trey augments his tone and leans into his effects, with Mike sounding off (any number of possible teases) before the four, as if rehearsed, line up their -> into a world-class "Cities."
2019-06-26 Cities Bangor, ME 12:50 -> out of a superb "Fuego". Gets deliciously, almost heavy-metal sludgy dark right out of the gate, Mike and Fish really powering this gruesomeness. Fish snaps into a wickedly danceable beat which the band rides for all it's worth (nearly swerving into "Sand" at one point), before they swing into a new key and pull out a sick -> into "The Final Hurrah". A wonderful jam.
2022-07-16 DwD Bangor, ME 30:31 Old meets new. > from a strong Sigma Oasis, the band erupts, "DWD" exploring myriad sonic territories. Better off dancing about architecture than writing about this one. Just drop out. Or tune in. > a perfectly placed "WTU?"
Jam chart versions are selected because of improvisational and other characteristics that distinguish these from typical versions of the song.
The jam chart team has highlighted some versions with a yellow background; these are the versions the team believes to be especially improvisational, or otherwise notable.
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