Jam Chart for the Year 2013 (129 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
2013-07-03 Theme Bangor, ME 9:39 A clean bridge!!! The jam that follows is melodic, varied, and interesting. Trey makes good use of the "allotted" jam space.
2013-07-03 Golden Age Bangor, ME 14:14 Laid-back and funky jamming abounds in this one (including a "Manteca" tease). > to "Twist."
2013-07-03 BDTNL Bangor, ME 8:12 Excellent "Type I" version with great variation and playing by Trey, and no flat notes taboot!
2013-07-03 Antelope Bangor, ME 12:33 Jam starts out predictably enough, then surprisingly breaks into an upbeat major mode groove. Old school peak.
2013-07-05 Bowie Saratoga Springs, NY 11:33 -> in from "Cities." Very solid and interesting "Bowie" that shifts back and forth between minor and major modes several times. Upbeat jam contrasts nicely with the more "classic" 12/28/12 version.
2013-07-05 Light Saratoga Springs, NY 15:07 A chaotic atonal interlude from the standard jam gives way to a pulsating, reverberating major mode section that settles into a melodic space before -> to "Mango."
2013-07-05 46 Days Saratoga Springs, NY 9:10 The jam settles down gradually, then Trey and Fish have a little back-and-forth jam, followed by a Page/Mike back-and-forth jam which -> cleanly to "Steam."
2013-07-05 Steam Saratoga Springs, NY 10:21 Perfect segue out of "46 Days." Powerful, popular version, yet that is also controversial, given Trey's heavy reliance on the Digitech Whammy pitch shifter to call entire schools and species of whales.
2013-07-06 Tube Saratoga Springs, NY 6:43 Begins with the usual Page-led funk on the clav, settles briefly, and picks back up with Trey leading the way. Later, Trey reverts to a rhythmic role as a second, different groove is explored before the closing guitar solo. Here's to more "Tubes" like this in the future. > to "Julius".
2013-07-06 SOAMelt Saratoga Springs, NY 18:17 Very exploratory jam that contrasts sharply with the "old school" style 8/18/12 version. This one more closely resembles standouts from '96 - '04, and includes mode modulation. Messy closing section; needs practice.
2013-07-06 Carini Saratoga Springs, NY 12:08 Serious "HOSE"! Jam quickly breaks from the typically dark, throttling form into the now commonly upbeat, major mode style with good modulation of intensity. It then darkens in minor mode, lightens briefly and -> to "Architect."
2013-07-10 C&P Holmdel, NJ 16:06 Trey seems less interested in the typical type-I shred fest and more interested in a nice space funk jaunt. He sits back on rhythm, but his lack of presence in the lead position does not cause this jam to suffer. Gordon and Page bring a lot fresh ideas and deliver a jam that never lacks direction or focus.
2013-07-12 Reba Wantagh, NY 13:03 Bizarre version. After swinging through the composed section, Trey augments his tone, and the pitch can easily be considered grating. But his playing remains distilled and deliberate, and, if nothing else, interesting. Any problems here, however, are offset by the others. Page is great. And Fish is a machine. But it is Mike who drives this version, his playing superb throughout, and, in spots, it seems as though he is running lead.
2013-07-12 Bowie Wantagh, NY 11:34 Another good one with multiple minor/major mode shifts. There's also some nice rhythmic shifting and percussive coloring from Fish from 6:53 - 7:57.
2013-07-12 R&R Wantagh, NY 19:02 All in all, a quality, multi-section jam. Mike, Page and Fish are strong throughout. If you can just mentally tone down Trey's frequent use of the pitch shifter, it's all good. > to "2001."
2013-07-12 Tweezer Wantagh, NY 12:33 Page drives the jam into an outstanding peak in the final few minutes, and an excellent segue into "Cities" occurs with Fish playing the rhythm of the "Wedge."
2013-07-13 SOAMelt Columbia, MD 10:58 Jam includes a nice modulation to major mode, and the boys bring it home well for a safe landing after the plane wreck at SPAC. Alas, Trey over-deploys the pitch shifter; otherwise a solid "SOAM."
2013-07-13 Hood Columbia, MD 12:30 This "Hood" is a very good one, with a strong building jam, great peak and good interplay by the band.
2013-07-13 Simple Columbia, MD 8:38 Much more of a rocking outro jam than the standard with solid Trey who develops a great riff.
2013-07-14 Stash Columbia, MD 13:42 Great, multi-section "Stash." Jam breaks to major mode (6:36) and returns. Then it grows funky and percussive (8:52), shifts again to major mode while staying funky (10:12), and then makes it way back to familiar territory.
2013-07-14 SOAMule Columbia, MD 11:01 Page solo > very nice Trey/Mike duet > then Fish busts out a new toy, the Marimba Lumina > klezmer > falsetto singing by Mike > conclusion.
2013-07-14 It's Ice Columbia, MD 7:43 Nice "old school" little rocking jam with Page on the B-3. It's been 10 years, really more like 17, or going back to 1996, since the band last played one of these rocking little jams, which add great flavor to an otherwise fully composed piece.
2013-07-14 Light Columbia, MD 12:16 An amazing show of improvisation. Trey stays away from the whammy predominantly and the band engages in a stop/start jam that harkens back to the hey-hole-jams of the early 90's. Infectiously fun, and truly unlike any other version to date.
2013-07-14 YEM Columbia, MD 21:18 Although the jam is strong, there is no real peak...but at least Trey plays his guitar instead of his pitch shifter!
2013-07-16 R&R Alpharetta, GA 11:17 Short but good jam which breaks into a nice, snappy rhythmic groove, settles some, rebuilds and grows funky before -> to only the 2nd ever performance of Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker."
2013-07-16 Heartbreaker Alpharetta, GA 3:37 -> in from "Rock And Roll." Nice funky take on this Led Zeppelin tune follows a funky "Rock And Roll" jam. -> to "Makisupa."
2013-07-16 CDT Alpharetta, GA 9:52 Compact, but musically loaded version with major mode playing and quieter musings > to "Wilson."
2013-07-17 Divided Alpharetta, GA 15:19 Some very delicate playing by Trey and great teaming with Page in this solid, summertime version.
2013-07-19 LxL Chicago, IL 7:59 Very well played straightforward version with great Trey and Trey/Page interplay. Lacks the big '97/'98 peak, but still solid.
2013-07-20 Piper Chicago, IL 10:16 The Chairman of the Boards takes command on the B-3 in this propulsive and rocking version which packs a lot in 10 min.
2013-07-21 Energy Chicago, IL 14:25 The third appearance of "Energy" opens a rather (in)famous set and is the longest version so far. A bit of banter about the crowd sticking around in the rain finally gives way to the song. The jam begins and is a ball of frenzied, well, energy. The band locks in, Trey and Page have some great interplay. The frenzy eventually gives way to a spacey ending, replete with some of Mike's famous "bass bombs" and eventually > into "Ghost".
2013-07-22 DwD Toronto, Ontario, Canada 18:15 Some really beautiful, inspiring and upbeat jamming ("HOSE") darkens, gets punchy, and > to "2001."
2013-07-22 Bowie Toronto, Ontario, Canada 13:31 Standard "Bowie" jam breaks and modulates between modes several times beginning at 7:47, ending in the expected minor mode with good tension and a solid trill section.
2013-07-26 Wolfman's George, WA 10:14 "Type I," but with added gusto, including great Mike/Trey teaming early, and then a big peak with strong Fish and Page.
2013-07-26 C&P George, WA 17:30 The nearly 9 minutes of Type II work in this version changes directions frequently and covers a multitude of styles despite not flowing well at all times. It also hints at a -> to "Roggae" towards the end but ultimately > to "Twist" instead.
2013-07-26 Waves George, WA 9:54 A great straightforward version of "Waves" provides a similar uplifting and spirit raising boost as a strong "Hood" or "Divided Sky" does. The soaring jam and delicate outro in this fine version from the Gorge underscores this point.
2013-07-26 Mango George, WA 8:43 While mostly straightforward, there's some extra "Mango" in this solid version with great Page/Trey syncopated jamming.
2013-07-27 Undermind George, WA 13:11 Flawless -> from "Down With Disease." The jam goes "Type II" around 6:15 and moves into melodic territory. Featuring unique drumming from Fish, the band explores an open, loose segment that travels back and forth between quieter and more upbeat places before descending into dark ambience brewed up by Mike and his synth pedals. Very nice > "Light."
2013-07-27 Sneakin' Sally George, WA 12:22 -> in from "Light." Although largely "Type I" jamming, this is a solid rocking version with great instrumentation.
2013-07-30 BOAF Stateline, NV 7:45 Very well played, mostly straightforward jam that has a nice settled section before rebuilding to a fiery conclusion.
2013-07-30 Gin Stateline, NV 12:10 A wild vocal jam of sorts launches the instrumental section into some very solid and rocking "Type I" playing.
2013-07-30 Golden Age Stateline, NV 12:55 A pretty locked-in version including funk, rock, and upbeat melodic jamming. > to "46 Days."
2013-07-30 46 Days Stateline, NV 8:42 Nice funky and rocking section with great Mike emerges on the back side of the standard "46 Days" jam and > to "BORW."
2013-07-31 It's Ice Stateline, NV 7:53 Another nice little funky and rhythmic "Ice" jam with Page rocking on the B-3.
2013-07-31 Stash Stateline, NV 10:16 A very good "old school" "Stash," with a dark tone and real tension throughout, plus some dissonance and rhythmic shifts.
2013-07-31 Tweezer Stateline, NV 36:16 One of the most magnificently focused, sustained, and enchanting improvisations in Phish history, with several discrete sections, and audience participation taboot.
2013-07-31 Architect Stateline, NV 8:37 Excellent rocking and extended straightforward version.
2013-08-02 Roggae San Francisco, CA 9:06 Another great "Roggae" from SF, with strong melodic and instrumental variation. Just wish they would play this more often.
2013-08-02 DwD San Francisco, CA 14:11 Quality exploratory version that succinctly covers a range of interesting territory before > to a compact, solid "Caspian."
2013-08-02 Caspian San Francisco, CA 5:50 This compact, quality version proves again that good melodic variation in a shorter version can trump the late '90s style 11 - 12 minute arena rockers. And when Trey holds a single note for 68 seconds, it allows the others to shine.
2013-08-02 Farmhouse San Francisco, CA 7:25 Arguably the finest straightforward version to date, this wonderful version is replete with all sorts of good stuff, including fantastic playing by Mike, great Page and Trey counterpoint, and a lush groove with a peaceful and upbeat sense.
2013-08-02 Seven Below San Francisco, CA 13:45 A few flubs in the intro don't detract from this very energetic version from the first post-7/31/13 show, which incorporates three different calls for "woos" around some plinko-esque jamming and a good old-fashioned raveup at the end. Winds back into the regular -7 ending, then > into Theme.
2013-08-02 Theme San Francisco, CA 8:17 By mixing up the melody of the jam more than in the past, the band is creating more interesting versions in less time. Nice!
2013-08-02 STFTFP San Francisco, CA 8:09 A very strong "Type I" jam in "STFTFP," followed by an unusual, mildly disconcerting outro jam, which itself pairs oddly with low-key "Woo" responses from the audience.
2013-08-03 Maze San Francisco, CA 9:19 A spirited Page section is followed by some rapid-fire playing by Trey in this quality 3.0 version.
2013-08-03 JJLC San Francisco, CA 8:34 All around, a rock solid version played with great intensity by all, including Page's vocals between verses.
2013-08-03 R&R San Francisco, CA 16:06 Bad Ass Mike kicks off this dynamic, multi-section jam with some really sick bass work. From there, it ranges far and wide before settling into quieter, but active playing which then > to "Steam."
2013-08-03 Steam San Francisco, CA 9:09 Excellent Trey solo and an extended, funky ending jam.
2013-08-03 Slave San Francisco, CA 10:35 Really nice Mike/Page early, then Trey joins, and begins using combinations of short duration notes as the jam builds up.
2013-08-04 Divided San Francisco, CA 16:20 Fish is the star here, adding just the right forcefullness to the percussion as the jam intensity grows.
2013-08-04 Foam San Francisco, CA 8:02 Despite a couple of minor glitches in the composed section, all the good ingredients come together for a short, quality jam.
2013-08-04 Ya Mar San Francisco, CA 6:15 Thankfully, after a 10 year "hiatus," the band finally does something interesting with "Ya Mar," in this case, improvising a short little audience call-and-response ("Woo!") during Trey's solo.
2013-08-04 Taste San Francisco, CA 8:20 Fish stands tall here, although musicianship is strong across the board in this quality version.
2013-08-04 Energy San Francisco, CA 10:41 This version opens the second set, where the song is most commonly found. The jam stays mostly in the bounds of the song until it turns on a dime to a Fish-led jam, accented by excellent play from the rest of the band. > an excellent "Runaway Jim".
2013-08-04 Runaway Jim San Francisco, CA 16:25 Excellent, multi-section "Jim." The jam begins with a dark tone, shifts to some great, percussive rocking midway through, then explores more bleak territory before reaching interplanetary space and > to "Carini."
2013-08-05 SOAMule Hollywood, CA 9:21 Page solo > Fish playing Mike's bass with mallets > whole band drum solos > klezmer > chanting by Mike and conclusion.
2013-08-05 Hood Hollywood, CA 22:32 Ground-breaking version that ushers in a new era of exploratory "Hoods." After some typical play, the jam turns rocking and percussive, including some "Woo" jamming. Things settle and the play becomes introspective and probing. Turning upbeat but with tension, the jam takes a final deep breath and returns to "Hood."
2013-08-30 Stash Commerce City, CO 11:56 Some very cool and unusual percussion in the jam, which breaks into major mode, then returns with good intensity.
2013-08-30 LxL Commerce City, CO 8:01 Fish asserts himself strongly, a key element to a quality "Type I" "LxL," and Trey and Page mix it up very nicely.
2013-08-30 Sand Commerce City, CO 15:18 > from "PYITE". Type II version that breaks form around 7:30 and continues on through sections of upbeat melodic playing, rock, and funk. All in all, another strong "Dick's Sand".
2013-08-31 Gin Commerce City, CO 13:01 A very good "Type I" "Gin," thus related to other strong "Type I" versions like 8/17/97, 11/20/98, 9/12/99, and 6/23/00.
2013-08-31 CDT Commerce City, CO 22:51 A very good quality, multi-sectional jam in this extended "CDT," and Fish is spectacular throughout. The jam ranges far, but also meanders at times; it also includes some "Woo!" audience interaction, like the "Tahoe Tweezer."
2013-09-01 It's Ice Commerce City, CO 8:25 Page leads a solid full band jam on the B-3. And compared to 7/14/13, the transition back to "Ice" is clean.
2013-09-01 Carini Commerce City, CO 12:23 A good "Carini" with the now familiar mode shift mid jam. However, the band seems to grapple with where to take the jam from about 6:24 - 9:30, until gaining some good traction and a nice upbeat groove in the final minutes.
2013-09-01 Caspian Commerce City, CO 6:16 A very good "Caspian." At first, Trey uses a "watery" effect with his guitar that sounds very '95. Then the jam breaks into a great rocking and upbeat groove that > to "Piper."
2013-10-18 Twist Hampton, VA 11:42 At 7:10, the jam breaks into a nice groove that turns 3.0-style ambient and subtle and > to "Free."
2013-10-18 Roggae Hampton, VA 9:18 The jam builds to a peak, seemingly to conclude, then settles briefly before rebuilding to a second peak.
2013-10-18 Carini Hampton, VA 16:06 Fantastic, multi-section version in which Page is clearly the superstar, on the B-3 and teaming with Mike early, jumping to piano for some melodic "HOSE" with Trey, and downshifting to great funk action with Mike.
2013-10-19 Steam Hampton, VA 10:53 Features a surprising rhythm-based section with Trey joining in on drums and Mike playing his fight bell with drumsticks. Worth hearing for this journey "outside the box" alone.
2013-10-20 BOTT Hampton, VA 9:28 The boys do a nice job of driving this "Train" up and over a serious peak, taking several blissful minutes in so doing.
2013-10-20 Tweezer Hampton, VA 23:07 Exceptional, diverse "type II" action, ending in a mellow, spacey haze.
2013-10-20 Golden Age Hampton, VA 17:14 > in from "Tweezer" as the second half in a pair of phenomenal jams. The usual funk-rock elements are present, but the jam gets taken to another level when it bleeds into an intense, psychedelic ambience. Fishman on Marimba Lumina. > to "Piper."
2013-10-20 2001 Hampton, VA 8:10 A breakdown truly worthy of the mothership. Mike yet again inspires greatness and Trey answers with some Echoplex love. Tip your bass player.
2013-10-22 SOAMule Rochester, NY 10:05 Page solo > Fish on Marimba Lumina in a weird but cool and spacey jam > klezmer > "old school" chanting by Mike > end.
2013-10-23 Gumbo Glens Falls, NY 5:12 Standard Gumbo but a great, funky clav outro from Page.
2013-10-23 LxL Glens Falls, NY 7:46 A very solid version all around which includes an unusual vocal jam type ending, setting up nicely for "I Didn't Know."
2013-10-23 Twist Glens Falls, NY 13:58 The "Twist" jam itself includes some nice playing by Mike and Page. Then at 6:30 the jam breaks into some mellifluous, semi-"HOSE," which settles down into thoughtful space before rebuilding energy and then cyling down to end.
2013-10-23 Velvet Sea Glens Falls, NY 7:55 Following a strong "Twist," this heartfelt rendering of "Wading" provides a graceful interlude before a powerful "Hood."
2013-10-23 Hood Glens Falls, NY 13:21 Early in the jam, the band pays homage to the great Worcester '10 version. After some quieter musing, the jam picks up a really great head of steam and peaks in an exultant and powerful manner.
2013-10-25 Waves Worcester, MA 12:44 The second jam swells to blissful heights once, recedes, then builds to a Freedom Rock peak, finally crashing into Carini.
2013-10-25 Carini Worcester, MA 9:49 Solid jam that retains a dark sentiment throughout, and is also infused with great staccato, funk, and rhythmic playing.
2013-10-25 BDTNL Worcester, MA 7:40 High quality "Type I" version with spirited soloing by Trey and strong Page backing. > to "Ghost."
2013-10-26 Drowned Worcester, MA 18:50 A quality multi-section jam emerges. A quiet spacey section breaks first, followed by punchy and rocking playing with an "Oye Como Va"-like vibe. From there, a nice dose of 3.0-style "HOSE" develops and > to "Light."
2013-10-26 Light Worcester, MA 13:14 An excellent jam breaks from the "Light" at 8:00 into a funky and rhythmic groove. The melodic content gradually increases, Fish add "Hey" vocal interjections, and Mike's bass takes the con.
2013-10-27 Fee Hartford, CT 6:49 Slightly extended outro with nice melodic contributions from Mike. > to "Maze".
2013-10-27 Maze Hartford, CT 9:43 Fish, Page and Mike really crank the tension up during Trey's solo, combining for a fiery peak to this "Maze."
2013-10-27 Tweezer Hartford, CT 17:31 Overrated by your friends, this version captivates with brilliantly melodic soloing by Trey for several minutes, before flaking out a bit, and becoming aimless. (Still worth your while to hear to be sure.)
2013-10-27 Golden Age Hartford, CT 16:47 Ferocious start-to-finish, with magnificent accompaniment by Page, Mike and Fish as Trey solos.
2013-10-27 2001 Hartford, CT 8:03 Trey changes the soundscape to this constantly. Second jam is a funk Echoplex exploration. Band takes all kinds of chances here.
2013-10-29 Divided Reading, PA 15:38 The jam has a really nice and gentle beginning, with almost a late-'90s vibe, then builds to a solid peak.
2013-10-29 DwD Reading, PA 21:20 An excellent, multi-section jam begins dark and stormy, then starts grooving in a very upbeat manner with growing energy. After letting the "HOSE" run for several minutes, the jam methodically cycles down.
2013-10-29 Twenty Years Later Reading, PA 14:22 The jam breaks away from the standard around 7:45, passing through a "The Birds"-like jam before becoming funky and rocking with some great Page B-3 action. The jam brightens in sentiment briefly before > to "Piper."
2013-10-29 YEM Reading, PA 22:25 Intricate jam segment where the band members play off each other quite well, and a decent peak to the jam.
2013-10-31 Stash Atlantic City, NJ 10:05 Excellent short "Stash" with mounting tension. Like a '93 or '94 version!
2013-10-31 Wingsuit Atlantic City, NJ 6:12 Debut of the song leads off the "musical costume from the future" set at this Halloween show.
2013-10-31 Fuego Atlantic City, NJ 10:47 Debut. First version hints at future jamming potential for "Fuego."
2013-10-31 Wombat Atlantic City, NJ 6:34 Debut with "Abe Vigoda" and the Abe Vigoda Dancers.
2013-10-31 Winterqueen Atlantic City, NJ 6:23 Phish debut includes Page nicely jumping around from the Fender-Rhodes to the B-3 to the piano, and a rock driven jam from Trey.
2013-10-31 Carini Atlantic City, NJ 18:41 Serious heavyweight version kicks off with rhythmic and swirling playing. The jam brightens for a stretch, then IT builds and builds as the "HOSE" is turned on. Finally the jam recedes delicately as the spigot is turned to "off."
2013-11-01 Possum Atlantic City, NJ 11:04 A quality "old school" version with a lot of good "Type I" variation in the jamming, building up to an intense peak.
2013-11-01 Twist Atlantic City, NJ 21:02 The jam breaks away at 6:15, growing melodic and upbeat. Mike adds some great bass effects before a euphoric groove emerges. Then a fun "Under Pressure" jam develops, followed by beautiful low-key jamming.
2013-11-01 Makisupa Atlantic City, NJ 8:11 Another fun, funky version with "Kush" and "Bush" chanting, lots of weirdness, and a few genuinely musically impressive passages interspersed here and there.
2013-11-01 Boogie On Atlantic City, NJ 5:42 > from "Meatstick". There's some extra funky mustard on this one and it also includes alternate lyrics referencing bush and kush, as well as a tease of the "Theme from the Rockford Files." Ends with a > to "The Wedge".
2013-11-01 Sneakin' Sally Atlantic City, NJ 11:06 A solid and funkified breakdown jam follows a good vocal jam and includes Trey banter near the ending.
2013-11-02 Theme Atlantic City, NJ 13:58 As a standard "Theme" jam draws to a close, it morphs into a jam on the "Theme From Shaft" with amusing banter from Trey and Fish. Some good funky jamming follows the banter before returning to "Theme" to end.
2013-11-02 DwD Atlantic City, NJ 16:18 The jam breaks into a good percussive and rocking groove, then it lightens and brightens, re-energizes, and -> to "Piper."
2013-11-02 Roggae Atlantic City, NJ 7:36 A delicate and beautifully played version with a dreamy quality to it, but which also builds to a powerful peak. > to "Waves."
2013-11-02 Tweezer Atlantic City, NJ 15:22 Very repetitive, melodic, spirited, funky jam... check. this. OUT!
2013-12-28 Wolfman's New York, NY 10:49 A great "Wolfman's" which, while essentially straightforward structurally, includes some excellent and rocking playing by all four before a typically strong release section.
2013-12-28 Sand New York, NY 12:30 A typical "Sand" jam ensues before shifting to some ambience and then locking onto a repetitious riff from Trey. > to "Piper."
2013-12-28 Steam New York, NY 12:21 Among the finest versions to date, Trey's Echoplex adds extra power to the jam, which also features great playing from Page, weird shouts from Fish, and monstrous energy all throughout.
2013-12-29 It's Ice New York, NY 8:21 This one has a bad-ass "Ice" jam with some wild and rocking playing by all four. It almost sounds like some of the crazy versions from Spring '94 and also makes a nice clean return to "It's Ice."
2013-12-29 Gumbo New York, NY 6:31 Another clavinet-led outro, but with added mind-scrambling from Trey.
2013-12-29 DwD New York, NY 18:27 Great version which rocks along in familiar territory before becoming deep, dark and thought-provoking. The jam lightens in sentiment around 12:00, breaks into a power-rocking groove and makes a stately return to "DwD" to close.
2013-12-29 Carini New York, NY 15:16 > in from "DwD" (only the 2nd time ever). A very good exploratory jam that retains a largely dark sentiment throughout, features great playing by Mike and Page, and concludes with brief "Woo" jamming.
2013-12-30 CDT New York, NY 18:39 Extended, multi-section "CDT" which sticks close to the standard at first, settles a bit, then gathers up into some serious and fiery rocking.
2013-12-30 Simple New York, NY 10:24 Essentially straightforward, but the outro jam is a little different than the norm, is nicely played, and includes teases of "The Line," "Fuego," and "Magilla" from Page.
2013-12-31 Reba New York, NY 12:09 Back on the bus, pretty, direct, and straightforward play makes this "Reba" a highlight of a career moment. As usual, Fish is great, shuffling through various tempos and rhythmic shifts. Mike bounces around the room, and Page is particularly on point, his play lilting and airy. Trey opts for patient, sweeping sustain, which opens space for sweet syncopation, before alighting upon a perfect series of cascading notes, measured trilling, and the "note."
2013-12-31 Light New York, NY 16:49 Exceedingly good version. As with most of the 2013 Holiday Run the version itself doesn't stand out with noticable highlights, but the entire version is well above average. Focused throughout with a great peak.
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