Jam Chart for shows in the city of Rochester, NY (20 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1991-04-20 Reba Rochester, NY 11:56 Terrific, soaring Trey, complimented by full-band play with the musicians working in concert through a calculated passage of metered time and measured space.
1991-09-27 It's Ice Rochester, NY 9:21 Some excellent tension building by Page and Trey in the jam segment.
1991-09-27 Possum Rochester, NY 8:43 Great rock-the-house version with excellent Mike and Fish. While not highly improvisational, it's just solid through and through, and includes amusing banter before the song.
1991-09-27 Suzy Rochester, NY 5:12 Great Page and Fish on this rocking version, who briefly drive the ship into out of bounds territory. Timing may be longer due to a cut in the recording.
1993-02-09 Bowie Rochester, NY 12:27 Jam sounds like it's peaking, but at 9:10 this "Bowie" heads out for more dissonant and exploratory jamming.
1993-02-09 Wedge Rochester, NY 6:24 A modified, percussive intro provides a glimpse of the form the song will soon assume. A strong outro, featuring great work from Trey and Page, highlights an evolutionary marker in the development of this song.
1993-02-09 Esther Rochester, NY 10:16 Signal-laden intro with fun stop / start playing. Trey even seems to sing with a sense of urgency, before great soloing gives way to thoughtful and inspired full-band playing.
1993-02-09 Weekapaug Rochester, NY 9:51 The jam goes "Type II" almost immediately, seamlesessly alternating between standard melodic "Weekapaug" jamming and sparser, dissonant sections found throughout '93 and '94. Very strong improvisation within the context of "Weekapaug."
1993-02-09 Stash Rochester, NY 10:20 By far the most exploratory and different jam through this date. Very innovative and very excellent. Unfinished.
1997-12-11 DwD Rochester, NY 19:54 High octane jam flames out at 11:00 into an excellent Page and Mike led minimalist groove which -> to "Maze." There is also a -> "DwD" from "Ghost" later in this show to complete the earlier, unfinished version.
1997-12-11 Maze Rochester, NY 15:01 -> from DWD, the second in a trifecta of excellent Mazes from December 1997. Page delivers meaty play in the first half of the jam. The tension that follows builds primarily from the push and pull between the speed and adrenaline of the rhythm section led by Fish, and Trey's guitar lines which seem at times to lag and then race to keep up before the final photo finish.
1997-12-11 LxL Rochester, NY 10:36 Superlative even among the standouts. The best "Limbs" build to a peak that reaches the stratosphere, then gradually work back down to earth. Listen to this version for a prime example.
1997-12-11 Drowned Rochester, NY 21:17 The jam keeps up a pretty good head of steam until about 12:00 when it settles into 9 minutes of high quality '97-style space funk/quiet bliss enhanced with delay effects. -> to "Roses Are Free."
1997-12-11 BBFCFM Rochester, NY 8:11 Wild version that segues out of Roses Are Free. It's highly improvisational in that after about 3 mins of "normal" (so to speak) BBFCFM, a Sturm-und-Drang, plodding jam evolves and trudges along for a few minutes, and then the band drops out as Trey sustains a note, then a chord, and, well, nothing much happens for a minute or so, and then Trey counts-off and Ghost begins.
1997-12-11 Ghost Rochester, NY 16:26 Blazing, rocking funk which -> to a "DwD" reprise. [A good, funky jam settles into some low-key grooving, then gradually develops a full head of steam, igniting into a blistering, raging eclipse which -> to "DwD Reprise."]
1999-12-05 Jibboo Rochester, NY 10:04 A strong, prototypical '99 "Gotta Jibboo," with patient and careful Trey/Page interplay at first, a smooth and linear - but predictable - build up in energy and tension, and culmination in an intense, if somewhat short peak. One of the strongest standard '99 "Jibboos."
1999-12-05 Taste Rochester, NY 12:55 The closest thing to a "jammed out" version of "Taste" (before 2017), as the band stretches Trey's solo out into a very extended and mellow groove, before returning to more familiar ground.
1999-12-05 Twist Rochester, NY 11:58 Wild improv in this excellent, thrilling set closer that peaks well.
1999-12-05 Meatstick Rochester, NY 14:14 Loosely segues out of "Mike's" and includes a very atypical jam that "goes type II" and RAGES before eventually cooling down, spacing-out, and seguing well into "Hydrogen."
2013-10-22 SOAMule Rochester, NY 10:05 Page solo > Fish on Marimba Lumina in a weird but cool and spacey jam > klezmer > "old school" chanting by Mike > end.
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