Jam Chart for Bathtub Gin (80 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1989-05-26 Gin Rutland, VT 4:48 Debut. No real jam at all. Instead, the "Bathtub Gin" vocal refrain is extended slightly, and then the song abruptly ends.
1991-11-16 Gin Washington, DC 7:41 Good early "Gin." The jam (like most from pre-August '93) is grinding, decelerating and somewhat dissonant. Nothing like the melodic hose jams that would emerge later. This one also has amusing screaming and yelling at the end.
1992-04-18 Gin Palo Alto, CA 7:46 First exploratory "Gin" with amusing Trey vocals, a jazz-like breakdown that gets rocking, and returns to "Gin."
1993-08-02 Gin Tampa, FL 11:02 After very few performances from Summer '92 - July '93, this "Gin" blows open the doors to serious improvisation, including tempo shifts, a "Sleeping Monkey"-like jam, then some great free-form jamming. -> to "Makisupa."
1993-08-13 Gin Indianapolis, IN 15:49 Incredibly improvisational, Must-Hear "Gin," one of the best ever. After 83 mostly straightforward versions, the band in August '93 suddenly seizes upon "Gin's" jamming potential. This wild, racehorse version is fun, wacky, musically coherent, has multiple teases/jams, and segues seemlessly into "Ya Mar."
1993-12-30 Gin Portland, ME 10:05 Jam breaks into a quick tempo groove at about 6:45 and continues on this track until returning to "Gin" at 8:20.
1994-04-09 Gin Binghamton, NY 9:09 Pretty rocking jam, somewhat straightforward but with tempo shifts, unusual melodic lines from Trey, and a nice rhythmic breakdown section at the end.
1994-04-18 Gin Newark, DE 10:09 Although largely straightforward, the jam is played at an accelerated tempo. This also marks the first real appearance of the present day, "Type I" "Gin" jam with Page and Trey melodically playing along to the "Gin" theme.
1994-04-24 Gin Charlotte, NC 9:58 "Gin" -> "Jump Monk" -> "Gin." Quality jamming early on with variations on the "Gin" theme. The "Jump Monk" (Charles Mingus) segue comes near the end (one of only 2 Phish performances of this jazz classic).
1994-04-24 Gin Charlotte, NC 0:23 -> in from "Jump Monk." Quick return to end "Gin" before > to "Dog Faced Boy."
1994-05-12 Gin Tucson, AZ 9:53 Very exploratory right off the bat with a good, rocking and percussive jam. Returns to "Gin" in the end, but in a seriously rocking manner with a -> to "Lizards."
1994-05-20 Gin Olympia, WA 10:54 Some good thrashing around early, then the jam breaks into a classic "Type I" jam with spirited play and a cool ending.
1994-06-17 Gin Milwaukee, WI 9:38 The jam breaks into a different and repetitive groove early on, then returns to "Gin" in a very rocking manner.
1994-07-05 Gin Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 12:45 Great, multi-section, power rocking jam which really doesn't sound anything like "Gin." Briefly returns to "Gin" before > to "Lifeboy." Soundboard version released on FTA Superball IX, Pt. 2.
1994-10-14 Gin New Orleans, LA 11:34 A choppy, percussive jam grows quiet, starts to explore some distant territory, then builds intensity as it returns to "Gin."
1995-10-11 Gin Chandler, AZ 12:43 First of several exploratory, rocking, and improvisational '95 "Gins." This one even has some early funk sounds from Page.
1995-11-09 Gin Atlanta, GA 16:03 Excellent, multi-dimensional version. From power jamming to beautiful quiet space to coordinated rebuilding including a great "Rift" tease, it's all here. -> to "TMWSIY."
1995-11-24 Gin Pittsburgh, PA 13:05 Improvisational version includes a great breakdown jam led by Fish, Page and Mike with Trey on the mini percussion kit.
1995-12-05 Gin Amherst, MA 23:34 A very exploratory "Gin" jam. At 7:00, the jam starts to twist away from the standard, and works through several sections including driving power rock, percussive '95-style funk, more power rock, and a -> to "Keyboard Army."
1995-12-15 Gin Philadelphia, PA 11:38 A very good "Type I" jam breaks into some percussive, deep exploration at 8:30 and then -> to "Rotation Jam" (one of only 4 such performances during which the band members all switch instruments but continue playing).
1995-12-29 Gin Worcester, MA 11:06 "Gin" -> "The Real Me" -> "Gin." Fantastic, inspired and rocking version. The "Gin" sections that bookend the Who classic are improvisational fare, but all fit together seamlessly into one flowing jam. -> to "McGrupp."
1995-12-29 Gin Worcester, MA 3:46 -> in from "The Real Me" with more great improvisation before returning to the "Gin" theme to conclude and -> to "McGrupp."
1996-11-07 Gin Lexington, KY 26:31 Incredible, multi-faceted, Must-Hear "Gin" with 4 distinct sections: 1) a stirring, Trey-led "Type I" jam; 2) a superb Page-led Moog and keyboard jam; 3) a spirited, rocking Trey-led jam; and 4) a cool, unusual ending section.
1996-11-19 Gin Kansas City, MO 19:17 A well played "Type I" jam morphs into a funky Page-led multiple keyboard show (with Trey on the mini percussion kit). At 16:10, Trey jumps back on guitar, leading a soaring jam which works back to "Gin" and -> to "Vibration of Life."
1997-07-01 Gin Amsterdam, Netherlands 14:27 Really great version that begins with an old-school (pre-August '93) style "Gin" jam, then morphs into a dark and growly power jam with a "Little Drummer Boy" tease. Gets mellow and funky at the end and -> to a HUGE "Cities."
1997-07-10 Gin Marseilles, France 21:33 Another '97 that revisits the cast-aside, old "Gin" jam with a little added funk sound, then breaks into full-on disco funk mode. Briefly returns to "Gin" proper, grows spacey and > to a seriously jammed-out "Llama."
1997-07-21 Gin Virginia Beach, VA 21:51 Brilliant, exploratory "Gin" that includes funk, "Drowned" jamming (9:25 - 11:55), syncopated, blues-infused rocking, and stops. At 18:30 with the others still playing, Trey addresses the audience, talking about new songs.
1997-07-25 Gin Dallas, TX 21:48 A classic "Type I" jam drops into funk mode for a good 6 minutes before returning to the "Gin" theme. -> to "Makisupa."
1997-08-17 Gin Limestone, ME 15:22 -> in from a great "DwD." A structurally straightforward "Gin" jam with soaring Trey-led playing. Many, but not all fans rank this "Gin" among the band's best jams ever.
1997-11-23 Gin Winston-Salem, NC 31:12 Improvisational, hard-rocking "Gin." At 13:00, following a well-played, "Type I" section, the jam breaks into 13 minutes of blistering, intense arena-style rock, before mellowing into great '97-style low-key jamming. -> to "DwD."
1998-04-05 Gin Providence, RI 11:25 Straightforward jam grows rhythmic, funky and exploratory legs, which lead to a seamless -> to a very good "Cities."
1998-07-05 Gin Prague, Czech Republic 14:34 Solid jam that starts to break away from "Gin" around 7:30 and gets rocking and funky with building intensity. Great Page.
1998-07-08 Gin Barcelona, Spain 17:54 A very nice "Type I" jam mellows into some quiet variations on the "Gin" theme, and then migrates to lush, ambient space.
1998-07-20 Gin Ventura, CA 21:03 The customarily great '98 "Gin" jam breaks into a funky groove at 13:45 and then gradually works back to "Gin."
1998-07-29 Gin Maryland Heights, MO 23:15 Superb, legendary "Gin." An inspired, melodic "Type I" jam mutates into a thrilling, pulsing, tension-filled electro-rock groove. Many fans rank this "Gin" at, or very near the very top of all Phish jams of all time. Enough said.
1998-11-09 Gin Chicago, IL 23:19 Great, improvisational version that isn't the typical "Type I" jam, but which never gets far removed from "Gin" either. The jam progresses through several "Gin"-like sections, including rocking, funk, a quiet settle, a rebuilding of intensity, and a closing sequence.
1998-11-20 Gin Hampton, VA 14:06 "Type I" intense jam that builds to a serious peak with great interplay by all four. Cycles down with no closing. > to "Piper."
1998-11-29 Gin Worcester, MA 18:25 A soaring, straightforward jam evolves into beautiful ambient space before before building into a rocking and funky groove.
1999-07-10 Gin Camden, NJ 16:09 Overlooked gem. A really nice, ethereal "Type I" "Gin" morphs into a great jam on "I'm A Man" (Spencer Davis Group).
1999-07-18 Gin Volney, NY 19:33 A nice, Page-led groove develops on the back end of the standard "Gin" jam.
1999-09-12 Gin Portland, OR 18:33 Light years distant from the rocking, improv-oriented versions of '93 - '95, this "Type I" version, played at a slightly slowed tempo, is just incredibly beautiful, blissful music with great Trey and Page.
1999-09-22 Gin Las Cruces, NM 17:19 Straightforward jam, in some ways similar to 9/12/99, but also different. This one comes closer at moments to breaking into a groove outside of "Gin" proper, and also features incredible trilling by Trey.
1999-10-01 Gin Ames, IA 18:46 A classic '99 "Gin." Trey's tone and soaring but shredding playing in this straightforward version evince the unique style and sound that could only belong in 1999.
1999-12-02 Gin Auburn Hills, MI 19:07 The standard "Gin" jam morphs around 14:25 into a raging, intense "Piper"-like beast before flaming out and -> to "2001."
1999-12-07 Gin Portland, ME 16:48 Fantastic groove-based "Gin." The jam quickly leaves "Gin" behind (at 6:50), breaking into a groove that paints a beautiful, serene, and otherworldly landscape. Page's deft use of effects adds to the scenery. A very unique "Gin."
1999-12-15 Gin Washington, DC 16:45 A gentle straightforward jam transforms into a nice groove-based jam around 10:30 and eventually works back to "Gin."
1999-12-31 Gin Big Cypress, FL 15:47 A very different "Gin" begins with extended vocal jamming through 9:25, then shifts to an enchanting groove.
2000-06-23 Gin Atlanta, GA 15:38 This is your '00-style "Type I" HOSE jam. A great upbeat version, the tone and sound of this "Gin" is markedly different from other standout "Type I" versions like 8/17/97, 11/20/98, and 9/12/99. Released on Live Bait Vol. 8.
2000-06-28 Gin Holmdel, NJ 17:09 Excellent and exultant "Gin." The jam breaks into a funky groove that grows increasingly rocking and uplifting. Though it never gets far removed from "Gin" proper, the jam has magical, spirit-moving power.
2000-09-29 Gin Las Vegas, NV 16:57 The standard jam gives way at about 9:30 to a great Mike-led, bouncy groove that grows increasingly rocking and intense.
2003-01-02 Gin Hampton, VA 16:25 The jam starts in customary manner, then shifts to funk mode while sticking to "Gin," breaks into a funky and rocking groove, and finally returns to "Gin" in an extended and celebratory manner.
2003-02-14 Gin Inglewood, CA 18:41 2.0-style HOSE. The jam sticks close to standard for a while, then breaks away into a fantastic, euphoric groove.
2003-02-22 Gin Cincinnati, OH 25:47 Intense and highly improvisational jam with more of a rocking, propulsive and edgy sentiment, and in this way similar to the '94 - '95 "Gins." In the final minutes, the band toys with the "Gin" theme in a dark, twisted manner.
2003-02-28 Gin Uniondale, NY 20:45 Another incredibly exploratory '03 "Gin." Every bit as improvisational as 2/22/03, the jam has more of a melodic, flowing nature to it, and thus bears more resemblance to the versions from the late '90s, within the context of 2003.
2003-07-09 Gin Mountain View, CA 26:29 Excellent, very "Type II" jam. Once it leaves "Gin" behind, this one works through several sections, and gets way, way out there, ending up in some abstract space, before finally coming back to "Gin." A good one if you like 2.0-style jamming.
2003-07-25 Gin Charlotte, NC 18:29 Great "Gin" which begins with several cool stops, works through the "Type I" standard, then goes beyond, breaking into a groove which morphs into several different moods and sections, and then returns to "Gin" to conclude.
2004-06-23 Gin Noblesville, IN 18:25 The customary "Gin" jam breaks into a low-key groove which eventually returns to "Gin" to end.
2004-08-09 Gin Hampton, VA 21:06 A thrilling, intense, Must-Hear version, right on the heels of one of the best versions of "Chalk Dust Torture" ever. No comparison with previous eras, this is uniquely 2.0-style jamming. -> to "Runaway Jim."
2009-08-07 Gin George, WA 18:00 Very good, improvisational "Gin" with multiple sections. The jam breaks away from "Gin" proper at 9:30, proceeding through at least 3 movements before settling with no return to "Gin." > to "Harry Hood."
2011-05-28 Gin Bethel, NY 11:47 "Gin" -> "Manteca" > "Gin." The "Gin" sections, although largely straightforward, include improvisational playing by Trey. "Manteca" includes "Golden Age" jamming, with fans thus dubbing this version the "GoldenGinTeca."
2011-05-28 Gin Bethel, NY 0:59 > in from "Manteca" to end this fine version.
2011-09-04 Gin Commerce City, CO 13:47 A nicely played "Type I" jam shifts to a funky breakdown jam at 8:40, then works back to "Gin" with a strong peak.
2012-06-08 Gin Worcester, MA 12:02 In a bit of a nod to the old, pre-August '93 days, the jam begins with decelerating tempo and downward sloping melodies. At 7:30, the jam shifts into the more familiar, uptempo "modern" "Gin" jam. Cool version. Check out 11/16/91 if you doubt.
2012-06-29 Gin Noblesville, IN 8:07 > in from "Rift." Despite its brevity, this version has some fantastic and unusual improvisation and includes a "Twist" quote and an "On Broadway" tease from Trey. With a -> to "Fluffhead," this is a great, old-school triple combo.
2012-07-07 Gin Saratoga Springs, NY 11:50 > in from "Peaches en Regalia." Nothing like some good "Gin" on a nice summer night. This "Type I" version is 3.0-style HOSE at its best. Great nimble and directed playing by Trey later in the jam.
2013-07-30 Gin Stateline, NV 12:10 A wild vocal jam of sorts launches the instrumental section into some very solid and rocking "Type I" playing.
2013-08-31 Gin Commerce City, CO 13:01 A very good "Type I" "Gin," thus related to other strong "Type I" versions like 8/17/97, 11/20/98, 9/12/99, and 6/23/00.
2014-07-03 Gin Saratoga Springs, NY 14:34 The typical "Type I" "Gin" jam continues through 10:30, then the chording and harmonics shift into quasi "Type II" jamming (quasi because Fish never really breaks the rhythm until this "Gin" grows spacey and transitional). > to an improvisational "LxL."
2014-07-11 Gin New York, NY 16:21 A high intensity "Type I" jam breaks away at 9:45 into some low-key exploration. Page adds color as he switches keyboards, and Trey reignites the intensity with some moderate "hose." Finally, the jam gradually ramps down, closing with a return to "Gin."
2014-10-24 Gin Inglewood, CA 12:50 This fun version starts with teases of "Low Rider" and "Long Tall Glasses" before accelerating into an energized "Type I" jam.
2014-11-02 Gin Las Vegas, NV 14:29 A second and rocking section of strong "Type I" jamming helps to strengthen and elevate the build up and peak, giving this solid version a significant boost.
2015-07-31 Gin Atlanta, GA 12:45 Some fun teases bolster this one a bit, but the main story is the jam itself, in which Trey flexes his muscles and leads the charge to the top in a strong set-closing performance.
2015-08-21 Gin Watkins Glen, NY 22:50 Exceptional version including diverse jam segments. Hard-edged rocking, murky funk, and melodic "hose" all feature in this top-shelf "Gin".
2015-09-04 Gin Commerce City, CO 11:05 Quickly picks up steam and builds into a flowing Type I jam with a sizable peak.
2015-12-30 Gin New York, NY 15:17 After a kooky vocal jam, the band eschews the typical "Gin" jam style and opts for a graceful groove which flourishes in stunning fashion.
2016-08-26 Gin Arrington, VA 14:26 Mike and Fish quickly inject some spunk into this version, leading the band into a frisky groove which is contorted with loads of tension until finally pushing through to a glorious peaking section just before 11 minutes. At 12:45, a classic rock-derived outro kicks in, ultimately resulting in a > to "BDTNL".
2016-12-30 Gin New York, NY 13:29 Trey dazzles in this patient and well-crafted "Type I" jam reminiscent of some late 1.0 versions.
2018-08-12 Gin Columbia, MD 11:21 This groovy first-set pairing with "Tweezer" doesn't stray too far away from the usual upbeat "Gin" jam, but features some wonderful rhythmic games from Fish and builds to a pretty sweet peak.
2018-10-24 Gin Nashville, TN 18:20 An inventive set-closer which explores numerous spaces beyond the norm including gentle dreamlike play, fuzzy rock, and Santana-esque vamping before smartly returning to "Gin" for a smooth finish.
2019-06-25 Gin Bangor, ME 14:12 Fish picks up the pace early with an insistent beat and the jam seems poised to peak around 8 minutes but instead enters a brief transitional period and then gets funky for a spell before wrapping typically.
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