Breaking with tradition, Phish donned a musical costume "from the future," a yet to be recorded album that will apparently be entitled, Wingsuit. All of the songs in the second set were debuts other than Winterqueen, which was played by TAB on October 1, 2011. Sing Monica, Snow and Amidst the Peals of Laughter were all performed acoustic, and Amidst the Peals of Laughter was performed as a Page and Trey duet. Wombat featured the dance stylings of Abe Vigoda and the Abe Vigoda Dancers. Antelope also featured an Abe Vigoda Dancers reference. After the second set concluded, a short parody video of scenes from The Godfather was played featuring Abe Vigoda and the members and crew of Phish.

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Review by TheEmu

TheEmu More later, I've only slept for about 5 out of the previous 72 hours.

Absolutely a peak experience for me, not just in terms of Phish, but in seeing live music. I've had no chance to relisten to last night's yet, but as for being there, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect show. Whatever the fate of each of the Wingsuit songs, it was truly a joy to be present for their unveiling. LOVED Fuego (a.k.a. the 12/30/12 Carini) and Wombat, and there were many, many more highlights, including the re-imagined 6/23/12 Burgettstown Light (a.k.a. You Never Know).

That doesn't even begin to address the BOTT, Gin, Ghost, Carini or Bug.

Thank you to Phish for throwing convention out the window allowing us to be with you as you begin the next chapter. I love you guys so much.

5 fucking stars.

And, FWIW,


EAT A PEACH? EAT MY ASS. (sorry, @missblue75, I had to steal that line).
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by bark_obama

bark_obama So far I've heard more positive than negative reactions to this show, but I wanted to respond to the complaints, which I sort of get but also kinda don't.

Most of us would agree that Phish has set the bar pretty high. If a show fails to clear that bar, go ahead and complain. No, they don't "owe us anything" but they owe it to themselves to reach their full potential, just like any other band or any other person in their chosen profession. If they had just played a standard, decent, two-set show last night, many phans would rightly find a bit lazy.

But what they actually did was the opposite. They not only adhered to their self-imposed rule, when they had no obligation to, they did so in a unique and interesting way.

The idea that Phish covering another band's album is preferable to Phish debuting a new album makes little sense to me, especially considering some of the rumored choices. What would be so fantastic about covering Eat a Peach or Sports that it would trump playing their own, previously-unheard songs? The former would arguably be more mundane option unless they chose well.

I've heard the phrase "self-indulgent" multiple times, which strikes me as odd. For god's sake, it's a rock concert. It is by definition a self-promotional activity. And it's not like they are shy about stretching their songs out. Phish was taking a risk and putting themselves out there, when they could've easily played it safe, spent a few minutes learning Led Zeppelin II, and given the crowd a pretty good show. For me, last night's show was better than pretty good, and that is even accounting for the obvious warm up set they opened with.

The only valid complaint is if you don't like the new songs. In that case: I disagree, but people are entitled to their opinion. But to suggest that this show was a "cop-out" is unwarranted.
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Review by Jackaroe

Jackaroe I can remember back to 1998 when nobody expected Loaded and everyone was scratching their head that for the third time they passed over Pink Floyd. Three nights later they lay this grace on a half-full arena in Utah in the middle of the week.

If they didn't veer from the formula at some point then they wouldn't be Phish. They constantly do what you don't expect, some will love that and some will hate it. Personally I love it. Just when I thought I had it picked (DWD sounded so Mountain Jam to me the other night that I was certain we were getting Eat a Peach) they changed the game completely. This is another thing I love about Phish.

Regarding the music, it sounds like a group of 50 year old men that are masters of their craft. If a Phish show needs to mean getting your face melted for 3 hours straight then you need a time machine to go back to 1993. I was there, but now I'm old, and this music sounds fantastic to me. Sorry for those of you that disagree, I think they are better than ever.

Don't know if you can see ratings or not, but mine is a 1 but wanted it to be a 5. Technical difficulties.
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by fluffhead108

fluffhead108 For my money, last night is the biggest single risk the band has ever taken. What a ballsy call! Almost guaranteed to be divisive, guaranteed that for 60-75 minutes in the middle of the show, no one in the arena would be at all familiar with the music. Congrats to Phish for continuing their tradition of doing things you'd never expect a massively popular band to do.

That said, this show overall doesn't quite work. In fact, it's probably the weakest of the entire tour.

The first set is standard-great 2013 Phish rock, with a good setlist and the usual contained jamming on the usual Set I jam songs. I always love BOTT and Camel Walk, so it was nice to get that.

Set 2 is a mixed bag. The new songs range from very good to "meh" to "I doubt that will go anywhere." There were, as you'd expect, no major jams, but merely hints of what jams might look like in the future. Lyrics are similar to those of other modern songs, but way way way better than songs like Architect, TTE, Show of Life, and even maybe Steam (which has weird, unnatural rhyming to my ears).

Set 3 is the heart of the show, but overall one of the weaker jam-sets of tour. Ghost is good, but nothing to write home about, and everything else except the Carini is standard-great (predictably enjoyable) Phish. The Carini really is something though. I can't even beleive how well they are killing this song these days. They just click on this tune, and the 20 minute version last night easily sits right alongside the epics from Hampton, Worcester, and SPAC. Good stuff!

So there you have it. Phish took a huge risk and gave a slice of the future, rather than a redux of the past. Overall this is by no means a bad show--and in terms of importance, it is required listening--but it is not a stand-out winner, or even a particularly impressive 2013 affair.
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by Knox_Harrington

Knox_Harrington Last night was truly a watershed moment for the band. With all the talk of a new album coming, and not a whole lot of new material being debuted over the past few years I was growing a little nervous that things weren't completely kosher behind the scenes and the guys weren't jelling. Last night completely alleviated any apprehension. Sure the first set is nothing crazy, but it was a perfect set up for the band to debut the material of the second set. They played what they enjoy and played extremely well. I think when you look back at this show many years from now (and I will) the first and third sets will be a pretty perfect snapshot of where the band was 30 years into it. Mature and well played tunes in the first set and fantastic on the fly improv-composition in the third set. Now, for my money the second set is one of the most impressive sets of Phish music I have ever heard. Full disclosure I'm a late 30's father of 2 and I think that really helps me relate to the current style of the band. I consider myself extremely fortunate that their progression over the years has largely paralleled where I have been in life and last night re-affirmed that the two are again in perfect alignment. It was Phish grown up. It really seemed to sum up their playing style over the past few years and gave it context. It hasn't been aimless noodling. It has been a style building to something fresh, focused yet beautifully familiar. These are four fantastic musicians and it is thrilling to hear the mark 30 years of influence, dedicated playing and passion leaves on the music four fantastic musicians can make together. It's really their perfect Halloween "album cover". You can hear song structure (The White Album), big arena rock (Quadropenia), funk (Remain in Light) and classic 70s soul-rock (Waiting for Columbus) in their playing. Not to mention some classic Phish sinister space at the end of 555 (what a freaking tune!). I'll admit when I first saw that they were debuting a set of new songs I was not at all psyched. I wanted a classic cover and was actually planning on skipping it to get some work done. Thank God I didn't. By the end of set two I didn't even really wanted to hear a third set. I wanted to re-experience everything I just heard...and that's what a fantastic album does. It makes you want to listen again and again and again. Yes, last night was most definitely a watershed moment for Phish. Now we all know exactly where their heads are musically and what to expect from here on out...for the next year os so at least. If you weren't into it that is completely fine, but at least now you know where they stand. And to my ear, it's a pretty cool place.

Oh, and the Carini jam in the third set is pretty ok too.
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by n00b100

n00b100 Set 1: Reasonable for a first set; neither of the bigger Set 1 vehicles (Stash/Gin) stand out, especially compared to the heights that both vehicles have hit this year. That's quite all right, though - there's two whole sets of music left to go.

Set 2: Just a few scattered thoughts.

1. The thing about "critical" thought is that people tend to confuse that with being critical - i.e. disparaging something, being a critic of it, y'know? The idea, then, is that the only way to show that you've critically thought about something is if you disagree with it, and if you don't, well, that just makes you a sheeple or someone who can't distinguish a good idea from a bad one. It's only those with their eyes fully open that can parse everything a band that all of us profess to love is throwing at us, truly separate the wheat from the chaff, and ultimately reach a higher state of fandom. And anyone that likes all (or nearly all) what the band does? You're just living with your eyes closed, maaaaan.

I find this notion to be incredibly insulting.

2. It has occurred to me before that the same folks who were throwing nastiness at this show would probably have lost their shit if they played A Picture of Nectar or Hoist in full (in fact, I am almost certain of this). And I think the main reason why is because all of those songs have built up familiarity with the fanbase, and mostly through the jams. I mean, think about it - would you want to listen to JUST Tweezer, the song ("song", even)? Or Reba if it stopped at The Swallow? Or a 4 minute Ghost (like the 8/17/11 show)? You most likely would not. But you've heard 25 minute Tweezers, and Type II Rebas, and legendary Ghosts, and thus the goodwill is there, and it's totally built up from 30 years of jamming, and thus we're happy to hear Tweezer, because we know what Tweezer brings to the table.

So what is this Halloween set, then? An (almost) totally new batch of Phish songs, which we are a) not familiar with at all, and b) have no jams attached to them (like every other cover album they played, lest we forget). Is there any wonder people are considering this the bravest thing Phish has done on stage? They're stepping out without a net, playing a bunch of songs that have no goodwill attached to them, KNOWING FULL WELL that goodwill has carried them throughout their entire career, and for what? For what end? Promoting a new album (like their albums are multi-platinum smashes, or like they've given one solitary shit about promotion for years now)? Pissing off a room full of people who paid $60 to hear Phish play an album they're as familiar with and have built up as much goodwill with as Ghost or Tweezer or Reba? Or perhaps it's because they wanted to try something new, something bold and interesting, and something that shows that they're still interested in remaining a band that makes new music and wants to move forward in creating together?

I don't know - I loved that they did it. I get why someone else might not, but to me I'll cherish 10/31/13 II in a way I wouldn't if they'd just played Eat a fucking Peach.

3. The songs themselves? 555, Fuego, and The Line are all winners in my book. Some of them (not going to name 'em, since all of the new songs have fans) aren't my cup of tea. But I'll be glad to hear the majority of these over the course of Phish's career from hereon out, and that's more than enough for me. I'm okay hearing Rift in a first set - I don't see why I'd be upset to hear Devotion To A Dream.

Set 3: Possibly the most well put together second (or "second") set of the entire tour, if not the outright best musically. I mean, look at how it's structured - two big jam vehicles, an energy booster in Birds, two chillout songs in Hood and Bug, and then the release with Antelope. That's about as ideal as it gets without a host of arrows or only playing four songs. I don't think it's quite the best set of the tour (it's a notch below 10/20 II and 10/29 II, though right there with 10/26 II and 11/1 II), but it makes one hell of an argument.

The 1-2 punch of Ghost and Carini is the major talking point, and two bold-on-the-jam-chart masterstrokes. Ghost resolves itself into a relaxed major-chord (if not quite Gin-like) groove, with Page's fine piano work meshing well with Trey's trills and Mike's meaty basslines. The jam reaches a nice enough peak, then suddenly turns downwards and darkens, Trey stepping forward with sinister chords, Fish speeding up the tempo quite nicely. Then, again without warning, Page goes to the organ and now we're in a classic-rock jam. This is easily the Ghost of the tour, my favorite since 12/31/10, and a great way to start any set.

The Everything Phish can do in 2013 - go weird and dissonant, hammer out a jam with the force of a 12 gauge, switch to wah-wah laden funkiness, move into beautiful melodic hose, and occasionally mash all of these together - is contained in 19 minutes and 17 seconds of all-star jamming. An absolute A+ jam, maybe the best of the year. The ensuing Birds is fine, then Hood steps up and delivers a sweet, compact version (Page actually takes the lead, which is kinda cool), and Bug actually works great as a follow to Hood's usual climax. Antelope, a low-key version that finds a dark and swirling energy at the end, closes a magnificent hour plus of music. Quinn is a charming ending to what must have been a grueling show for the band, both physically and emotionally - but, ultimately, a very satisfying one indeed.

Final thoughts: A show that absolutely demands listening - both for the second set (so you can make up your mind about how you feel about the first new Phish album in nearly half a decade and what you think about the way it was presented), and the third set (a very strong suite of music anchored by an Almighty Jam). Like every great Halloween show, this show is practically Phish 101 now. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by Gratefulphish123

Gratefulphish123 1) last night was a disappointment given the implied expectation; 2) many, not all, but many people on this site are incapable of doing an honest review of shows, assign some unwarranted level of brilliance to everything the band does, and just generally spends too much time worshiping at the Altar of Phish.

Listen if we'd been let down by last nights performance thats what the reviews would look like. but i dont think many people were let down, and if you were tough tits. phish can and will do what they want and i have alot of criticisms on certain new songs from last night but what they did took way more balls than serving up stale old classic rock. would you have liked eat a peach? rock of ages? what would that really give you other than a brief novelty? Not every song was perfect but not every song on those old records is perfect either. If i wanna hear classic rock i'll put on my radio where it repeats itself over and over ad nauseum 24/7. if i want something fresh im going to phish
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by PisoMojado

PisoMojado I can't fault Phish for trying something different or playing new material, but let's just say there's a time and place for everything. The irony of Halloween 2013 is that the musical costume was ill-fitting, despite the fact they made it themselves.

The first set was bland - they didn't take any chances and were not loose. In retrospect, I can see why: playing an entire set of unreleased material is daunting even for these 30-year veterans.

The second set itself had its moments - good and bad. I will have to re-evaluate the songs but some sounded like they had potential, some will probably never be played live again. I felt the limits of their lyricism (and vocals, for that matter) on several of the songs. For example, who else criged at the Jack and Jill one? Some of the songs felt like Phish songs (or like they would become Phish songs) but in other ones I felt like they were trying to channel by-the-books alt rock (e.g., the wordless choruses a la every single g-damn alt rock band these days). I will admit that the Wombat schtick was weird/great Phish but the rest felt wooden.

And then this all culminated in Ernest Joseph Anastasio III's awkward/overtly earnest speech at the end of the set - about how lucky they were to have such an open-minded audience etc. etc. Did it almost feel like an apology to you too? For as much as Trey can slay audiences with his guitar, is it me or does he have an inferiority complex/fragility about his songwriting/lyrics/vocals?

They created some momentum in set 3. The Ghost and Carini were well jammed and the Hood wrapped things up nicely, but I don't believe they quite reached the heights of some of the earlier jams this tour (Hampton Carini still gives me goosebumps).

With as high as expectations are for Halloween shows (and this one in particular given how good the Fall Tour has been), I felt like this show was a letdown.

Now that they have taken off their wingsuits and changed into some more comfortable clothes, I expect the last two AC shows to pick up where Reading left off.
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by GhostBalls

GhostBalls It's honestly been just a plain ol' growing curve since sobriety and all that; and a lot of that transition was Trey just becoming ok again with the whole thing. I really believe that; wondering if that's why they don't get too out there in terms of time on the road, etc. That and all of 'em having families now. But they've done it, & slowly gotten back to a old-skool-but-new-&-matured version of themselves. I truly feel bad that I doubted 'em actually; it just took so long to get there! Now, tho, yea- they're so all-the-way-back to being the dopest band ever it's undeniable, & even with a new jamming approach. Let 'em say what they want about Trey playing chords in jams; I don't think peeps realize how important it is to Trey, for multiple reasons, to step back & let the others take over, or at least lead-off the jam. Anyway, too long, but yea, for the first time in a long time, I find myself choosing to listen to new stuff at work, in the car, or when I'm really able to focus on the music at home, but that's not been the case, at least for any consistent length of time, since '09....until now. I thought last summer 2012, especially towards the end, they were coming back strong & it was sweet, then was shocked & dismayed that they seemed to lose ground b4 summer '13, going back to whale-call city, etc. NO PART of 2012 was as consistently good, nor as-good period, as this fall tour. Good jams were becoming more frequent summer '12, but besides Dicks, 3rd-night-Bill/Graham, etc, the others were either ok or downright meh. This has been at least 1-2 solid jam segments EVERY show, with some shows having entire sets that r smoking. Take '92, '94, '95, even Fall '97, and, put up against this tour, none can claim more solid playing, with such consistency night-after-night, and as many pure hose moments as this tour. Maybe Fall '97, I guess...but they'd be closer to 'tied' than one vs the other. I think we'll look back on this era of Phish w/ much more appreciation down the road....but for the first time since '09, I can truly say I'm as excited about Phish and wherever they go from here as I always was in the 90s. No more "I'm-an-old-school-head-&-shit-just-ain't-wut-it-used-2-be" -rants from me; I've now been converted BACK into one of Phish's blindly-faithful, they-can-do-no-wrong lapdog fans.....
And god is it good to b back. Thanks guys.
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by funkalunk

funkalunk What an odd show.

Set 1 is pretty much the epitome of "straightforward, no risks taken" Phish. I find it hard to pick out any jams that were memorable. Not only that, something to me seemed..."off" about the band. Jitters about set two, perhaps? I don't know, but something was holding them back, and it showed.

Set 2 on the other hand, was wonderful. Mileage can and will vary, but I enjoyed all the new material. Fuego, Monica, and 555 are my standouts, while Wingsuit and You Never Know underwhelmed me. Everything else, pretty good. The novelty of 12 new Phish songs thrown at you at once, and all performed well (They shook off that negative energy in set break) is pretty hard to deny. It charmed me over, I just hope it can stand the test of time.

Set 3 I enjoyed. Coming off the success of the huge risk that was set 2, the band was ready to blow off some steam and have some relaxed fun. And it showed. They came out strong with the Ghost > Carini pairing that I'm sure people will overrate and throw in your face for a while, but it was pretty good. A solid block of music, nothing else to say about it. Birds was nice, nothing to write home about, and the rest of the set followed suit.

So it seemed weird, the first set was almost objectively bland, the second set was objectively novel, and the third set was objectively good. (Yeah I'll say it) I just wish I could chop off that first set and rate this higher. Alas, have to take it as a whole.

Solid, but if you download it, skip set one. Nothing you haven't already heard a million times.
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by User_25940_

User_25940_ @JOgden

I spent 5 hours with my favorite live rock band and thousands of wonderful people in a pretty cool venue dancing my ass off and having as good a time as this Tour has produced...and you feel bad for me? Well...aren't you a sweetheart. I don't go to shows demanding what the band should play. I just open up my ears, close my eyes, and more often than not walk away numb from the experience. That's what happened last night to most of us there. I'm sorry friend, this sounds cruel...but I really feel sorry for you if you can't see the light here. It's not about being objective...the way music makes one person to another feel will never be objective. I don't know what you did last night that was better than what I did, but I hope it was awesome! My night was.
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by phisherman

phisherman Quite an interesting show. I was able to enjoy it from the comfort of my own living room, tasting several different imperial pumpkin ales and feasting with friends.

the obvious conversation piece is the second set, especially since the first and third set were very standard (yet still great to watch/listen to). during the show, i was full of mixed emotions. i was really looking forward to a musical costume, and my friends and i had been wagering as to what they would bust out. i was holding out for a "big pink" by The Band.

reflecting on the set this morning, i was overcome with the thought of how lucky we were to see that second set. when looking at an artist, an album, or any piece of art for that matter, we often turn to the artists creative process. we wonder what was going through their mind, how did they write it, how did it all come together. last night we were able to watch Phish go through this process as they played their yet to be polished and yet to be released album. it was far from perfect, but we got to see them at their most vulnerable. we got to see them work through these songs before they are able to take on a life of their own. the set had two elements that are present in any great phish show; the songs were raw and nobody knew what was coming next.

i am glad that they decided to go this route and, for those of you that hated it, i am sure we will never see anything like this again!
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by gravitysrainbow

gravitysrainbow Somebody has to say it. "Last night was the best."
I can understand that folks who paid $600 a ticket to see their favorite Aerosmith or Genesis album might wake up this morning somewhat disappointed. But my hats off to them. If you came all the way to AC last nite to see your favorite Aerosmith or Genesis album, you have the right to be disappointed imo.
But for the rest of us, all I can say is WOW! What a treat.
Surely the first set was a little safe. With an entire new album's worth of material floating around in their collective mind and a most egregious breaking with tradition on the forefront of everyone else's mind, I can understand playing it safe. Nonetheless, Train was great. Camel Walk, executed perfectly. Stash and Gin were giving that good time AC treatment.
The second set imo was just fantastic. I predict the best studio effort since Billy Breathes. The material has the feeling of a concept album in the makings. The vocals are more Beatle-esque than effort. Initially, I am fixated on Monica, Wombat, and 555. The lyrics to Fuego are f-ing hilarious. Also, I never thought I'd hear Trey use the word "crucifixion" in a song. Now, I say hats off to the ones who deserve. Take your bow.
The third set was a molten free for all. With voices stripped and fingers numb, the boys literally willed the two long jams, Ghost and Carini, into existence. The real meat of the set lies in the conclusion. By then, finger feeling seemed to have returned. A better Bug and Antelope than usual.

Overall, and you heard it hear first, this has been hands down the best fall tour since 97. i could not be more ecstatic with their output and believe me i am stubborn long-time SOB phan. Hard to please. But very much pleased in this moment. Really the only one that matters. Peace.
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by HighClassWook

HighClassWook You all make me afraid to chase my dreams and become a musician.

I see everyone complain about them not playing enough new material. So, they play AN ENTIRE FUCKING ALBUM'S WORTH and you're still not happy. You are all impossible, man.

Set 2 was awesome. If nothing else, give Fuego and Wombat a listen.

Set 1 felt... different. I feel like they were more patient with the jams than usual. Give a listen to KDF, Free > Camel Walk, and Gin if nothing else.

I honestly really like set 3. A strong Ghost into a pretty nice Carini, into Hood (which I will NEVER have anything bad to say about), and a pretty great Antelope to end it off.

TL;DR You guys confuse the hell out of me.
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by wattznext

wattznext IMO this was an incredible Phish show, the likes of which I’ve never seen before and will likely never see again. I was initially bummed at the choice to perform a set of the band’s own new material rather than a cover album. It felt like a cop out. But at the end of the first set realized I go to shows for one main reason: to see something I’ve never seen before. Phish often delivers, but even the best shows are merely new combinations of different takes on familiar ideas. This was an entirely new event – a moment frozen in time. 10K people experiencing something brand new for the first and only time. And it was GOOD like HOOD.

Half the songs sounded like you were dropped into the middle of a sick type 2 jam that had been shaped and formed into a song like 8 hands on so much wet clay. The new Gordon/Murawski tunes were equally strong and vibrant, with the recognizable stamp of Mike’s quirk. The new Trey/Tom compositions were fun, energetic exercises in “dad-rock,” which I was happy to tolerate, for I recognized their value as anchors in a set adrift with new ideas.

And then that 3rd set! When was the last time we saw Phish dig deep into multiple jams in the third set of a holiday show? 10/31/98? Ghost and Carini both went 20 strong minutes and will surely be brought up in conversation as all-timers. Add in a sublime Hood and a fiery Antelope and this kid walked out of Boardwalk Hall at 1am exhausted and exalting, exactly as one should on one of the most hallowed nights of the year.
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by imphour20

imphour20 last nite is the reason we fell in love with phish to begin with - yea it would be easy to say it sucked, but come on - first set was a great first set - 14 new songs - like em or hate em - u only get one chance to listen to something for the first time, and we did it together as a phan base. no other band has or could get away with that - I couched it and I fing loved it - please no more neg reviews - I have been listening to phish since 91 they are the greatest live band ever!!!!!!!
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by JOgden

JOgden @ Gratefulphish123....

I think "objective" and "independent-minded" is the word you're gonna want to replace with "selfish". Sounds like you're the type of phan you believes very deeply in the apotheosis of Phish and you probably believe every show was the "best" show, or super-duper mind-blowing like so many others. All I'm saying is that it's ok to say "ya know, that wasn't a great show" or with respect to last night "it was kinda selfish for them to play their own album when 15,000 people gleefully forked over their time and money with the expectation of getting the coveted Halloween Phish experience: a great 3-set show with the band covering an album they feel strongly about for the 2nd set." Just this hackneyed narrative of "everything Phish does is revolutionary and brililant and incredibly orginal!" is obnoxiously overblown, to put it mildly. This is my favorite band, have been seeing them since '97, and I was delighted with Glens Falls and Worcester (especially Worcester). And these guys genuinely care about their fans and the community, which makes me love them even more. But contrary to what you and so many others on this site feel, it's okay sometimes to step away from mindlessly worshiping at the Altar of Phish, and - as the people who pay their salaries, offer some constructive criticism from time to time.
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by dpwilljr

dpwilljr My heart was racing with anticipation just before I entered Boardwalk Hall on 10/31. When I received the Phishbill, I thought it might be a gag.
Experience has told us that they're always full of surprises. Then I opened it, read everything at least twice and accepted that it was going to happen. I felt ambivalent about the whole thing as I'm sure many people did. I was, however, extremely excited because I realized every song was new. I couldn't believe I was about to hear them perform an album in it's entirety. The disappointment of not getting a cover album faded away because I knew that obsessing over it would interfere with my ability to get the most out of the experience.
Looking back on that night, I still can't believe I witnessed two things I hadn't before.
The first was Phish performing an entire album live and the second was finally witnessing acoustic performances.
When I saw Trey pick up an acoustic guitar, I completely freaked out I was so happy.
I think experience has taught me that you should be fortunate for what you get, not upset about what you didn't.
I felt very, very fortunate on 10/31/13.
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by zda1994

zda1994 This show was absolutely incredible from start to finish! It was my thirteenth show, and first review. It was hands down the best show I've ever been to and it was such an important show in Phish history, that I feel I should definitely leave a review for it.

Set 1: Classic first set with not too much to write home about. It was high-energy and a lot of fun, but nothing out of the ordinary....except Stash and Bathtub Gin! These versions were awesome, albeit a little short for a jammed out version, but still far better than most recent versions.

Set 2: I was a big fan of this set. Like many, I am still a little confused by it, namely the dancers and the setbreak video, but I think that it was a huge risk for the band to do and I am simply grateful that they did it and I was there to witness it. Unfortunately, I cannot really discern too many songs from one another, as most are slower songs. But they all seem to have jamming potential, even most songs will likely serve as breathers in the future. That's fine anyway, breathers are necessary and their slow songs are great, the only problem is when you keep getting the same slow songs at every show. The exception to this of course though was Wombat. Wombat was one of the single most fun songs I have ever heard Phish play. It was incredible

Set 3: The third set was phenomenal. Ghost opener was absolutely beautiful and the Carini was just kept going and giving. My friend next to me turned to me at least five times during the jam to ask what song it was. The Carini was without a doubt the highlight of the night, and everything after it was a fine exclamation point!

Highlights: Stash, Bathtub Gin, Wombat, Ghost > Carini
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Review by floydwilkey

floydwilkey JOgden- hate to call you out, but I looked at a few of your previous post and are you not the same guy that has been calling for mixing up the setlists? Does not get much fresher than a whole set of brand new tunes. And other than the novelty of it, do folks really enjoy Phish covering albums from 30 years ago? I mean, who listens to Phish play the White Album or Dark Side in 2013?
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Review by Mr_Draned

Mr_Draned I'm writing a review of this show through the rearview mirror.
Leading up to this night, I was pumped that there would be another amazing bust out cover album. Especially since this was my first Phish Halloween. I flew into Philly from Denver and met up with my good friends, both came from Denver as well but a day or two earlier. We hit the road from the airport, crushed ourselves in Reading, and then headed to AC.
Upon receiving the Wingsuit handbill, my first reaction was laughter. They band had finally pulled the biggest musical gag of their time; "covering" a future Phish album. To me, this was amazing. The show was a blast, and while some of the debuts needed some fine tuning, they were overall solid. Waiting All Night and Fuego stand out in my memory.
I also see this as yet another step the band has taken towards taking things where they want them to go, and not being so influenced by what they think the masses want to hear. Sure, they still play to what we love, but I think at this point in 3.0 they are also taking things into more uncharted territory with a high level of confidence and showmanship. Listed to some of summer '15 and I think you will agree.
The other huge thing to me about this show is that is was my last show with my good friend. He passed away less than a month after this night, and it was devastating and hard to think that he wouldn't be the big gentle giant with my crew and I when tour picked up again. Shit, typing this brings back so many fond memories of this night. Hitting the casino afterwards, partying into the night, and then me catching a train back to Philly in the wee hours of the morning.
The show was amazing, but the memories it left me with of my great friend are even more powerful.
Thank you Phish for keeping these memories present!
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Review by TheBlimpalot

TheBlimpalot @JOgden

I knew someone would play the irony card on my post. Congratulations on being the first to point out the obvious.

but I didn't say that every comment has to be superty-duper--
I did say that if the only way one can appreciate a phish show is by getting one's every wish fulfilled and every expectation met--which is what many pantywastes are saying: Oh--I didn't enjoy the show because it wasn't what I wanted and they should've done things my way.

The whole reason I got into phish was because they did things their way. They played what they wanted, how they wanted, when they wanted--and that's just fine by me. I may not get exactly what I want when I want it, but I certainly appreciate what I get and I get what I need. Phish always delivers--if one is gracious enough to accept it. Boymangodsh*t do they deliver.

Defend the whiners if you must--I just am tired of reading about how phish failed because self-ordained critics who hold unrealistic and ridiculous expectations poopoo about it when they're let down.

Phish debuted a bunch of new material and some pholks are complaining that they were there? That it wasn't a cover album? Really? punks
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Review by User_25940_

User_25940_ @Knox_Harrington

I'm so with you on this point. I just turned 40 and also have two kids, and what I heard was a band trying to grow up a little, one new song at a time. They definitely did not all work, but that's they played them for us. They asked us to help them write new songs by playing under-rehearsed and realized new tunes. To me, that was great honor and a great gift from them. Not a lot of people can say they saw the first Reba or DWD. And if they did, it probably didn't sound that great at the time...there songs are wines, they get better with age as they performed and explored. I'm shocked so many people are missing this point. And the poster that brought up seeing Zepplin 2 would be great, but a novelty...and probably not a highlight in your Phish-going lives. The energy last night was amazing, and I don't think Trey was apologizing, I think he was really humbled that we supported the whole thing, even if we weren't necessarily mind-blown. We all need some perspective here. I traveled 3000 miles for this and I am going home very grateful, even more of a fan than I was before.
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Review by Dapness

Dapness Just really want to echo what Knox_Harrington said. Spot on man. I am in the same situatuation with a famitly and I feel exactly the same way. I'm hearing a lot of negativity about last night. I admit that I probably would have been dissappointed too wanting to party it up on Halloween with the likes of something fun and familiar a la Huey Lewis - Sports but set 2 last night was something personal and intimate. Picking Halloween was fitting for the devoted fans of yesteryear and maybe tough on young newcomers. Any fans from the early 90's that didn't appreciate what happened last night probably need to step back a bit. Realize that Phish has changed of course. For the most part thay are family people now with children. Their lyrics are a direct reflection of everything going on in their lives. Either walk with them in this maturation or try something different. There will NEVER be another Junta or Lawnboy album beacuase that's not where they are right now. I'm glad I couch toured it last night but it would have been cool to see Mike on that upright right in front of me. The other sets were pretty standard as most have said. Now behold as these family men pick up their instruments and roundhouse kick the doubters back in line these next 2 nights. Grip it and rip boys!
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Review by 3point0raised

3point0raised Sorry that I wrote so much, but a lot happened in this show!

Couch touring from the other coast here. First things first, let’s take a look at Mike’s look. Good to see his Anthony-Bourdain steeze in full swing, but by the time his bell’s six seconds of fame have passed, he appeared to be wearing a bullet-proof vest. Anyways, on to the first set:

Things started up with heavy things, not my favorite but also not a bad thing. Page shows early promise here, which he will continue to throughout the first set. Next up is Moma, I was really down for Page throwing down some funky keys this early on, and Moma continued to build some energy. Unfortunately Trey couldn't seem to match Page this early on, and misses some key opportunities on this and KDF. It should be said though that, both Moma and KDF did have glimmers of that massive-energy consistent jamming that we all love. Speaking of this massive-energy jamming, can we appreciate how much of this has come through BOTT has been in the last few years? This version is no exception, but like many other BOTT’s, isn’t one for the history books. And then fuck yes Camel Walk. Always way too excited to hear this. Love the simple clean funk and the “strut your stuff” interplay. Trey finds more of his grove in “Free” using delay effects and spacing his notes out more, it works well with the rest of the band. I love Stash, and this was a good stash, but I don’t have much more to say about it. And just as I think the first set is over I hear the first notes of Gin. By now they’ve fit it into their type I jam formula perfectly, and the jam itself is pretty good. However, it briefly reflects some of Trey’s playing that I’ve found a little less enjoyable recently, which is sustaining a note for a really long time, after the rest of the band has played through their riff a few times. Overall, first set was good, Trey got his warmup, Page brought the heat, and Mike’s coat is off.

So lets see if Fishman can step it up from the last set. He usually just needs decent synchronicity from the band, and we all know they’ve been practicing this album for a long time. Indeed, Fishman kills it in Wingsuit, clearly overpracticed by the band. They’ve been putting hours of playing away. This song starts a long chain of new songs that all show potential in similar directions to previous songs, as well as entirely new directions. You guys really just have to listen to these songs to really understand the significance of them. After a nice power drill ending by mike, Fuego is up next. It also shows potential for exploration and excellence, and is nicely sectioned in a way reminiscent of YEM or Mike’s song, among many other classics. Fishman and Trey’s quotes make sense now. The new album appears to be more driven by what their fans have liked over the years and less of the jamless-single-backwards-down-the-number-line direction that Joy went in. Trey doesn’t seem able to think fast enough for his hands at certain points, limiting some of the jams. He has lots of success however, when he utilizes his awesome arsenal of effect pedals to do what he did in Free. The Line is nice. If they played the peak segment out of a tweezer people would lose their shit. Different that the sweet taste of a peaked jam though. Monica is next. Love mike’s vocal role in this song and his standup base of course. Nice to see the donut dress in it’s flowing entirety. In wombat, huge energy starts up with fishman rap? Some kind of fast speaking made boss by fish. At this point it seems like some songs have been foreshadowed by first set songs. Camel walk is similar to wombat, poor heart resembles some of the more folky new songs among more similarities I don’t remember. Love the initial jam sound that comes out of wombat. This song here has much potential in years to come believe me. 92-year old choreographed wombats aren't bad either.

Snow is a great melody sang by Mike; straying again from his electric bass. He shows the most potential for new instrument incorporations out of anyone else in the band so far on this new album. Hard to see nice jam segments coming out of snow one but I’ve been surprised a time or two by this band before.Don’t know if I feel positively about Devotion to a dream. Again I could be wrong in the long run. Mike continues his chain of impressive new roles in a very driving bassline in 555, a nicely placed loop by trey segues the song nicely into a space-organ segment. Trey proceeds to add in his two cents, making for what I consider the highlight of the night so far in a transition into winter queen. Sounded like improve to me. Very cool. Next is pearls of laughter, and my stream got caught up for a minute or so, but Page started very strong on the jam section of this song. Trey seemed more comfortable talking with his people before the start of you never know. Page seems to motion to start the song, and they end the set with a surprisingly personal account of some robbery through song. SO EXCITED about this new album. I see why Fishman is too. Lots of new exploratory directions in many new songs, all well executed. Mike is MVP on the new album! Fishman kicks ass too. The album is so well played too. This not only suggests copious practice but a well-formed ability to explore themselves as a band. I’m usually not one for phish album work but I can see myself keeping a CD of this in my car for years to come.

What can we expect in the next set? Third sets are always tricky. Ghost completely shattered any concern for lack of type II in the next set, solid type II. Very entertaining. Carini is up next? I’ve been loving the song selection since Moma. Jamming starts of well, even better than the ghost before it. Trey begins to fall into where has groove has been for the night, using loops and effects to supplement an on-point band. But suddenly, out of nowhere, he releases intensity greater than the peak of the most recent DwD on 10/29. He continues to graceful lull us to sleep with dream, well-coordinated loops. Skillfully, the rest of the band all contributes on the second massively successful spacey sequence of the night. The song selection gets even better with bird of a feather up next. It continues the streak of good jams, although not exploratory like the last two. Next is Hood. What I know to be the more universally loved song by the band starts of fantastically with Page’s talkbox sorcery, and Mike’s continued effective and varied use of his sounds. Hood continues to be patiently and effectively built up with the help of Trey. Similar patience to what we’ve seen out of recent traffic lights. All in all, beautiful hood. Bug is next. Well played. Minute jamz. Antelope slowly and skillfully creeps in. Well played antelope but hard to match what went down at the beginning of this set.

Encore starts with a heartfelt thanks from Page, and Mike continues the momentum he gained with a lovely Quinn. Three sets don’t leave much encore time, and the show ends there.

Summary for those with a short-attention span:
Set 1: Page kills, trey warms up effectively. Average/slightly above average for 3 stars.
Set 2: New album is the most musically mature album by far. Lots of new direction with potential for innovative and powerful jams. Can’t get 12 new songs placed in your lap every day, 5 stars.
Set 3: Ghost is great, Carini is glorious. Hood is great as well. Among the best 3.0 sets. 5 stars. All together, that averages out to 4 stars, but because of Mike’s bell contributions I’m giving it 5.
My ordering of the highlights:
1. Carini
2. 555>
3. Ghost
4. Wombat
5. Hood
6. Free
That’s right SIX highlights. Impossible to cut any of those out.
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Review by Fathership

Fathership Set one of the much anticipated 2013 Halloween run is calm, predictable, and generally forgettable. Poor Heart brings some heat, KDF rocks and rolls, and Stash is dark, but this isn't a set worth revisiting to me.

The costume set is what it is. I think their decision worked out better in the long term than in the short term, as some fans disappointment of not hearing their favorite album really hurt perception of the new material at first. The debut songs were all welcome and I particularly enjoy Wingsuit, Fuego, Waiting All Night, Wombat, Devotion To A Dream, and 555 quite a bit. Definitely looking forward to some nasty jams next tour.

The third set begins with a magical one-two punch, a hard hitting, lighting fast Ghost jam sets the stage for a gorgeous 20 minute Carini to follow. Best Ghost of the tour BY FAR, with a seriously high energy classic rock jam segment as its coda. The Carini is astoundlingly good, with a memorable, mesmerizing Slave-like jam that might just best Hampton's incredible lumpy head funkathon from earlier in the month.

An average Birds follows, but it was a good call that kept Atlantic City rocking. Page leads the way in a stunning mid-set Harry Hood. The set could have ended there and I would be content, but Bug and Antelope are icing on this delicious third set.

Overall a very unique show, and one worth checking out. Hear the Ghost > Carini at all costs.
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Review by Jballz

Jballz Thought it was pretty awesome that there were zero covers until the encore. We were all fooled, first someone handed us a Phishbill from last Halloween which was confusing, then when we saw Wingsuit we were like huh? Ha!

The dancers were so rad, and Abe is the man! It will be interesting to see how the new album unfolds, and I'm stoked to be a part of Phishtory. Think it would have been cool if they recorded it and released it as the new (live) album as-is. However would really like to see Halfway to the Moon on there too.
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Review by deceasedlavy

deceasedlavy As to the silly debate about whether or not you were ripped off if you were expecting another classic rock cover: Phish doesn't owe us anything other than to play their music as best they can. They've been failing at that for most of this tour, yes, but since most fans remember little about the past 30 years, it gets lauded as the best tour since blah blah blah, and then people bitch about a whole set's worth of brand new songs on Halloween? I don't get this fanbase any more.

Anyway, the first set sounds like four old men easing into a warm bath; safe, pleasant, not what anybody was wanting to witness. Solid old-school "Stash", though. Wingsuit is what you'd expect by now: the result of Trey surrounding himself with people who are afraid to tell him his songs are terrible. "No, that's another winner, Trey! Good job buddy!" It's like if Little River Band got back together with the intent to maximize the use of the whammy pedal. Seriously though, "Wingsuit" is kind of a cool "In The Flesh?" style classic rock tune, and "Fuego" and "555" certainly have some potential. "Waiting All Night" is kind of intriguing. Otherwise I hope to never, ever hear any of this AOR garbage at a Phish show. Please let Page write the songs from now on, obviously.

Third set is pretty dull other than "Carini"; it's not groundbreaking by any means but awesome chaotic Fish/Page leading eventually to an almost Slave-esque super-bliss surge and ebullient peak. Sad how "Ghost" gets you pumped with the nice tempo upshift and then just collapses. Rote "Birds", "Bug", "Hood" and "Antelope"; at least Trey has been mostly competent on guitar tonight, only significantly bungling "Poor Heart", "Free" (although I dig the continued dubby echo-wah trip Trey's been on! Way cooler than the whale.) and "Antelope". The copious platitudes from him and Page (Page all year, actually) are beginning to sound like a desperate self-fulfilling prophecy: no matter how poorly we play, y'all will keep being "accepting" and "open-minded", and we're SO grateful. It's cool; Phish being Phish is still better than most other live music no mattet what, but I can't shake Steve Tyler's voice from that Zeppelin Behind The Music: "Fans couldn't tell a good show from a bad one."
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Review by DownhillEdge

DownhillEdge I find it mighty ironic that fans of a band who, maybe more than any other(?) band, derive their motivation and creativity from their audience's response and energy, to call the 2nd set selfish or self-indulgent. Whine, whine, whine. "Oh, you didn't play someone else's 20+ year old music. Instead, you gave us a sneak peak into the band's future direction and the opportunity to influence the sound of a new album and what song's may be added to the band's repertoire." Really? So selfish...
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Review by bigflopmoptop

bigflopmoptop I can understand the disappointment dokee felt after last night, but I am not one of them. I absolutely loved it. set one is not something you'll listen to over and over, but each song was played perfectly, including the tightest mound I've ever witnessed. Dave's energy guide in an awesome stash, on top of the there times they referenced it on Tuesday, twice in disease and once in taste. bathtub was fun. the kinds set you dance your ass off to, not study and reflect.
loved set 2 . wingsuit was pretty then rocked. fuego was awesome - 2 separate and distinct jams that take you too castlevania and beyond. the line starts funky then morphs to ballad. Monica was cool acoustic pop. waiting was a beautiful spooky lullabye. wombat was funkier than daft punk - seriously fun and awesome abe vegoda. snow was pretty and trippy. dream was poppy with a kdf like jam. 555 was a mike demented Motown, awesome key changes and trippy vocal lines. winterqueen was pretty, poppy and ambient somehow.then, I agree, Terry thanks the crowd as a disguised apology, which was cute. pearls - acoustic, jethro trey, Jill came down with $2.50. you never knew was like something off of moss that trey then hijacks - loved that combo.
set three was some of the finest shit I have ever seen. ghost takes s left turn to an upbeat jam, and csrini went five different places, each being awesome. birds was fantastic, as was hood. never a big bug fan, and loved it anyway. Great anteope and quinn. carini was one of the best things I ever heard.
what a night
one last note , this was a celebration of phish. not one cover until the encore.
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Review by vegtabill

vegtabill @JOgden

I understand what you're saying perfectly. The Mrs. and I almost dug deep to go to this show... I am really glad we decided on Hampton3 instead. Personally, I would have been very disappointed to have spent all that time and money only to see a tradition broken. Someone else mentioned that there's a time and place for everything, and this was not the time for a new album... I couldn't agree more.

Anyway, you're not alone with your thoughts. I share your sentiments. It's not a popular opinion here, especially now... but you're not alone.
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Review by Wombat60045

Wombat60045 Phriends and Phans-

My apologies for the lack of verbiage and structure as I have bad ADHD and have a million other things to be doing during my work week, but I have to write something after reading the reviews from:

PisoMojado, Gratefulphish123 and JOgden... I would kill or die rather than ever doing a show in your section.. Are you guys full on BOZO's or what, seriously... Ive come along way regarding my temper, but if you 3 were in front of me I'd crack you all in the faces!! I hope I never see you guys, especially this year at The Garden!! It would probably make more sense if you guys found a new band to listen to...

I've been seeing Phish live since '93 and attended the '95 and '98 Halloween shows.

PisoMojado - Inferiority Complex/Apology?? Stop using "K" it rots your brain! Trey is probably the most humble and caring musician around. You really cares about US!! He's in recovery and is a wise individual. He said he could thank us enough for our level of acceptance.

Gratephish123 - Find a new band please.

JOgden - You're a chach! "Dissapointment due to implied expectations" -- If you continue to compare in life and have high expectations, you will never be happy with your music or anything else for that matter! Check yourself before you wreck yourself and please don't attend New Years!

All three of you should sell your tickets for tonight and tomorrow!!

Last night Phish threw "convention" to the wind... They took a big risk! I don't know any other bands that would have broke tradition like Phish did last night.

And think about this... It's a lot more challenging to create new material than copy another artist.

I'm really looking forward to the next 2 nights!!
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Review by white_lightning

white_lightning Random thoughts from a fan who wasn't there:

1. I actually had thought, multiple times, how they might do Gamehenge in its entirety. I actually think this might be even more interesting a choice, in some way.
2. OTH, if they have and were rehearsing new material, it might have been nice to get bits and pieces of it the entire fall tour rather than all at one show.
3. Does anyone else think it's possible they'll do a full cover set or a cover-heavy show either 11/1 or 11/2, a la 1998 Dark Side of the Moon?
4. Lastly, to those underwhelmed by Set I and III, does this really surprise you? Phish misses more often that not on high expectation shows (not saying high expectation shows are bad shows, just typically not epic shows).
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Review by JOgden

JOgden @ floydwilkey...

Yes, certainly have. And of course one silver-lining from last night is new songs. And the Fall 2013 tour has been better about mixing up the setlists than Summer 2013 which really settled into a tight rotation with few suprises. So you're absolutely right to call me out on that and I'm glad they are mixing things up more. But I certainly stand by my personal opinions that: 1) last night was a disappointment given the implied expectation; 2) many, not all, but many people on this site are incapable of doing an honest review of shows, assign some unwarranted level of brilliance to everything the band does, and just generally spends too much time worshiping at the Altar of Phish.
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Review by Jaybp30

Jaybp30 I want to start by saying I loved last night's show, but if you didn't read on, I will try and justify my opinion.

First set is an enjoyable rocking 1st set of Phish. Listen, 90% of the time you are not going to get huge type 2 jams first set. Just not how they are rolling right now. I would equate it to having fruit for dessert. It was good but would you have rather had a piece of cheese cake? Probably, but if you like fruit it still tasted good. If once in a while you get that piece of fruit that is perfect and excites your taste buds as much as cheese cake, (ex. Hartford Rock and Roll's type 2) lucky you. Basically I think people should rate 1st sets for what 1st sets are. Fun, rock and roll like Phish does it. If you don't like that, well, feel free to give it a bad rating. I won't argue your opinion, just don't compare it to a 2nd set, its not.

Set 3 was awesome. Ghost and Carini are both A jams. Best evers? Probably not, only 1 best ever can exist but both went really cool places and kept the momentum of this awesome tour. Hood was probably about average but its one of my favorite songs so I am biased and will always consider an average Hood great. High energy Antelopes are always fun. I would say nothing to complain about. CK5 had the full rig, new lights, back drop curtains with different capabilities. I think Antelope benefits from this as much as any song.

Encore was good. Quinn was fine but to be honest, since they didn't do a cover album I was hoping for an original (just not Show of Life). Up to that point the show was all originals and thought it would have been a cool twist on a night where covers were expected.

As far as set 2 went I think a few of those songs are going to become big time contenders over the next few years. The Wombat dancing w/ Abe Vigoda silliness was great (not to mention a very cool song). I would need to listen back to specifically comment on the others but I really liked most of them. Fishman on the stand up drum kit was cool (although not my favorite of the songs).

As far as them doing what they did I thought the 2nd set took balls and they pulled it off in spades. Are people who really wanted a cover album gonna be upset? Of course, and I don't think they are wrong to be so. It is what they hoped for. I am upset every show I go to that doesn't have a Harpua. That doesn't mean I don't like the show (which is a good thing since I've never seen one). Obviously its not an exact comparison since you don't go to a show expecting to see it but you get what I'm trying to say. I am kind of bummed that they didn't play a cover album but it didn't take away from what they did play. The band seemed genuinely thankful that they could do what they did and have the whole, or at least most of the crowd listen and dance and cheer with such intensity. This was definitely not a kick in the balls as some people are suggesting. They didn't do this because they don't care. They did it because they know we are in this together and if they do something like this, most will enjoy.

One other side thought I think is interesting is the fact that most albums they would pick would not be familiar to everyone at the show. Maybe part of their rationale was this way you didn't disappoint people that didn't know it (like my wife in 2010). Nobody knew it. We really were all in this together. Just a thought.
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Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads I'm reviewing this show by memory from the webcast, and I was simultaneously disappointed that there'd be no Eat a Peach costume and happy that we were getting a full album's worth of new songs, when the Phishbill was circulated. My fears proved to be baseless, as this second set was absolutely fabulous and really kicked me into gear to get ready for the next year or so of Phish. I instantly found a favorite in Fuego, and it would prove to produce several huge jamming versions in future. Reading the Phishbill and its description of the very group-oriented songwriting process, I was fascinated to hear these tunes debuted. I could go for more of them being jammed out--and for any return at all of Snow, Admist the Peals of Laughter, or You Never Know, the latter of which I am not alone in clamoring for--but the main point of this show for me was to prove that Phish was not a nostalgia act, and that their new material could be as strongly affecting as their old, given time and open minds.
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Review by johnnyd

johnnyd In the "Not a tease (...I guess) but sounds a lot like:" category -

The end of Ghost is based on a riff that sounds a lot like Misty Mountain Hop. e.g. - Page at 12:25, Trey at 14:20 (LP times).

A large part of Carini bears a striking similarity to an uptempo Slave jam. See my comments here:
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Review by Feel_The_Bern

Feel_The_Bern My two cents on this controversial Halloween outing (the second set in particular).

Not being at the show myself, I can only imagine all the fan's mixed feelings of excitement, confusion, and disappointment upon being handed their Phishbills. Phish would abandon their long-loved Halloween ritual of performing a "musical costume" and instead play songs from their upcoming album "Wingsuit." Sure, who doesn't love an entire art of debuts? But what about on Halloween? The most beloved and, yes, "hallowed" days on the Phish Calendar. Why not debut these tunes in the form of a casual, 5/16/95-like outing?

The answer, I believe it is Phish giving its fans an anticipation test. It is all a test of how predictable or unpredictable people think their live shows are. We all anticipated Eat a Peach or Zeppelin II for their second set, but instead we got a set of songs that had never publicly existed until that point. We were caught off-gaurd. Phish likes that.

But were we caught off-gaurd in a good way, or a bad way? Although, since this concert, phans have grown increasingly accepting of this show's mysterious ways, the answer to that question is only answered in the mind of each individual phan that was either at the show or has heard it at a later date. My own opinion? I love most of the songs that Phish debuted, most notably Wombat, Fuego, Wingsuit, 555, and Monica. I can't wait for the new album. I still feel a little bit of the mostly-lost disappointment that I felt when I heard the news, and I definitely hope to hear the band cover Eat a Peach or Zeppelin II in the future. But mostly, I am completely comfortable with the fact that I was caught off-guard. For me it was most certainly in a good way. Oh yeah, and then the PHiSH from Vermont came out with an incredible third set for all Phans to cherish, regardless of their opinions on the second.

Just my two cents. Happy 30, Phish! See everybody at MSG!
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Review by TheWiggler

TheWiggler Extremely interesting to listen to; it may be over thinking but I hear so many stylistic/structure burrowings and while it's all uniquely Phish, I wanna give my impressions/connections as I hear them; I know I’m out of order with my reviews but here goes:

Wingsuit- Sounds like the beginning to a Styx Rock Opera!

The Line- I am a Michigan State Alum/current student, and the missed free-throws for Mr. Washington weren’t against MSU, they (according to the Internet Machine) were against Louisville in a conference tournament. Topical writing? Bob Dylan style, thought I would get the story right if were entering into that foray.

Monica- The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion?!? Peppy

Waiting All Night- I hear the 2011 Waves Soundcheck Jam in the opening, and then in bits and pieces (along with some summer 2013/Tahoe Tweeze Taboot) throughout the song

Snow- Doesn't the guitar sound like Dave Crosby's in Guinivere? Love it anyway

555- who doesn’t want to hear a 555 jam?!?! It seems to intentionally link into the Cloud Jamming style that I labeled so many of the ‘Type 2’ excursions I heard in 2011 (and then again in 2012- see the Cuyahoga Golden-Ghost). Jam and a REPRISE!

Winterqueen- Reminded me starkly of the F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story ‘The Ice Palace’
You Never Know- All Things Reconsidered with lyrics? Very mature and reflective.

Overall- The Whale is used as a tool. The whole set flashed me back to the 2010 Raleigh show, perhaps the Whale’s most front and center moment. Say what you want, I enjoyed that show and the Trey’s usage in these songs; it wasn’t over the top, it was tasteful.
The Trey dialogue- He may be self-conscious, but that’s NOTHING NEW! The scenes from Bittersweet Hotel showcase this. While the pretense for his self-consciousness may (and most certainly are) different from that era, you’ve got to empathize with his/the band’s undertaking in this show. For them, it must have been exponentially more nerve-wracking then playing someone else’s material, Phish-Style.

What an effort from the guys. It’s above my likes and dislikes a la Sam G.

Final Note- Sparty has got Big Brother in the game later today; I know we have an inferiority complex to the Wolverines; they won a lot of games in the 1910’s and 40’s. Seriously though, while I’m all hate this early morning, I’d love to be able to spend twice as much as the MSU program for an average 1.2 extra wins per season over the last 15 years. My grapes are sour.
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by trippytom

trippytom I wasn't there, been catching up while working today, but before you start bitching about being let down by the "album from the future" in lieu of a "musical costume" ... go listen to the to Trey talk at the end of Wintergreen and Amidst the Pearls of Laughter.

I'd love to hear more about the back story on "You Never Know".

, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by Bathtubtea42

Bathtubtea42 Tonight there was a whole lot of bonus Phish. The spectacle of Halloween was upon up. With phish bills being handed out announcing wing suit as the costume of music future all the speculation ended and our expectations readjust.

The first set was the best for me. While there were no risks taken and no jams the energy in the building was immaculate. These songs were executed well: camel walk mound bathtub moma, the set flowed with energy and execution.

Wingsuit... I am one of those fans that is interested in new material and there were some fun songs here. Wingsuit wombat 585 fuego devotion to a dream. All of these singe were executed well and have immediate lasting potential. Everything else was a bit of a let down. The acoustic set ups that sucked the energetic out of the room were a buzz kill for me. The set started to drag and what I have to say was the real let down was how the music they played tonight sounds nothing like the band sounds today. The jams they are playing now are up tempo rock/funk with interesting breaks. The new album didn't reflect the music I have been hearing from the last couple years. Lastly where was steam?

Third set was fun. The energy was a bit wonky and page even apologized for "slowing down a bit". But the ghost>Cabrini was easily the music gold of the evening. The rest of the set not much to write home about. Fun phish. I did like the set list as a whole.

The encore featured the only cover for the night. Quinn the Eskimo and then we have Friday.
, attached to 2013-10-31

Review by JOgden

JOgden I'm always a little wary of commenting on this site because it's filled to the brim with the least objective/open-minded, nobody-can-say-anything-even-slightly-bad-about-Phish-shows people out there, but I can't help myself this time. Personally, I feel bad for the people that were there last night. I was supposed to go, but a buddy pulled the plug at the last minute. And while I flirted with going down by myself to see the Halloween show that has eluded me for so many years, I found myself all the happier watching The Daily Show on my couch and following the lackluster setlist on my iPhone. I know the band is going to play what they want to play - and that's how it should be, but I feel a little suckerpunched by last night. Maybe they never explicitly promised to cover an album, but that's what people expected and wanted and for them to pull this stunt in the name of doing something "different" or "from the future" is a f-you to the fans. Play this album tomorrow night, great! But I hope people reading this, who have a smidgen of objectivity left can understand what I'm saying. This show was really a let down and, in my humble opinion, pretty selfish.
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