Jam Chart for the 29th of the Month (198 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1987-04-29 Makisupa Burlington, VT 7:25 This version features a short jam with nice interplay between Page on the organ and Trey starting after 2:30; it's lilting and pretty. Then it sort of plods along for a few minutes, but a nice second jam emerges at about 5:30. Good -> "Antelope," too.
1987-04-29 Timber Ho Burlington, VT 7:15 Debut. First version includes a four minute jam before the final verse with that familiar dark vibe to it.
1987-04-29 McGrupp Burlington, VT 7:30 Another early version with a jam following the lyrics and composed sections. This one is quite rocking and has a great vibe to it.
1987-08-29 Sneakin' Sally South Burlington, VT 7:21 Great, rocking version with an extended vocal jam that includes crazy, animal-like screaming.
1987-08-29 Makisupa South Burlington, VT 11:26 Long, playful jam. The highlight is an absolutely gorgeous solo by Trey around 7:20-9:40.
1987-08-29 Curtain With South Burlington, VT 12:02 Fish and Mike are noticeably strong in The Curtain section, despite some minor precision issues from Trey and Page. After the anthemic repeat which would evolve into "Rift," this With jam really takes off into some stunning and inspired playing by Trey, strengthened by colorful and delicate Page counterpoint. Trey's spirited melodies from about 10:25 - 11:00 sound remarkably similar to the as yet unhatched jam in "Mockingbird." The cathartic settle seems the perfect ending.
1987-08-29 McGrupp South Burlington, VT 8:30 Nice rocking vibe to the jam, with Page and Trey sort of trading licks at moments. The jam keeps on rocking, with no return to the "McGrupp" closing, and neatly -> to "Possum."
1987-08-29 Timber Ho South Burlington, VT 9:36 Strong early version. Some serious Trey raging on this one.
1987-08-29 Mike's South Burlington, VT 9:04 The jam has a great swinging, rocking vibe to it at first, and is very unlike the typical modern "Mike's" jam. Fish is noticeably strong as the energy of the jam builds. First time that "Hydrogen" follows "Mike's."
1987-08-29 Bowie South Burlington, VT 16:20 Leaves the standard fare at about 7:20, then meanders back. At 10:00, the jam makes a clean break for good. Some early space jamming, followed by an excellent blues jam at 13:15 that sounds like George Thorogood's "Bad To The Bone." Unfinished with -> to "JJLC."
1988-10-29 Foam Plainfield, VT 4:27 Debut. First version contains only the composed and lyrical sections with no jam component.
1992-04-29 It's Ice Minneapolis, MN 8:39 Another good organ rocker with great Mike.
1992-08-29 Maze Mountain View, CA 8:02 Great, rapid-fire playing by Page is followed a shortish but demonstrative display of Trey's machine gun-like guitar skills.
1992-12-29 Tweezer New Haven, CT 13:30 A little vocal jamming in opening section. Rhapsody in Blue and Donna Lee teases; brief PYITE tease. There is also arguably "Who Knows" teasing for several measures in this version (it's not quite "Who Knows" but it's close and it lasts for several measures.)
1992-12-29 Mike's New Haven, CT 8:49 The first "Mike's" since '88 to have something other than "Hydrogen" follow. The 1st jam gets way out there into serious improv, including twisted "On Broadway" teasing. The short 2nd jam is rhythmic and has "Blue Bayou" teasing and a drum outro. After a brief stop, the band decides to play "Blue Bayou," which began a trend of inserting songs other than "Hydrogen" between "Mike's" and "Weekapaug."
1993-04-29 Antelope Montréal, Québec, Canada 12:41 Rocking version includes a brief jam on Pink Floyd's "Money" (4:45 - 5:20) followed by fantastic, very exploratatory jamming. Intense conclusion to the jam with Trey just shredding away.
1993-04-29 Mike's Montréal, Québec, Canada 9:20 The strong 1st jam includes jamming that hints at "Crossroads," before breaking into a repetitive, grundge-like Mike and Fish-led groove. The 2nd jam sounds very much like an early stab at what would evolve into "Simple" the following year, played atop a similar groove to the 1st jam, and then ends in a ripping and intense manner.
1993-04-29 Weekapaug Montréal, Québec, Canada 4:14 Excellent jam with Theme From Bonanza and "NICU" teases, as well as strong and unusual melodic content -> to the first "Makisupa" in 320 shows (last seen on 11/26/90) before -> back to "Weekapaug."
1993-04-29 Makisupa Montréal, Québec, Canada 2:47 -> in from "Weekapaug." "Makisupa" makes its first appearance in 320 shows (last seen on 11/26/90), amidst a strong "Weekapaug." -> back to "Weekapaug."
1993-04-29 Weekapaug Montréal, Québec, Canada 5:36 -> in from the first "Makisupa" in 320 shows. This section includes great "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" ("CYHMK") teases, exploratory jamming and a shredding peak. All in all, another great '93 "Weekapaug."
1993-07-29 Possum Knoxville, TN 10:26 Very cool beginning to the jam, and Trey is tuly superb throughout, embracing a variety of styles and tecniques.
1993-12-29 Antelope New Haven, CT 12:19 Strong '93 version that has a very unsual quiet section from 6:35 - 8:35 before returning to "Antelope."
1994-04-29 YEM Clearwater, FL 18:12 Crazy, very strange version. (No B&D or VJ.) Nice segue into "FEFY."
1994-04-29 FEFY Clearwater, FL 6:30 Though not perfect, Trey gets paid by the note in this one, including during its mighty peak and conclusion.
1994-04-29 SOAMelt Clearwater, FL 10:24 Excellent variation in the playing, including a nice quiet section, dissonance, pounding, and an amusing section with the band members all yelling "Yee Haw!!" No real ending but instead a > to "Sanity."
1994-04-29 Fee Clearwater, FL 5:45 All band members play a flurry of notes several times before the > to "Uncle Pen."
1994-04-29 Mike's Clearwater, FL 10:20 A typically fiery, intense '94 1st jam breaks into great rhythmic, medium intensity playing, which mellows into some super melodic Trey-led jamming with hints of "MLB." Collapsing to drums, the jamming returns to "Mike's" proper to conclude.
1994-05-29 Bowie Monterey, CA 12:59 Great version with serious improvisation. A very exciting jam that is well orchestrated.
1994-05-29 SOAMelt Monterey, CA 14:56 Classify this one in the extreme "Anarchy" jamming category. Jam includes Trey chanting, Fish yelling, a largely dark vibe, slow pulsing power rocking, rhythmic-driven jamming, more screaming, etc.
1994-05-29 Esther Monterey, CA 9:01 Terrific Page. Outstanding Trey (whose solo departs from that sound characteristically "emotive" to become something more "musical"). Fish is the surpirse, here, though. Rim shots, extra floursihes and fills really work to bring this version to a fun and fiery close.
1994-05-29 Antelope Monterey, CA 11:14 Chaotic, frenzied, and blistering jam. Insane buildup to the peak with excellent screaming by Fish.
1994-05-29 Jam Monterey, CA 0:56 The "Guitar Man Taking A Leak" jam with Page, Fish and Mike starts the 2nd Encore, while Trey was in the bathroom.
1994-06-29 Reba Raleigh, NC 15:27 Incredible play from Trey in the composed section, accented by awesome Fish. Precision syncopation yields to a Mike-driven jam, with Page providing great fills as the band explores a number of distinct musical passages. Trey completely distorts his tone to lead an atypical and "growly" jam, which again finds the band pushing boundaries and toying with all sorts of rhythmic shifts and sonic experimentation.
1994-06-29 Bowie Raleigh, NC 0:10 "Bowie" -> "Catapult" -> "Bowie" in intro. Good solid summer '94 version, released on Live Bait 4.
1994-06-29 Catapult Raleigh, NC 0:40 -> in from "DB." Spooky version of "Catapult" is played over the "DB" high hat intro beat. -> back to "DB."
1994-06-29 Bowie Raleigh, NC 12:14 -> in from "Catapult." The early part of the jam is melodic and upbeat, but it gets typically nasty and tension-filled as it progresses.
1994-10-29 My Friend Spartanburg, SC 7:24 Evil outro jam and vocals.
1994-10-29 Runaway Jim Spartanburg, SC 9:11 -> in from "Simple." Excellent Fish and Trey on this improvisational version.
1994-10-29 Foam Spartanburg, SC 9:50 Another very strong Fall '94 version, infused with rhythmic and other stylistic variation.
1994-10-29 SOAMelt Spartanburg, SC 9:49 Excellent, thrashing, wild and unfinished version kicks off a great, unsusual segue-fest. -> "Buffalo Bill" -> "Makisupa" -> "Rift."
1994-10-29 Buffalo Bill Spartanburg, SC 3:04 A spry, playful jam is tagged onto the end, which sounds like it's going to speed up for a second. Instead, it pivots (->) neatly into a super "Makisupa."
1994-10-29 Makisupa Spartanburg, SC 6:31 -> in from "Buffalo Bill." After 3:00, this "Makisupa" breaks into some great '94-style jamming, spacey at first, then hard rocking with a great -> to "Rift."
1994-10-29 DwD Spartanburg, SC 10:33 Not way out there, but moments of crashing, noisy rocking beyond the standard, then some great '94 space following the final lyrics before a -> to "TMWSIY."
1994-10-29 Sparks Spartanburg, SC 4:20 -> in from "TMWSIY." Classic '94 space follows "TMWSIY" and very gradually and miraculously -> into the Who classic.
1994-10-29 YEM Spartanburg, SC 19:30 Short but very, very sweet!
1994-10-29 Antelope Spartanburg, SC 7:50 "Antelope" -> "Sleeping Monkey" > "Antelope." Fantastic improvisational playing with all the good '94 stuff combined with a seamless segue, then a return to "Antelope" for more exploratory jamming. Great version and song pairing.
1994-10-29 Sleeping Monkey Spartanburg, SC 5:30 -> in from "RLAA." Awesome song combination and humorous relief in the midst of an ass-kicking and exploratory "Antelope." > back to "RLAA."
1994-10-29 Antelope Spartanburg, SC 5:22 > in from "Sleeping Monkey" and this "Antelope" provides more exploratory jamming before winding down in good fashion.
1994-10-29 Hood Spartanburg, SC 14:04 One quality of many great '94 "Hoods" is their balance of grace and power. As the encore from a fantastic show, this "Hood" begins with some quiet and delicate playing, which pairs nicely with the raw energy and intensity of the finish.
1994-12-29 Runaway Jim Providence, RI 9:11 Excellent improvisational "Jim" which includes a "Dueling Banjos" tease from Trey and must-hear -> to "Foam."
1994-12-29 Foam Providence, RI 9:25 -> in from "Runaway Jim." Fantastic segue for this great pairing. A typically strong '94 version with a dramatic build-up.
1994-12-29 SOAMelt Providence, RI 10:53 Although neither chaotic nor very dissonant, this one qualifies for the extreme and atypical category - odd but improvisational.
1994-12-29 Possum Providence, RI 11:37 "Dueling Banjos" and "L.A. Woman" teases. The latter half of the jam is dark and brooding with a uniquely Fall '94 tone that has moments that sound similar to a "Bowie" or "Tweezer." Ends in solid, ripping "Possum" fashion.
1994-12-29 Digital Delay Loop Jam Providence, RI 3:15 Even for a "DDL" Jam, this one is unusual, with an added psychological edge to it. Appropriate warm up section which -> to a mind-blowing, classic and MUST-HEAR "Bowie."
1994-12-29 Bowie Providence, RI 31:17 The Legendary Providence "Bowie." Between the "DDL" jam in the intro, whistling, "Lassie" chatter, and creepy whispering, this one is more psychologically jarring than 11/26/94.
1995-06-29 SOAMelt Wantagh, NY 11:56 Seemingly played at a slower tempo, this is a creepy and spacey version with nice tension. A psychological face melter.
1995-06-29 Bowie Wantagh, NY 27:35 Extremely improvisational. Pretty much leaves "Bowie" in the dust following the composed section, only returning at the very end. A+ for exploration.
1995-06-29 YEM Wantagh, NY 24:20 AMAZING B&D SEGMENT!
1995-10-29 SOAMelt Louisville, KY 12:03 Jam immediately breaks into a propulsive groove. Low key at first, the tension builds as it gets beyond "SOAM." Intense.
1995-10-29 It's Ice Louisville, KY 4:47 "It's Ice" -> to "Kung," which is played in its entirety during the jam segment.
1995-10-29 Kung Louisville, KY 2:45 -> in from "It's Ice." Following "Kung," -> back to "Ice."
1995-10-29 It's Ice Louisville, KY 1:42 -> in from "Kung" to complete this version of "Ice."
1995-11-29 Reba Nashville, TN 15:27 Almost two months removed from Shoreline's speedy "Reba," the band again takes flight, whipping through the composed section at warp speed. The ensuing jam, while metered, does not relent, with passionate, inspired Trey leading the way, while focused, full-band play is infused with great syncopation and rich melodic variation.
1995-11-29 Timber Ho Nashville, TN 8:31 Set II opener. Unusual intro. Intense with ferocious percussion. Page jumps to the B-3 briefly to provide an unusual and chilling effect. Multiple movements in this incredible, jarring jam that will rattle your skull. > to "Sparkle."
1995-11-29 Possum Nashville, TN 17:20 Extended, percussive intro, almost like a "Bowie." Soaring, multiple peak jam with awesome Trey and Fish.
1995-11-29 Taste That Surrounds Nashville, TN 7:58 With Bela Fleck on banjo. This is a fantastic version; the banjo is a perfect addition for an intense, rhythmically complex, song like "Taste."
1995-11-29 Slave Nashville, TN 11:22 Bela Fleck on banjo. This is a fantastic version, with Bela and Trey pairing together incredibly well.
1995-12-29 Stash Worcester, MA 17:58 Very improvisational considering this version largely stays in bounds. Like many versions from '95, the band stretches the duration, creating a psychological thriller, but the music is less exploratory than '93 - '94. Not a good trend for "Stash."
1995-12-29 Fluffhead Worcester, MA 14:26 Fish is the superhero in this exceptional version. A great Fluff's Travels gets the ball rolling, while safe passage through the Siren-like perils of The Chase leads to a great Who Do? We Do! It's during this section that Fish really cranks up the intensity of his highly precise rhythmic base. From the swift, complimentary snare drums in Bundle of Joy, to the cannon-like power drumming in Arrival, this is a great example of the drummer's talent and importance in holding this complex composition together.
1995-12-29 Gin Worcester, MA 11:06 "Gin" -> "The Real Me" -> "Gin." Fantastic, inspired and rocking version. The "Gin" sections that bookend the Who classic are improvisational fare, but all fit together seamlessly into one flowing jam. -> to "McGrupp."
1995-12-29 The Real Me Worcester, MA 9:08 -> in from "Bathtub Gin." Following their 1995 Halloween costume, the band surprisingly revisits this Who classic in the middle of a fantastic, rocking and "Type II" Gin. "The Real Me" includes more exploratory jamming than its debut 3 months prior. -> back to "Gin."
1995-12-29 Gin Worcester, MA 3:46 -> in from "The Real Me" with more great improvisation before returning to the "Gin" theme to conclude and -> to "McGrupp."
1995-12-29 McGrupp Worcester, MA 9:04 -> in from the historic "Real Gin." "McGrupp" features an airy opening, replete with Trey's signature '95-style, Leslie-infused shimmering tone. Wonderful playing throughout. Page breaks for a dark calm, marked not so much by eeriness, but a general psychedelia, enhanced by an exotic, Eastern sentiment, combined with nice restraint by Trey. Great fills from Fish lead to a powerful conclusion.
1995-12-29 Jam Worcester, MA 8:45 > in from "BBFCFM." An excellent bass duet jam with Mike and his instructor, Jim Stinnett. The duet includes teases of "Keep It Greasy" and Bach's "6th Brandenburg Concerto" (aka the "Masterpiece Theater Theme"), and -> to "La Grange."
1996-10-29 Mike's Tallahassee, FL 18:39 With Karl Perazzo on percussion. The 2nd jam lives up to its accolades, but honestly, the 1st jam, even with Perazzo's strong presence is a bit plodding. But that 2nd jam, wow! It's literally a synthesis of Phish styles past, present and future. Combining '95-style arena rock with '96 percussion/keyboards and '97 funk, the building hose-filled jam including "MLB"-like moments is 100% Grade A Phish.
1996-10-29 Wedge Tallahassee, FL 4:59 Guest percussionist Karl Perazzo lends added pop to this powerful pre-"Remain in Light" version.
1996-11-29 Maze Daly City, CA 12:26 There is a really powerful psychedelic aspect to these '96 versions, and this one is a fine example.
1996-11-29 Simple Daly City, CA 13:38 No mini percussion kit here. Instead, Trey hits on a theme that the band jumps on and rocks. Wonderful version, remarkably different from most. -> to "Sparks."
1996-11-29 YEM Daly City, CA 27:38 Long jam segment; Trey broke a string.
1996-12-29 YEM Philadelphia, PA 17:03 "YEM" -> to "Rotation Jam," an instrument-switching jam.
1996-12-29 Rotation Jam Philadelphia, PA 4:54 -> in from "YEM." This instrument-switching jam is performed during the "YEM" jam and > to "Sixteen Candles" with Mike on piano.
1996-12-29 Sixteen Candles Philadelphia, PA 2:03 > in from "Rotation Jam." Mike sings and performs this 1950s pop hit solo on piano. > to the "YEM" vocal jam.
1996-12-29 YEM Philadelphia, PA 3:28 > in from "Sixteen Candles" for the "YEM" vocal jam.
1997-07-29 Gumbo Phoenix, AZ 13:30 The first jammed out "Gumbo" features a funky jam with Trey laying it down on his wah pedal. The jam begins to get spacey while Trey starts high pitched noodling out of a which a 4 chord descending pattern (not MLB) develops, with some beautiful work by Page (which sadly doesn't last long).
1997-07-29 Ghost Phoenix, AZ 15:01 Mellow "C&P"-like groove into Monster Funk ending in Went "Gin"-like jam. [A typically funky '97 version releases and then breaks into an excellent upbeat and hose-filled groove.]
1997-07-29 Loving Cup Phoenix, AZ 7:33 Another rager to close the first set.
1997-07-29 Antelope Phoenix, AZ 20:31 Awesome, extended, and uniquely remarkable version that departs into a low-key, melodic and exploratory groove that has moments of really beautiful, major mode jamming before working back into nasty old "Antelope."
1997-07-29 Twist Phoenix, AZ 18:27 Exploratory version with some variations on the "Twist" theme through 9:10, when the jam breaks away. After some brief engine grinding, a dark, dissonant section emerges, before eventually brightening and -> to "Taste."
1997-07-29 Taste Phoenix, AZ 11:04 -> in from "Twist." Pretty intense section towards the end of Trey's solo where the whole band is just hammering away. Great Mike on this one.
1997-11-29 Wedge Worcester, MA 6:32 Slow and deliberate show-opener, featuring that signature Fall 1997 sound. Cool keys give way to soaring Trey. Fish drives great syncopation and full-band play. Great dynamics, as the sound is textured and nuanced, producing subtle and musical shifts in intensity.
1997-11-29 Foam Worcester, MA 11:45 No free-form improvisation like a big "Ghost" or "Tweezer," but within a self-imposed, rigorous construct, there is a hell of a lot of musical creativity going on in this characteristically '97-style stretched-out version.
1997-11-29 Runaway Jim Worcester, MA 58:49 Longest single Phish jam to date. Contains many different sections, and has been nicknamed the "Jim Symphony." Contains a thrilling "Weekapaug" jam.
1997-12-29 Theme New York, NY 12:31 Blistering, high octane version with nice concluding transition space and a > to "Fluffhead."
1997-12-29 Antelope New York, NY 15:55 Straightforward but well played jam, followed by some downright filthy funk jamming in the "Rocco" section.
1997-12-29 DwD New York, NY 22:00 Fearsome but exploratory jam. Moments of quiet settle are repeatedly upended by intense funk rocking. This legitimate monster "Disease" finally gives up a little belligerence only to -> into a very strong "David Bowie."
1997-12-29 Bowie New York, NY 19:49 Excellent and thrilling version with strong musicianship. Mode shift out of typical (but very well played) "Bowie" at 13:55 into a great groove which peaks and returns to "Bowie" by 17:00.
1997-12-29 Possum New York, NY 2:38 > in from a strong "Bowie". Fun version with two "I Can't Turn You Loose" jams, one at the onset of the jam and the other appearing after the last chorus.
1997-12-29 I Can't Turn You Loose New York, NY 0:50 -> from "Possum". The first "I Can't Turn You Loose" section pops up early in "Possum's" jam and then > back to "Possum".
1997-12-29 Possum New York, NY 5:39 The main "Possum" jamming occurs here and includes extended Page lead sections on organ and piano, before Trey gets his licks in later on.
1997-12-29 I Can't Turn You Loose New York, NY 0:30 Another round of "I Can't Turn You Loose" puts a cap on a solid "Possum".
1997-12-29 Tube New York, NY 10:50 Absolutely locked-in version with seamless interplay, breakdown solos by Trey, Page, and Mike, and "I Feel the Earth Move" teasing. One of the greats.
1998-07-29 Gin Maryland Heights, MO 23:15 Superb, legendary "Gin." An inspired, melodic "Type I" jam mutates into a thrilling, pulsing, tension-filled electro-rock groove. Many fans rank this "Gin" at, or very near the very top of all Phish jams of all time. Enough said.
1998-07-29 Buried Alive Maryland Heights, MO 13:56 Unlikely jam vehicle opens Set II. The jam breaks beyond the standard into swirling and rocking playing, before settling into ambient space with periodic "Buried Alive" licks.
1998-07-29 Tube Maryland Heights, MO 10:00 Excellent jam combining funk and ambience, making this version a good representation of the band's sound at this time. > to "Kung".
1998-10-29 McGrupp Los Angeles, CA 11:45 Super, subtle, and very '98. Page drives a quiet jam featuring great Fish, and colored by Mike and Trey.
1998-10-29 Reba Los Angeles, CA 20:41 1998 is an awesome year for "Reba," and this HUGE L.A. version is a principal reason why. After breezing along in typical fashion, Trey summons a series of chords, and the jam enters a darker, more ambient space. This morphs into an awesome, deconstructed segment that would be at home in the "Tower Jam," before slickly seguing into "Walk Away."
1998-10-29 Walk Away Los Angeles, CA 6:29 -> in from a massive "Reba." Nice version with an extended and rocking outro jam which neatly -> to "Simple."
1998-11-29 Theme Worcester, MA 11:00 Very fine soloing by Trey and great interplay with Page on this solid, straightforward version.
1998-11-29 LxL Worcester, MA 10:52 Fierce version that ends with a very cool jam and masterful segue into "Catapult."
1998-11-29 Simple Worcester, MA 20:40 The jam swiftly breaks from the melodic and blissful standard to a high-power and dissonant one.
1998-11-29 Possum Worcester, MA 3:36 "Possum" -> "Wipeout" -> "Possum." 30 second "Wipeout" jam occurs at the beginning of the "Possum" jam.
1998-11-29 Wipe Out Worcester, MA 0:30 -> in from "Possum." 30 second "Wipeout" jam occurs at the beginning of the "Possum" jam. -> back to "Possum."
1998-11-29 Possum Worcester, MA 4:10 -> in from "Wipeout" to return to the standard "Possum" jam.
1998-11-29 Gin Worcester, MA 18:25 A soaring, straightforward jam evolves into beautiful ambient space before before building into a rocking and funky groove.
1998-11-29 YEM Worcester, MA 23:54 FUNKASAURUS! (No B&D.)
1998-12-29 SOAMelt New York, NY 11:02 Page is the star, jumping around to various keyboards in this "Type I" but interesting and different space funk "SOAM."
1998-12-29 Free New York, NY 9:53 Trey out in front instead of Mike. Swirling metallic jam that sounds more '99 or '00 than '98. > to "Limb By Limb."
1998-12-29 LxL New York, NY 9:52 Page in particular shines brightly (but also Trey) in this strong, full-powered version. Segues to a stellar "2001."
1998-12-29 2001 New York, NY 17:24 Possibly the best intro ever. This version has it all. Aliens, tractor beams, Trey flamethrowing, "C&P" teasing, Liquid Nitrogen Mike in the second jam. It all combines for 17 minutes of "2001" magic.
1998-12-29 YEM New York, NY 23:39 Dynamic, captivating version from start to finish. (No B&D.)
1999-09-29 2001 Memphis, TN 21:33 Alice in Wonderland on DMT. This is "2001: A Space Odyssey". The first jam will send you to another galaxy, while the second jam will blow your brains out. An all time great.
2000-06-29 LxL Holmdel, NJ 12:35 Very solid with excellent playing by Trey. The intensity modulates up and down in the jam, with two enormous peaks.
2000-06-29 Drowned Holmdel, NJ 18:25 Great version with an upbeat, pulsing jam that morphs into a celebratory, "Gin"-on-steroids-like section that segues seamlessly into "Rock And Roll."
2000-06-29 BOAF Holmdel, NJ 13:40 "A Love Supreme" tease. Around 7:50, the jam migrates away from "Birds" into a deep and somewhat dark groove-based jam. Unfinished with solid -> to "Catapult."
2000-06-29 Sand Holmdel, NJ 16:58 Dark jam with Trey on the keyboard for a good portion and effects/loops throughout.
2000-09-29 Gin Las Vegas, NV 16:57 The standard jam gives way at about 9:30 to a great Mike-led, bouncy groove that grows increasingly rocking and intense.
2000-09-29 Moma Las Vegas, NV 9:40 The last big "Moma" of 2000, played in the same powerful style as 7/6 and 9/23. Strong, rocking version.
2003-07-29 Jibboo Burgettstown, PA 11:36 Despite "Gotta Jibboo's" rarity in 2.0, it remained a consistently strong offering when appearing in shows. This version always feels like it's about to peak, but the band continues to push the jam forward and deeper at each turn, offering variety to create a more complex "Jibboo" than meets the ear.
2003-07-29 SOAMule Burgettstown, PA 10:12 "Wouldn't It Be Lovely" jam by Trey and others in response to Page's solo.
2003-07-29 Fee Burgettstown, PA 7:51 "Maze" tease in a jam that sticks close to the normal outro with an added repeating riff from Trey. Page also contributes on the synthesizer before the -> into "Timber."
2003-07-29 Timber Ho Burgettstown, PA 7:45 Great segue -> in from "Fee." This is one angry mule! Packs all the rage of the earliest versions. At 5:25, almost breaks free from "Timber" proper, but shortly returns to the fold.
2003-07-29 McGrupp Burgettstown, PA 9:05 In the only version from 2.0, the others join in with Page for more of a rocking jam, with great Mike and Fish. There is also a sense of back and forth between Page and the others, giving the jam energy and a playful aspect as it builds to a solid conclusion.
2003-07-29 C&P Burgettstown, PA 25:50 This version is long and explorative, but it keeps rocking all the way to the 20 minute mark, after which it gets spacey. It's a very percussive jam. Even when it hits a spacier segment, the jam still moves with focus and direction. GREAT VERSION!
2003-11-29 Julius Philadelphia, PA 10:11 Has some really cool riffs from Trey throughout that are unusual, as well as some nice low intensity playing.
2003-11-29 Twist Philadelphia, PA 17:17 Excellent jam which breaks from "Twist" around 7:30 into some good major mode action, then grows a bit spacey and dissonant before morphing into a really nice rocking groove. Towards the end, it gets angry and dissonant and -> to "Simple."
2003-12-29 Piper Miami, FL 15:08 A quality jam develops, then the band returns to the refrain to close, adding on an "old" coda of sorts.
2003-12-29 LxL Miami, FL 9:40 Multiple peaks and a high powered crescendo ending to this sold version.
2003-12-29 Boogie On Miami, FL 7:04 -> in from "Twist." Short, but definitely gets beyond "Boogie On" into a nice groove before -> to "Ghost."
2003-12-29 Free Miami, FL 11:36 -> in from "Ghost." Jam starts in customary manner, but then features an excellent bass and guitar duet/jam.
2003-12-29 Divided Miami, FL 17:43 A moving version with some great, quieter moments before cycling up for a big conclusion.
2009-12-29 Tweezer Miami, FL 16:35 "Manteca"-like jam into space.
2010-06-29 Weekapaug Canandaigua, NY 9:16 Seems like a short, standard version until 5:00, when the jam breaks into a rhythmic, low-key groove which gets nicely away from typical fare, builds intensity, and > unfinished to "LxL."
2010-10-29 Cities Atlantic City, NJ 8:49 All four team up in the well-played, extended jam that gets somewhat spacey at the very end.
2010-10-29 Sand Atlantic City, NJ 13:11 > out of "Punch You in the Eye." Another strong version with a dynamic groove and tension-filled playing from Trey. Also includes an upbeat, "type 2" outro jam that seems to hint at "Cool it Down" and a -> into "Carini."
2010-10-29 Fluffhead Atlantic City, NJ 15:44 Despite more frequent rotation from 2009 - 2012, this song continues to challenge the band from a precision perspective. In this strong modern version, Fluff's Travels and The Chase are largely free of mistakes, but then the band hits a few bumps in Who Do? We Do! Clod is solid, with call and response action between Page and Trey, followed by nice Fish and Mike support during Page's solo. Ending this second set with emphasis, Arrival is extended compared to most versions, showing a spirited, enthused band, with strong playing by Trey and Fish, taking a couple of extra victory laps.
2011-12-29 YEM New York, NY 18:54 Very good jam with a strong peak, albeit short.
2011-12-29 Weekapaug New York, NY 9:42 Solid jam which includes some plinko action early on, then covers enough non-standard terrain to make it interesting, before finishing with a particularly nice peak.
2012-06-29 DwD Noblesville, IN 14:45 High quality jam develops that is dark and brooding at first, but grows increasingly upbeat and intense. > to "Sand."
2012-06-29 Sand Noblesville, IN 10:19 Coming out of a very good "Disease," the jam is a tight, rhythmic groove with "Walk This Way" and "Weekapaug" teases from Trey. Segues into "Twist."
2012-06-29 Gin Noblesville, IN 8:07 > in from "Rift." Despite its brevity, this version has some fantastic and unusual improvisation and includes a "Twist" quote and an "On Broadway" tease from Trey. With a -> to "Fluffhead," this is a great, old-school triple combo.
2012-08-29 Twist Oklahoma City, OK 8:29 The jam breaks away from "Twist" at 4:45 into a peaceful major mode movement which continues until the final minute.
2013-10-29 Divided Reading, PA 15:38 The jam has a really nice and gentle beginning, with almost a late-'90s vibe, then builds to a solid peak.
2013-10-29 DwD Reading, PA 21:20 An excellent, multi-section jam begins dark and stormy, then starts grooving in a very upbeat manner with growing energy. After letting the "HOSE" run for several minutes, the jam methodically cycles down.
2013-10-29 Twenty Years Later Reading, PA 14:22 The jam breaks away from the standard around 7:45, passing through a "The Birds"-like jam before becoming funky and rocking with some great Page B-3 action. The jam brightens in sentiment briefly before > to "Piper."
2013-10-29 YEM Reading, PA 22:25 Intricate jam segment where the band members play off each other quite well, and a decent peak to the jam.
2013-12-29 It's Ice New York, NY 8:21 This one has a bad-ass "Ice" jam with some wild and rocking playing by all four. It almost sounds like some of the crazy versions from Spring '94 and also makes a nice clean return to "It's Ice."
2013-12-29 Gumbo New York, NY 6:31 Another clavinet-led outro, but with added mind-scrambling from Trey.
2013-12-29 DwD New York, NY 18:27 Great version which rocks along in familiar territory before becoming deep, dark and thought-provoking. The jam lightens in sentiment around 12:00, breaks into a power-rocking groove and makes a stately return to "DwD" to close.
2013-12-29 Carini New York, NY 15:16 > in from "DwD" (only the 2nd time ever). A very good exploratory jam that retains a largely dark sentiment throughout, features great playing by Mike and Page, and concludes with brief "Woo" jamming.
2014-07-29 SOAMelt Portsmouth, VA 13:26 The jam has a brief major mode section, returns to the typical, then at 7:30 ventures into some good, semi-dissonant terrain which becomes more rocking before closing.
2014-07-29 CDT Portsmouth, VA 17:47 The jam has a really nice, low-key vibe, and in some ways is similar to a number of groove-based jams from '99 - '00. While covering much ground, the jam retains a relaxed sense.
2014-07-29 ASIHTOS Portsmouth, VA 8:39 Jam proceeds in standard fashion before breaking away and settling briefly. Then it regains energy, taking on a textured feel before dissipating.
2014-08-29 No Quarter Commerce City, CO 7:37 Closes out the "Lushington" gag. Whale call dominates the very strong and satisfying peak. Clean playing from the entire band effort that builds cleanly. Compact, but in no way short. Fans of this version should also check out 10/26/13.
2014-08-29 46 Days Commerce City, CO 9:39 A nice low-key and increasingly funky jam develops on the back end of "46 Days" proper.
2014-08-29 Simple Commerce City, CO 21:50 The Rhythm Department gets the credit for propelling this jam beyond the standard and into a rocking and increasingly euphoric groove that recalls several standout '96 versions. Then Fish, Page and Mike drive the jam into a funky and rhythmic realm.
2014-10-29 Moma San Francisco, CA 7:30 "We Are the Champions" sandwich to celebrate the hometown San Francisco Giants' World Series win from moments earlier.
2015-07-29 CDT Grand Prairie, TX 14:31 Following the closing refrain, a jam develops which features some good melodic, low key playing. The energy gradually builds and really amps up in the final 2 minutes.
2016-06-29 Reba Philadelphia, PA 13:58 No mere novelty, the band's incredibly slow take on the composed section (better heard than described) seems to dissolve as muscle memory takes over, the torpid pace impossible to sustain. This inspires several minutes of particularly soulful and melodic jamming, which, in fun Phish fashion, dissolves into an inane whistling section.
2016-06-29 Farmhouse Philadelphia, PA 6:41 A sea of trills and melodic waves evoking the ocean's ebb and flow. A harmonious jam where the means are the ends; the musical equivalent to taking a walk through the woods for the sake of walking through the woods.
2016-06-29 C&P Philadelphia, PA 15:31 After departing the typical jam style, this version drops briefly into some murky waters but finds its footing as Fish propels things forward, eventually leading to a feel-good conclusion and a -> to the debut of "Friends".
2016-06-29 BDTNL Philadelphia, PA 8:40 An inspired version showcasing full-band interplay. Trey truly shines, working his line in a number of directions, sprinkling notes and modulating intensity to shape this shimmering summertime stunner.
2016-06-29 Hood Philadelphia, PA 14:21 After a couple of years of venturing abroad, "Harry Hood" proves that a more traditional, but extended trip is equally compelling. This fine encore version also includes a very powerful ending section.
2016-10-29 Gumbo Las Vegas, NV 9:07 Trey goes to the MuTron out of the final verse, and Fish hits on a "Manteca"-type beat that helps lead into a funky and psychedelic jam. Mike, in particular, is superb.
2016-10-29 Mercury Las Vegas, NV 16:06 Second set opener is anything but elemental, illuminating the song's jam potential. Mike is super, and Trey modulates his tone, a liquid sound darkening to offer a bit by way of transition metal. A pointed, effects-enhanced -> gives rise to a centerpiece "Piper."
2016-10-29 Piper Las Vegas, NV 14:31 The customary "Piper" jam is melodic, rocking, and somewhat different from the typical, trilling shred-fest of years past. Around 7:00, the jam takes on a percussive aspect that grows increasingly powerful. Following great Fender-Rhodes action from Page, things settle, then blast into a spirited, celebratory conclusion.
2016-12-29 Makisupa New York, NY 9:57 This version starts with fun banter and slips into a breezy, mostly bass-led jam. At around 4:40, Trey moves over to the Marimba Lumina, and then Mike and finally Page join in and a full-on percussion jam develops. It's enjoyable, but typical of the percussion excursions of '16. At around 9:20 the drumming stops on a dime and the band drops right back into Makisupa, finishing off the most musically significant version of the song since 11/19/97.
2017-07-29 Wilson New York, NY 9:10 Longest "Wilson" since their reunion, Phish has fun and throws down a version featuring two distinct jams, one truly bizarre "Blatt! Boom!" vocalization, and a spacey > into "STFTFP."
2017-07-29 STFTFP New York, NY 8:25 A really great version, with a easy-going, lilting, and generally upbeat instrumental jam section.
2017-07-29 Ya Mar New York, NY 8:27 Although somewhat brief, a cool little jam develops where Trey typically solos, and here, Trey and Page incorporate some interesting spacey effects, signature sounds from the historic Baker's Dozen run.
2017-07-29 Water in the Sky New York, NY 4:30 Unusual, up-tempo version, reflects the studio recording, but with a twist: Page's "synthesized" solo. Accompanied by beautiful play from Trey, Page creates a warm wave ethereal and gorgeous, before once again teaming up with Trey, going acoustic, and working through the conclusion with a spirited flourish.
2017-07-29 Blaze On New York, NY 23:20 Fish's dynamic drumming drives the jam early while the band probes for a hookup until a more defined, upbeat segment forms 13 minutes in. The next big shift occurs around minute 18 when Trey fires off some echoing chords and Page whips out the synthesizer as the jam heats up and climaxes strongly with Trey back in the lead. > to "Twenty Years Later".
2017-07-29 Hood New York, NY 16:05 Departing from the traditional jam, excellent Trey/Page interaction swirls atop dark, minimalist bass and percussion. Trey's well-placed and sustained "There is a Mountain" teasing functions almost as a cue, with the band transitioning from a dark, mysterious majesty, to "Hood's" characteristic build and euphoric release.
2017-12-29 CDT New York, NY 21:02 Drops into a spartan jam right out of the gate, then makes a move to a major-key jam via some memorably neat playing from Trey. A relaxed low-key groove emerges, led by Fish's insistent rhythms and Mike's melodic basslines, then Trey steps back in front and drives the jam to a triumphant peak before maneuvering into "Ghost". Very fine version.
2017-12-29 SOAMelt New York, NY 13:14 Departs standard "SOAM" rather quickly and dips into some nebulous improvisation which straddles the line between light and dark before growing more tense and returning home.
2018-12-29 46 Days New York, NY 12:22 Around 5:30, the playing shifts from the usual fire and brimstone stuff to a quieter, percussive groove. As Page and Trey link up, the jam develops energy and a brighter tone. The band neatly modifies the energy up and down several times, before cleverly -> to "Cities."
2018-12-29 Wolfman's New York, NY 16:01 Begins with a bit of vocal jamming and then gets into an upbeat clav-groove and continues building in a section bookended by "Party Time" quotes before some more "Wolfman's" scatting and a final ascent for a guitar-driven, high-energy conclusion.
2018-12-29 Tweezer New York, NY 19:54 First section features an extended, fiery jam that is akin to "I Know You Rider" (Grateful Dead) before funkily dissolving into "Death Don't Hurt Very Long."
2018-12-29 Death Don't Hurt Very Long New York, NY 6:50 Version is sandwiched between heaping slices of "Tweezer."
2018-12-29 Tweezer New York, NY 7:51 Second section is melodic, patient, and mystical, and includes a smooth transition to "No Quarter."
2018-12-29 No Quarter New York, NY 7:45 > out of a fan-favorite "Tweezer" > "Death Don't Hurt Very Long" -> "Tweezer" sequence. A particularly passionate version befitting the set it's in, with sharp playing from everyone and a truly fiery Trey solo on top. Reminiscent of the cooking-with-gas 2011 "No Quarter"s. > into an equally killer "Also Sprach Zarathustra".
2018-12-29 2001 New York, NY 9:49 A dynamite version that demonstrates Phish's mastery of the "Also Sprach Zarathustra" groove, as the band neatly weaves around Fish's four-on-the-floor beat and both Trey and Page wonderfully mesh together.
2019-06-29 46 Days Camden, NJ 10:06 A thick churn of clav, filtered bass, and growling guitar suddenly morphs at 5:20 into a triumphant release with a powerful peak.
2019-06-29 Ruby Waves Camden, NJ 13:38 Smoothly pivots to a fuzzed-out and warm space, then grows darker and heavier with some real nice work from Mike in particular. Page flashes his stuff on the keys as the jam grows busier and more intense, and with a few strums of his guitar Trey moves the band into a quicksilver blissful upbeat hose jam. Things get murkier and heavier, a perfect setting for "DDHVL" to emerge.
2019-11-29 BOTT Providence, RI 7:53 Instead of the typical, crescendo-oriented jam, here the band breaks into an atypical major mode jam, providing a warm and more relaxing sentiment.
2019-11-29 Plasma Providence, RI 13:42 Better late than never, "Plasma" now seems a Phish (centerpiece) staple. Here, the band drops immediately from the song's signature licks to enter a synth-driven exploration, with major (or minor) "Crosseyed and Painless" undertones. Ever percussive, and, as always, interesting, a full-band psychedelic swirl peels apart as Trey shape shifts, his soloing brightening to inform, with Page's carnival-esque keys, a fun, celebratory vibe.
2019-12-29 Carini New York, NY 13:20 After coursing through typical "Carini" territory, the jam breaks beyond at 7:30 into a pulsing, probing phase with cool effects by Page. The intensity ratchets up, then transitions to lighter, warmer exploration, which mellows and resolves to "BOTT."
2019-12-29 Gin New York, NY 15:44 Splits from typical "Gin" at 5:45, first moving through a darker rock section, then a lively organ-led romp and finally a spacey washout.
2019-12-29 Hood New York, NY 17:42 The jam swiftly shifts to minor mode, but the band takes some time to really probe and explore this darker terrain. The intensity increase, settles, re-builds, and shifts back to familiar "Hood" territory. As the jam begins to peak, Trey deploys a long sustained note, for 115 seconds, much to the delight of MSG fans, before finally releasing into the familiar conclusion.
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