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This was the second show of the Big Cypress festival. Fish was introduced as 'Soda Jerk' during I Didn’t Know. Split Open and Melt and Disease were unfinished. Melt contained A Love Supreme teases. After the ensuing Catapult, Trey remarked: “Only at the largest concert in the world could we get away with playing a song like that.” After Midnight made its Phish debut. The late set, also known as “The Show,” began at around 11:35. “Father Time” was on stage, pedaling on an exercise bike that powered a large clock. The sounds of the clock’s gears could be heard through the sound system. About ten minutes before midnight, “Father Time” collapsed from exhaustion and the clock stopped. Then, a large fan boat entered the concert field and approached the stage. Early in its journey, the fan boat exploded away and revealed the hot dog used in the 1994 New Year’s stunt. While the band rode the hot dog to the stage, an instrumental version of Meatstick began to play over the P.A.. The band reached the stage and fed several meatsticks to Father Time, reviving him so that the clock could continue moving toward midnight. The band then took the stage and played Meatstick to begin The Show. Dancers were on stage prior to Phish reaching it. Auld Lang Syne and Disease were accompanied by fireworks. Heavy Things was recorded live and rebroadcast as part of ABC television’s New Year’s Eve coverage. In a humorous effort to confuse the home audience, Trey instructed the crowd to yell the word “cheesecake” in lieu of cheering at the end of the song. After twice giving the example of yelling the word once, Trey changed his mind and instructed the crowd to chant it, adding for them to say it like they were pissed. Trey then introduced the band for the rebroadcast and offered a message of peace and harmony for the world where he reminded people to drive in the right lane unless passing another vehicle. Meatstick was subsequently teased as the New Year approached in the central time zone. YEM included a vocal jam based around the word “cheesecake” and Trey altered the lyrics to Axilla and Albuquerque to reference the word. Inlaw Josie Wales featured Trey on acoustic guitar. Sand contained My Soul teasing from Mike and segued into the debut of Quadrophonic Toppling. Rock and Roll included an After Midnight tease. Love You included band introductions; Fish introduced Page before the song and Mike and Trey afterwards, and the band as “Phish 2000” (see November 2, 1990). Piper contained Bug teases from Page. 2001 began with the signature Hood drum roll. After the show closed with yet another version of Meatstick, the Beatles song Here Comes the Sun was piped through the crowd at sunrise. Two bustouts were played: Crosseyed and Painless (first since August 13, 1997, or 159 shows), and Love You (first since July 5, 1997, or 179 shows).

This was the first show of the Big Cypress festival. Light Up was played for the first time since March 1, 1989 (1,093 shows), included Jibboo teases from Mike, and was unfinished. Corinna was subsequently played for the first time since February 18, 1989 (1,097 shows). Che Hun Ta Mo and Big Alligator (both Phish debuts) featured guests John McEuen on mandolin, Raiford Starke on guitar, and Seminole Indian Chief Jim Billie on guitar and lead vocals. Mike’s Song included an Immigrant Song tease and Weekapaug included a Light Up tease and an Auld Lang Syne tease at midnight.

Dog Log was dedicated to Paul Languedoc. Afterwards, the band reprised the song for a few seconds after Trey remarked how much he liked it. Inlaw Josie Wales featured Trey on acoustic guitar. 2001 included Do You Feel Like We Do (Peter Frampton) teases; Trey also introduced Page as ‘Bob Mayonnaise,’ likely a reference to Bob Mayo, who played keys on Frampton Comes Alive. Sand contained a Super Bad tease from Trey. Weekapaug included Norwegian Wood and Buffalo Bill teases.

Before the show, Mike brought a big shaggy doll on the stage and sat it on top of his bass cabinet. Page teased the theme from Star Trek in Sand. Possum included Shafty teases from Mike. Velvet Sea ended with a short, spacey delay loop jam. This show is available as an archival release on LivePhish.com.

Trey teased Santa Claus is Coming to Town in Bathtub Gin. Reba did not have the whistling ending. Rocky Top included Frankenstein teases in the ending.

Mike teased Gumbo in Moma Dance. Part of the Piper jam featured Trey on his keyboard set and Inlaw Josie Wales featured Trey on acoustic guitar. Silent was played without The Horse for the first time since June 23, 1994 (421 shows).

Chalk Dust concluded with Trey paying his respects to his recently deceased grandfather.

Sneakin’ Sally began with an AC/DC Bag tease and did not contain a vocal jam. Ghost contained a Sand tease from Trey and Brick House teases from Mike. Possum included an All Fall Down signal.

Bowie was unfinished. The jam out of Have Mercy included a snippet of Bowie before returning to Have Mercy. The subsequent reggae-style HYHU contained a Have Mercy melody before leading to a vacuum solo. The Little Drummer Boy was teased in the second HYHU.

The YEM vocal jam segued into an a cappella Tweezer Reprise. Tweezer Reprise was subsequently played in its normal manner to close out the show.

Twist emerged at this show with a slightly new arrangement. After Trey remarked of his affinity for this venue, Jennifer Dances made its debut.

Farmhouse featured a slightly different arrangement, with an additional chorus at the end. Antelope contained Roggae teases from Trey. YEM included a silent jam. Little Drummer Boy emerged from the YEM vocal jam and ended with Fish alone onstage. This show is available as an archival release on LivePhish.com.

SET 1: Stranger Than Fiction, Rise, High and Lo -> Meat

SET 2: The Ghost of Ralph's Mom, Blue Eyed Son, Bring it Back Home, Yodelittle [1], Opium -> Seat of My Pants -> Rebubula

ENCORE: San Ber'dino, Fire [2] -> I Know You Rider[2] -> Fire[2]

Fish sat in on percussion and drums for Yodelittle and drums for the Fire > I Know You Rider > Fire encore. Yodelitlle contained quotes from The Wondrous Boatride from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Jamie Masefield also performed on these songs, as well as on Bring it Back Home.

Sofi Dillof joined the band for the Meatstick Dance. We’re Not Gonna Take It made its Phish debut with Tom Marshall singing and performing various stage antics. Tweezer included a Mountains in the Mist tease.

Trey teased Dave's Energy Guide in Jibboo. Part of the Mike’s jam featured Trey on keys. Fish teased You Enjoy Myself in Mike's. Mike teased Auld Lang Syne in Weekapaug. Hydrogen was played outside of Mike’s for the first time since October 31, 1987 (1,190 shows) and played as part of an encore for the first time since May 23, 1990 (895 shows).

Uncle Pen was played for the first time since August 17, 1997 (136 shows). Makisupa featured Trey on keyboards and included the keyword “NORML.” At the end of Rock and Roll, Trey jokingly thanked the show’s sponsors, NORML and the (musical) Key of “A.”

Mike teased the theme from The Brady Bunch during BBFCFM. The encore featured Sugar Blue on harmonica and Son Seals on guitar and lead vocals. Messin’ With the Kid was played for the first time since August 8, 1997 (142 shows), which was Sugar Blue’s previous time on stage with Phish.

Stash ended with the first I Can’t Turn You Loose since December 29, 1997 (109 shows), when it also appeared as a jam. Before Theme From the Bottom, Trey announced a contest where the winner would receive four tickets and backstage passes to any show in the next year and, jokingly, a date with Fish. The question centered on what all of the songs played in the first set, with the exception of Driver, had in common. The answer was that all songs were in the Key of D. Happy Birthday was also played (for Trey) during the contest announcement. Cities was an appropriate choice as an encore for Memphis, and Trey altered the lyrics a bit for the occasion.

Sweet Virginia made its Phish debut at this show. The last four songs of the first set featured Michael Ray on trumpet and Tim Green on saxophone. Call to the Post was teased before and during Birds. Trey teased Meatstick at the end of Rocky Top.

Before Monkey, Trey and Mike pulled a woman out of the crowd who had been calling for Sleeping Monkey; the band then played the song for her.

Ghost contained a Sand tease from Mike and Weekapaug contained a 2001 tease from Trey. The soundcheck featured the impromptu Dickie Scotland Song in reference to Phish Tour Manager Richard “Dickie Scotland” Glasgow, who attended New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. The song included a theme about the school’s mascot, the Aggie, referenced fellow NMSU alumnus David “ZZYZX” Steinberg (a.k.a. The Timer) with the lyric "Timer is an Aggie, too," contained Hava Nagila and Money quotes from Trey and ended with a How Many More Times tease from Trey and Mike. This debut performance was included in Kevin Shapiro’s “From the Archives” radio show at Big Cypress.
One night before Phish’s Tucson show, Trey joined in with a Les Paul guitar on the above songs. During Junco Partner, Trey made a “he’s crazy” hand motion toward Leftover’s Vince Herman; the crowd interpreted this as the Meatstick dance and began doing the dance, which prompted Trey to tease the song and join the dance on stage.

Wilson contained a How High the Moon and Tubular Bells teases from Mike and Hood included Stash teases from Trey. Trey brought a fan onstage from the crowd to help teach the Meatstick dance. This show is available as an archival release on LivePhish.com.

Phil Lesh joined the band on a second bass guitar from YEM through the end of the show. The encore also featured Warren Haynes on guitar. Cold Rain and Snow and Viola Lee Blues were both Phish debuts and also featured Phil on lead vocals. YEM did not contain a vocal jam and included Phil joining Trey and Mike on trampolines. The subsequent jam out of YEM comprised of solely Mike and Phil.

On Your Way Down was played for the first known time since August 12, 1989 (1,007 shows), although it had been teased as recently as the summer of 1997 (see July 23 and August 16). Trey teased Super Bad in 2001. The encore featured a guest appearance from Warren Haynes on guitar.
Mike joined Jazz Mandolin Project for the Xenoblast segment of this show. Phish performed the following two evenings at Shoreline Amphitheatre.

Peaches was played for the first time since February 28, 1997 (162 shows). This long AC/DC Bag featured Trey on keys and Fish on vacuum for part of the jam. Gumbo included an Another One Bites the Dust jam and quotes. Fish again grabbed the vacuum for Frankenstein and quoted One of These Days (Pink Floyd). This show is available as an archival release on LivePhish.com.

Trey teased Long Tall Glasses in Limb By Limb. Heavy Things and Sand made their Phish debuts at this show. Hood concluded with an atypical, repetitive ending.

Will It Go Round in Circles and Gotta Jibboo made their Phish debuts at this show.

Mozambique, The Inlaw Josie Wales, and First Tube made their Phish debuts at this show, with The Inlaw Josie Wales featuring Trey on acoustic guitar.

Chris sang lead on Possum. The rest of the setlist is unknown. The wedding band, called The Chrome Cowboys, included Russ Lawton, Gordon Stone, Brett Hughes, Marc Ransom, Bill Mullins and Marc Spencer.
Trey sat in on guitar for the above-listed encore.

This show was part of the Fuji Rock Festival and took place on the Field of Heaven stage. Moma contained brief Wilson teases. The Wedge included a Stash tease from Trey.

This show is currently available on LivePhish.com with proceeds benefiting the Japan earthquake relief effort. The show was part of the Fuji Rock Festival and took place on the Field of Heaven stage. Mike teased Split Open and Melt before 2001. The encore began with Tibetan monk Nawang Khechog discussing the then-current situation in Tibet. The ensuing jam featured Fish on vacuum and Khechog on horn. Subsequently, Brian and Robert featured Khechog on wooden flute.

This show was part of the Fuji Rock Festival and took place on the Field of Heaven stage. Ghost contained Brick House teases. Before Bike, Fish told the crowd that he would play guitar instead of vacuum because the Electrolux vacuum did not make the trip to Japan. Afterwards, Trey said that the song was meant to impress Yoshimi, the drummer from The Boredoms, because Fish has “a crush on her.”

This early afternoon set took place on the Green Stage of the Fuji Rock Festival that also included Blur, Catatonia, Chemical Brothers, Fountains of Wayne, Underworld, and ZZ Top. The set was webcast live. Before PYITE, Trey apologized for not speaking the language and brought out a translator who addressed the crowd in Japanese.

SET 1: What's The Use?

This soundcheck took place on the Field of Heaven stage and preceded Phish's performances at the Fuji Rock Festival. It is currently available on LivePhish.com (along with July 31, 1999) with proceeds benefiting the Japan earthquake relief effort.

Disease was followed by a feedback-enhanced jam before Mike redirected the band into SOAM; Fish continued playing the 2001 drumbeat underneath parts of SOAM. The end of Melt contained a speech from Trey that mentioned how happy the band was to be playing for their audience. Trey also spoke of the damage wrought at Woodstock 1999. He subsequently quoted Turning Japanese when mentioning the upcoming trip to Japan. Woodstock, which made its Phish debut at this show, was unfinished.

My Friend's ending did not contain the "Myfe" lyric. Whipping Post was played for the first time since August 10, 1996 (208 shows) and featured Trey on vocals for the first time since September 21, 1990 (846 shows). The Makisupa key words were "gooballs, brownies, stink, kind nugs... keef!" Happy Birthday was performed for the first time since September 30, 1991 (715 shows) and was first played by Trey instrumentally over Makisupa before he announced Chris Kuroda's birthday and asked the crowd to join in as he sang the song "rasta style" (with a "We're gonna get you so wasted tonight after the show" lyric). Mike subsequently took a bass solo and Fish sung a verse solo in a mock Jamaican accent (with a "You roll up a big spliff and you don't pass it to no one!" lyric). Chris took a silent light board solo (see also April 18, 1990) at Trey's request before Makisupa resumed. The second set featured multiple teases and jams, including Antelope (Stash tease), Suzy (I Wish teases and a syncopated jam based around Page), and YEM (Boogie On Reggae Woman jam). In Purple Rain, played for the first time since August 6, 1996 (210 shows), Fish forgot the words and subsequently thanked the crowd for supporting his vacuum cleaner habit.

Fluffhead was unfinished and ended in a jam that was over fifteen minutes long. Trey and Mike sang Catapult in harmony over the top of Tweezer. Camel Walk contained a Happy Coffee Song tease from Trey. Alumni was played for the first time since December 3, 1994 (324 shows) and in its entirety for the first time since April 15, 1994 (428 shows). The Happy Whip and Dung Song made its concert debut.

Trey played keys for part of PYITE. During Meatstick, Trey talked about the band’s desire to teach fans the Meatstick Dance and break the world record. He then informed the crowd that the New Year’s Eve concert would be played in Florida. Fire's lyrics were changed to "Move over, Rover, and let the Bad Lieutenant take over." This show is available as an archival release on LivePhish.com.

This show marked the Phish debut of Gold Soundz (Pavement). Trey forgot some of the lyrics, and Mike subsequently flubbed some of the lyrics to Ginseng. Before Limb By Limb, Trey remarked that they would try to get all the verses correct on the next song. Simple contained a Magilla tease and Weekapaug included Super Bad teases.

This show featured the Phish debut of Misty Mountain Hop. 2001 included a Super Bad tease from Trey.

This was the second show of the Camp Oswego festival. Back on the Train through Beauty of My Dreams featured a guest appearance by the Del McCoury Band, who had played on the venue’s side stage. During I’m Blue I’m Lonesome, Del McCoury broke a string, and a bluegrass breakdown ensued while the string was changed. Runaway Jim contained Super Bad teases from Trey. During Meatstick, the crowd tried to break the world record for most people dancing at one time. Trey explained the record that the band was trying to break while Sofi Dillof danced on stage and the Guinness staff videotaped the crowd. Part of the Piper intro was used on the studio Piper released on Farmhouse. Some musical chaos ensued between Catapult and Icculus (first since October 31, 1995, or 262 shows), where Trey rambled about the negative aspects of television and the positive aspects of books and Mike teased Meatstick. The ensuing Smoke on the Water Jam included Cat Scratch Fever teases. Subsequently, Icculus was followed by more narration and a tease of Miss You. The show closed with fireworks during Hood.

This was the first show of the Camp Oswego festival. Have Mercy was played for the first time since November 12, 1994 (335 shows). Son Seals sat in on guitar and vocals for his own composition, Funky Bitch, as well as the Phish debut of On My Knees. Afterwards, a brief blues jam was played as Son left the stage. DWD included a You Better Believe It Baby tease from Mike. Sneakin' Sally did not contain a vocal jam.

Trey teased Super Bad in 2001. Weekapaug included a 2001 tease. The encore was preceded by a story from Trey about how he and Page grew up “around here” in Jersey. Trey then referenced “the greatest songwriter of all time” and said that he, too, grew up in the area. While some in the crowd expected Bruce Springsteen (who was in the middle of a run of 15 sold-out dates at New Jersey’s Continental Airlines Arena), Trey produced Tom Marshall. Tom appeared in the classic Born in the U.S.A.-era Springsteen outfit, complete with red bandana. He subsequently sang the Phish debut of Born to Run. As the song concluded, Tom mocked a bunch of Springsteen-esque arena-rock clichés, such as throwing his bandana into the crowd and jogging offstage to a handler who threw a towel around his shoulders. During the song he even aped some dance moves from the Dancing in the Dark video.

Soundcheck: Lady Madonna, Have Mercy, Mountains in the Mist -> Dirt -> Mountains in the Mist, Guyute (part), You Better Believe It Baby

SET 1: Punch You in the Eye > Ghost > Farmhouse, Horn > Poor Heart > Axilla[1] > Theme From the Bottom, I Didn't Know, The Sloth, You Enjoy Myself

SET 2: Meatstick > Split Open and Melt[2] -> Kung -> Jam > Bouncing Around the Room, Chalk Dust Torture

ENCORE: Brian and Robert, Frankenstein

This show was webcast live by the House of Blues. During I Didn’t Know, Trey noted that Mr. "The G is soft" Michael Jordan would be turning the mic over to “vajonna” Fishman, who then took a vacuum solo. During Meatstick, Trey noted that the band was going to try to get into the Guinness Book of World Records by having the most people perform the dance simultaneously. Trey, Mike and Sofi Dillof then taught the crowd how to do the dance. Split Open and Melt began as 2001 and was unfinished; the ensuing Kung launched into a dissonant jam. The jam subsequently contained Shine (Collective Soul), Meatstick, and Melt teases from Mike.

NO2 was played for the first time since July 16, 1994 (356 shows) and, for the first known time, included the instrumental ending originally included on The White Tape. Reba did not have the whistling ending. Antelope included Meatstick teases and Trey acknowledging his friends Dave and Luann Abrahams, who were in the crowd. Possum and the Phish debut of Tuesday’s Gone featured Scott Murawski on guitar. Possum contained a Lazy (Deep Purple) tease.

Foreplay/Long Time was played for the first time since December 9, 1994 (310 shows) and was the first time Phish had ever performed it electric. Guyute was followed by band introductions, including Mike as "Michael Jordan" and "Air Jordan."

Chalk Dust contained an In Memory of Elizabeth Reed tease from Trey and was unfinished. Gin included an I’m a Man (Spencer Davis Group) jam. Tweezer included a What's the Use? tease by Trey. Trey played the show wearing a Mia Hamm soccer jersey (United States, #9). This was likely in honor of the U.S. Women’s Soccer team beating China to win the World Cup earlier in the day. This show was officially released as Live Phish 08.

Soundcheck: Bug, What's the Use?, Sleep, Back at the Chicken Shack, Vocal Check, Funky Bitch

SET 1: Limb By Limb, Farmhouse, Back on the Train, Divided Sky, Train Song, Llama, Driver, Runaway Jim

SET 2: Punch You in the Eye > Free > What's the Use? > Meatstick > Mike's Song -> Twist > Weekapaug Groove

ENCORE: Harry Hood

Trey teased Super Bad in PYITE. Sofi Dillof made a guest appearance during the Meatstick dance. Mike's Song contained Sweet Emotion quotes and Weekapaug included Macarena teases and quotes. The Hood encore closed with a Meatstick tease.

Soundcheck: Bug, You Enjoy Myself (partial), Magilla, Driver, Sleep, Dirt, Back at the Chicken Shack

SET 1: Julius, Fee -> Jam, Guyute, Dirt, Nellie Kane, Stash, Cavern

SET 2: Birds of a Feather[1] > Prince Caspian > Jesus Just Left Chicago, Saw It Again, Sleep, Meatstick, Tube > Simple[2]

ENCORE: Terrapin > Hold Your Head Up, Character Zero

Birds included several If I Only Had a Brain teases from Trey and Fish improvising lyrics to the tune of If I Only Had A Brain. During Meatstick, Trey and Mike put down their instruments, came to the front of the stage and taught the crowd The Meatstick Dance. Simple ended akin to Coil, with each member of the band leaving the stage until only Page was left. At the beginning of the encore, Fish came out holding the Electrolux vacuum and the band launched into Terrapin (first since July 11, 1996, or 212 shows).

Soundcheck: Loving Cup, Funky Bitch (slow), Back at the Chicken Shack, Water in the Sky, Sleep (electric), Back at the Chicken Shack (Trey Solo)

SET 1: Back on the Train, What's the Use?, Billy Breathes, My Mind's Got a Mind of its Own > Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley[1], Axilla[2] > Rift, Wolfman's Brother > Maze, Loving Cup

SET 2: Also Sprach Zarathustra > Down with Disease > My Left Toe -> Wading in the Velvet Sea -> My Left Toe > Bug > You Enjoy Myself

ENCORE: Possum[3] > Funky Bitch[3]

Sneakin' Sally included a Super Bad tease from Trey and did not contain a vocal jam. The encore featured Derek Trucks on slide guitar.

SET 1: Egg 15 [1] -> Drums -> Egg 15[1]

Mike and Jimmy Herring joined the Derek Trucks Band for the songs listed above. This perofrmance was part of the “Fusion Fest” lineup, which also included Col. Bruce Hampton, Blueground Undergrass, Jazz is Dead, and The Derek Trucks Band.

Fish, introduced as “Flagina Fishman,” took a vacuum solo during I Didn’t Know wearing only stars and stripes boxers. This show featured the debut of What’s the Use?. Trey teased Pictures of Matchstick Men in Wilson. After Carini, the band reprised the chorus of Meatstick while part of the crew and a few fans did the Meatstick Dance. The band performed the second encore in stars and stripes outfits. The show was followed by a fireworks display.
Mike and Fish made a brief appearance at the end of Col. Bruce’s show. Phish had performed earlier in the evening at Lakewood Amphitheatre.

This show featured the Phish debut of Mountains in the Mist. Meatstick was played for the first time since June 25, 1997 (124 shows). Trey teased Dueling Banjos in Taste. Twist contained an Oye Como Va tease from Trey. Little Drummer Boy was played for the first time since December 6, 1986 (1,189 shows). It was performed a second time in the encore by Fish solo on the snare drum, with alternate lyrics. Bill Bailey (first since November 18, 1995, or 243 shows) featured Page’s father, Dr. Jack McConnell, on vocals and kazoo.

Soundcheck: Saw It Again, Water in the Sky, Brian and Robert, Mountains in the Mist

SET 1: Punch You in the Eye, Billy Breathes, Guyute, Wolfman's Brother[1], Beauty of My Dreams[2], Doin' My Time[3], Roggae[2], Water in the Sky[2], Back on the Train[2], Poor Heart[4]

SET 2: Down with Disease > Prince Caspian > You Enjoy Myself

ENCORE: Character Zero

Wolfman’s featured Jerry Douglas on dobro; Beauty of My Dreams through Back on the Train featured Jerry Douglas on dobro, Ronnie McCoury on mandolin and Tim O’Brien on fiddle. Gary Gazaway, on trumpet, joined the other three guests during Poor Heart. Doin’ My Time also featured O’Brien on lead vocals. The song was last performed when O’Brien joined the band onstage at Red Rocks on August 7, 1996 (192 shows). YEM contained Super Bad teases from Trey. The second set may have been cut short by a huge thunderstorm that worsened during YEM. 

Soundcheck: Twist, Funky Bitch, Mountains in the Mist (x2), Beauty of My Dreams, Glide Tease, Limb By Limb (outro), Back at the Chicken Shack, Dogs Stole Things, The Wedge

SET 1: Bathtub Gin, Farmhouse, Tube, Horn, Back on the Train[1], Maze[2], Limb By Limb, Golgi Apparatus

SET 2: The Squirming Coil > Free, Birds of a Feather > Simple > Swept Away > Steep > Piper, Bug[1] -> My Left Toe[3], Stash

ENCORE: Bouncing Around the Room, Sample in a Jar

This gig featured the Phish debuts of Back on the Train and Bug as well as the debut of My Left Toe. Trey teased Super Bad in Tube. Maze contained an I Can't Turn You Loose tease from Page, a Bathtub Gin tease from Trey, and ended with several reprises of the song’s signature lick in a mock duel fashion between Trey and Page. A revised stage setup debuted at this show with Page, Mike, and Trey aligned from front left to right and Fish to rear center.

The 5th Ball, a.k.a. "Carreystock" This private show at Trey’s barn was a tune-up for the summer tour, played for some members of the Phish organization and members of the crew of the Jim Carrey movie Me, Myself and Irene, which was being filmed nearby. Carrey joined in on vocals for Hey You and Come Together.
The songs listed featured Mike on bass. Jeff Mosier also made a guest appearance during this gig, which was opened by Blueground Undergrass.
There is no known stelist for this show and recordings do not circulate.
This night was billed The Double Dig Festival, commemorating the closing of the Double Dig Ranch, a communal farm east of Boulder that for four years was host to musicians and other artists. Members of String Cheese Incident, Leftover Salmon, Tony Furtado, and the Wendy Woo Band at various times called this farm home; it was also temporary home to many musicians traveling through the area, including numerous stops by Fish. Trey sat in on acoustic guitar for the show closing jam that at its core was the Tony Furtado Band, though upwards of thirty musicians were on stage at the time. 
The first set was Trey solo acoustic and the second set was electric TAB. This show marked the opening of The Fillmore Auditorium. Trey performed Billy Breathes on piano. 
This show was a benefit for the Committee on Temporary Shelter in Burlington. The first set was Trey solo acoustic and the second set was electric TAB. Trey performed Billy Breathes on piano. During the intermission, Dave Grippo conducted the Frederick Tuttle Middle School Jazz Band (they played In the Mood, Jumpin' at the Woodside, and I Feel Good). Trey joined the band for I Feel Good. The middle school band then returned the favor on Then Came You and Last Tube. Grippo stayed on stage for Further On Up the Road and was joined by Mike, Page, and Fish (and Russ and Tony). Grippo then left the stage and Mike, Fish, and Page performed Voodoo Child with TAB.

Following a performance by Trey Anastasio’s ensemble, all the members of Phish along with Dave Grippo, Russ Lawton, and Tony Markellis performed Further On Up the Road. Voodoo Child featured Phish, Lawton, and Markellis.
Mike sat in for a portion of this show that served as the unofficial after show party for Trey’s Flynn Theatre performance earlier in the evening.
This free show was part of the Hobart Folk Festival.
The first set was Trey solo acoustic and the second set was electric TAB. Kissed by Mist was dedicated to Julia Butterfly Hill. Trey played along with the audience during Possum, picking up a drink while the crowd sustained the chorus. Billy Breathes was performed on piano. During Mozambique Trey introduced the band, and then himself as the “Bad Lieutenant.” 
The first set was Trey solo acoustic and the second set was electric TAB. Alluding to the raunchy nature of a general admission show, after Wolfman’s Brother Trey launched into a chorus of Feel Like Makin’ Love (a TAB debut). Regarding the Trey/Tom song Name, Trey noted that it was the partner song to Feel Like Makin’ Love and was written about a typical “last call” at a bar. Trey performed Billy Breathes on piano. Kissed By Mist was dedicated to Julia Butterfly Hill. Tony introduced Tops Off as a blues standard, but admitted that no one knows what the song is really about. Tony also introduced the band at the end of the encore and thanked the crew while indirectly referencing the Chris Kuroda fan club, "CK5."
The first set was Trey solo acoustic and the second set was electric TAB. Kissed by Mist was dedicated to Julia Butterfly Hill. Trey dedicated Name to the SUNY- Binghamton graduating seniors who made this show a stop on their “pub crawl;” Trey noted this same group at the end of the 2nd set and the end of the encore, which was dedicated to them. Trey performed Billy Breathes on piano. Sleep, Blue and Shiny, and Waste featured Tom Marshall on vocals. Smells Like Teen Spirit was played jokingly for a fan that screamed out the title after Trey announced that the band would play one more song; they played one verse but ditched it in favor of Silicone Fairy. Waste was a TAB debut. This gig was originally scheduled to take place at SUNY-Binghamton’s Anderson Center.
Schleigho opened.
The first set Trey was solo acoustic and the second set was electric TAB. Trey dedicated Bathtub Gin to the author of its lyrics, Susannah Goodman. As with the night before, Trey played Name after a lengthy introduction of another song; this time, it was Mountains in the Mist. Trey talked about how on this solo tour there were three sets of “duologies,” or songs related to each other. Billy Breathes was played on piano. Tom Marshall provided additional vocals for Sleep and Blue and Shiny. 
The first set was Trey solo acoustic and the second set was electric TAB. Billy Breathes was performed on piano. This show marked the Trey Anastasio debut of Name as well as the Phish staple Strange Design and the cover of Hendrix’s The Wind Cries Mary.
The first set was Trey solo acoustic and the second set was electric TAB. Alumni Blues was dedicated to the students who were skipping finals to see the show. Trey performed Billy Breathes on piano; this was interrupted by Trey relating a story about a conversation that he had with Neil Young, when Neil recommended that Trey move around during the solo set to keep the audience interested. Fluffhead was not followed by Fluff’s Travels. Alumni, Fluffhead, and Bug were TAB debuts. This gig was originally scheduled to take place at the Madison Civic Center and was later rescheduled for the smaller Oscar Meyer Theatre.
The first set was Trey solo acoustic and the second set was electric TAB. Wolfman’s Brother included Trey recalling a story about when he met Fish; he compared Fish’s role as "Wolfman’s Brother" in Phish to Paul McCartney’s role as "The Walrus” in The Beatles. After Prince Caspian Trey talked about his friend, Roger Holloway. Roger then joined Trey for Aftermath (that he co-wrote) and AC/DC Bag (that contains his name in the lyrics). This show features the only known public performance of Aftermath. Last Tube included a Happy Birthday tease after Tony Markellis mentioned that it was a crew member’s birthday. Wolfman’s Brother, Prince Caspian, AC/DC Bag, and Further On Up the Road were TAB debuts.
The first set was Trey solo acoustic and the second set was electric TAB. During PYITE, Trey whistled the lead guitar lines for the Landlady segment. Sample, When the Circus Comes, and PYITE were TAB debuts.
The first set was Trey solo acoustic and the second set was electric TAB. Bathtub Gin was dedicated to Ali and Jesse (fans Ali McDowell and Jesse Jarnow) for temporarily naming The Inlaw Josie Wales as Minestrone. Bathtub Gin, Talk and Wading in the Velvet Sea were TAB debuts. This show featured the debut of Anastasio/Marshall originals Andre the Giant, Back on the Train, Somantin, and Windora Bug. The Amfibian original Heavy Things was a TAB debut.
The first set was Trey solo acoustic and the second set was electric TAB. Mountains in the Mist was introduced as Bake and Boil and was a debut, as was Snowflakes in the Sand. Then Came You, Voodoo Child (Slight Return). and Will it Go Round in Circles were all TAB debuts. Trey allowed the fans to name the instrumental now known as The Inlaw Josie Wales – also a debut – that was named Minestrone at the time. Phish staples Bouncing Around the Room and Farmhouse rounded out Trey’s debuts for the evening. Before Brian and Robert Trey offered a rambling monologue where he mistook a single confused person on the Internet with “the confused people on the Internet” and further mistakenly asserted that fans online would be “confused by the unknown songs.” He then introduced Brian and Robert as Voodoo Child.

SET 1: Flux, Good N' Plenty, Nimbus, Mandoneon, Tuang Guru [1], The Gourd

Fish sat in on conga for Tuang Guru. This show was a co-bill with Béla Fleck and the Flecktones.
Trey and Page, having just completed their run with Phil & Phriends, sat in on the listed songs. 
Donna Jean Godchaux provided additional vocals on Mississippi Half-Step, Bird Song, GDTRFB, and AWBYG. The outro jam after the second verse of Dark Star included a brief jam on The Other One. Casey Jones featured alternate lyrics from Trey: “Trouble ahead, Phil in Red!”
Stella Blue was performed instrumental with Steve Kimock on pedal steel. This gig featured the first known performance of Alligator by a member of The Grateful Dead since April 29, 1971. Alligator contained a San-Ho-Zay tease from Trey. Dark Star, St. Stephen, and Mike’s Song were teased prior to Bertha. Ripple was performed acoustic. Donna Jean Godchaux provided additional vocals for Bertha, Scarlet Begonias, Fire on the Mountain, and Ripple.
Hello Old Friend featured Phil Lesh on bass and vocals, Steve Kimock on guitar, and Phil’s sons Brian and Grahame on vocals (no Trey or Page). This was Phil's first public performance since undergoing liver transplant surgery in 1998, and the first of many collaborations between members of Phish and The Grateful Dead.
This was a private practice session for the upcoming Warfield shows. This setlist is unconfirmed and no recording is known to circulate.
Trey performed a short solo acoustic set during an open mic night.
Get Down Tonight contained a Give Up the Funk tease.
There is no known setlist for this show and recordings do not circulate.
Trey sat in on guitar for the above songs.
There is no known setlist for this show and recordings do not circulate.
There is no known setlist for this show and recordings do not circulate.
This setlist is incomplete.
There is no known setlist for this show and recordings do not circulate.
Flan opened. Pork Tornado included a Voodoo Child tease. Before Trouble Every Day, Dan Archer did a brief spoof on If I Had A Hammer.
The Tuttle Middle School Jazz Band, led by Dave Grippo, performed their annual spring concert. Then Trey, along with the rest of the Vermont Jazz All-Stars joined Grippo for this set of jazz.
Page sat in on keyboards during this opening set for Gov’t Mule.
This setlist is incomplete. This show featured guests Mike, Vassar Clements, and Buddy Cage.
In addition to Fish, these two songs also featured members of the opening act, Foxtrot Zulu.
Mike joined the band for several songs on vocals and banjo.
This performance was part of the annual Tibet House benefit. Philip Glass played piano on his original instrumental composition, Spring Waterfall, with Trey on electric guitar. The remainder of the set featured Trey on acoustic guitar. Brian and Robert featured Nawang Khechog on Tibetan long flute and Foday Musa Suso on kora. Trey performed Dirt solo acoustic. Billy Breathes featured Peter Kater on piano. Other artists on the bill included Chaksam-pa, Cibo Matto, Sean Lennon, Shawn Colvin and R.E.M.
This gig was a benefit for Very Special Arts of Vermont and was the first ever “Trey Anastasio”-billed performance. Gotta Jibboo and Tops Off were debuts. All other songs were TAB debuts, excepting First Tube, Last Tube, Mozambique, and Sand (that all debuted on 4/17/98).
This gig took place in the Slade Hall basement. Mike did not perform on Nardis and Devil's Dream. After Yardbird Suite there was extensive banter about each of the musician's experiences in Slade Hall over the years. Cat Scratch Fever was jammed before St. Thomas. A jam from the soundcheck also circulates with the recording of this performance.
This show featured guests Mike, Vassar Clements, and Buddy Cage. There is no known setlist for this show and recordings do not circulate.
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