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, attached to 1999-12-29

Review by gratefulphish

gratefulphish I was the one that taped this soundcheck. I was completely styled out for this whole show, with an RV parked behind the stage, to the right. I was not even going to bring my taping gear, because all of my other taper friends were going to be out there in the field, and it just seemed pointless to bring my stuff, but since I lived in FL, and had the ability to load the RV with everything that I wanted from home, at the last minute, I threw my taping pack inside.

We drove in a back way, through miles of unmarked roads through sugar cane fields, praying that we were not lost, and would not hit a dead end, since the road was so narrow, there would be no way to turn the RV around. We finally hit a "T" intersection, and there was a little wooden sign on a post pointing "Indian Reservation" with an arrow. Then I prayed that they spelled my name right. All was well at the gate, and we were escorted in by golfcart to the Chiet's private backstage RV area, where they had a big generator set up, so all we had to do was plug in.

As I am taking stock of the whole situation, and the amazing place that I found myself, I hear some plinking sounds. I was not sure what it was at first, but it was Trey just plucking a few strings. I ran out onto the field, but a security guy said that no one was allowed on the field. I asked where I could go, and he said, "on the stage." Okay. I ran back into the RV, cut a hole in my pack, set the deck up, ran wires through the hole, and zipped up the pocket, so that only the mic caps were sticking out, and then ran toward the stage.

Next dilemma was figuring out what to do with the deck. I finally placed it to the side back of one of the speaker stacks, and then went up on the risers on the other side of the stage to watch the soundcheck. Obviously, it was beyond fucking amazing to be there, but at some point I am talking to Fish's father who came up, and he told me that the soundcheck was being broadcast on FM radio. Now, I was wondering whether I should go and grab my gear, out of fear that Brad or Bart would see it, and just stomp it to bits, but I could see the edge of it from where I was, and I decided to just let it be.

After the soundcheck was finally over, I grabbed the pack and walked over to the RV, and said to the GF that it had been a waste of effort, since they had broadcast it via FM to the crowd. So, we walked out to general camping to meet up with some other tapers, and got to their RV, which had an FM tuner, and a stack of Tascam DA-20s all set up to record. But, apparently something had gone wrong, and there was no broadcast, meaning that I had just made a very precious recording. The earliest releases of this have my huffing and puffing as I am running around with the deck deciding where to put it. I know that got trimmed off later. But, it was just the beginning of the greatest show on earth.
, attached to 1999-12-29

Review by Thunder

Thunder I will never forget this soundcheck. My crew and I had a smooth 3 day drive from Canada and were amongst the first 10,000 (just a guess) into the Big Cypress campground. Got set up, had a bite to eat and starting wandering around. At first, while we were walking around near the general tent, we just thought it was some phan spinning some phish on a soundsystem. But there was a crowd of maybe a dozen at the time and then, PRESTO, we actually put it together during the intro jam that, this was THE BOYS and they were soundchecking! Steadily the crowd grew as more and more folks who had been checking out the camground saw the ever growing crowd near the 'fence' dancing and cheering. I think maybe at the height of the crowd their might have been 150-200 phans. It was just so cool. Musically, this was THE SHIT! Very laid back/loose playing, but these jams were HOT, there was a different, very excited energy, Big Cypress energy. Highly recommended if you can find a good copy of this soundcheck, check it out (and let me know, ha!) An experience as rich as any Phish experiences I have had and one that I will always treasure.
, attached to 1999-12-29

Review by waxbanks

waxbanks The post-Timber jam, 10:04 long, circulates in a fine SBD recording (from Shapiro's 'From the Archives' broadcast, Coventry edition). The Lemonwheel soundcheck is friendlier and more fun, the IT soundcheck is deeper (one of the best listens of 2003 actually), but that jam is definitely worth tracking down. Phish's best soundchecks are transporting listens all on their own - some of their best performances have been for no audience but themselves (cf. the early-2004 'Headphones Jam'). Anyhow, this one's online like all the others.
, attached to 1999-12-29

Review by scott_towler

scott_towler If we're getting technical, these were the first notes of Phish I ever heard live, in person. I remember wandering over to the concert field that night thinking "huh, they're right over there, just playing these songs I know." Come to find out the next day that they were some 300 yards away, but the sound was so crystal clear it felt like I was on stage with them.
, attached to 1999-12-29

Review by IdRatherBeOnTour

IdRatherBeOnTour Drove from Syracuse, NY and our RV was one of the first 500 vehicles inside. Spot right next to the big field leading into the stage area. When they started the sound check the place went nuts. NYE 2000 was by far the Best time of my life!!
, attached to 1999-12-29

Review by Mdawg

Mdawg Haha I was totally one of the people jammin' out by the 'fence' and getting pumped for what was ahead of us!

, attached to 1999-12-29

Review by Bob_Loblaw

Bob_Loblaw Festivals for the most part hold the best soundchecks. This is typically because they are very "Jam Heavy". Even festivals like Festival 8 had some great jams during the soundcheck and they did not really jam at all that whole weekend.

Although this soundcheck is not on par with some other festivals and shows. I still think the 20min jam at the end is a fine jam. It captures the beauty of the Ambient and then turns quickly into mayhem towards the end.
, attached to 1999-12-29

Review by IdRatherBeOnTour

IdRatherBeOnTour I meant to say NYE 1999! Guess I had too much fun.
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