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This show was part of the "1999 Fall Tour"

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, attached to 1999-09-19

Review by Abe_Froman

Abe_Froman Ok, so I know the setlist looks pretty average. That's what I thought too. And while the first set is pretty average (save for a fairly experimental Stash that's worth a listen), the second set here SMOKES. Add up set 2 and the encore, you have 84 minutes of excellent fall 99 Phish. Sand isn't Trey pecking at the keyboard for 10 minutes. It's Trey wailing on the Languedoc.

I can see why this one has gotten lost in the shuffle, as there is a lot of great music from September 99. This one doesn't have a huge Boogie On jam, no Phil Lesh guest spots, but its really solid Phish. Hard to ask for much more.
, attached to 1999-09-19

Review by Phan18

Phan18 I know I rated this show a 5 but this was my first show : )
First song played was NICU which corresponds with my name NIC-HOLAS. : ) I thought that was special : ) This show was really good and the venue was almost as cool : ) My one and only Phish show in Cali (not forever though)
The coolest thing which came around to my first NYE show is that I rode to this show in a BOX TRUCK!!!
, attached to 1999-09-19

Review by Bob_Loblaw

Bob_Loblaw This show is definitely plagued by some major issues. Quite a bit of flubbing especially in the second set, as well as some "connecting issues" between the guys. Also you have the issue of 3 slow songs in a row during the second set, surprisingly it works better than you'd think, but still is I'll advised for any second set.

This show is however saved by some really good versions of certain songs. Stash to me is the highlight of the show it really moves well and peaks like crazy. Gotta Jibbo is also a noteworthy version for me as well it's played very solid. Also Sand is particularly good it really just simmers and does exactly what Sand should do.

What these few highlights do is make this show average. Which is ok because the highlights are good versions to go back to.
, attached to 1999-09-19

Review by JesusFreak

JesusFreak The Sherminator was in attendance at this show and I had the pleasure of meeting him. That was cool. But the coolest thing about this night was the absolutely gorgeous Stash. The fact that it isn't considered "highly recommended" or even "noteworthy" by this site's rating system is kind of insane.
, attached to 1999-09-19

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround NICU: Solid opener, nice energy.

Funky Bitch: Standard

First Tube: Rages as you would expect. Imagine folks would be getting tired of this by now though. 5th time played since it’s debut at the Vancouver show.

Gotta Jibboo: Solid jam

Heavy Things: Standard

Farmhouse: Standard

Stash: Finally, something to sink your teeth into! Really doesn’t do to much until early in the 14’s and then things start to get serious. Trey starts to soar with urgency. There are three or four solid minutes of solid jamming into the end. Solid stash. Workmanlike, if you will.

First set summary: This is about the most vanilla set of Phish you will find I would think outside of something from 1996. Odd for the time. Were they out late after the Chula show? Were there a bunch of suits in attendance that they had to play a ‘normal’ set for them?

Twist: Some nice spacey elements develop at 7.5 as Trey solo’s above. Returning to the theme at 10:45, but just briefly and then they take it back into the jam space. Very high energy jam but it is played close to the vest and does not stray far at all from it’s true structure. Trey shines amidst this Type I rager.

Sand: Third time played on the tour since it’s debut at the Gorge and only two shows ago at Shoreline. Like First Tube, this is in heavy rotation. Big loops to kick off the jam at 3.5 minutes. Similar to Twist, this Sand does not stray outside its boundaries. Just a straight up 14 minute and change rager. Smokes! Rock start Trey.

Wading in the Velvet Sea: Standard. Slight space jam after Wading is done and then…

The Squirming Coil: A ballad followed by a ballad deep in the second set? LOL. This show is dunzo.

Loving Cup: Standard rager.

Down with Disease: 9-minute version plus one minute of effects. Straight ahead rager.


Guyute: Standard

Character Zero: Standard

Second Set Summary: Even the two jam songs in this set are played close to the vest. Followed by two ballads? Not sure I see the logic in this but hey, it’s not my band. Loving Cup serves to wake up the crowd a bit. DWD if you were there you might have though that they might actually jam something, and the set could be somewhat salvaged. But the play a very short version and the show is over sans encores. The encores while one a lengthy composed tune and the other a rager, cannot salvage the show either. Now, the show is played well. But two observations, one mentioned before. It’s almost like there was a contingent in attendance for a record label that they were playing for to get a better deal than what they currently had. For many years, if I knew someone that was not familiar with the band but had some interest and was unaware of what their live show might entail, I would burn this show for them as it really gives them a feel for what live Phish is without scaring them too badly with any way out there, outrageous jams. Hope that makes sense. In a month of really strong shows, they were due for an off night and that is what this is – an off night.
, attached to 1999-09-19

Review by Abe_Froman

Abe_Froman A re-listen review. This Stash has to be one of the best jams of the tour, if not the year. It has some of everything: 99's signature precision and haziness, and then a fiery conclusion that reminded me very much of 7/25/99's My Left Toe> Whipping Post.

I love the second set, but it's pretty much what you see is what you get. They're all quite strong versions, and it's a really good set, but nothing gets to the must-hear level, although that Sand....
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