Good Times Bad Times was dedicated to “the man in the dragon pants,” a.k.a. Jimmy Page. Antelope included a Brady Bunch theme tease. The encore, which included the first ever Phish performance of Come Together, was played in remembrance of John Lennon’s death on December 8, 1980.
Noteworthy Jams
Theme from The Brady Bunch tease in Run Like an Antelope
Debut Years (Average: 1990)

This show was part of the "1995 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1995-12-08

Review by docj7

docj7 My first Phish show! I had heard some songs from the band, thought ok I'll go check em out. What a surprise I was in for. At that time,still kind of young, thought I was a jam band conouiser. I had seen the Grateful Dead 13 times and after that was searching for something to get me to that musical high. Saw some really good regional jam bands a lot but was still searching. That night I found what I was looking for. Not knowing a lot of phish tunes I could not believe how good this band was. When I looked around during tweezer and saw everyone tuned in, no loud crowd chatter, and jaws dropped.I knew I stumbled upon something great. A lot of people think that the best setlist is the best show. It's not phish is about the moment and how that moment is treating you. This show treated me well,broke my cherry and have been a phan ever since.
, attached to 1995-12-08

Review by n00b100

n00b100 Here's another typically great show from one of Phish's greatest tours, Fall 1995. This show is very much a "median" show, the sort of show that might not be the best of the run, but neatly displays just how high the wave the band was riding was cresting at the time. The first set doesn't boast anything "special" in a "this really should be in Set 2" sense, but every song in the set is just torn a new asshole in the December 1995 style, with Type I being stretched as far as it can go - the Simple to It's Ice run in particular is cooking with gas, with a really sweet little proto-ambient passage in the days before Phish could truly go ambient in It's Ice serving as the highlight. Set 2, on the other hand, is a legitimate powerhouse, anchored by (and hold onto your jaw, lest it drop in shock) another 12/95 Tweezer for the ages.

This Tweezer rolls right into a deep groove from the start, Page really going at it with some sharp piano chords as the band just wails away behind him. Then things strip away, Trey playing some minimalist notes with the band coming in with thunderous accompaniment at the end of every bar (it's like the band is in a mansion just slamming every door in the house at odd intervals), and then Fish leads the band back into another powerful groove which gets all atonal soon enough. I often think about 1994, and how often the band would trip over the line between "experimental" and "unlistenable"; in jams like these, Phish would neatly skirt that line, and then start playing something even better than before. In this case, it's a thrilling, pure hose jam, with Trey in full 70s rock god mode, which is quickly discarded for another exploratory jam, both Trey and Page coaxing weird notes from their instruments, the rhythm section dissonant and off-kilter. And off-kilter is just the sort of environment for Kung to appear, and the band gets that out of their system, whipping up a real good horror show accompaniment, before slamming back into the main Tweezer theme and petering out to a deliberate close. This is about as weird as Tweezers get after 94, and it's another glorious version from maybe its greatest month ever.

Fish and his vacuum come next, then Coil and the seeming set end in Tweezer Reprise, but the band has one more surprise lined up - a fierce and powerful Antelope, played (like all 95 versions) like the stage is set to explode if the band don't keep playing at over 50 mph. The Beatles tributes in the encore slot are just icing on the cake. I love the heck out of this show - give it a listen, and you almost certainly will, too.
, attached to 1995-12-08

Review by markah

markah I'm listening to this show now for (I think) the first time. Impressive Jim in set I!

But the Tweezer is really where it's at. I love Mike's sustained high-pitched singing over the groove during the verses. This thing really feels too funky to be Dec '95. I know they really had the "permagroove" thing going on that Fall, but this is..well, just beyond good! They bring it way down during the middle of the jam, and the sound of Trey's unaccompanied soloing (or, punctuatedly accompanied soloing) echoing around the hall is pretty cool to hear on these FOBs. Then they really start to wail again. It takes the rest of the boys a minute or to to ratchet up their steam to Trey's level, but when they all reach the peak and then tear into the last 4 1/2 mins of this jam, there's no doubt that this Tweezer is a (typically awesome) true Dec '95 rager!!! There's a hint (not quite a tease) of "Sunshine of your Love" toward the end of this, too. It almost sounds like it could wind down into a YEM vocal jam...they toy with some of the sparse jamming that was maybe more prevalent on the Fall '94 tour, and then all merge into a nice ebb & flow jam...and Trey's leslie brings us back in for a landing. Great Tweezer overall, but my favorite parts were probably more toward the beginning.

But wait! It's Kung!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I'm hearing this. I can't believe I spoke to soon. This mysterious & almost creepy Kung is probably the most a-typical I've ever heard (now that's saying something). Mid-Eastern harmonies from Fishman, sounds like. Then the Tweezer just rages face for another 4 mins. Fishman is screaming (always a good sign) while Trey is wailing to conjure the demonic powers of Cleveland. Short jam after Kung, but firey & intense. And I, for one, have always appreciated the sloooow old school wind down like this one has. This is one of the longest. Nice.

Go listen to this show. Then all of Dec '95. Right now.
, attached to 1995-12-08

Review by mmbyem

mmbyem This too was my first show and what a night. I was a life changing thing and has cost me many of thousands of $$$$$$$$$$ since! Thank You Phish!
, attached to 1995-12-08

Review by funk_lin

funk_lin ...In the month leading up to this show I sent the band (at their Vermont address or PO Box via the schvice, I believe) a different postcard a day with a similar message: Honor John Lennon in Cleveland.

A big smile (and heavy heart) during the first notes of the encore...
, attached to 1995-12-08

Review by Cybro73

Cybro73 My 2nd Phish show, it had been 6 months since my last show, so that meant 6 months of listening to nothing but Phish. So my song recognition improved quite a bit. Plus this was my 1st indoor Phish, so I didn't have to wait till the second set to be visually delighted.
I really remember digging Fluffhead and Tweezer & 2001 the most this night but also thought Prince Caspian, Its Ice & Squirming Coil were very nice. Then the double Beatles encore on the anniversary of Lennon's death was quite emotional.
, attached to 1995-12-08

Review by cheche

cheche That show was 20 years ago, John Lennon had died only 15 years before that show, how time flies.

We drove a long way from Indiana from college near finals week, and when we drove home after the show it was a blizzard and long scary ride as the Ricker was amped up and hauling it.

A few things I can clearly remember:

1. before the show they were playing some acoustic music over the PA and I loved it. I later found out through phish rec site that it was Strength In Numbers "Telluride Sessions" which introduced me to Bela Fleck and those guys. I thank Phish for this.

2. I remember the arguments and intense discussion about the chess move during the intermission, that was fun.

3. I remember Tweezer and Reprise rocking out. I was not a huge follower at the time but I knew this song. I also knew that it rocked and was as good as any classic rock song on the radio in terms of riff power. I was glad they played it.

4. Acoustic Army was a beautiful and unexpected kind of music that I appreciated greatly. We were sitting close and it sounded great.

5. I remember coming out of the show thinking "that piano player is really talented, like a classical musician or something, what an asset to the band!"
, attached to 1995-12-08

Review by FesslerPHan

FesslerPHan Was my first Phish show .Seen the Dead a few times and had no clue what to think !Wow was this show phun as the paper was clean !I am on my 30 plus show no and i will never look back !!Thank u phish !Anyone els see that sick JOSH glass saxaphon bubbler in the lot ? it was like 300$ and some hells angle was selling it ! lol ,have PHUN KIDS!!
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