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Blog Mystery Jam Monday Part 232

Posted 2016-07-25 1:00 pm by Dog_Faced_Boy - 17 comments , posted in the Audio category (1096 listens)

Welcome to the 232nd edition of Mystery Jam Monday! Continuing with our Hall of Fame Series, where we welcome one of our nine, seven-time MJM winners into the MJM recording studio, and let that Emeritus winner select the tracks for this week's competition. For week 6 of this Emeritus Series, we welcome @mcgrupp81, the sixth person forced into mandatory retirement after impressively earning seven victories between November 2012 and November 2015.

To win, be the first person to identify the song and date of each of the three mystery jam clips, and answer what they share in common. Each person gets one attempt per day, with the second “day” starting after the Blog posts the hint -- each answer should contain three songs / dates, along with the commonality between them. No sharing or trading of answers is allowed. A hint will be posted on Tuesday if necessary, with the answer to follow on Wednesday. The winner will receive one MP3 code good for a free download of any show, courtesy of our friends at / Nugs.Net. Good luck, and thanks again to @mcgrupp81 for hosting this sixth week of the MJM Hall of Fame Series.

Hint: "I was asked to provide a hint, and I am only doing so because you guys are such a great, attentive audience."

Hint regarding the 2nd Track: Just as the faithful dog McGrupp likes to keep close to the heal of his master, Colonel Forbin, the song from which the 2nd track was selected is closely associated with and adjacent to another, larger song. It is this leading song, the master if you will, which relates specifically to this week's theme.

Answer: Congratulations to @Schvice, who not only takes down a doozy MJM and earns his seventh victory, but as a result, he is now forced into mandatory retirement, becomeing only the 10th person to join the Hall of Champions Emeritus Club. @Schvice accomplished this feat by correctly identifying the tracks: Wilson from 12/8/92, the Jam after McGrupp from 7/5/98, and AC/DC Bag from 2/14/03, as well as the theme: Gamehendge Songs. Special thanks to this week's Emeritus host, @mcgrupp81 who selected the tracks and theme.

In the last few weeks, we have witnessed the expansion of the Emeritus Club, as victories by @ucpete, @WayIFeel and now @Schvice have increased its membership from seven to ten. Will a new generation of MJM savants materialize, or will the Blog finally improve its dismal win-loss record? Only one way to find out: tune in next Monday for MJM Part 233, as the Emeritus Series continues with our guest host, @yunkfunk.

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Blog Chula Recap: ebb and FLOW

Posted 2016-07-24 8:50 pm by phishnet - 40 comments

[Editor's Note: We'd like to welcome guest contributor Pete Hoherd (@FunkyCFunkyDo) for this recap.]

Palm fronds shrugged effortlessly at us on our final approach into the venue. Swaying peacefully, purposefully, their silent grace showed us more life lessons than a year’s worth of living – some years at least. Listen to the silent trees. The dry grass on the rolling hills knew what the trees knew – rhythmically dancing in the same breeze as if they knew no other way of life. The music hadn’t started yet, but the harmony had. It was all around us, on the wind and under water, a subtle, relaxed energy, softly speaking to us. All it took was a moment away from your phone, your beer, even your best friend, to look around and feel that mellow mood unifying. All it took was that moment to know that something special was on the wind this night.

Photo  {|Derek Gregory}
Photo © Derek Gregory


Blog Forum Recap: Gravity's Rainbow

Posted 2016-07-23 3:52 pm by pzerbo - 46 comments

On Friday night, Phish rolled into The Forum in Inglewood, CA for the third consecutive year and the penultimate show of the 2016 summer tour. After an unusually sluggish opening two weeks of the campaign, starting with Great Woods Phish had returned to mid-season form, including most recently a successful run in San Francisco that featured entertaining jams and a bounty of bustouts. The tour has seen its fair share of ups and downs, but with an upward arc and two high-profile, webcasted, weekend gigs to wrap up, the hammer was theirs to pull out the come-from-behind tour championship. Let’s see how they did.

Photo © Derek Gregory


Blog BGCA 3 Recap: The Very Long Ruse?

Posted 2016-07-21 3:26 pm by Icculus - 33 comments

IT does not happen often: a Phish set with "bustouts" so plentiful that as each one begins, the excited utterances of fans intensify, fostering a revelry of Dionysian proportions. Although it was only a month ago that Phish performed a show with many bustouts (6/22/2016), shows like this are still rare. And when in the course of such phishy events it becomes necessary to SCREAM FEVERISHLY, in a room ablaze with vibration, at yet another song you never believed you’d see Phish play, you realize you are at THAT show. Phish reminded each one of us in attendance last night at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco why we fell in love with them, and why we continue to see them whenever life permits.

Photo by Rene Huemer © Phish, used with permission


Blog BGCA 2 Recap: Funk Fest In The City By The Bay

Posted 2016-07-20 2:43 pm by jugglerswithfire - 6 comments

Cheers everyone and welcome back to the second night of Phish at the historic Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in one of my favorite domestic cities, San Francisco. As was touched on in yesterday’s recap, there is a magical energy that is unparalleled when Phish tour moves from the breathtaking venue of the Gorge to indoors where I think Phish fires on all cylinders. Indoor Phish shows create a feeling of intimacy which allows the fifth member of the band, CK5 to truly shine his light and harmonious bliss ensues creating the trifecta of band, lights, immaculate sound and unity with the crowd. Disclaimer: I was not able to attend the show live regrettably, so this recap is based on my critical listening to the show. Without further ado, here we go!

BGCA Night 2
Photo: Jake Silco


Blog BGCA1: See the City, See the Zoo

Posted 2016-07-19 7:20 pm by ucpete - 21 comments

Following a beautiful weekend at the Gorge, Phish and many of their rabid fans followed the lines going south to The City by the Bay to see the band take the stage at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium for the tenth time in the past four years. Last summer, the band skipped a three night run at BGCA for the first time since 2012, in favor of a single show at Shorelinea move that ended up paying off big time. The crowd assembled outside the venue and City Hall early on Monday, and the party blazed on into the night. Unlike the 2014 weekday run, there was not an abundance of extras on “Shakedown” – there were more fingers in the air than there were tickets.

At 8:07 PM, the band took the stage to a raucous applause from the fans, and Page started off the festivities with a sample: “You have been selected...”. The band wasted no time blasting off into “Martian Monster,” opening a show for the third time ever and played for the fourth time in sixteen shows this tour. The trip was relatively short, but definitely sweet, and when we disembarked, Mike greeted us in the native tongue with a “Bee Chew Ba Ba Bajingo” as the band continued the spacey theme with “Halley’s Comet.” Like most renditions of late, this version was well-played and completely inside the box. And for the fifth time in “3.0,” “Halley’s” careened (in-key) into “46 Days.” As the first jam developed, Trey found a gnarly tone that he paired nicely with an ascending riff that signaled to his bandmates and the crowd that a peak was coming. After settling into the vocal coda, Trey immediately catapulted the band back into the stratosphere for another sharp peak before winding down again and taking a short breather after an energetic start to the set.

Photo by Dave Vann (c) Phish, used with permission


Blog Mystery Jam Monday Part 231

Posted 2016-07-18 1:00 pm by Dog_Faced_Boy - 22 comments , posted in the Audio category (1136 listens)

Welcome to the 231st edition of Mystery Jam Monday! This week we continue with our Hall of Fame Series, where we welcome one of our eight, seven-time MJM winners into the MJM recording studio, and let that Emeritus winner select the tracks for this week's competition. For week 5 of this Emeritus Series, we welcome @PersnicketyJim, the fifth person forced into mandatory retirement after taking the Blog by storm with seven victories in the span of twenty-six MJMs.

To win, be the first person to identify the song and date of each of the four mystery jam clips, and answer what they share in common. Each person gets one attempt per day, with the second “day” starting after the Blog posts the hint -- each answer should contain four songs / dates, along with the commonality between them. No sharing or trading of answers is allowed. A hint will be posted on Tuesday if necessary, with the answer to follow on Wednesday. The winner will receive one MP3 code good for a free download of any show, courtesy of our friends at / Nugs.Net. Good luck, and thanks again to @PersnicketyJim for hosting this fifth week of the MJM Hall of Fame Series.

Hint: There is a reason there are four clips this week.

Answer: Congratulations to @WayIFeel who recorded his seventh MJM victory by correctly identifying this week's four clips: "Say Something" from 8/30/13, a Mike Gordon penned song; "Mr. Completely" from 7/15/03, a Trey Anastasio song; "Heavy Rotation" from 7/22/15, by Page McConnell; and "Ha Ha Ha" from 2/26/97, a Jon Fishman song. The theme, also identified, was songs credited to an individual member of the band. It appeared that the blog might score a rarified victory, but in the final hour, @WayIFeel came through with the correct answers and theme. With this victory, he now retires from regular participation, and becomes only the ninth member of the Hall of Fame Club comprising all the retired seven time winners. Fortunately we will welcome @WayIFeel back in just a few weeks, when moves across the table and selects the theme and clips for week 9 of the MJM Emeritus Series. Special thanks to @PersnicketyJim for a really great MJM Emeritus theme and clips. So close. So close.... Please join us next Monday, July 25, when week 6 of the MJM Emeritus Series will launch, hosted by Emeritus Champion @mcgrupp81. Also wishing happy and safe travles to regular MJM host and Emeritus Champion number eight, @ucpete. See you all next week!

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Blog Gorge 2 Recap: Picking Up The Pieces

Posted 2016-07-18 4:28 am by Doctor_Smarty - 15 comments

Although I will always consider shows at The Gorge to be homecourt experiences, the truth of the matter is that the venue is actually a long way from my old home place in Portland. After breaking down camp, wishing safe travels back to reality to friends old and new, and making the five hour journey (seven if you count the interminably long lunch stop in Goldendale for some delicious Tacos Al Pastor) home, I then took a 12-hour power nap. Making up for most of the sleep I didn’t get during another lost weekend spent deep inside the Phish bowl. As a consequence this recap is arriving fairly late...but hopefully just under the wire before those of you hitting the floor running at BGCA get ready to do your thing. I never expected to wake up to a universe where Gronk would be joining Paul McCartney and Bob Weir on stage for a performance of “Helter Skelter”...but I I’ll roll with it for now.

Gorge 7/16/16
Photo: Brian Feller


News Breaking: FREE Pre-BGCA PhanArt Event July 19th

Posted 2016-07-13 12:00 pm by bertoletdown - 1 comment - Link:

The Mockingbird Foundation is delighted to be participating in PhanArt’s first West Coast art show, “San PhranArt Show” on July 19th in San Francisco. We invite you to visit our table from 12-5PM at MEZZANINE, a live music venue about a 15 mins walk from Bill Graham.


If you missed us at the “PhanArt in Harry’s Hood” art show in Chicago, you will have an opportunity to lay your hands on the new Phish Companion. We will have a limited number of copies available at the show for a flat rate of $39. All orders for the book placed in person at the show on Tuesday are eligible to receive the special show price plus free delivery. And in case you needed a reason to stay out West until Dick’s, you’ll also receive a special code for $15 off a ticket to Vertex, a new camping and music festival in Buena Vista, CO headlined by Trey Anastasio.

Those coming to the show will also have an opportunity to win a copy of The Phish Companion. Together with Vertex and PhanArt, Mockingbird is hosting a raffle to benefit the Buena Vista school district. In addition to The Phish Companion, the raffle winner will also take home a pair of 3-Day passes to Vertex with special viewing during both Trey sets as well as a sweet merch bag from PhanArt. Raffle tickets can be purchased at either the Mockingbird or PhanArt tables, all proceeds will be directly donated to the local School District.

Mockingbird was chosen to partner with Vertex as the leading non-profit organization in the festival's Music in Schools Program—more to come on our efforts in the local Buena Vista community.

While in San Francisco, PhanArt will host over 20 artists and vendors exhibiting various Phish inspired creations from poster art to stickers, show shirts and other unique artworks. The line-up includes a variety of well-known artists like Isadora Bullock, who contributed a stunning limited edition poster for The Phish Companion entitled “Out of Control."

Admission to “San PhranArt Show” is free but you must be 21+.

Further information about the PhanArt show is available on the PhanArt website and its Facebook event page.

News Going to Wrigley? Celebrate "TPC3" with Mockingbird and Waterwheel!

Posted 2016-06-16 10:00 am by bertoletdown - 0 comments - Link:

The Mockingbird Foundation and The WaterWheel Foundation invite you to celebrate the release of the third edition of The Phish Companion at an exclusive pre-show event at Wrigley Field on Friday, June 24th at 3:30 p.m. Tickets for this event go on sale Tuesday, June 21 at 12:00 noon Central time HERE.

The price of your ticket includes the following awesome stuff:

  • One copy of The Phish Companion (shipped to your home)
  • A pre-show happy hour with complimentary beverages and light dinner (beer & wine, sandwiches, and snacks)
  • Early entrance into the Wrigley Field concert venue

About The Phish Companion

The Phish Companion’s 898 hardbound, full-color pages chronicle Phish’s story with setlists, show reviews and spotlights, exclusive photos, and original art. Compiled and edited by an all-volunteer team, the book is a must-have for every kind of Phish fan, and sets the gold standard for rock music references. All net proceeds from the sale of the book, now available at, will benefit The Mockingbird Foundation’s sustained efforts on behalf of music education for children.

About The WaterWheel Foundation

The WaterWheel Foundation was established in 1997 to oversee all of Phish’s philanthropic giving. Through the foundation’s Touring Division, the band and their fans have raised and donated over $1,000,000 to local charities at concert stops.

Important Event Details

Tickets to the WaterWheel pre-show event do not include tickets to the Wrigley Phish concert. You must already be a ticket-holder to attend the pre-show event. Having a ticket to the Wrigley Phish concert does not guarantee you a ticket to the pre-show event. You must be 21 years or older to attend this pre-show event.

Ticket cost for this event is not tax-deductible. Please contact your tax advisor for more information.

News The Phish Companion Is Back... And This Time It's Hard(cover)!

Posted 2016-06-15 9:30 am by bertoletdown - 44 comments - Link:

Image and The Mockingbird Foundation are delighted to announce the third edition of The Phish Companion: A Guide to the Band & Their Musicavailable now for purchase.

Like Phish themselves, our intent was to deliver a feast for the senses, and so the new Phish Companion’s 898 full-color, hardbound (!) pages are bursting with exclusive content curated to please every subspecies of fan.

Academics and completists will delight in 1,700 freshly manicured setlists, plus essential song histories, useful charts, band member bios, side-projects, and more.

Prose-heads can dig into nearly 150 sharply observed show reviews, as well as crackling original fan stories that chronicle the evolving Phish experience from Burlington watering holes in the 1980s to soccer stadiums in the present day.

Prefer to eat with your eyes? This book boasts the best printed collection of Phish photography ever compiled. We’re talking 128 pages of full-color memories and olfactory hues here, folks.


And did we mention art? The book’s eight chronological chapters are anchored by stunning original prints from many of the scene’s most accomplished artists – David Welker, AJ Masthay, Justin Helton, and others – each of whom was commissioned to freely interpret a period of Phish.

They crushed it.


If our first and second “reference-style” editions were trusty Subarus that could get you from A to B reliably for a quarter million miles, our third edition is Doc Brown’s DeLorean. It takes you on a guided tour through 33 years of Phish history – and looks sexy as hell doing it.


The story of Phish is one of epic sweep. This book tells that story, from germination to glory, and from ruin to redemption.

But it’s also personal. It’s about you. And in re-discovering the band in these pages, textures, and colors, we hope you will see your own reflection as well.

And now, without any further ado: Ready... Set... Read The Book!



News "How About a Goldfish?" New posters from Mbird on sale Friday.

Posted 2016-04-20 4:20 pm by MarcoEsc - 10 comments - Link:

NOPE!Just in time for the election season, artist and printmaker Brian Bojo addresses this one critical question with an answer we all can agree on: NOPE!

This new limited edition print from The Mockingbird Foundation goes on sale this Friday, April 22, at noon ET at Bottleneck Gallery. Proceeds benefit music education for kids!

NOPE is an 18" x 24" three-color screenprint on Springhill 150 lb. Tag manila paper. It is a signed and numbered edition of 150, and is $25.

Brian also created a variety of variants for those who like a little more color in their goldfish. These will also go on sale Friday ... same time, same place ... and are much smaller editions.

Silver foil and gold foil variants are each a signed, numbered edition of 10. Shiny!

Four alternate color variants are each a signed, numbered edition of 25. Colorful!

NOPE prints, crafted by Brian Bojo for The Mockingbird Foundation - on sale this Friday at noon from Bottleneck Gallery. Come and get them before they all swim away!

This election year, vote OOM PA PA!

Song History Song History: Stash

Posted 2016-03-12 4:06 pm by Jeff Goldberg (Jeff_Goldberg), Martin Acaster (Doctor_Smarty) - Link:

In the late 1980's, Phish was but a mere sapling compared to what the band is today. This unique era of Phish’s musical development, where the band members, still relatively young, were riding a wave into stardom unfathomable at the time, was however in many ways a pinnacle in Phish’s maturity as a band. Although one never ceases to learn and advance musically, the band members were still very much music students themselves, engaging in group exercises such as a cappella vocal lessons and frequent jazz jam sessions....

Song History Song History: The Squirming Coil

Posted 2016-03-11 4:40 pm by Martin Acaster (Doctor_Smarty) - Link:

The lyrics of “The Squirming Coil” offer an enigmatic link between the demon seed horror of Ira Levin’s Rosemary’s Baby, Indiana Jones’ discovery of the well of souls in a “lost” city in Egypt, the hubris of Icarus during his escape from Crete, the adventures of Poster Nutbag’s primary pal, Jimmy, and the tragic murder of John Lennon outside The Dakota. Through ingesting the fictional tannis root, a fungus also known as Devil’s Pepper, we can decipher the riddle in the rhyme and discover we are being cautioned against seeking favor, fortune or fame, at any price. When we deal with the devil, the cost is invariably going to mean our soul....

News Phish Announces 2016 Summer Tour

Posted 2016-02-05 3:05 pm by Icculus - 33 comments - Link:

On Wednesday, June 22, 2016, Phish will begin their summer tour with a show in St. Paul, MN (the first in the twin cities since 9/24/2000). They will then play 19 shows in Illinois (Wrigley Field), IN, PA, NY, ME, MA, CT, WA (Gorge) and CA (San Francisco, Inglewood and Chula Vista), before taking six weeks or so off, after which they will perform three shows Labor Day weekend at Dick's in Colorado (September 2, 3, and 4). The ticket presale has started and will last until midnight e.t. on Sunday, February 21.


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