, attached to 2019-02-21

Review by Moorephishphan9

Moorephishphan9 First - wish I was there. 2017 was a blast. This show was well played with good song placement and I felt the energy throughout. Soul planet into Spanish moon was my favorite. So great to hear the guys playing well and having fun creating beautiful vibes and sending to all of us. Stay thirsty my Phriends!
, attached to 2019-02-21

Review by TheDude31

TheDude31 @TheDude31 said: [quote]What a great experience! What an opening night. Place is just fantastic. The setlist was a great mix of new and old and great jamming on the new material. Plus a few bust outs! Doesn’t get much better. I have to admit I figured we would get just some jukebox and type 1 Phish. Expectations blown away.! Saw them on 12/30/18 and they haven’t missed a beat. Keep it up Phellas!
, attached to 2019-02-21

Review by Gr8tful2

Gr8tful2 Love Phish but shows like this confirm to me that I continue to make Great decisions by not blowing TONS of money for less than mediocre shows and song selections.. Really???? I’m gonna spend tens of thousands of dollars for that??? I was done a favor when the couch tour crashed. Come on guys. Believe it or not I’ve great appreciation for the Greatest Band Ever but surly we can do better.
, attached to 2019-02-21

Review by MagnaGin40

MagnaGin40 Great way to start the run with the Spock's Brain, Who Loves the Sun bustouts. Everythings Right, per the usual had a good jam but the real treats come in set 2. Spanish Moon>I Always Wanted it This Way>Death Dont Hurt Very Long, 2001>Bathtub Gin makes this the best show in Mexico to date (albeit a low bar for that claim). 2nd set shows this band continues to push the envelope in what they're capable of, definitely listen to it in its entirety. Looking forward to what the rest of the run has in store for us lucky phans.
, attached to 1992-08-23

Review by Ricoo

Ricoo Hmmm.. I was at this show and remember watching in awe as Trey and Santana went at it on stage.... Then I climbed the metal bleachers to get a look at the scene .. There I saw a sea of black leather jackets surrounding a little patch of tie-dyes huddled together right in the center of the crowd. And, yes, I was probably wearing a tiedye too. lol I wish there was a recording of this...
, attached to 1993-03-12

Review by Ricoo

Ricoo One of my best friends and I were standing outside looking inside the glass doors of the Venue earlier in the day before the show started. He painted them a sweet picture and was holding it as we gazed inside ..I'm pretty sure it was Page who walks by and let us in!!! I wish he would comment and verify, lol. Anyway, We go inside and chill with him next to the stage while he plays a little on the piano.. then he invites us back stage to drink wine.. Later that night I was passed a paper bag with the words "ACDC" written on it, in the front row.. they opened second set with ACDC bag. For the longest time I thought this was my first show till I found the ticket for Phish and Santana at the colorado state fair which was in 92. I think this show was great... Trey kept staring deep into my soul during his Solos.. Great Show, full of energy.
, attached to 2019-02-21

Review by s1177375

s1177375 Hell yes what a weird setlist I'm absolutely loving this it is what I call BS sandwich it's not a nest night where it's all ass but it's in a sandwich I told them they needed to end with the squirming coil they always do it first said ending but second said ending is even better good job good placement that's exactly where it needs to be every night or at Encore it's a great song to have page be alone up there is magical and maybe it's magical because I've never seen it live so I'm kind of pissed that I wasn't there tonight but I never want to visit Mexico f*** Mexico but yes this is good I hate Spock's brain it's a very weird song not a fan of it at all and yet because of the Rarity I'll take it also got to say Velvet Underground one of my favorite bands ever better than David Bowie better than the Beatles yes even better than Eric Clapton so who loves the sun who loves s words who loves sandwiches this guy right here
, attached to 2018-10-23

Review by Moorephishphan9

Moorephishphan9 This was my wife’s birthday show! Great venue with a beautiful Nashville skyline! The Tweezer Reprise out the gate was amazing! Cool it down was very nice to hear and an overall really well played and great vibe first set. The Mike’s Ghost was something special. Nice funky Paug with a loving cup. I love this venue. We had a great time the whole day and Phish always delivers! Great crowd too! Much love
, attached to 1994-06-26

Review by FunkyBdawg

FunkyBdawg I really enjoyed listening to this show! I wasn't there, but this is a great example of throwback Phish that I love to check out from time to time. BUT, really I just wanted to call out the Landlady tease from Page towards the end of encore Tube - it's so seamless but it's there - absolutely blows my mind how that fits, but it does!
, attached to 1996-12-31

Review by dr32timmymeat

dr32timmymeat This show kicks a**! The first set is seamless no-huddle segues all over. No big peaks but they clearly came to play, it's alive. Set II totally fine, and Set III is a whirlwind. The DWD has 1995 energy without the 1998 meandering. It's long, but in your face the whole time. Suzy Greenberg has no jam upside but this version seems particularly sharp. Run Like and Antelope is downright aggressive. There is a real edgy intensity to this whole show. I don't care for the final three songs, but I also would cut them some leash on how they wrap up Set III of a huge show to cap off a four-night run. They earned the right to throw Bohemian Rhapsody and Amazing Grace at the wall, whatever.
, attached to 2018-12-30

Review by RunawayJim4180

RunawayJim4180 Line by line, lets run through the tapes as we would with a show from say, '91, and see how this one turned out just for fun (sans recency or attendance bias). -The show opener is a bit of a fun/sloppy Alumni->Jimmy Page->Alumni that about two beats slower than, say, 10/26/10. The slower pace works to an extent, but lacks the fire of some earlier versions. -Mike's Groove is next, and the Mike's is a solid and mostly straightaway version with a brief and fiery peak. The segue into Glide II is a bit of a letdown, though the song's novelty makes up for its playing a bit. The intro to Weekapaug is flubbed and Trey is mostly absent for the first few mins, but recovers nicely and takes the jam into Allman Brother's "Mountain Jam" territory almost immediately as a throwback to the Baker's Dozen teases. A run-up to a dual peak ensues in fine fashion, followed by some effects-laden jamming and signature Trey 3.0 echoplex riffs, woo-ing, and Page synthesizing. Solid! -A rough segue into Crosseyed leads to a few stumbles as Page and Fish get on the same....page as Trey and Mike. This version is pretty straightforward, nothing too different than most standard takes on the tune. I did enjoy Page's Boston-esque organ outro. I thought for sure they might dip into "Foreplay/Long Time" there.... -But we got a Bliss instead. I've always been a huge fan of this tune, so it was a nice cooldown, especially as it mimicked the album duo of Bliss->Billy Breathes -Speaking of Billy Breathes, I've always been of the opinion that songs with such intricate vocal layering are best left for the studio, but this version is decent enough. -No Men ratchets the dance party back up again, albiet with a pretty standard version here. -A sloppy intro to Tube gives way to a solid and atypical jam with staccato and proto-plinko effects, more akin to "2001" than your average Tube. -Another pretty sloppy segue back into Weekpaug, but the crowd was digging it. Quick two minute recap that leads into... -Tube, of course! Nice segue here, closing out the Tube sandwich. -Although I appreciate More, you can hear the air leave the room on this one. Solid version to close a good first set. 3.5 out of 5. -Having attended the Kasvot Vaxt Halloween show, I appreciate these new tunes even more, and I thought Cool Amber & Mercury was one of Trey's stronger Type 1 offerings of the night, with clean vocals and guitar tone throughout. -Everything's Right has delivered the goods since its debut, and this version is no exception. A very 3.0-sounding jam, with restrained solos, slow build to a rolling peak, Page's ethereal Clav, Trey's echoplex, Mike's bass bombs and Fish's cymbal-led fills. -Plasma follows, and while I enjoy the TAB versions with the horns more, this one is worth the marquee slot here in set 2. Solid! -Light is next, and the jam is sort of an upbeat version of the previous two songs and their jam sections. Someone once mentioned that Big Cypress sounds similar across its lengthy jams, and I think the same can be said for this second set as well. Not necessarily a bad thing, but hey, if the comment worked there, it applies here as well. I will say that this Light grows brighter around 11 minutes in, with a slow burn until a thrilling peak around 18 mins. -Wading is Wading, though the vocals here are stronger than some other versions I've heard of late. -SOAM is not quite the psychedelic journey it once was during its heyday of roughly '93-'98, and there isn't much of note here during the first nine minutes, save a few squealing whale calls. After that, things start to drone into industrial noise, perhaps cool if you were there, but downright un-listenable on "tape" until the last minute closes it out in fine fashion. -And then the four song encore! All were very well played, Type 1 status. Overall, I'd rate this show somewhere between a 4.0 and 4.25. Top 10 of all time? Hardly, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a blast to attend live or listen to on Phish.In.
, attached to 1993-04-03

Review by westbrook

westbrook Spectacular renditions of Stash and YEM in the second set definitely vault this show into 4 star territory after a perfectly acceptable opening frame. For both songs, this was about as well as they had been jammed up to this point and they remain all-timers to this day. Stash was in the middle of one of its hottest runs ever (3/30-4/5) and I would call this YEM my favorite pre-94 version. Stash is really loose in the composed section and that loose playfulness carries over into the jam which is very jazzy at first before it ramps up for a strong finish. YEM's jam comes charging out of the tramps segment with Page lighting things up and builds into much more of a full group groove than the usual Trey solo section. If you want to know where the power rock of 95 came from, start here.
, attached to 1995-10-22

Review by Real_out_casty

Real_out_casty cont.....DC Bag is shredding. Trey is into it. They all were tight as fuk & playing my jams bag, mind, sloth, jim, nicu, fefy [u]TO OPEN[/u]?!?!. Really. Set 2 fuked me. [b]Possom[/b] had energy I'd never seen from Trey. Like, rocket to stratosphere energy. Prob best 1 I ever saw. [b]Curtain>Tweez>Makisupa [/b]is perfect & unique. Very entertaining. Back to back Mars songs were rare & unexpected. Then [b]Slave[/b]closed. Best song of the night. This one has sharp muthafukin teeth bruh. MONSTER SLAVE!!! did I say that slave closer was good? Damnit.
, attached to 1995-10-22

Review by Real_out_casty

Real_out_casty This one is a sleeper among giants that are prevalent during fall of 95. No hype leading up to this, mostly b/c Halloween was the next week & I had received the cool new mail order ticket which was also in a prime location. So this whole week was just a warm up for what I hoped was Joe's Garage on All Hallows' Eve. This day became very special as soon as we arrived b/c within 10 min I ran into Page back bye the bus. He was always courteous to me even though I was obviously an overzealous, crazed phan. So I kept it short & simple. I asked, mispronouncing the title, "what happened to Guyute?" (Guyute had debuted the previous fall & last played at the epic Providence show 12/29/94). He smiled sheepishly, corrected me & said "oh, it still there". To which my pleading reply was, [b]HALLOWEEN[/b]!...[i]pleeeeese[/i]. It was my favorite song then, I caught all but one the fall before & the Prov Guyute was the shit. So when they didn't play it at all on summer tour or yet that fall, I was very concerned. Page gave me a chuckle & walked inside. A week later, I was dressed up as the ugly pig at Halloween, and had one of the most amazingly beautiful moments of my life. They busted it out around mid 1st set w a new arrangement & whistling!!! I nearly fainted from joy. Anyway that whole experience started when I first arrived at Champaign. Having zero expectations of this show, aside from some teases of poss musical costumes, we went in pretty early. Sat up top in the back & smoked oooooout then went down by Page for the show. They came in [b]HOT[/b]!
, attached to 1997-12-06

Review by ilostmypebblesandmarbles

ilostmypebblesandmarbles Everyone has pretty much covered the bulk of why this show is fantastic and I agree on all counts!!! Now, how's about that Rocky Top. Seriously ! Played at the speed of light. Page's hands could've destroyed the space time continuum and life as we know it could've unraveled but......they finished the tune and saved the universe. Good 'ol Rocky Top.
, attached to 2000-06-25

Review by Abyssal_Plain

Abyssal_Plain This was my first show. May have not been the best but to a noob like myself it was magic. The copy I have isn’t very good quality but still makes me spin almost nineteen years later. NICU, Horn, and SOaM were especially tasty. Maze solidified my love for the boys and remains one of my favorites.
, attached to 2018-10-26

Review by MSG_Hood_Guy

MSG_Hood_Guy After the Curveball debacle and me slowly becoming more and more 'jaded' over the last couple years, I was definitely at my lowest point as a Phish fan. Starting to consider saying my goodbyes and moving on. It was becoming to the point of is it worth all the time and effort for this band? Are they declining? Am I declining? Going into this show, being the first show (for me) since the cancellation of Curve I was not really in the same high spirits as I have been previously. I did not listen to any Phish for months leading up to Allstate, I needed a mental break. I was going into this weekend of shows, thinking this may be my last 3 night run. As Phish does time and time again, I needed this show so freaking bad! There was a smile on my face from the moment PYITE opened to the end of Reprise. I got to spend the show with great friends and a 'little' of the "machine gun Trey" came out this night. It was absolutely wonderful!
, attached to 2018-12-30

Review by Phishcake94

Phishcake94 Ok, I was at this show, section 101 I believe. Not bad seats, actually perfect as far as sight lines go. I was out partying pretty hard the previous 3 nights so by the time I dragged myself up to the city, I was pretty exhausted. Still, the show was all around incredible, as almost everyone has agreed. I do wish I had been more well rested, because it definitely took away from the show at the time, but I've listened back to the complete show numerous times and I think it's going to hold up for a very long time. The first set just breathes creativity, in terms of song choice, set list structure & jams. This is actually the second Alumni I got this year. I believe they opened with it the first night in Camden over the summer, but I could be wrong. The Mike's was typical, I'm a bit surprised to see it on the jam chart. Not that it isn't a solid version, but not many Mike's break the typical song structure much anymore. Glide II was fun. It's cool that even at this point in their history, they can still bust out songs written decades ago that surprise everybody. The 'Paug was great stuff as well. It's always welcome to see that one go longer than 7-8 minutes. The Xeyed wasn't anything special outside of where it appeared in the show. I didn't recognize Bliss at first, but once it hit the main hook I remembered listening to it from Trey's recent solo show. The Tube was equally as fun as the rest of the set. I'll take Tube whether it's spacey or funky. The segue back into Weekapaug set the building on fire!! Overall, probably the best first set I've ever seen in person! CA&M is a tune I like in this spot. It gets everyone moving again after set break. Nothing stand out here, but I am a big fan of the Kasvot stuff and was glad to see it get a lot of love over the run, from band and fans. This Everything's Right on the other hand, might be one of my favorite jams of all time! There's just tons of direction in everyone's playing right out the gate. I'm not going to go into great detail about the jam, but its 100% must listen to material. The last 5 minutes or so remind me so much of the Coventry soundcheck jam. The end of both of these jams remind me of watching a sunset, both are just so melancholy & relaxed. I really can't praise it enough!! Plasma is the next great jam in a set literally filled with them. I dig these low-key groove jams. Mike has some really good runs here, as noted on the jam chart. They really do so much in only 10 minutes. The jam could have gone on for another 10 minutes and I'd have been happy. Light is another 20+ minute jam & there's a lot to dig into. This is another one you really have to hear for yourself. Always love me some Wading & we get a Split to end probably the best set of the year (though I know that's up for debate). This has probably been the best year for Split in a long time, definitely in 3.0. They take this one to deep space with ease. Just when you think there's no way they can pull this one back in, Trey does just that. I really love the evolution of this song & the fact that they still find new inspiration in some of their oldest tunes. The 4 song encore speaks for itself, I grabbed my jacket after Wilson, Rocky Top & Cavern, thinking that each one had to be the last one. Definitely draws comparisons to 12/30/97, though a greatly different style. If only this encore had gone on for 30 minutes!
, attached to 2016-01-15

Review by carolhummel

carolhummel My first Phish show! I understand they played a few rare songs. I really enjoyed free>David Bowie. Also amazing they cover the song from 2001 space odyssey. I know this prob isn’t a helpful review for the major fans but It’s been great getting a chance to be a part of these Mexico shows and learn more about what makes this band so special.
, attached to 1993-02-21

Review by ilostmypebblesandmarbles

ilostmypebblesandmarbles Excellent show!!!! Tight versions of almost everything. 1st set has a rocking Chalk Dust. Don't miss it. Esther was good. The Antelope is a good one as well. Set 2 has a tight Curtain, well played Stash and a superbly played Lizards. Lizards never ceases to amaze me, especially when they play it with this kind of precision. Textbook pre jammed Gin. Bluegrass encores. Worth your time.
, attached to 1998-11-20

Review by ilostmypebblesandmarbles

ilostmypebblesandmarbles I love both Hampton 98 shows from top to bottom. Fantastic idea to release them. Phish isn't just a jam band that roams around the country providing continuous type 2 jams for the elitist in the parking lots. They're fun. They're a rock n roll band and the party vibe jumps out of the speakers throughout both of these shows. Long first sets. There's long song Phish and more song Phish and this is the latter. The Rift from night 1 is so clean as is the Gin. Night 2 has one of my favorite Mike's they ever played. To this day I still listen to both shows often and it's the first thing I recommend to anyone who is curious about the band. There is a lot to discover. Hampton is a great place to begin and a better place to revisit.
, attached to 1992-12-02

Review by Miguelito

Miguelito I’ve given much of the Fall ‘92 tour a listen recently and I’m pretty impressed. I personally caught the Albany show, 11.20.92 (my 5th show), which I loved, and there are several other excellent shows from the run as well. When I got around to this show I wondered why it failed to rank highly. After numerous listens, I’ve concluded that this show is underrated and contains some real highlights. The recording does contain a fair amount of audience at times, but I like this added element. The strongest of the highlights is the YEM to close set I. First of all, I love the placement. It’s a pretty rare spot but it’s my favorite placement for this tune. Next, we get a fantastic Wedge jam. The band had soundchecked it that Fall, and it didn’t debut until the next February. The transition in and out of the Wedge jam is seamless and it makes for a very interesting YEM. The Tweezer. There are several very interesting versions of this tune this tour, with the band seemingly getting just a bit more exploratory over the course of the Fall, culminating in the fantastic take on 12.12.92. This one is no slouch and is an energetic version that worthy of your time. There are several other highlights that I’ll briefly mention. They come out of the gate with a raging Suzy, followed by another solid Foam (one of many solid Foams from this tour). The always-welcome Divided Sky that follows is solid, but pales compared to the prior version on 11.27.92 (A very fine version in a very fine show). The Wilson Possum opening combo is a strong start to the second set, including the numerous signals within the Wilson. While there are several other shows on this tour that I prefer, this show still has a lot to offer and I believe this show is underrated and deserves a bit more recognition that it currently does.
, attached to 2015-12-31

Review by moonofjupiter

moonofjupiter Four years later I wrote this. I was, after all there. This is the first year of a major spectacle in place of a gag. (Next was Petra, the boat, and mercury). I must say, this is the third or four greatest New Years show of all times. Only, 93,95 beat it. Perhaps 13. Extremely great night. The section from kdf through the end is as good as it gets. Def listen to this. First of many gigantic nminml to follow in the next couple years. Same with Blaze on. 5 stars.
, attached to 1997-11-17

Review by ilostmypebblesandmarbles

ilostmypebblesandmarbles Trey talked about this Ghost in The Phish Book. He said it was a turning point for them and it was the first time they'd ever listened to one of their shows while in transit or at a party etc. He called it the highlight of the tour or something like that. I remember reading that years before it was released as Live Phish 11 and thinking while I value fans opinions and suggestions on shows, I have to hear this show from Denver because Trey is raving about it! The combination of Trey's story and it's release gave this show a huge boost in the universe o' phish but it's obviously well deserved. In most people's Top something or another. In my top 5. Easy. It may bounce around but it stays put at the top.
, attached to 1997-07-01

Review by ilostmypebblesandmarbles

ilostmypebblesandmarbles I think this show is extremely overrated. It has its moments and those moments are great but as a whole this is probably the only official release I think should have stayed unreleased. Enjoyed the opening Ghost. Ya Mar not so much though it was played well. Limb > Ain't Love was very good. Dogs Stole Things rocked. I ignore Rebas with sloppy composed sections. My hangup. I know. The jam to open set 2 wasn't really a jam. Timber and Gin were good but I can't get on board with Cities. 25 minutes and I found it droning for the first 12. The second half of the jam was good but.......below average Slave. Beautiful Circus. Topsy Turvy and not in a good way. Not hating. I'm aware I'm in the minority on this one but this show is overrated and upon being released was squeezed bw 2 better shows.
, attached to 1992-11-27

Review by Miguelito

Miguelito Having listened to all of the preceding shows from this tour to this point, this is my favorite so far. And it’s pretty rare when a first set tops a second set, but that’s what went down at the Capitol Theater on this night. Much of what happened is covered by the other reviews, although I thought the first quarter was quite strong, especially the Divided Sky and Melt. The Divided Sky has more than enough kick to it to distinguish itself from the others I’ve heard on this year, making it the highlight of the set for me and arguably the show. And then the Melt is a force to be reckoned with as it’s a high energy, Type I version that required multiple insta-relistens. Despite my preference for the first set, the second set does have lots of nice moments, especially the McGrupp and the Bowie. The Bowie, in particular, is another major highlight of the show, with its numerous teases and intensity. This has become my favorite pre-‘93 version. The closing Jimi tributes are a nice touch as well, including the tease-infused Cavern. Overall, if you’re exploring Fall ‘92 this show is worthy of your time.
, attached to 1997-07-30

Review by ilostmypebblesandmarbles

ilostmypebblesandmarbles Wolfman's Brother is vibrant● My Soul rocks● My Soul rocks● Stash is sick● Free is funky sick● Bowie > Cities > Bowie is as great as it should be● Fire is the Fire● My Soul rocks● It's a rocking tune and I never tire of rocking tunes● Even if they're played 23 times a tour and never go type 1,2, ab negative, ab positive, O or any of that stuff. Awesome show.
, attached to 1999-09-12

Review by moonofjupiter

moonofjupiter Let’s keep in mind this was the show before the Boise 99 show. Great strong first set. MASSSSSSIVE GHOST. SETTING THE STAGE FOR THE BAG IN BOISE. the second set had three songs reaching the 20 min mark (almost) and so did the following day in Boise. One of the greatest one-two punches I’ve ever seen. Two shows ever at Portland Meadows and both were alltimers. Must listen second set. Period. Deep-dark-light-soft- hard HOSE ACTION. one of the best ever ROGGAES as well.
, attached to 1995-06-26

Review by ND61400

ND61400 My goodness, this show smokes. The first half of the first set is fine, but the It's Ice > Dog Faced Boy > Tela is really lovely. The Possum is the first true heater of the night, and it sets the stage for the second set. If the DWD -> Free doesn't knock you on your ass, you'll get a fun reprieve with Poor Heart. The YEM that follows will try again to knock you over, and if you're still standing, Page takes a turn with Strange Design to lull you into a sense of comfort. And then the Antelope hits, and you most certainly will not be standing any longer. A fierce, fierce show.
, attached to 2000-09-30

Review by ilostmypebblesandmarbles

ilostmypebblesandmarbles There needs to be more love shown for this Maze. It's fantastic ! I agree with the reviews above about the first set. A great 1st set to say the least. Walfredo is fun. Roggae and Simple are 2000 era beautiful. Mike's/Weekapaug are groove monsters. The Maze though. Perfect to my ears. Absolutely love the Forbin's. It's easily one of my favorite songs in their arsenal. Timber, Twist & Sand all reek of the 2000 sound. Dark and easy going ambience. Great stuff.
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