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RunawayJim4180 , attached to 2010-10-26 Permalink
RunawayJim4180 Yeah, what Noob said!

This was the first show of 3.0 where I felt like I was seeing the same band I fell in love with back in 1997/98. There was a decidedly old school crowd in NH that had been well versed in the ways of the Phish, and it showed with the epic pre-parties all over Manchester. We partied on the roofdeck of a parking garage, hit two bars on nearby Elm St. and went in 5 mins before After Midnight broke out.

You've read all of the musical reviews, but the Makisupa->Night Nurse->Makisupa is some super heady reggae from a bunch of white guys! The entire second set is top notch fire, so don't skip a beat there. First set featured some well played rarities, and arguably the best Alumni Blues I'
ve ever heard (the second segment of Alumni fucking smokes, WOW!)

Check this out, 10/26/10 was an incredible night of music that had the crowd cheering in the hallways of the Verizon Center on the way out (I love when that happens!)
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DaReba , attached to 1997-02-22 Permalink
The first set is fun just hearing these guys blow the roof off a small venue. All you need to do is jump to the Chalkdust.
Peeeeee nominal.
Mike and Fish take this into a dance version of DEG , maybe? Trey just is losing himself. And page does what he does best plays notes to where you don't even know if he's playing because he is harmonizing perfectly with Mike and trey . This Chalkdust flies for about 3 minutes straight. my neck is sore from rocking so hard
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spaceanteloped , attached to 1992-11-27 Permalink
Port Chester, NY. Sounds like a great venue to see the guys rock. Rift is a kick-off music opener, but they decide to mellow out the mood with a delicate, early Wilson. That's a must hear. Divided Sky keeps the "all originals" theme intact.

I got on the grass and looked at the black and blue sky. It's extremely damp from the rain all day but Phish is nailing it. Trey wails the guitar in Colonel Forbin's Ascent > Fly Famous Mocking Bird.

Can you still have fun?
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spaceanteloped , attached to 1993-05-08 Permalink
From the first shout of "REBA" and then the show begins. Lights are probably going wild :)

Reading that one comment that this show doesn't flow with you doesn't not make it good. Torture > Guelah Papyrus > Rift seals the deal. How do those people fee about Set 2?

Guitarists who hear this go nuts.


These show are IT.

I'm digging right in. Crossroads, My Friend, My Friend, Bowie.
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spaceanteloped , attached to 2013-10-23 Permalink
I'm happy I saw them when I did, they had a better 2 nights after 10/23/13. '13 is the best year with Phish, no mistakes!!

They open with The Beatles' "Back in the USSR" Mike and Trey on key > Stealing Time.

Listen for my horn.
Yarmouth Road is a highlight. :] So, here Trey has a breather slot.
makes horn worth the listen, I don't know it's just so Trey.
He wrote Water in the Sky, Stealing Time, Alaska, Horn. There's something to be said about the covers of the night as well.

Rock and Roll - The Velvet Underground
Back in the USSR, While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Beatles
I Didn't Know - Mr. Richard Wright

Trey really was on top that night. 10/25,26 are even better.
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spaceanteloped , attached to 2003-02-14 Permalink
Valentine's Day Phish. I bought this show online and skipped to the Gin and Golgi right away.

Taste> Gin Heavy Things is good but if you're short on time check out Carini instead.

Possum isn't like Phish circa 1980 but I'm not complaining. Walls of the Cave is the reason everyone came to that night. A musical library gem. They encored with Loving Cup a coming to full circle move on their performance, as they opened with a roaring drum lick and blunt harmonized vocals. Page is then introduced properly, the band isn't just backing up Trey.

This concert offers a lot of Pagehose and if Mike's tucked bass can't convince you to listen to this little pocket of winter tour nothing will.
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spaceanteloped , attached to 2013-10-25 Permalink
I was attending my phirst show this fine fine fall evening.

Late start though I certainly didn't mind. I was really into this whole atmosphere, driving down to DCU was glorious. The fall leaves all over as we whipped across the highway and twisted up to the venue.

My brother and me, he scored some tickets 2 nights before, calling me at work to get to night off.

Musically, I'm actually gonna admit I knew a fraction of the songs presented. MMGAMOIO, 46 Days, Ghost (yes, the alternated lyrics, but really, no other band could fuck with this, sounds tighter than any other song, also check out the Suzy Greenburg) Oh, and they played Contact for me [:
I was at my 1st show, but my first concert ever. Gold!!
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antelopefrim , attached to 2014-03-28 Permalink
This was an intense show. I was really blown away by the whole thing and sadly I cant remember most of this show due to the pot brownie. But the music was GREAT. I wasn't as high for my phish show I attended last year. I think mike knew I was fucked up but I think (bc of the sweating) maybe he thought it wasn't a bud brownie. He seemed sooooo happy though the entire night and really played off the audience well. I knew he was playing at me for some moments, and other moments he was playing to other people. Scott was smiling the entire time and I really like the way he plays guitar. I remember being very into the keys, but not so much the percussion!! Mike is great but I cant let that get in the way of how on point everyone plays. I think honestly, the drummer is seriously underrated. I watched a link of his once, showing the camera man his drum set and he was explaining everything so fast, but once I heard him play I knew I was in for a treat hearing him live. I asked him to encore with funky bitch (after everyone did, I was still too high to really understand them) and he justlooked at me and laughed. I wasn't familiar with more than half these songs but they all were really good. I have a good few photos from this night I look back on a lot. Mike is just agh I love him :)

The only thing I am upset about is the incomplete Meat. But hey, Meat, Spock's Brain, Dirty water lyrics and Face???? I remember face being VERY good. Not complaining. But Mike, I'd love a release of this concert??? I'd pay.
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DaReba , attached to 1992-05-02 Permalink
If you happen to get a good recording of this you will love the crisp determined playing of the band from jump.
Jim is sparkling. Fish shines giving a perfect tapestry for the band and crowd to dance to. they ripped this Runaway Jim to shreds. You could almost assume they didn't think it would be that way with the curious but welcomed Col Forbin follow. The band is so tight this whole year, its hard to stop mentioning it. it is a good narrative . referencing the riots and another example of how self-aware the band is. Forbin leads into a Famouspus Mocking Bird that I have to say , in my humble opinion, the tightest to that point. They are on fire. Again a good recording will make this obvious. i heard this off of . sick quality. I can't imagine they thought they could play that song better at that time in the bands' development.
Reba follows, full disclosure my favorite song or first favorite masterpiece jams by trey in the YEM, Divided Sky, Antelope realm. Reba got me hooked on those atonal gems from trey's mind. htis written first part is played so perfect you wanna cry. The jam is Phish RnB at its best. the beginning is fish on a great groove wih Mike and Trey rocks it slowly the band gets a regular reba groove giong. Mike drops the first bomb and trey matches that figure in a DEG-like jam Then Fish's cymbals make a great appearance and then Trey just Jedi-Knight's this song. A must-hear Reba.
A blistering Maze follows. The band is in full flight drumd Trey's solo
The Stash verse is a good listen alone. Trey switches the words for a dig at the cops. . this stash is great. must listen.
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DaReba , attached to 1997-02-21 Permalink
gotta do a semii song by songer for this show
the my soul is short and sweet, the foam is for those Fish fnas. listen to his cymbal work here.
this cross eyed is the best they will ever play this song. no doubt
The rest of the set is Classic material. nothing left to say
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DaReba , attached to 1997-02-21 Permalink
Not sure why more people aren't gushing over this masterpiece. One of the most inspired nights in Phish history. Got this show with a group of three 97 Europe shows. . from start to finish. superp hard in your face and gut blues rock in a space the size these guys hadn't ripped a whil. if you don't here the first set you don'y here the first set
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DaReba , attached to 1997-02-20 Permalink
Always good to hear a Curtain opener. This Tweezer is very special. In the Bible & is the divine number. at the 7 minute mark in thiss funk/rock/blues masterpiece show why there were absolutely the best live rock act act at the time.
This tape made feel heroic for somereason when I got it because i got it with a group of 3 europe shows. I was beyond pumped. These shows prepped them for a ridiculous year of growth.
I called this year flying marshmellow funk. This chalkdust is great example. Trey takes his young wailing tone from summer 95 to a clearer more defined conclusion in 97.this chalkdust is an early peak into that. Sick . leaves you speechless . you ever wanted a song to go on forever
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kipmat , attached to 2004-06-17 Permalink
kipmat Hindsight is a funny thing. Over the past few days I've been *observing* (rather than "celebrating") the 10th anniversary of the 2004 Vegas run, by general consensus the worst three consecutive shows of the band's career. I couldn't stomach listening to the complete shows, resorting instead to revisiting a few selected tracks.

This afternoon, I put on my Live In Brooklyn CDs. What a difference.

The level of energy evident in the music is on par with the heady, nation-conquering days of 1993-95. And although the musicianship has changed, this remastered recording demonstrates how the band has improved at listening to each other and supporting each other musically. When the band has been consciously putting in the time to elevate this ability, it becomes infectious: Sample In A Jar is usually setlist fluff, but Page, Mike, and Fish are contributing to Trey's solo in rhythm, tempo, and dynamics, and Trey can't help but be inspired by this.

And during Free, Mike unleashes the Meatball pedal effect, the sound that has had such a profound effect on 3.0 funk jams.

Another indicator of a special show: when the band elects to play one of their early bread-and-butter jam songs in the encore slot, like Reba, Bowie, or Fluffhead. I will always have time for a Divided Sky encore.

Other reviewers have done a great job of explaining the context of the Summer 2004 shows. Live In Brooklyn was the first Phish release I purchased in the wake of the band's breakup in 2004, as a way of providing myself some closure in the grieving process. Of course there were specific reasons why the band broke up in 2004, but it was, and still is, astonishing that Phish could consider calling it quits when they still play shows like this. If you are at all familiar with the band's live show catalog, *please* get this show from, (as well as the SPAC run from the following week) and listen, and enjoy, and consider what was and what might have been.
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tubescreamer , attached to 1999-07-04 Permalink
As noted, the segue from Ghost>Slave is an absolute must hear. Like none of its kind, these two songs merged together in lock-step. Don't be fooled, this is no segue from a normal kick-ass Ghost-- the nature of THIS Ghost, a wild and polyrhythmic psychedelic masterpiece-- utilizing effects rarely if ever used this way, is the onramp for the Slave To The Traffic Light that continues this tone and other-worldly sense of time. It winds its way up the mountaintop without ever letting go of it. It appears Trey gets so far out there that he loses track of time and calls Slave short by a couple bars. Trey goes on to play The Horse and Silent in his own world-- his guitar work is greatly different than normal for these songs where the expectation is complete accuracy. They could be taken as played wrong but he isn't off, he in his own world and what we get is a type II ending to Silent-- some incredibly in the moment guitar work.

What's the use is the perfect backwash to the super nova of the opening couplet.

As for Wilson, remember this is just under a week before the canonized Camden 7/10 show which featured some gnarly exploratory work-- this one goes much deeper, so deep that Trey gets lost in his own world again and forgets his lyrics-- THIS leads to one of the most riotous "CAN YOU STILL HAVE FUNN" sequences ever-- must hear. Put this part when you gotta get your day going.

Mike's song puts an almost happy breather to the madness and then plods into similar territory that ghost does, but doesn't stay long before the happy breather genre king-- Sleeping Monkey, appears.

Weekapaug is just a simple stroll, basking in the glow of what just happened.

Carini reminds everyone that the madness aint over yet.

Meatstick in 99 meant something else than it does now.

And a classy and choreographed firework show to Star Spangled Banner has the crowd in a ferocious bliss to close out the night.
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PhishSticks12 , attached to 2014-03-02 Permalink
PhishSticks12 Loved the jamming in this. Mike's band was very fluid. Keyboards were unreal. Great show. I'd love to see again.

Venue was ok. There was a bar and quite a few of the people behind me were plastered drunk and shouting during the second set. Other than that all was great. The Ether encore really was a cool thing to hear having just listened to Overstep.
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