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phish30sux , attached to 2014-10-21 Permalink
Fair enough. I shouldn't comment on the music when I haven't heard it. I'm just fed up with the phish apologists who feel this band can do no wrong. They are my favorite but there seems to be a serious lack of set list variety and jamming creativity. Obviously there are exceptions to this in 3.0 but even the top five 3.0 jams don't hold a candle to anything they did in the late 90s. And yes of course this is subjective but anyone around in the 90s has to admit that something is missing. I guess my biggest problem is people on the internet claiming that every show is the greatest show they've ever played. They peaked in 98 and everything post 2009 just seems like a novelty act
Score: -3
sophroniscou , attached to 2014-10-21 Permalink
phish30sux, do you also go on Fall '97 shows and comment:

"let me guess, the tweezer jam repeated itself obnoxiously for 20 minutes, before trey played a bunch of power chords. I sure wish it was '93"

and then do you go on '93 shows and comment

"trey played the chromatic scale for a while before trilling a bunch while fishman kept the beat awkwardly. I sure wish it was '89"


This is just how Phish jams nowadays, so deal with it.

Oh and you were wrong, ghost was nothing like that. Listen to the show before you post this nonsense.
Score: 3
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