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toddvoss , attached to 2009-07-31 Permalink
toddvoss Absolutely agree with Noob ( I usually do). This show is overlooked and underrated. But glad to see folks I am usually on the same page with also like this gem (Waxbanks; Noob, Nichobert). I liked it in 2009 and I think it stands up to many 3.0 second sets. No it doesn't have a 20+ minute "jam" but the Tweezer is a perfect example of a sub 20 minute jam where they pack in fantastic pych-funk ideas in a relatively short space. The Drowned->CEP is, to my ears, right up there some more famous versions. In particular Trey is smoking hot in the CEP as well as the Piper. Great Stuff.
Score: 0
dscott , attached to 1994-05-22 Permalink
This is a mighty fine show! Demand The Sloth is a punchy pairing to start the proceedings, and Divided Sky is a stately rendition - complete with subtle "blast off" synth effects adding drama to the pause. Glide is notable for the "Whoomp There It Is" banter before the final vocal refrain. Tight lil' Peaches, solid but uneventful Melt. Fluffhead is crisp.

Assertive versions of It's Ice and McGrupp give way to badass 14-minute Tweezer that hints at MLB / Prudence territory during an edgy melodic section. Slave has a great near-silent cooldown before building to a typically screaming finale. Sleeping Monkey recaps the "Whoomp" banter, and it's a fun way to top off a typically strong Spring '94 Phish show.
Score: 1
The_Nutty_Professor , attached to 1999-12-15 Permalink
The_Nutty_Professor It was all about the FREE and Reba on this chilly December night. Free features Trey on his mini keyboard and is just a strange, eerie, funky version... I still think about that Free to this day, Mike's low end just booming in the arena. Gave me goosebumps then and again now just thinking about it. Might not make the jam chart but WELL worth the listen!
Score: 1
hardua , attached to 1991-05-18 Permalink
Two things about this show stay with me to this day: 1. There was a person walking around giving out black and white wallet sized photos of a man he was calling "The Guy". 2. I somehow managed to fall asleep at set break leaning against a speaker at the base of the stage. Skills woke me up and I wasn't feeling so hot so I spent the rest of the show next to the merch table near the front door. From there I grooved to the A Train. Curtain->Stash is great.
Score: 0
chillable , attached to 2003-02-26 Permalink
chillable I honestly don't get the hype about this show--I mean sure, on paper the setlist is a monster, but to me it just doesn't deliver. Set 2 sounds like it's being played under water, or possibly from beneath a deep pool of Nyquil. Have you ever drank a bottle of Robotussin just to see what would happen? That's what this Stash sounds like to me. Fuzzy, dragging, sleepy (tipsy, fuddled, boozy, groggy).

I appreciate that Mike takes the lead going into Ghost, and he's definitely the MVP here, along with Page. Trey's playing in the Ghost jam is some of the most uninspired I've heard--in fact, it barely even sounds like he's on stage until someone or something resuscitates him a few minutes before the segue into Low Rider.

One more thought on the teases in this show (which are aplenty) -- there's nothing I love more than an organically developed, well-placed tease. In this show they just feel kind of gimmicky, like they're falling back on them in place of real type II creativity.

I think my 3 rating is rather generous but will keep it on the merit of the YEM opener.
Score: 1
The_Good_Doctor , attached to 2013-10-20 Permalink
The_Good_Doctor The last night of the opening run for Fall Tour 2013, one of the best tours of 3.0. I was lucky to be aboard the the lo-fi spacecraft that is the Hampton Coliseum.

There was magic in the air, many of us still savoring the explorations of the previous two nights. And to be sure, there were some interstellar delights from N1 and N2, such as 10/18 Carini and 10/19 Ghost.

But at the conclusion of our tidewater sojorn, N3 would stand tall among the giants of transcendent Phish experiences. The second set took the Mothership into deep orbit passing uncharted quasars and ionized nebulae.

Lift off for Set II was virtually guaranteed with the rollicking good timer, Paul and Silas, but it was the Tweezer > Golden Age where we hit zero gravity and the 2001 > Sand ignited the afterburners. DEEP space.

Full attendance bias here, but I've listened to this show more that any other I've attended. Enjoy the ride!
Score: 1
kipmat , attached to 1994-06-24 Permalink
kipmat Two nights before GameHoist, the boys elect to mix up the setlist for the second set with a few chestnuts from the Nectar's days, Halley's > Curtain > McGrupp. Trey starts the riff to Simple in a slightly lower key than usual, which fits with the song's loose arrangement (they would tighten this one up between tours). Sanity is also in a different key than usual, and the weirdness continues into a raging Llama that includes Trey yelling along to the notes he is playing - reminds me of the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Toons :) You already know the Demand > Antelope 2nd set opener, but don't let it stop you from hearing the rest of this set!
Score: 0
HighNote , attached to 1996-08-14 Permalink
HighNote This show is hot from start to finish. Top 10 of 1996. There is also a high quality recording for free stream at . This mix is very good. I have been listening to every show in order from 1989 onward and I am currently here. I've listened to others from every era out of order over the years as well but with phishtracks and the spreadsheet I'm going baxk and listening to them all before the tour of 2015 kicks I have some experience going into this review :)

Wilson: rocking opener with an extended crescendo jam at the end. Trey makes nice use of wowwa pedal and delay loop. Not for everyone but cool sounding for sure. Nice seguey into DWD. 9/10 for creativity.

DWD: Well played with a nice slow build in the jam section. Trey uses palm mute and the interplay with page is quite melodic. At 6:20, the band takes off. Stays mostly type 1 driven by mike. A very good version. 8.5/10.

Fee: Solid. Nuff said. 9/10

Poor Heart: rips per usual with a unique jammy intro. Treys licks sound like a chicken. Killer. 10/10

Reba: Good composed section. Fishman leads the way here. The jam starts slow and page is on the fender rhodes. Nice patience between trey and page - very melodic! Beautiful bass lines from mike. 8.5/10.

Mango Song: Reba ends without whistling and goes right into mango, one of my favorite songs. Page sounds great here. The boys harmonize nicely. The solos from Trey and page are above average and creative. 9.5/10

Gumbo: good versionversion nice wawwa. Nothing special though. 7.5/10

Stash: super tight . 8/10

1st Set: above average first set with nice song selection. Fun upbeat set. 8.5/10

2nd Set!!!

Runaway Jim!!: extended type 2 killer version 9/10

YEM - composed section is tight, mikes got the dwd tone on his bass digging deep and bouncy as trey overlays with some blues riffs @ 9:30-11:55...the jam is clean and vibes without trey getting too weird with dissonant notes, which I welcome at times but not in y.e.m., I like the more melodic precise focused riffs and this version has it, the vocal jam is more interesting than usual. 9.5/10

The horse --> Silent and CTB....all good

Tweezer - clocks in at just over 19 i don't always love tweezer, some are more interesting, blissful and melodic than others , I dig the darker ones for sure but sometimes they can get chaotic. This tweezer f'n rocks. It goes quasi type 2 quick with a speedy maze-like jam at 7:45, that starts soaring with the boys on all cylinders at 8:30 and again blazing at who knows tweezer well would consider it all type one exploratory jamming but at 11:30 we are in full type 2 territory...from 11:45-12:15 would be perfect mystery 12:20 we are back in funky type one territory with trey making a really squirmy ripping solo...really cool and creative piece from 12:50-13:50...then trey brings back some power palm muting to get into a cruising tweeze jam with trey using tremolo, wawwa and blazing the pentatonic scale..from 16-17 min mark the band is bringing it full circle and end with the classic poke you in the eye jam, groovy and greased up and funked up..18:45..ooh baby .9.5/10

Theme --> crackling Rosie --> hyhu....nice jam in theme, the boys harmonize well with no flubs, the chorus is especially melodic, page's voice is swell. Fish has fun with cracklin rosie per usual and hyhu is page on the organ ripping it up. 8/10

Sample is short and tweezprise follows 8/10

Julius encore - it is over 10 min, they thank thank the crowd for allowing them to play in the land of chocolate and play it for a friend Matty. This version smokes. 9/10.

overall - a very good show and def should be added to your library.
Score: 1
easysleeper , attached to 2004-06-24 Permalink
easysleeper I had just seen Trey at Bonnaroo a week or 2 before this show. I was disappointed in this when compared to the Trey Show. Going back with the ears of time I have realized this show holds up. It may have been what I thought was the 1 and only time I'd see phish, but it wasn't as disappointing as I originally thought. I regret ignoring their return in 09 and not going back to a show until 12. Had I been in a better mindset this would have probably been a better show. It wasn't you it was me.
Score: 1
type2guy , attached to 2014-11-30 Permalink
type2guy Yet another great TAB show. This show made my 4th time seeing Trey, and the amazing artists backing him, play live. The pre show atmosphere was different than the 3 previous times (2/23/11, 10/22/12, 1/25/13). There was no lot scene like there was at the E Factory, no pre/post show "chill-droog-mellow" like Stroudsburg. I got to the venue way too early, since I had the whole day to waste driving to VA, from NC. I planned to meet with a .netter (@Ednaz), but got caught up with some stuff before, which led me to being the first person in line for the show. Busses pulled up, and band members started flocking into the venue. I got a chance to meet some band members, including Trey. For the fact that he took some time to talk, meet, and take a pic, was a great show of how cool he is/was. Great pre-show experience. "The National" was a decent size venue, great sounds, and like the other TAB shows I've seen, make it easy to get near the stage and feel like you are a part of the show.

Show started with Sometime After Sunset, followed by Alive Again. Both were played very well. The next song, Cayman Review, sounds like a 1930-40 scallywag, finger snapping, flapper, speakeasy song. Very funny song, but the horn section really shines on this one. Next song, Burlap Sack and Pumps, is a funky/dirty/make you groove song. No lyrics except for "Burlap Sack and Pumps", followed by awesome solos, and outstanding musicianship. Frost, Drifting, Spin, 1977, Magilla, Valentine, Push On 'Til the Day, were all done well. Trey's playing is so much more "free" with TAB. IMO, its a great outlet for him to get out and play, but also for the band to showcase their talents....which they do night after night, tour after tour. The way they deliver the music to the crowd, is very intimate. Great lyrics, great playing.

The entire 2nd set was ENERGICO, so much jumping, dancing, and grooving. The crowd was very much into it from start to finish, with maybe 1 or to cool down moments. I cant get into all of the songs now. But I remember Pigtail, The Land of Nod, Sand, Goodbye Head > Architect, Clint Eastwood > First Tube, being the nights greats. I love Phish songs, lyrics, wacky and cleaver. But, Architect is one of those songs that really speaks to me, in ways other songs don't. It's emotional, inspirational, and uplifting.

Overall, this was a very memorable show, and almost forgot....I met my first .netter in person @Ednaz, during set break. Thank you TAB for making this a very special night.
Score: 1
chillable , attached to 2014-10-17 Permalink
chillable I was less focused than usual during this show because I had my 8-year-old in tow and, well...parenting. We were top row--literally the furthest you could be--but the venue feels like a tiny little (steep) spaceship and I felt close to the band anyway. I couldn't feel much energy from the crowd way up there, though. All that said, I felt it was pretty strong for a tour opener. The Plasma, though a debut (not counting TAB) seemed to engage the crowd despite being new to most. I was totally stoked on the C&P since I hadn't seen once since '09 and this one is a great example, plus how can you go wrong with a segue into Hood! For me, the standout of the night was the encore. Wingsuit was slow and gorgeous, Monkey was hilarious, and Quinn was absolutely freakin' smokin! Probably best Quinn I've heard, certainly the best one I've seen in person.

Bonus: my 8-yr-old has been chasing Farmhouse so she was stoked to hear it. ;)
Score: 0
westbrook , attached to 1994-05-16 Permalink
westbrook You'll find many of the usual suspects in this setlist, but if you're familiar with other shows from this period, you'll also know they're performed precisely and forcefully and are definitely worth your time.
The highlight jam of the first set naturally comes during a Stash with some real teeth. Mixed with the ferocious "Type I" jamming are a few forays into the unknown, whetting our appetites for a whole lot more to come later in the show (hint: it's the RLAA->BBFCM->RLAA sandwich).

2001 gets things going in the second set with a much more intense build-up before the drop into the song proper than typical and leads directly into this show's calling card. This is truly one of the best exploratory versions of Run Like an Antelope in the band's history. In a distinctly late '93/'94 manner, this jam ventures in a multitude of directions both before and after BBFCFM. Ranging from a bit of Eastern klezmer to brilliant "Hose" jamming, there's plenty of compelling music here to enjoy. Along with the exploratory movements, there is a Grade-A build to the peak and an extended Rye Rye Rocco section with a little reggae breakdown and a bass and drums section. By the way, this whole segment was released on Live Bait 8 so there's no excuse not to track this down even if you have scruples with AUD recordings.

Sparkle through YEM is played relatively straight except for the It's Ice jam. Although not as frisky as others from the tour (arguably the improvisational peak for the song), it is still a plus version that you'll be happy to hear. The set ends with the band juxtaposing BBFCFM with Amazing Grace to a rather humorous effect.

The bottom line is that this show features one the best segments of the tour and if the band is playing that well, you won't go wrong hearing the rest.
Score: 1
hardua , attached to 1994-05-10 Permalink
Special venue indeed (photos are available - check them out). Unique and tiny and certainly not full. I remember sitting in the lot waiting for the rain to subside and thinking I was at some small high school. Turns out we were at a school, the Santa Fe Indian School.

The Cactus was wearing neon pants. Red or orange.

Hoist-centric show. Had fun during the Mule Duel.

About 10 years later, WSP played Paolo Soleri so I got to go back. A lot more people but still very cool.
Score: 1
theghost , attached to 1994-05-13 Permalink
theghost This is a real barnburner of a show. Hot hot hot. I'm not a fan that needs Type 2 to be satisfied, and I love this one in spite of the fact that nothing goes to far away from the typical form. They just tear this setlist to shreds.

The Split is the big daddy in this show. One of the most ferocious versions you'll ever hear. I kind of equate this one with the Stash from 5/19, another mean monster. This one definitely deserves green letters...can't believe they left it out.
Score: 1
theghost , attached to 1994-05-08 Permalink
theghost So this was THE show for me. I'd seen them in Maine in early '89 and loved them but wasn't sure if they'd go beyond regional. I moved to Austin in 1990 and wasn't sure if I'd ever see them again, but sure enough, they came in October on their way to Colorado and played a quick one setter. I met Mike and asked how I could get some of their music. He said he had Lawn Boy cassettes for sale, but didn't have any CDs. He told me that Waterloo Records had the CDs, so I waited until the next day to get one. Could have had a tape passed to me by Mike but had to get all prissy about the digital thing.

The next year, I'm standing out in the rain at Liberty Lunch reading a sign that said "Show cancelled due to leaking roof...see you next summer"

I look for them all summer...nothing. Years later I find out they got the Santana gig and didn't get to Texas. Bummer for '92

'93 I book a big ski trip with friends for spring break. Find out that they're coming the day after we leave. They end up following us around Colorado, unbeknownst to me.

'94 I've got all the CDs through Hoist. THRILLED to see they're coming to the Backyard. Gush to friends, talk a few into going. Somewhat apathetic friends poke around and make me late, but I assumed there would be an opening band so no big deal. We get to the lot and see quite a few out of state plates but no vending/tailgating of note. We get out and I hear this throbbing beat coming from the venue. I start saying I don't know who this opener is but they sound good. Eventually it occurs to me that this IS Phish, I just didn't know the song (RJim). I start to fast-walk, with my friends going WTF what's your rush. Anyway, we "bubble" into the venue during Foam. And off we go.

Listening back, the Jim is short but hot. Trey kind of loosens up with some sharp shredding and finishes strong. Foam through Rift was very crisply played but nothing unusual. DWD was the first jaw dropper. They've gotten pretty comfortable with it by this point, and this is my favorite of '94. Trey REALLY rips this one. He rips a lot of them but this solo almost sounds composed. Perfectly phrased and he does this awesome double line effect...hard to describe but amazing. Any brass players remember the Carnival of Venice exercises in the Alban's
books? Kind of an obscure comment but I've got to throw it out there.

And then Bouncing hits! Well, it was what it is, but I'd never heard it live and I loved it. 4 minutes well spent. To be honest, I'd take a Bouncing at every show. Takes no time, hooks the noobies, and it's just fun.

Next jaw dropper was Stash. This Is a great month for Stash and this one really delivers. The lights were finally out and they launch into the jam fiercely with the Cannonball riff from the night before and then blast off from there. This was group improvisation like I'd never seen and left me stunned again. Give this Stash a listen if you haven't.

A very sweet Coil ends the set. Everyone left the stage and Page gave a beautiful walk-off solo.

2001 with all the lights and fat bass started me right back up again. I'd never heard their version and I loved it. It flows into...
ANTELOPE! This one's no secret but this was the earthquake that shifted my world. Probably the most intense musical experience of my life. A musical dab if you will. At one point deep in the jam, a breeze came up and Trey was hunched over his guitar, slackjawed in the white lights. I think there might have been drool...completely possessed. Gotta hear this one!

Ice was excellent but in the box...great Page. Fee ended with Mike using a glass of milk (soy?) as a slide. Julius was another wow moment. Fish and Mike were really swinging it, and Trey went shredding again. Hot Cavern...these small songs are ripping too. YEM had some great moments too but wasn't a real highlight in this show. During the Nirvana section, Kuroda blasted out an enormous amount a fog and then shone a search light beam back and forth a few feet over people's heads...very eerie. The vocal jam dissolved into the opening of Halley's in a way they rarely if ever did again for some reason. Such a natural segue. Halley's was quick but featured another enormous blast in Trey's solo. Without missing a beat (literally), they land on the opening notes of GTBT which was of course was shredded. Adeline was another little touch and Golgi was great to hear for the first time.

I went to more adventurous shows but I don't think I've ever seen them this sharp since. Just a rip-snorter of a show with no fiddling around. From here I plunged deep into the insanity that many of you know...there's no way I'll ever get this band out of my blood.

I promise I'll never write anything this long again. This show was so special to me that I had to spill it all out. Give it a's good stuff.
Score: 3
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