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Released: 1996
  1. Down with Disease
  2. If I Could
  3. You Enjoy Myself
  4. Fast Enough for You
  5. Scent of a Mule
  6. Split Open and Melt
  7. Maze
  8. Sample in a Jar
  9. Bouncing Around the Room
  10. Stash
  11. Gumbo

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dkast85 Reply
dkast85 huh?
Score: 3
forbins0218 Reply
forbins0218 I still have a copy of this from when i traveled to Europe 12 years ago. Had I known that this was a rare Europe import, I may have taken better care of it! I always though the track list would be an awesome 2nd set!
Score: 0
Golgi_Groove Reply
Golgi_Groove Clam stankin this place up
Score: 0
sloth513 Reply
sloth513 Really though, what is this?
Score: 0
GAphishin Reply
Hold up a sec. I was not aware of this album. And on the discography...where is "A Live One"?
Score: 0
HotSoupHiram Reply
Is this album a re-release of tunes like DWD?
Score: 0
Greenmanwl Reply
Greenmanwl And where do I get a copy of this?
Score: 0
mistermooner Reply
Don't get how this album is relevant at all....all songs are already on previous studio albums, and Gumbo is on "A Live One"....I've never seen this album, and this is confusing.what's up with this reference??
Score: 0
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