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Released: 1988
  1. Fee
  2. You Enjoy Myself
  3. Esther
  4. Golgi Apparatus
  5. Foam
  6. Dinner and a Movie
  7. Divided Sky
  8. David Bowie
  9. Fluffhead
  10. Fluff's Travels
  11. Contact
  12. Union Federal
  13. Sanity
  14. Icculus

Original release was tape only, independently produced. Recorded at Euphorie Sound Studios in Revere, Mass, with engineer Gordon Hookaloo. Union Federal, Sanity, and Icculus did not appear on the original release, but rather only on the Elektra version, which had extra space on the CD format. The Elektra release has gone gold (500,000+).

Union Federal was taken from an Oh Kee Pa Ceremony
Sanity and Icculus were recorded live on 07-25-88. There was a mix up in adding them to the Elektra version post-date, so the 5/3/88 date inside is incorrect.

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Pinhead_Larry Reply
Pinhead_Larry Damn. I wrote a pretty lengthy review and for whatever reason it didnt show up. Maybe it means,"words do not need to be spoken on this album."
Score: 1
FifthAvenuePhish Reply
FifthAvenuePhish This album is like fine wine. It gets better with age.
Score: 1
Midcoaster Reply
Midcoaster My sister had a cassette of this @88/89. I dubbed a copy and others dubbed my copy, ad infinitum. I lost my copy in my fluffy travels. Some time in the mid-90s, I purchased the 2-disc version at Music Millennium in PDX. It was revelatory. I thought I was just buying something for nostalgia's sake. However, when I spun the dang thang, I was sucked into a space time continuum which opened my head right up. I was inside the Languedoc as much as I was transported to the late-80s period when these sounds first took flame in my head. To this day, this is one of the only things that I can play for the uninitiated and guarantee a solid reaction of respect and admiration. They were spinning gold up in them thar green hills: les Monts Verts.
Score: 0
gurusagdiev Reply
gurusagdiev great album. really reflects the Phish repertoire. tracks like divided sky and YEM are gems of that era.
Score: 0
conormac Reply
Still the best...
Score: 0
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