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Jamming Chart for Kung (7 entries)

Date City Timing Notes Discuss
1993-04-14 St. Louis, MO 3:27 -> in from "Stash." Great combination, a tense, improvisational "Stash" paired with "Kung" in the middle, which includes "DEG" and "Pinball Wizard" jamming. -> back to "Stash."
1993-05-08 Durham, NH 1:59 -> in from "Stash." The second "Stash" -> "Kung" -> "Stash" appearance is also a very strong "Type II" version.
1994-10-20 St. Petersburg, FL 2:00 -> in from "SOAM," -> back to "SOAM."
1995-10-29 Louisville, KY 2:45 -> in from "It's Ice." Following "Kung," -> back to "Ice."
1995-12-08 Cleveland, OH 4:16 -> in from "Tweezer." "Kung" is sandwiched in the "Tweezer" jam.
1995-12-30 New York, NY 3:01 -> in from "It's Ice." Following "Kung," -> back to "Ice."
1999-07-15 Holmdel, NJ 3:02 Epic, exploratory "SOAM" -> "Kung" -> "Jam." "SOAM" has excellent tempo shifts and dissonance before the -> to a wild "Kung," which leads to an incredible, multi-part groove-based jam (and which is really a return to "SOAM").

All versions in a jam chart are recommended for one reason or another. Yellow rows indicate highly-recommended versions and pink rows indicate a "key" version (NOT a "best" version), in that if you don't know this song, consider listening to pink versions first to get a sense of the song's potential for improvisation over Phish history.
A blue date indicates that you were in attendence.

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