Jam Chart for Tweezer (176 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1990-03-28 Tweezer Granville, OH 8:10 First version. Long drum intro.
1990-05-23 Tweezer Richmond, VA 11:17 Amusing opening (lyrical) section.
1990-06-07 Tweezer Washington, DC 12:32 Crazy, long early version. At one point Mike sounds like he will break into into "Heartbreaker."
1990-09-14 Tweezer Providence, RI 11:34 Multiple Charlie Chan signals as well as Popeye, Random Laugh and Oom Pa Pa signals. (aka "secret language").
1990-10-31 Tweezer Colorado Springs, CO 9:15 Impressive, though short, early version with "Heartbreaker" teases.
1990-12-28 Tweezer New York, NY 6:30 Deservedly popular early version with "Manteca."
1990-12-28 Tweezer New York, NY 4:44 -> in from "Manteca" to complete this "Tweezer."
1991-02-01 Tweezer Providence, RI 10:21 First "Tweezer Reprise" (aka TweePrise) followed this Tweezer.
1991-02-20 Tweezer Richmond, VA 11:09 Listen to Fish HOWL.
1991-03-08 Tweezer Tuscaloosa, AL 6:46 INSANE version, with an extra guitarist and a trombonist from Aquarium Rescue Unit. Includes "DEG" with Trey uttering McArthur Park lyrics.
1991-03-08 Tweezer Tuscaloosa, AL 2:27 -> in from "DEG" to complete this "Tweezer."
1991-04-27 Tweezer Port Chester, NY 10:02 Very strong early version. "Dr. Q" on the bass! Trey teases "Sweet Emotion."
1991-05-03 Tweezer Somerville, MA 10 "Sweet Emotion" quote/jam.
1991-07-19 Tweezer Somerville, MA 11:32 Giant Country Horns, and Fishman vocalizations (and improvised lyrics) over the jam, help make this an atypically fierce version.
1991-07-26 Tweezer Athens, GA 11:30 Strong version with the Giant Country Horns.
1991-11-09 Tweezer Atlanta, GA 11:11 Several quick "Band on the Run" teases from Trey.
1991-12-31 Tweezer Worcester, MA 13 A very popular early version, which I grossly underrated in the 1990s, like an noobtarded asshat.
1992-04-17 Tweezer San Francisco, CA 10:30 Among the better pre-1993 Tweezers.
1992-04-21 Tweezer Eureka, CA 13:31 Very melodic, enchanting jam in part. Still among the coolest versions in history.
1992-04-30 Tweezer Madison, WI 11:30 Hysterical, must-hear opening segment. Colonel Bruce Hampton on trombone.
1992-05-09 Tweezer Syracuse, NY 14:23 Trey hits on a cool theme in the jam that is repeated a bunch with Mike. Excellent pre-94 version. "DEG" teasing from Trey, Mike and Page.
1992-08-17 Tweezer San Juan Capistrano, CA 10:21 "Tweezer Reprise"-esque jam.
1992-11-22 Tweezer Ithaca, NY 8:31 Very improvisational ("type II") version that includes a "Big Ball Jam." Check this out!
1992-11-22 Tweezer Ithaca, NY 6:25 -> in from "Big Ball Jam" to complete this "Tweezer."
1992-12-02 Tweezer Columbus, OH 13:47 Weird jam, that was a "Big Ball Jam" at one point. Goes from beautilful/melodic to thrashing "Tweezer" jam off and on.
1992-12-12 Tweezer Toronto, Ontario, Canada 14:26 Very heavy and punishing.
1992-12-29 Tweezer New Haven, CT 13:30 A little vocal jamming in opening section. Rhapsody in Blue and Donna Lee teases; brief PYITE tease. There is also arguably "Who Knows" teasing for several measures in this version (it's not quite "Who Knows" but it's close and it lasts for several measures.)
1993-02-03 Tweezer Portland, ME 12 "Water/Wash Your Team in a Beehive I'm a Sent You" lyrics.
1993-02-18 Tweezer Knoxville, TN 12:28 Takes awhile to get going, but when it does, it's very strong... before it cools off. Unusual ending too as Fish kicks ->into Foam.
1993-02-20 Tweezer Atlanta, GA 5:29 Great opening section (with a "Straight from the Sewer" rap), and a "Low Rider" jam before a "Walk Away" sandwich! But there's not a lot of "Tweezer" in here. Can't really "rate" it as against others.
1993-02-20 Tweezer Atlanta, GA 1:44 -> in from "Walk Away" to finish this "Tweezer."
1993-03-09 Tweezer Colorado Springs, CO 13:50 "Julius"-like repeated riff from Trey (no joke) beginning around 6:43 for a minute. Very cool version. "Buried Alive" tease from Trey.
1993-03-16 Tweezer Phoenix, AZ 5:26 Kinda messy jam on "Sweet Emotion" during the jam segment.
1993-03-16 Tweezer Phoenix, AZ 5:18 -> in from "Sweet Emotion Jam" to complete this "Tweezer."
1993-03-26 Tweezer San Francisco, CA 12:17 Very drawn-out, extended ending.
1993-03-30 Tweezer Eugene, OR 14:25 Page leads the jam for awhile!
1993-04-01 Tweezer Portland, OR 14:10 Very CYHMK-like jam for several measures. Smokes!
1993-05-03 Tweezer New Brunswick, NJ 10:18 "Earth Move" tease. Sandwiches "Manteca"!
1993-05-03 Tweezer New Brunswick, NJ 4:40 -> in from "Manteca" to complete this "Tweezer."
1993-05-06 Tweezer Albany, NY 19:44 Very melodic jamming. "Sweet Emotion" and "Crimes of the Mind" jams as well.
1993-08-12 Tweezer Rochester Hills, MI 12:20 Get Back signals, a Simpsons signal, and several measures of "Landlady."
1993-08-12 Tweezer Rochester Hills, MI 0:34 > in from a brief reprise of "The Landlady" to complete this song combination.
1993-08-15 Tweezer Louisville, KY 19:35 Arguably some "Cities"-esque chords from Trey, Antelopian HOSE, "Cocaine"-esque, and "Harry Hood"-intro-like jamming, and a glorious dying-out-of-the-theme ending. This is quite a version.
1993-12-31 Tweezer Worcester, MA 12 Trey repetitively hits a lot of notes in staccato-fashion in this jam (that Mbird Board and Working Group member Drew Hitz adores, and thinks I'm an idiot for underrating in '94 when I reviewed this version). While definitely an above "average-great" version (it sure ends well!), this jam IMO just isn't competitive with versions I've rated 7/10 and higher in the legacy jam chart. It's listed in this current jam chart in Drew Hitz's honor.
1994-04-05 Tweezer Montréal, Québec, Canada 11:16 Contains an excellent melodic jam, and Mike is out-of-hand good. A well above-average short version.
1994-05-07 Tweezer Dallas, TX 22:32 Tweezerfest! An excellent, improvisational "Tweezer" jam precedes a number of other great, jammed-out tunes, with frequent musical references to the underlying and all-encompassing "Tweezer" theme. -> "Mind Left Body Jam."
1994-06-10 Tweezer Morrison, CO 15 A short, but magnificent version, though controversial, as some remain deaf to its majesty.
1994-06-18 Tweezer Chicago, IL 14 Good "Tweezer" but check out this show as a whole...
1994-07-02 Tweezer Holmdel, NJ 11 Lots of siiick soloing from Trey.
1994-07-06 Tweezer Montréal, Québec, Canada 18:36 "HYHU" and "2001" jams. "Donna Lee" and "Who Knows" teases. Incredible version for this period.
1994-07-13 Tweezer Patterson, NY 9:47 Don't miss this set of Phish. "Tweezer" sandwiches both "Julius" and "BBFCFM."
1994-07-13 Tweezer Patterson, NY 2:11 -> in from "Julius" as this "Tweezer" continues.
1994-07-13 Tweezer Patterson, NY 1:24 -> in from "BBFCFM" to wrap up "Tweezer." -> to "Mound."
1994-10-10 Tweezer Louisville, KY 16:13 This version is highly improvisational, sounding poor at times (IMO), but I believe this may simply be the band's first attempt at a Bangor-like "type II" version.
1994-10-14 Tweezer New Orleans, LA 13:00 Another warm-up version for what would become the Bangor "Tweezer." Unusually improvisational.
1994-10-22 Tweezer Orlando, FL 11:03 Though short, this is an excellent, powerful version that ends in an unusually fierce way.
1994-10-27 Tweezer Charlottesville, VA 12:14 Very rough in parts, but Trey hits on a pretty cool theme for a minute or two in the jam.
1994-11-02 Tweezer Bangor, ME 31:00 Version from "A Live One." A "type II" version that is "all over the map" and "off the charts" (despite being on this one).
1994-11-18 Tweezer East Lansing, MI 14:26 Fierce, truly inspired version that I grossly underrated in the mid-1990s. I am ashamed of myself.
1994-11-23 Tweezer St. Louis, MO 20:00 Some gorgeous, must-hear jams and "space." Just magnificent at times. "Power of Soul" tease.
1994-11-28 Tweezer Bozeman, MT 23:45 Spectacular. Awe-inspiring at times. An incredible exploration.
1994-11-28 Tweezer Bozeman, MT 19:05 -> in from "DDL" Jam as this incredible "Tweezer" continues.
1994-12-01 Tweezer Salem, OR 22:23 Crazy sandwich. An amazing "type II" version. "Norwegian Wood" tease. "BBFCFM," "NICU," "Makisupa."
1994-12-01 Tweezer Salem, OR 1:37 -> in from "NICU" to complete this "Tweezer"-based medley of songs. -> to "JJLC."
1994-12-04 Tweezer Chico, CA 9:33 Although short, this unfinished version packs a serious punch.
1994-12-09 Tweezer Mesa, AZ 25:29 A spectular version with "hose" and a "Slave" jam. Just unreal, magnificent Phish. Very jazzy at times as well.
1994-12-30 Tweezer New York, NY 22:00 Page plays a solo in this unusual version, which like the other Fall 1994 versions of "Tweezer" is must-hear.
1995-06-08 Tweezer Salt Lake City, UT 22:40 Another wacky "type II" version that is worth hearing if you're an aficionado of Phish improv.
1995-06-14 Tweezer Memphis, TN 49:49 Legendary "Mud Island Tweezer." It took over a set. Longest "Tweezer" in history. A masterpiece.
1995-06-17 Tweezer Bristow, VA 7:05 "Heartbreaker" tease, "Johnny B. Goode" sandwich. Although it contains some spacey jamming, it eventually becomes ferocious, with unbelievable, magnificent energy. Purported "Montana" tease.
1995-06-17 Tweezer Bristow, VA 10:48 -> in from "Johnny B. Goode" as this "Tweezer" continues and -> to "McGrupp."
1995-06-22 Tweezer Canandaigua, NY 45:00 The Finger Lakes "FLeezer." Another masterpiece of Phish improv that segues into "Tweeprise." Must-f'ing-hear. Includes Fish on vacuum for a spell, and a "My Generation" jam.
1995-06-28 Tweezer Wantagh, NY 19:35 Can you !#@!!&% believe this? "Dave's Energy Guide" sandwich and a "Cannonball" jam.
1995-06-28 Tweezer Wantagh, NY 10:33 -> in from "DEG" as this excellent "Tweezer" continues.
1995-07-02 Tweezer North Fayston, VT 13:30 "Tweezer" returns to relative normalcy. I say "relative" because this is still a great version, too.
1995-10-06 Tweezer Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 15:19 Even more crazy and chaotic of a jam than normal for "Tweezer." Jam reaches a good peak, cools way down, but then climbs and climbs and reaches an excellent peak beore concluding in a mellow way and seguing into Keyboard Army. (there's no return to the normal coda)
1995-10-22 Tweezer Champaign, IL 15:49 Amazing!! Great segue into "Makisupa."
1995-11-12 Tweezer Gainesville, FL 18:41 Very curious, "Free"-like jam. Trey finds a very cool theme to repeat for a minute or two as well.
1995-11-19 Tweezer Charlotte, NC 21:32 Gets very funky for several minutes. Very cool must-hear version.
1995-11-30 Tweezer Dayton, OH 19:23 This is what the "HOSE" is all about. Excellent -> "Makisupa."
1995-12-02 Tweezer New Haven, CT 15:03 Even more serious "HOSE" in the entire version. Just awe-inspiring!
1995-12-08 Tweezer Cleveland, OH 17:38 "KUNG" sandwich. This version is "type II" in large part and just wild and crazy.
1995-12-08 Tweezer Cleveland, OH 4:09 -> in from "Kung" to complete this strong "Tweezer."
1995-12-14 Tweezer Binghamton, NY 9:17 Another must-hear version. "Slip Knot" tease in the segue into Timber.
1995-12-14 Tweezer Binghamton, NY 9:47 -> in from "Timber" as this classic "Tweezer" continues.
1995-12-17 Tweezer Lake Placid, NY 22:46 Page solo segues into a "Tweeprise" finish. WTF.
1995-12-28 Tweezer Worcester, MA 22:00 Another incredible 1995 "Tweezer." Definitely check this one out. Mike practiced part of the "bass jam" he'd engage in the following night.
1996-07-21 Tweezer Nüremberg, Germany 11:39 Powerful version. In the final two minutes (the coda), Trey plays in a "staccato" or so-called "plinko" way.
1996-08-06 Tweezer Morrison, CO 16:55 Imperfect "Norwegian Wood" teasing from Trey.
1996-08-14 Tweezer Hershey, PA 19:20 A must-hear ending to this version which is "type II" in part.
1996-08-17 Tweezer Plattsburgh, NY 11:54 Very good, popular version.
1996-10-23 Tweezer Hartford, CT 17:26 Extra drummer (Bob Gullotti), plus Trey on the percussion kit for awhile = lots of OOooomph.
1996-11-03 Tweezer Gainesville, FL 16:49 Karl f'ing Perazzo! Page is really awesome in this version, too.
1996-11-11 Tweezer Grand Rapids, MI 15:19 Mike really shines in this great version.
1996-11-27 Tweezer Seattle, WA 10:46 A solid but straightforward "Tweezer" melts into a jam on Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion," and from there into a reprise of "DwD" which was played earlier in this show.
1996-12-01 Tweezer Los Angeles, CA 20:00 Controlled chaos. Typical fierce jam segues into a cacaphonous hazey wall-of-sound soup, that in turn leads into a "type II" excursion with Trey on the mini-kit and Page, Mike and Fish wailing away. Ends in a truly INSANE, drawn-out way, too.
1996-12-30 Tweezer Boston, MA 14:45 Very good version to be sure.
1997-08-02 Tweezer George, WA 17:15 Segues out of "Disease." Brief "DWD" tease near the end as well. Very laid-back, slow, funk-ish version. Weak at times, though.
1997-08-17 Tweezer Limestone, ME 18:33 Space Funk. "Cities"-like jam and "Simple" teases.
1997-11-17 Tweezer Denver, CO 16:00 Very popular version... check out the BOLD versions though if this version really does IT for you.
1997-11-22 Tweezer Hampton, VA 11:31 Popular, widely circulated funky version. "BEK" teases.
1997-11-26 Tweezer Hartford, CT 17:29 Funk soars into some excellent, transcendent, arguably "hose" improv.
1997-12-06 Tweezer Auburn Hills, MI 22:00 Just spectacular improv. MAGNIFICENT VERSION. MUST HEAR.
1997-12-12 Tweezer Albany, NY 15:46 Another stellar fall 1997 version.
1998-04-04 Tweezer Providence, RI 16:05 Some wonderful space-funk evolves into stellar, full-band, magnificent improv. Another version I underrated in the 1990s.
1998-07-01 Tweezer Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark 22:50 All over the map. Improvisation goes everywhere. A remarkable version, that's excellent in part. "Long Train Runnin'" teases.
1998-07-09 Tweezer Barcelona, Spain 18:10 Calling this version among the greatest in Phish history is not an overstatement. Goes from serenely funky to balls-to-the-wall badass. "Things That Make You Go Hmmm" tease from Mike.
1998-07-15 Tweezer Portland, OR 6:19 "California Love" tease, "Manteca" theme.
1998-07-15 Tweezer Portland, OR 7:17 -> in from "California Love" to continue this "Tweezer."
1998-08-01 Tweezer East Troy, WI 18:34 Gorgeous, stunning improv. A section of this version is transcendent "hose" IMO. Just phenomenally beautiful. IT.
1998-08-15 Tweezer Limestone, ME 15:59 Brief appearance by the MOOG.
1998-10-30 Tweezer Las Vegas, NV 16:50 Siiiiiiick Trey soloing! "Manteca" and "You Better Believe It Baby" teases.
1998-11-14 Tweezer Cincinnati, OH 16:30 Strong, above-average version worth your time to check out.
1998-11-24 Tweezer New Haven, CT 17:15 Fall '98 had some truly awesome versions!
1998-12-31 Tweezer New York, NY 14:45 Amazing -> "Cities."
1999-07-10 Tweezer Camden, NJ 20:33 Very groovy jam eventually segues into some intense, beautiful space.
1999-07-17 Tweezer Volney, NY 19:02 Jamming is groovy, and very cool at times (MIKE!), but still kinda dull for stretches. Good -> "Have Mercy"
1999-08-01 Tweezer Niigata, Japan 12:41 Unusually soulful, melodic solo from Trey. "Velvet Sea" tease.
1999-09-09 Tweezer Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 21:09 Major "type II" version. Twisted jam. Coasts along in a dull fashion but then eventually goes batshit crazy, with a HUGE PEAK! Ends with space. Must-hear.
1999-09-18 Tweezer Chula Vista, CA 14:10 Short, but VERY sweet.
1999-09-28 Tweezer Pelham, AL 15:39 Very beautiful ending to a strong jam that resembles 9/18/99 quite a bit but without the intensity.
1999-10-08 Tweezer Uniondale, NY 19:57 Very long, spacey jam. Brief "Sand" tease.
1999-12-10 Tweezer Philadelphia, PA 14:15 Extremely textural version that builds a "wall of sound." Doesn't do much IMO, but mileage varies.
1999-12-16 Tweezer Raleigh, NC 21:52 Melodic, "Slave"-like jam.
1999-12-30 Tweezer Big Cypress, FL 16:50 A stunning, gorgeous jam.
2000-06-09 Tweezer Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 30:45 Uhhhhhhhhhm.
2000-06-24 Tweezer Atlanta, GA 25:53 Some thrilling "hose"!
2000-06-30 Tweezer Hartford, CT 12:18 Short but very powerful.
2000-07-08 Tweezer East Troy, WI 11:42 Segues nicely into "Walk Away."
2000-09-23 Tweezer Rosemont, IL 15:39 Catchy, repetitive groove. "Sunshine of Your Love" tease at the end.
2000-09-25 Tweezer Bonner Springs, KS 13:47 Curious ending.
2000-10-07 Tweezer Mountain View, CA 16:08 Good version and the last one in "1.0."
2003-02-20 Tweezer Rosemont, IL 20:44 Very badass in parts. Kinda messy in others, though.
2003-02-28 Tweezer Uniondale, NY 26:38 Magnificent. "Hose" 'em down. Hear it at all costs.
2003-07-17 Tweezer Bonner Springs, KS 21:56 Long, spacey jam in the middle of upbeat "tweezeresque" jamming.
2003-12-01 Tweezer Albany, NY 17:31 Very odd version. Trey's not really present for the most part. Excellent segue into "2001" though.
2003-12-28 Tweezer Miami, FL 13:33 Very soulful, steady, patient, David Gilmour-esque solo from Trey. Jam peaks a bit before slowly cooling off.
2009-05-31 Tweezer Boston, MA 13:09 "Theme from the Bottom" jam for a bit.
2009-06-07 Tweezer Camden, NJ 13:58 The "Camden Tweezer." Old school, repetitive, amazing groove. Like a '92-'94 version.
2009-06-19 Tweezer Noblesville, IN 12:44 A very good jam eventually segues into a spacey interlude before "2001" kicks in.
2009-07-31 Tweezer Morrison, CO 12:25 Diverse, tight, melodic jams.
2009-11-25 Tweezer Philadelphia, PA 12:25 Similar to Camden's "Tweezer."
2009-12-29 Tweezer Miami, FL 16:35 "Manteca"-like jam into space.
2010-07-03 Tweezer Alpharetta, GA 13:12 Reaches a pretty good peak and segues beautifully into "Slave."
2010-12-30 Tweezer New York, NY 18:16 Kind of a mixed bag until this spell-bindingly intricate, spectacular "staccato-esque" improvisation takes over.
2011-07-02 Tweezer Watkins Glen, NY 11:09 Unusually staccato-esque, repetitive jam, with some "elephant-like" noises from Trey thrown in.
2011-08-06 Tweezer George, WA 12:24 Blistering jam, in part, largely Mike-driven, that segues into some serene spacey jamming, that in turn goes into "Caspian" and "Sand" before "Tweezer" returns for a minute.
2011-08-06 Tweezer George, WA 1:12 -> in from "Sand" as to complete this "Tweezer" sandwich.
2011-08-12 Tweezer San Francisco, CA 11:14 Very well-played, with an excellent peak, and Page grooving on the clavinet as the jam goes spacey.
2011-09-03 Tweezer Commerce City, CO 14:30 "Green-Eyed Lady" teases in the intro composed section by Page, and Fish teases the "Golden Age" drum line in what is a magnificently melodic jam that is quite stunning in parts. Brief hints of "Lovelight" and "Jessica." It's excellent from the very start of the jam, too. Must. Fucking. Hear.
2011-12-28 Tweezer New York, NY 12:22 Segues nicely out of "Carini" and features a tight, melodic, soulful jam that dissolves beautifully into "My Friend."
2012-08-26 Tweezer Charlotte, NC 13:17 Enchanting, even stunningly beautiful, jam to which each band member contributes powerfully. (Listen carefully for Mike's tease of "Cars Trucks Buses" as well.)
2012-12-28 Tweezer New York, NY 20:23 A mesmerizingly incandescent psychedelicious soundscape of elephantine proportion.
2013-07-12 Tweezer Wantagh, NY 12:33 Page drives the jam into an outstanding peak in the final few minutes, and an excellent segue into "Cities" occurs with Fish playing the rhythm of the "Wedge."
2013-07-31 Tweezer Stateline, NV 36:16 One of the most magnificently focused, sustained, and enchanting improvisations in Phish history, with several discrete sections, and audience participation taboot.
2013-10-20 Tweezer Hampton, VA 23:07 Exceptional, diverse "type II" action, ending in a mellow, spacey haze.
2013-10-27 Tweezer Hartford, CT 17:31 Overrated by your friends, this version captivates with brilliantly melodic soloing by Trey for several minutes, before flaking out a bit, and becoming aimless. (Still worth your while to hear to be sure.)
2013-11-02 Tweezer Atlantic City, NJ 15:22 Very repetitive, melodic, spirited, funky jam... check. this. OUT!
2014-07-13 Tweezer New York, NY 15:54 Slow, steady, melodic climb to a triumphant peak, and then an old school ending with a few twists.
2014-07-27 Tweezer Columbia, MD 8:56 Acting as the improvisational meat of a "Tweezer-fest", the jamming here takes on an uplifting, "TFTB"-esque vibe and then gets wonky and atonal before sliding into "Waiting All Night".
2014-12-31 Tweezer Miami, FL 17:08 Beautifully-interactive melodic jam that soars for quite awhile!
2015-08-01 Tweezer Atlanta, GA 26:03 The longest version since Tahoe is gorgeous, in part, but does meh-ander now and then, despite a section where Trey repeats a "Born On The Bayou"-esque riff, and despite the final few minutes where the jam picks up momentum before petering-out with a loop'ed noise from Trey's guitar.
2015-08-07 Tweezer Cuyahoga Falls, OH 19:18 Spectacular improvisation that traverses titillating terrain before mellifluously mellowing into "Lizards."
2015-08-09 Tweezer East Troy, WI 14:18 Textural, repetitive improv eventually morphs into major key bliss, as Trey repeats a catchy melodic theme and the band reach a glorious peak before the jam dissolves into Dirt.
2015-08-22 Tweezer Watkins Glen, NY 17:39 Fierce, punchy version that soars from the get-go, with Trey employing killer effects. The jam then plateaus, and then launches into melodic, major key mode for a while before dissolving into Caspian.
2016-01-02 Tweezer New York, NY 21:36 With thrilling, melodic contributions from each band member, this version requires repeated listenings to fully appreciate, and peaks wondrously well.
2016-09-02 Tweezer Commerce City, CO 16:56 Great intro with Trey using a wah pedal to create a cool swelling effect and the jam builds to a coordinated peak with piercing guitar and pounding drums before > to "Jim".
2016-10-19 Tweezer Nashville, TN 16:48 Funky, powerful start transitions to a melodic plateau with soaring improv.
2016-12-30 Tweezer New York, NY 16:07 The jam slowly, patiently builds before (similar to 10/19/16) plateauing mellifluously, exploding triumphantly, and seguing into "Sparks" (after Trey arguably teases "Midnight Rider" for a measure or two!).
2017-12-30 Tweezer New York, NY 19:30 Key modulates a few mins into the jam, and a bright, effortlessly soaring groove transpires. Excellent interplay by the band as well, including as the jam mightily peaks before they return to the theme and conclude it old school.
2018-08-03 Tweezer Alpharetta, GA 16:52 Effect-heavy improv with layers of sounds eventually climbs, and builds, soaring to a blissful, thematic peak before grooving to an albeit brief return to the "Tweezer" theme.
2018-09-02 Tweezer Commerce City, CO 14:25 An atypical (very improvisational) intro that heads into the jam segment about a minute early is just the start of a melodically-blessed version in which each band member is inspired and contributes mightily to a stellar version with heavy Manteca teases into Golden Age.
2018-10-20 Tweezer Hampton, VA 18:40 Punchy from the start, this version cooks for several minutes before a major-key improvisation occurs, in which Trey hoses everyone down mellifluously. The jam then segues smoothly into a spacey, divinely-melodic interlude, and a patient, steady build transpires, eventually reaching a spectacular peak. The improv then dramatically melts down, but instead of concluding, the jam surprisingly shoots skyward to a second powerful-but-fleeting peak, before "Dirt" abruptly begins.
2018-10-26 Tweezer Rosemont, IL 21:30 The band, like one organism, seemingly processes varying properties of a periodic waveform, or signals that contain vital information, to be shared with some other, astral, life forms. Trey shines, but all four clearly articulate, or inform the several structures, or forms of this "Tweezer's" many "pieces," which, so sutured, create a sonic sort of euphoria (the audience reactions are truly memorable).
2018-12-29 Tweezer New York, NY 19:54 First section features an extended, fiery jam that is akin to "I Know You Rider" (Grateful Dead) before funkily dissolving into "Death Don't Hurt Very Long."
2018-12-29 Tweezer New York, NY 7:51 Second section is melodic, patient, and mystical, and includes a smooth transition to "No Quarter."
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