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Released: 1993-02-02
  1. Rift
  2. Fast Enough for You
  3. Lengthwise
  4. Maze
  5. Sparkle
  6. Horn
  7. The Wedge
  8. My Friend, My Friend
  9. Weigh
  10. All Things Reconsidered
  11. Mound
  12. It's Ice
  13. Lengthwise
  14. The Horse
  15. Silent in the Morning

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MrKotter Reply
Really good! Weigh, It's Ice, Horn, Maze, and Mound are some of Phish's best songs imo
Score: 2
Skeets Reply
I listened to "Fast Enough For You" about 3 or 4 straight times. What a fantastic song!
Score: 0
Bossrcon Reply
Still trying to find the fast enough reference on the cover
Score: 0
brains481 Reply
brains481 Rift in my opinion is their second best album to Junta, yet when I first heard it I loathed it.

The same happened with Lawn Boy; but while Lawn Boy seemed packed with filler on the first few listens, Rift just bored the living shit out of me, I often gave up trudging through it by The Wedge, but then, I guess, something clicked.

Song after song after song, Rift is just overflowing with great melodies, chord progressions and memorable lyrics, the latter given great importance as Rift is a bona fide concept album, Phish's first (unless you count TMWSIY as a Phish album) and last to date.

However, if any element of Rift falls flat, it's the concept part. The concept is really just there to very loosely tie together a bunch of vignettes ranging from the epic to the intentionally mundane, and there really is no story to follow, stuff just happens and it often has no bearing on what follows.

But, that very loose attitude to the concept, in the long run, actually works in it's favor; it isn't hampered down by a proper narrative with twist and turns, it's very vague, just providing inspiration for the narrator's troubles and reflections on romance, relationships and everything that comes with it, and helps the album flow along better, which it indeed does, and never outstays it's welcome.

Overall, Rift is just flat out fantastic, consistent and remains one Phish's greatest studio triumphs.

Buy it or I'll cut your head off so I could weigh it
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