This show was webcast via Live Phish. Mike teased Heartbreaker in Free. Tequila was teased and quoted during Twist.
Noteworthy Jams
Tequila tease & quote in Twist, Heartbreaker tease in Free
Debut Years (Average: 1996)

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, attached to 2017-01-13

Review by brains481

brains481 Solid Wolfman's with classic peaking action. Fuego has an utterly beautiful bliss-y jam (showcasing Trey's honed tone as of late; perfectly balanced IMO) with great Trey/Page interplay, gradually morphing into a heavy as hell and rocking wall of sound with Trey soloing his ass off behind layers of delay and echo, followed by a bit of noodling before dropping into bliss territory yet again and >’ing into Caspian.

Seven Below's jam was also very good. All four just killed it, from Page providing the spacey atmosphere, to Mike keeping it melodic on the down low, from Trey feeling his way through the beautiful tapestry the others painted for him, to Fish providing a steady beat and innovating just enough to keep things rolling through the psychedelic storm, which went on unabated until Trey returned to the Seven Below theme and ended it. It felt like a bit of a borderline ripcord, but still, it's an overall fantastic jam, and a fantastic show.

OVERALL: A very good show that would rank among the best of 2016, and will surely rank among the best of 2017. All three jams I mentioned are all top-shelf shit that I consider prime phucking Phish.

RATING: 4 - 4.5/5

Also, a quick observation:

Mike is mixed perfectly from what I can hear for once; just a little quieter than the NYE run. Keep it up Atschiller!
, attached to 2017-01-13

Review by PhinePhineMusic

PhinePhineMusic I thought this show was justa couple of first set bustouts away from being the very most we can hope for from Phish following 2016. A lot of playing in the second set, with Trey very obviously trying to solo less in the first few minutes of the jams, letting the group just sort of evolve on themes and build up some steam. Many times throughout the second set, I noticed that everybody was focused more on groove and melody than on playing licks. This is a Phish I look forward to hearing more from. Now lay off the ocean themed songs and surprise us a little in the first set!
, attached to 2017-01-13

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads Ironically enough, NICU > Horn, Wolfman's Brother was the meat of the first set, for me. That's ironic because NICU and Horn are short songs that usually don't go Type II (and they didn't here) but they were played with an infectious energy that carried on into the Wolfman's. I get less enthusiastic about Free and Theme lately because of the rust on those tunes: Free's vocals, and Theme's guitar. I never have been much of a fan of Undermind, furthermore, but if it sets the mark for a good closing trio, so be it.

Fuego presented a lengthy jam. Kind of an underwater sort of vibe from this one, which I think also appeared in the unusual codas to Caspian and Twist, but Seven Below is where this show shines most, in my opinion. A brighter-hued jam that had me excited to hear where it would go; where Fuego was more explorational and diffuse, Seven Below seemed honed in on a direction and succeeded admirably in producing an enjoyable listening experience.

I'm a longtime phan, so I hope you'll forgive me if I don't glow over this one. I love Phish, don't get me wrong. And how can one think objectively about a foursome that's got such a storied history, and that has seen good times and bad times over the years: that has risen above every obstacle in front of it and caused us to invest so much emotionally? I didn't set out to "bring bad reviews," but I think this show would've benefited from a wider range of tempi in both sets, as well as more jamming, particularly of the Type II variety, and my favorite Type II is focused. I'm getting too old and jaded to surrender to every single aspect of the flow, and that doesn't make me less of a phan. In fact, it means I know and reverence what Phish is capable of and want them to shine every night for whomever might be experiencing them for the first time *as well as* for those of us who have been with it for years.

I hope inspiration moves Phish brightly over tonight and tomorrow night, and there's been some great playing so far tonight. These are destination shows, so it's not as if an entire tour (or all of 2017, for that matter) is staked upon them. But I'd like them to really wow us with some thoughtful musical diction and direction. Isn't that what we look to them for? I do. Love and light.
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