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Round Room

Round Room

Released: 2002-12-10
  1. Pebbles and Marbles
  2. Anything But Me
  3. Round Room
  4. Mexican Cousin
  5. Friday
  6. Seven Below
  7. Mock Song
  8. 46 Days
  9. All of These Dreams
  10. Walls of the Cave
  11. Thunderhead
  12. Waves

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MrKotter Reply
It's pretty good. Pebbles and marbles, Waves, Walls of the Cave, 46 Days, and Seven Below are some of the best. Not much other than that though, unless you like some of their slower songs
Score: 0
Palmer Reply
Palmer Great Album, very under the radar.
Score: 0
TheWiggler Reply
Haha, not much besides that?
Score: 0
parmesancrisp Reply
A frustrating album. Some of it is dull and unfocused, the title track and "Thunderhead" being the worst offenders. A lot of it sounds like they're just treading water.

Having said that, there are some gems here - Mike's "Mock Song" is terrific and catchy, "46 Days" and "Walls of the Cave" are beasts, and "All of These Dreams" is gorgeous.
Score: 0
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