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Released: 2014-06-24
  1. Fuego
  2. The Line
  3. Devotion To a Dream
  4. Halfway to the Moon
  5. Winterqueen
  6. Sing Monica
  7. 555
  8. Waiting All Night
  9. Wombat
  10. Wingsuit

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Jamesrduo Reply
Wow. Almost a year after it's release, and seventeen months after a live Halloween debut and no one has commented on the best Phish album since 'Story of the Ghost'???
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Tarhead9486 Reply
Following up on the previous comment here, it is rather shocking that "Fuego" hasn't received a single review on here since it's release (I've been on a big Phish kick lately after seeing them live earlier this summer). I wrote a review for it on another forum, and I referred to it as a "nice surprise." The preceding album, "Joy," was fun, a sort of return-to-the-classic-Phish-sound album ("Undermind" tried to update their sound; it was very unnecessary). However, it sounded more like a reunion album, even though I wouldn't count it as such. "Fuego" builds upon some of the more interesting tracks from "Joy," and I do think that Bob Erin's production just made it sound like...unlike anything else they'd released before. The tracks "Devotion to a Dream" and "Halfway to the Moon" have an almost sort of atmospheric/spacey sort of sound to them that just doesn't have anything in common with the rest of Phish's back catalog. The album moves at a very quick pace, even though it's under an hour. I walked away from it after multiple listens wondering when Phish would release their next record. Hopefully soon, as it looks like (and correct me if I'm wrong) they've brought out some new material on this last tour that could be absolutely killer in the studio.
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