Jam Chart for Prince Caspian (42 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1995-06-08 Caspian Salt Lake City, UT 4:28 Debut includes a short instrumental bridge. The ending jam section and closing chords were added in 1996.
1996-10-31 Caspian Atlanta, GA 7:08 Straightforward, but a classic rendering that nicely captures the '96 style of "Caspian" jamming, and differs markedly from subsequent styles of "Caspian" jamming that would emerge in '97, '98, '99, and later. > to "Reba."
1996-11-22 Caspian Spokane, WA 9:15 > in from "DwD." After some nice melodic work from Trey, the jam hits on a riff and theme common in '96 versions. Beautiful, extended breakdown section follows prior to closing chords and > to "Maze."
1996-12-04 Caspian San Diego, CA 8:29 > in from "Mike's Song." Nice but typical (for '96 "Caspian") playing by Trey, but some fantastic Page and Page/Trey playing towards the end of the jam and > to "Sparkle."
1997-02-25 Caspian Munich, Germany 9:06 > in from "DwD." Great, full band, rocked out jam section is followed by a "Coil"-like Page piano solo coda.
1997-06-19 Caspian Vienna, Austria 12:14 > in from "JJLC." Long and beautiful intro (to 3:35). Jam section features great Trey/Page interplay, as well as more melody line variation from Trey than has become typical. Fish and Mike are rock solid here.
1997-07-09 Caspian Lyon/Villeurbanne, France 8:20 Good combination of a nice intro, varied and interesting soloing by Trey, then a chill-out Page section before the closing.
1997-08-17 Caspian Limestone, ME 11:23 Straightforward but extended, well played and hard rocking version closes Set III, Day 2 of the Great Went.
1997-11-13 Caspian Las Vegas, NV 11:30 > in from "PYITE." Just a rock solid '97 from start to finish. Trey really pours his heart into this one. > to "BATR."
1997-11-21 Caspian Hampton, VA 9:59 Jam is well played but typical - then there is a long digital delay loop fade out instead of the usual closing chords.
1997-11-26 Caspian Hartford, CT 11:19 > in from "PYITE." Soaring and shredding guitar playing by Trey. Stellar backing from the others.
1997-12-03 Caspian Philadelphia, PA 10:11 -> out of a jammed out "Possum." Trey takes the lead here, providing inspired melodic content. > to "Frankenstein."
1997-12-12 Caspian Albany, NY 10:07 -> in from "Swept Away > Steep." Straightforward until 10:07, when the band launches into a post closing chord, rocking, funky, and cerebral "Jam." Great Fall '97 improvisation here with a -> to "Izabella."
1998-04-05 Caspian Providence, RI 11:20 -> in from a stellar "Ya Mar." Hard rocking but thoroughly upbeat jam in "Caspian" settles into some beautiful ambient space before closing and > to "Maze."
1998-07-20 Caspian Ventura, CA 12:03 Great combination of rocking yet slightly ambient sound from Trey mixed with bluesy piano stylings from Page. > to "Harry Hood."
1998-07-28 Caspian Bonner Springs, KS 9:05 Even people who dislike "Fuckerpants" should give this celebratory and high powered version a listen. > to "YEM."
1998-08-06 Caspian Atlanta, GA 9:52 > in from "NICU." Another strong '98 version in which Page plays a noticeably strong role, but Trey's no slouch either. > to "The Mango Song."
1998-10-15 Caspian San Francisco, CA 11:18 > in from "Velvet Sea." Intense, high octane version that has some swirling, high octave playing by Trey that would become common in versions from '99 and '00. > to "Frankie Says."
1998-11-06 Caspian Madison, WI 10:56 -> in from "Simple." At about 8:10 the jam downshifts from typical '98 full power "Caspian" mode to a more sedate and pensive one before a nice transition to "Fluffhead."
1998-12-30 Caspian New York, NY 14:04 Long serene intro. Trey's guitar is somewhat amped down from most '97 - '98 versions, and this restraint adds quality to the tone. Beautiful Trey/Page/Mike outro beginning at about 12:15 enhances the sentiment.
1999-07-01 Caspian Antioch, TN 8:38 Some really fine, unusually restrained but passionate soloing by Trey is followed by wonderful Page soloing without the usual noisy closing chords. Instead, Page's solo > to "YEM."
1999-07-18 Caspian Volney, NY 11:37 -> in from a big "Piper." Easy-going Camp Oswego version has some soaring Trey guitar work and a cool transition to "Wilson."
1999-07-31 Caspian Niigata, Japan 10:35 > in from "Velvet Sea." Ethereal version from Japan has an almost other worldly quality that captures the essence of the band's sound and tone in '99 and '00.
1999-09-11 Caspian George, WA 10:49 Very nice intro section. The jam is great, and curiously seems to shift back and forth between '99 style high octave playing by Trey, and the predominantly power rocking style of '98. > to "Hood."
1999-09-25 Caspian The Woodlands, TX 10:45 "Caspian" seems to reflect the band's musical direction and style at any moment in time more than most songs. This version, like 7/31/99, gives a broad sense of that tone and technique in the late pre-Hiatus period. > to "R&R."
1999-10-07 Caspian Uniondale, NY 11:10 Similar to other versions from this period, but Trey shreds the ending part of the jam like a madman here. > to "Golgi."
2000-09-14 Caspian Darien Center, NY 11:34 Trey adds effects to his sound which enhance the swirly quality, contrasted with Page who is very grounded on the piano. Mike and Fish keep it cranked up. > to "Loving Cup."
2003-07-19 Caspian East Troy, WI 9:23 -> in from "Seven Below." The band rocks this one hard. > to "YEM."
2003-07-27 Caspian Raleigh, NC 10:48 > in from "Tube." Another hard rocker with a cool transition that gets way from "Caspian" and -> to "2001."
2010-07-03 Caspian Alpharetta, GA 8:52 > in from "R&R." Band breaks away from typical fare at about 6:00 into a quiet but pulsing and rhythmic jam that transitions nicely into "Tweezer."
2010-08-09 Caspian Telluride, CO 8:21 > in from "BDTNL." Some really beautiful playing by Trey initially, then the band shifts into a slightly dissonant and spacey foray with a > to "Tweezer."
2010-08-17 Caspian Wantagh, NY 5:20 Unique and unusual reading of the "Caspian" jam. Quality over quantity here.
2011-05-27 Caspian Bethel, NY 7:33 > in from a great version of "Waves." Although shorter, this version suggests the band's willingness to take the jam segment in new and different directions, with subtle and cohesive playing. > to "C&P."
2011-08-06 Caspian George, WA 5:40 > in from "Tweezer." "Caspian" and "Sand" are sandwiched inside "Tweezer."
2012-07-07 Caspian Saratoga Springs, NY 6:17 > in from "BDTNL." Band wastes no time getting beyond typical the "Caspian" jam , instead settling on a beautifully delicate, but substantive groove that unexpectedly segues -> to "SOAMule."
2012-09-01 Caspian Commerce City, CO 11:14 > in from "Golden Age." A beautifully played "Caspian" jam leads to an exploratory breakaway jam. Must-hear with a > to an equally must-hear "Light."
2013-08-02 Caspian San Francisco, CA 5:50 This compact, quality version proves again that good melodic variation in a shorter version can trump the late '90s style 11 - 12 minute arena rockers. And when Trey holds a single note for 68 seconds, it allows the others to shine.
2013-09-01 Caspian Commerce City, CO 6:16 A very good "Caspian." At first, Trey uses a "watery" effect with his guitar that sounds very '95. Then the jam breaks into a great rocking and upbeat groove that > to "Piper."
2015-08-22 Caspian Watkins Glen, NY 16:10 The jam that emerges from this "Caspian" at around 6:00 is superb and must-hear Phish. Whether you think of this as a "Tweezer" or "Caspian" jam is a pedestrian concern; just enjoy this band kicking asses in its 33rd year!!
2017-01-13 Caspian Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico 9:37 > from a superb "Fuego". Trey's trilling grows nasty and dissonant at times, and Page hops on the clavinet to help lead the band into a dark and low-key groove. Fish does some fine work throughout.
2017-07-19 Caspian Pittsburgh, PA 15:26 Inspired full-band play departs "Caspian" proper around the 5:00 mark. Trey shapes his tone, and his impassioned and varied soloing arrives as if from some astral plane. The jam then cools to float upon an atmospheric, yet highly musical wave, whose "No Quarter" undertones give way to trilling which slowly builds to the first of several very powerful peaks.
2017-08-04 Caspian New York, NY 10:06 Blistering version > from an experimental "SaSS." Trey wastes no time finding his line - a huge blast of sustain ripped from the vocal refrain - and, accompanied by pounding Page, simply lays waste to any idea of melodic variation. Incendiary soloing seems to arrive from some other place before Page moves to his keys, Trey fades, and "Caspian" sinks into an eerie sort of abyss. Dark effects and "EIIRP" quotes float to color the surface space before the band breaks for "Fluffhead."
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