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Link Saturday, 07/19/2003
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI

Set 1: SampleSample in a Jar, Reba[1], Wilson[2], Scents and Subtle Sounds, Maze, Driver, NICU > Ya Mar[3], Rocky Top, Lawn Boy, Julius

Set 2: Piper > R&RRock and Roll[4] -> Seven Below[4] -> CaspianPrince Caspian > YEMYou Enjoy Myself

Encore: Velvet SeaWading in the Velvet Sea

[1] No whistling.
[2] Extended jam segment.
[3] Lyrical change to reference Mike's Segway.
[4] Unfinished.

· Tweezer Reprise tease in Piper
· Couldn't Stand the Weather tease in You Enjoy Myself

Noteworthy Jams: Piper (highly recommended), Prince Caspian, You Enjoy Myself (highly recommended)

Average Song Gap: 9

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: Reba did not have the whistling ending. Wilson included an extended jam segment. NICU, Ya Mar, and Rocky Top were played in succession for the first time ever – which would be quite an obscure item to report, except that all three songs found Trey exhorting Page to “Play it, Leo!” Trey subsequently announced the songs as the “Leo Trio.” Ya Mar also included a lyrical change to reference Mike’s Segway. Piper contained a tease of Tweezer Reprise. Rock and Roll and Seven Below were unfinished. YEM included a Couldn’t Stand the Weather tease.

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Song Distribution:
3 Stash
2 Farmhouse
2 Hoist
2 Lawn Boy
1 Undermind
1 Round Room
1 The Story of the Ghost
1 Billy Breathes
1 Rift
1 Junta
1 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday
1 The White Tape

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "2003 Summer Tour."

Corey , attached to 2003-07-19 Permalink
Corey FWIW"... I wasn't sure I'd want to see Phish again after these two last concerts. The setlist the first night at Alpine was enjoyable, but some of the songs were lackluster performances, and, mostly the crowd was pretty shitty. Not dancing, standing around, strung-out"... more interested in the fact that they were Messed Up at a Phish show, than actually enjoying the show. I felt this showed in the band's playing.. Not sure who they were playing to anymore or if people were actually coherent enough to HEAR what they were playing.

The song selection for both nights was pretty standard and I felt that most of both nights were overly-predictable. In particular, the second set, the second night"... I got stubbed down to third row, Trey side"... and from Seven Below through the jam in YEM they were just playing to play. First time I was 3rd and 1 and it was so sad, I wanted to cry.
By the time the Velvet Sea encore started I was already walking up the steps. Up and Out. They weren't my band anymore"... Phish were playing to people I couldn't understand and really didn't have any desire to be around. And I'm pretty sure they felt the same way. It was the first time in the umpteen years I'd been seeing them and I was leaving a show not WANTING TO SEE MORE"...

I didn't make a show in 2004. I was stationed in Korea in the US Army. They announced Coventry and"... just like that, it was over, again. This time, it seemed like it was forever. All that was left were memories of some of the Best nights and most fun I'd ever had. The great times I'd had with my Brother, with my friends, with complete strangers... and, with songs. Calling first set openers, Closers and Encores were the stuff of Legend in our little social circle. No more lot-style t-shirts to flaunt. No more parking lot tapes and CD's of jams played on the other side of the map by bands that didn't frequent the Midwest in those days. Sharing stories of getting tickets to impossible shows, ditching work, or school, just to make the gates before the first set started"... It was all over for the mighty four-sum from Vermont"... Then, on Oct.1, 2008,
Score: 7
jabberstin , attached to 2003-07-19 Permalink
This show really does go above and beyond the show of the previous night. Reba, while not necessarily a 'best-ever'(brah!)version, is spectacular in its own right. Wilson contains beaucoup metal-style shredding and wailing from Trey; or rather, should I say 'whaling'?! Scents and Subtle Sounds was still coming into its own at this point and time, and, while ambient, is nothing to write home about. Maze was the real 1st set jewel, here...fucking hot, hot, hot! Soaring, focused, energetic and frenzied, this version rips! The 'Leo-Trio was cool, and mucho energetic as well, saving the portion of the crowd still trying to shake the dreamy-high of Reba and SASS from their domes. Julius was a rip-roarer, as well.

2nd set ruled! Awesome, long (!) Piper>R&R>Seven Below>Caspian. This jam touches on everything, folks. Well-worth the listen and time. This YEM, my first, was awesome and mucho fun. I fondly remember a man tear his shirt off and start yelping at the start of was memorable. As for the encore, Wading is Wading, but I would rather have heard something a little more upbeat for the evening's send-off.
Score: 1
deceasedlavy , attached to 2003-07-19 Permalink
I don't want to get into a terminology argument, but I think you can go ahead and call it a "Tweeprise" jam rather than a tease; it takes up a good two minutes. Not much else going on in this show, but this "Piper" is must-hear Phish. Also, what is the point of labeling a "Seven Below" as "Unfinished"? Shouldn't you also put that label on "Piper" then? What about "Rock And Roll"--that was definitely not finished.
Score: 1
NiceCarMrsLarusso , attached to 2003-07-19 Permalink
NiceCarMrsLarusso Second show of a two night stand and at times, it seemed like Trey was diving head first into shred territory (even in the jammed out Caspian). Wilson provides a heavy jam and Maze seems to follow suite some intensity of its own after SASS. SASS was still a work in progress but it was fun to be there in the evolution. The "Leo Trio" was good stuff, added some smiles, and makes for a fun spin.

Set two highlights in this set o' jams are the 20+ minute bookends. Piper started the set during a mild drizzle and builds into a monster. The other jams in the second set are decent (even Caspian ::ducks: :) but the YEM is where it's at. No joke. Couldn't Stand the Weather tease and the whole band was on.point. Great vocal jam at the end to round it out. A must listen YEM!
Score: 1
deceasedlavy , attached to 2003-07-19 Permalink
I must've been in a grouchy mood when I submitted that ^^ "review". Shit, this was my birthday show! What I wouldn't give for just one extended wicked heavy jam in "Wilson" nowadays; it's not much but it still sounds fresh compared to every single 3.0 "Wilson". On the other hand, "Reba" was your typical 2.0 slop/no peak version, "Scents" (as usual) was boring as shit, and, well, the Leo Trio. Yep. But all I wanted for my birthday was "Piper", and "Piper" I got. Damn, I miss that kind of fearless exploration being the rule rather than exception--even if it rarely resulted in greatness, it did this time. "7 Below" was also my fave of the new crop of tunes, although the only thing notable about this one was how beautifully it segued out of "R&R". My night was already made anyway.
Score: 0

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