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The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday

The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday

Released: 1987
  1. Narration
  2. The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday
  3. The Lizards
  4. Tela
  5. Narration
  6. Wilson
  7. AC/DC Bag
  8. Narration
  9. Colonel Forbin's Ascent
  10. Fly Famous Mockingbird
  11. Narration
  12. The Sloth
  13. Narration
  14. Possum

This album was never officially released. The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday was the senior thesis of Trey Anastasio at Goddard College in 1987.

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pquiles24 Reply
wilson.....buh bump buh bump
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HarryHood1 Reply
need to get a copy, where do i get one?!
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WeatherReport Reply
WeatherReport It would be wonderful if they cleaned up this recording, and gave it a formal release like the "white tape". I think it would be even better to have the original recording on one disc. Then do nice new studio version of the album for the second disc. I have a feeling because the original was recorded on cassette 4 track, only so much can be done to make it sound better. Which is why I think a proper studio recording of the album would be nice to have as well. Just a thought...
Score: 1
mangobus45 Reply
mangobus45 @HarryHood1 said:
need to get a copy, where do i get one?!
You can't. Sorry. It was only a concept album for Trey's senior thesis in college. I want one too, I know. Sorry.
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Chuckles Reply
Lucky enough to have it on tape, even though it's not the best sound quality.
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Kingcrimson69 Reply
What is the picture from?
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