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Link Saturday, 10/07/1995
Spokane Opera House, Spokane, WA

Set 1: Julius, Gumbo > Fog That SurroundsThe Fog That Surrounds > Mound, Possum, MangoThe Mango Song, Acoustic Army, Wilson > AntelopeRun Like an Antelope

Set 2: MakisupaMakisupa Policeman, CTBCars Trucks Buses, SOAMeltSplit Open and Melt, Strange Design, It's Ice > Contact > Frankenstein, HoodHarry Hood[1], Sweet Adeline

Encore: Fire

[1] Trey briefly played unamplified. Unfinished.

Noteworthy Jams: Possum, Split Open and Melt, It's Ice, Harry Hood

Average Song Gap: 7.05

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes:  Trey briefly played unamplified during Harry Hood, which was unfinished.

Song Distribution:
2 Stash
2 Rift
2 Lawn Boy
2 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday
1 Billy Breathes
1 Hoist
1 A Picture of Nectar
1 Junta
1 The White Tape

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1995 Fall Tour."

ADAWGWYO , attached to 1995-10-07 Permalink
ADAWGWYO This show, on paper, looks like standard Fall 95 fare. It is not. This is a night where every song is played perfectly. Flow and execution are top notch. This Gumbo is so spot on it could be the studio version, if there was one. The short lived Fog that Surrounds is nice to hear and well-played, and Fishman's singing aint so bad either. Mound was starting to taper off in the rotation at this point and was my last until Riverbend 2011. A 69 show gap. 69. Gap. That's funny. Anyways, this mid first set Possum is awesome!! Rest of the set is nothing short of exceptional playing on typically placed songs. An atypical rendition of Wilson into Antelope to close the first set.

Set II is so fun to listen to. This place held less than 3,000 people and the acoustics might have been some of the best I have ever experienced. It's an Opera House, to reiterate again the sound in this place. You can definately hear it in the recordings. These are the kind of auds that sound better than the sbds could. Ambience man! Ahm-bee-on-sss!! This Makisupa has a calm meandering reggae feel. Seems longer than usual when I listen. Mike's bass is extremely pronounced here, bouncing off the acoustically perfect walls. CTB was a dime a dozen during this tour as it had just been debuted a week earlier in Cali but is perfectly placed here. This SOAM is very tight in the type I format. Really nice directional jamming at high velocity. This might be my favorite It's Ice ever.

The coup de gras here on this night is this Harry Hood. There is so much intimate emotion portrayed in Trey's guitar on these audience recordings. It starts off so delicate and slowly builds into a beautiful culmination of instrumental story telling. As most know, at one point he kills all amplification on his guitar and simply plucks the notes using the room as his speaker. He takes it THAT low, and then they slowly builds it up to the peak, and the release is really something special. At 15+ mins, this Hood was particularly long for fall 95. You want to hear beautiful Phish? You headphone this Hood, and you will be rewarded. The whole show for that matter. Then PM me to say thanks. :)

Truely some of my favorite Phish right here. Can't say it enough. In the forum when someone asks the fav show question, this one always comes to mind. Nothing fancy looking, just exceptional energy, and the perfect notes to express that energy. If this show were food, it would be McDonalds french frys. Nothing fancy, or exotic. Just done perfectly. Who doesn't like McDonald's french frys?
Score: 11

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