Jam Chart for Possum (122 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1985-10-30 Possum Burlington, VT 4:59 Debut. Both Page and Jeff Holdsworth perform in this version, during a brief crossover period before Jeff left the band. The jam includes a Page section and Trey-led part. Jeff leads the vocals.
1986-10-12 Possum Plainfield, VT 5:48 -> in from "Halley's." First version with Mike taking the lead on vocals, without Jeff, and with the familiar Trey-led jam.
1987-08-10 Possum Burlington, VT 8:24 -> in from "AC/DC Bag." The first 2:10 is the transition jam between songs. Great recording quality and typical of many early versions in which Trey's solo is followed by a Page-led solo. Also one of 8 "Bag" -> "Possum" pairings in '87 - '88.
1988-07-23 Possum Underhill, VT 8:29 Unknown additional percussionist. The jam begins in a low-key manner, with nice added texture from the percussionist.
1988-11-03 Possum Boston, MA 7:06 > in from "Fluffhead." Solid early version with great playing by Trey, especially near the conclusion of the jam.
1989-02-07 Possum Burlington, VT 7:06 -> in from "The Sloth." Awesome version with excellent and varied playing by Trey.
1989-06-30 Possum Northampton, MA 7:46 Cool twangy playing by Trey early on, then he just rips. Great recording quality.
1989-10-01 Possum Burlington, VT 8:33 Starts with Trey plucking solo, he plays a "Brady Bunch Theme" tease, then this "Possum" picks up a big head of steam.
1989-10-26 Possum New York, NY 9:22 Experimental, mildly dissonant playing by Trey for much of the jam. Machine Gun Trey earns his name by the end.
1989-12-01 Possum Boston, MA 8:26 Quite a few guitar playing styles on display here in this rousing, encore slot version. Great way to end a show.
1990-02-23 Possum Haverford, PA 7:26 "Alumni Blues" tease in intro. Cool jam that's quite different and interesting. Good quality recording.
1990-05-11 Possum Providence, RI 9:10 "Johnny B. Goode" teases plus a somewhat dissonant and incendiary conclusion to the jam. This is a serious ripper.
1990-05-13 Possum Burlington, VT 9:29 "Norwegian Wood" teases in the intro and jam. Good quality jam with some interesting and unscripted variation by Trey.
1990-06-16 Possum Townshend, VT 9:11 The beginning of this excellent jam is unusual and in minor key. Version released on Live Bait Vol. 5.
1990-09-20 Possum Somerville, MA 10:21 Quality jam includes experimental melody lines from Trey, signals, and multiple rolling peaks before the big one.
1990-10-04 Possum Durham, NH 10:03 Mildly dissonant, "DEG"-like jamming early on. Then some great Machine Gun Trey action as the jam cranks up.
1990-10-05 Possum Saratoga Springs, NY 9:54 Dissonant and experimental jamming at first, followed by dependably blazing fast Trey in the latter half of the jam.
1990-10-06 Possum Port Chester, NY 10:12 Improvisational jamming is spread throughout, as if in step with the musical ideas flowing from the mind of Trey.
1990-10-30 Possum Crested Butte, CO 8:56 A very cool section with Trey and Page in a sort of call and response. Then a blazing hot build up to blow the lid off.
1990-10-31 Possum Colorado Springs, CO 9:00 Serious kick-ass, blistering and ripping jam. Straightforward, but so what? Archival release from Live Phish.
1990-11-02 Possum Boulder, CO 0:51 "Possum" -> "Buried Alive" -> "Possum." Great song pairing and an excellent, improvisational, and fiery jam.
1990-11-02 Possum Boulder, CO 9:35 -> in from "Buried Alive," which is played in the intro. The jam in this "Possum" is awesome, and the "Buried Alive" sandwich is just the icing on the cake.
1990-11-10 Possum Richmond, IN 9:54 Very unusual and very exploratory (for "Possum") beginning of the jam with jazz-like Trey and "Foam" teases. Shredfest follows.
1990-11-24 Possum Port Chester, NY 8:22 Some nice "Manteca" teases/jamming. Mike is really awesome on this one.
1990-11-30 Possum Keene, NH 10:21 Enjoy listening to Page, Mike and Fish rock out while Trey sustains a single note for nearly 90 seconds (6:30 - 8:00).
1991-03-23 Possum Steamboat Springs, CO 8:21 Great jam with some cool, repeated licks that Trey lays out, and with Page on the B-3 for much of the jam.
1991-04-02 Possum Arcata, CA 6:56 Teases and signals in the jam (see Setlist). Definitely an odd, off-kilter sort of jam. (*Recording runs out before ending).
1991-04-26 Possum Plymouth, NH 8:28 Solid, mildly dissonant jam that picks up a serious head of steam.
1991-04-27 Possum Port Chester, NY 8:18 Great intro and a nice and different jam with cool staccato picking by Trey.
1991-05-02 Possum Poughkeepsie, NY 9:56 Cool intro with "Wipeout" teases. Jazz-like jam early with pulsing rhythm. Great Machine Gun Trey action follows.
1991-07-14 Possum Townshend, VT 8:45 Awesome and very improvisational version with a different approach to the jam, a "DEG" tease and a roaring peak.
1991-07-24 Possum Charlottesville, VA 8:03 Different intro, different sort of jam. In other words, another solid '91 "Possum."
1991-09-25 Possum Keene, NH 9:12 Good pulsing, exploratory early part to the jam that gets very rocking. "Rhapsody In Blue" tease and signals too.
1991-09-27 Possum Rochester, NY 8:43 Great rock-the-house version with excellent Mike and Fish. While not highly improvisational, it's just solid through and through, and includes amusing banter before the song.
1991-11-07 Possum New Orleans, LA 8:11 "Barney Miller Theme" tease, signals and some brief but really cool key changes near the end of a seriously raging jam. Archival release from Live Phish.
1992-03-06 Possum Portsmouth, NH 9:25 Twangy country-like jam becomes more typically high powered. Several signals taboot (see Setlist).
1992-03-26 Possum Winston-Salem, NC 9:30 Fish is noticeably aggressive in this straightforward, ass-kicking jam.
1992-04-03 Possum Avon, CO 10:39 This is an excellent and far-ranging jam for a "Possum." Not "Type II" or anything, but Trey mixes it up quite a bit.
1992-04-05 Possum Boulder, CO 12:33 Brief full band "Landlady" jam, plus teases and signals (see Setlist), and Mike sings "Crossroads." Awesome jam.
1992-04-16 Possum Isla Vista, CA 10:32 > in from "Buried Alive." Smoking hot jam plus signals that were customary in this period.
1992-04-21 Possum Eureka, CA 12:42 Extended intro with many signals and "DEG" teases. Great jam that has a nice swingy feel to it before going full throttle.
1992-05-12 Possum Canton, NY 11:38 Cool, funky breakdown jam in the intro. Then Trey plays around with several "Dixie" teases early in the jam. Fiery ending.
1992-05-17 Possum Schenectady, NY 13:48 Fantastic medley of signals and teases/little jams including "Rocky Mountain Way," "L.A. Woman," "China Grove," "It's Ice," and "Divided Sky." The jam is typically strong '92 fare and features incredible shredding by Trey.
1992-11-27 Possum Port Chester, NY 10:39 Great tension building, multiple peaks and shredding Trey in a roaring "Possum."
1992-12-02 Possum Columbus, OH 9:38 Interesting start to the jam leads to a tense, somewhat dissonant remainder with great playing by Trey.
1992-12-04 Possum St. Louis, MO 11:48 Mostly straightforward, but the jam has multiple sections, and with each, Trey alters the riff or jam style. Solid.
1992-12-06 Possum Chicago, IL 4:04 "Possum" -> "Vibration Of Life" -> "Possum." Just the 2nd time "VOL" had been performed. Predictably intense jam.
1992-12-06 Possum Chicago, IL 6:21 -> in from "Vibration Of Life," which occurs during the jam in "Possum." From here, the jam is a predictably intense '92-style one.
1992-12-11 Possum Ann Arbor, MI 11:56 "Flat Fee"-like playing early, then the jam takes off, getting more and more rocking with multiple peaks. Intense ending.
1993-02-03 Possum Portland, ME 10:28 Cool jam on "You Don't Love Me" by Willie Cobbs, but more familiar as an Allman Brothers Band cover, from 5:27 - 5:55. After that, it is a crazy shred-fest, plus it's Page's first time on baby grand, which sounds awesome.
1993-04-18 Possum Ann Arbor, MI 10:55 The beginning of the jam is different and improvisational. Grows mildly dissonant as it progresses even while Trey shreds.
1993-04-30 Possum West Hartford, CT 9:56 Experimental jam with quiet scat singing by Trey early, good tension, a near breakaway section at 6:00, and pounding Fish.
1993-05-06 Possum Albany, NY 11:11 Good improvisation and some cool licks from Trey early, then the Machine Gun lets it rip with great trilling near the end.
1993-07-15 Possum Weedsport, NY 9:14 Trey hits on several different riffs in the jam that are good. Faster tempo, so even faster shredding. "Wilson" tease in intro.
1993-07-22 Possum Stowe, VT 9:29 Great and varied jam that includes a "Tweezer" jam at the beginning and a nice melodic section. Then it acclerates.
1993-07-29 Possum Knoxville, TN 10:26 Very cool beginning to the jam, and Trey is tuly superb throughout, embracing a variety of styles and tecniques.
1993-08-08 Possum Cleveland, OH 11:02 August '93 = improvisation. This "Possum" inculdes a cool intro, a jam with moments of improvisation spread throughout, a "Tequila" tease, a crafty transition back to lyrics, and then hysterical Mike singing an octave lower.
1993-08-12 Possum Rochester Hills, MI 10:24 Like 8/8/93, another improvisational version. "Possum" isn't exactly a "Type II" vehicle, but there are brief moments in this one that come close. Includes a "Tweeprise" tease, a solid low-key start and a rocking conclusion to the jam.
1993-08-16 Possum St. Louis, MO 12:37 Several breakaway moments in this exploratory jam. When it's not moving beyond "Possum," the jam is wild, rocking and intense with incredible playing by Trey. Unusual and spontaneous ending with whistling.
1993-08-21 Possum Salt Lake City, UT 10:04 Still August '93, so "Possum" is still exploratory as far as "Possums" go. The jam starts off a little odd, then comes back to a more "normal" mode. Has a cool slow down section plus Mike singing falsetto/extra low. (*skip in tape, timing inexact).
1993-08-25 Possum Seattle, WA 12:46 A couple of short sections that stretch beyond "Possum," plenty of intense, improvisational "Type I" action, and incredible shredding.
1993-12-28 Possum Washington, DC 12:05 Jazzy, exploratory and quiet beginning to the jam. The power cranks up with "Kashmir" teases and then gets blistering hot.
1993-12-31 Possum Worcester, MA 12:30 "Peaches en Regalia" teases, good on-the-spot variation, a great rhythmic breakdown midway, and a fiery ending add up to another top notch '93 "Possum."
1994-04-11 Possum Durham, NH 10:47 Start/Stop jamming in the intro. Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love" is teased during an intense jam.
1994-04-21 Possum Winston-Salem, NC 11:12 Intense jam rocks the house, hard. Great Fish and Page.
1994-04-30 Possum Orlando, FL 11:21 Several teases in the jam (see Setlist), but they fit in really well, as if part of the jam, not funny little add ons. Then the jam takes off in typically blistering '94 style. Fish rocks this one hard, and the others are no slouches either.
1994-05-12 Possum Tucson, AZ 11:43 Intense, powerful version with a "Bring It On Home" tease (Willie Dixon song popularized by Led Zeppelin) in the intro. The jam incldes a "Give Me Back My Wig" tease (Hound Dog Taylor) from 5:23 - 5:46.
1994-05-27 Possum San Francisco, CA 11:50 Extended hi-hat intro with the crowd shaking macaroni boxes and "Flintstones Theme" tease. Fish: "Shake your macaroni!"
1994-06-10 Possum Morrison, CO 10:40 Awesome pump-it-up jam. Excellent musical variation from 3:55 - 4:30, then it's off to the "Possum" party.
1994-06-14 Possum Des Moines, IA 9:42 Intense, with "DEG"-like jamming from 5:15 - 5:50, awesome Fish, and an "On Broadway" tease at the start of the jam.
1994-07-01 Possum Philadelphia, PA 11:02 Gripping, powerful jam with dissonant, off-key playing, serious tension, a "Voodoo Child" tease, and an explosive ending.
1994-07-13 Possum Patterson, NY 13:59 A wild, chaotic, and improvisational ride. Though you never really lose sight of the song in play, the boys take this "Possum" for a crazy and far-ranging journey. Hysterical Mike and Fish vocals at the end to add fitting emphasis.
1994-10-25 Possum Atlanta, GA 11:50 An excellent, creative, and increasingly intense jam which includes some unusual Page B-3 action, multiple, blistering hot peaks, as well as Trey teasing "The Rover" in the intro and full band teases of "Kashmir" and "Magilla" in the jam itself.
1994-11-02 Possum Bangor, ME 12:20 Must-Hear stormy exploratory jam with a descending melodic theme in parts, several sections that challenge the limits of standard "Possum," and "I'm A Man" (Spencer Davis Group) teases in the intro.
1994-11-18 Possum East Lansing, MI 11:42 Blistering and rocking version includes "Bathtub Gin," "Jean Pierre," and "DEG" teases and a blazing peak.
1994-11-26 Possum Minneapolis, MN 12:40 Hard rocking version grows increasingly dissonant with several brief departures that stretch the bounds of "Possum" and a hot peak.
1994-12-04 Possum Chico, CA 13:33 Quite possibly the most intense, ass-kicking straightforward version of all time. Insanely ferocious conclusion to the jam.
1994-12-08 Possum San Diego, CA 15:34 Another wacky '94 "Possum" with a spooky, extended intro, a silent jam, dissonant playing, and a raging peak.
1994-12-29 Possum Providence, RI 11:37 "Dueling Banjos" and "L.A. Woman" teases. The latter half of the jam is dark and brooding with a uniquely Fall '94 tone that has moments that sound similar to a "Bowie" or "Tweezer." Ends in solid, ripping "Possum" fashion.
1995-06-07 Possum Boise, ID 12:29 Several sections have a bleak and desolate tone, especially from 4:30 - 5:45, but the foreboding sentiment returns later.
1995-06-19 Possum Noblesville, IN 13:58 Somewhat of an evil "Possum" that grows increasingly tense, dissonant and shrill, and includes an unusual stop.
1995-06-26 Possum Saratoga Springs, NY 14:08 Super version with excellent stylistic variation by Trey, as well as "DEG"-like playing and a cool "Heartbreaker" tease/jam. Trey's shape-shifting play recalls the excellent versions of '90 and '91.
1995-09-27 Possum Sacramento, CA 10:49 Mike and Trey highlight this excellent, fun, rocking and well played version. It's mostly straightforward, but high quality fare nonetheless. Try 9/27/91 for another terrific non-exploratory version, separated by 4 years to the day.
1995-10-07 Possum Spokane, WA 12:02 Very solid "Possum" with building tension and moderate dissonance. Great variation and trilling by Trey, and a sweet peak.
1995-10-11 Possum Chandler, AZ 14:36 Outstanding version with the jam based loosely on "You Don't Love Me" (Willie Cobbs, popularized by the Allman Bros.) - listen from 4:25 - 4:41, 6:15 - 6:30, and 8:56 - 9:03 for teases. "DEG" and "Johnny B. Goode" teases as well.
1995-10-22 Possum Champaign, IL 15:00 Intense, fantastic version with off-key jamming, amazing trilling from Trey, and an unusual ending that -> to "Catapult."
1995-11-12 Possum Gainesville, FL 12:28 Fantastic version and one of the most improvisational ever. Includes a Simpson's signal, a "Dixie" tease, Trey scatting, a "Woody The Woodpecker Theme" tease, a "Johnny B. Goode" tease, AND a wild and exploratory jam.
1995-11-29 Possum Nashville, TN 17:20 Extended, percussive intro, almost like a "Bowie." Soaring, multiple peak jam with awesome Trey and Fish.
1995-12-07 Possum Niagara Falls, NY 13:43 Multiple peaks that grow increasingly intense. Fish and Page are especially dynamic, with Page briefly on the B-3.
1996-08-02 Possum Park City, UT 11:21 Good melodic variation by Trey, some great tension building, and a nice peak make for a good "Possum."
1996-08-07 Possum Morrison, CO 12:02 Extended section of dissonant jamming (6:25 - 9:50) eventually returns to more familiar "Possum" habitat.
1996-08-12 Possum Noblesville, IN 14:06 Extended intro with cool funky Mike and Trey. Jam peaks at 10:30, then drops into dissonant mode before re-powering.
1996-08-17 Possum Plattsburgh, NY 13:23 Lots of nice improvisational twists and turns in the jam including dissonant and off-key jamming with great tension.
1996-10-21 Possum New York, NY 8:57 Here's an odd one: the entire song is played in a different (lower) key. Go figure.
1996-11-30 Possum Sacramento, CA 9:27 Peter Apfelbaum on tenor saxophone and John McEuen on lap slide guitar. Sweet jam with back and forth between Trey and McEuen, then Apfelbaum takes the lead followed by Page on the organ and piano, and then they all rock out together.
1996-12-30 Possum Boston, MA 11:47 A nice extended settled section, some cool "Johnny B. Goode"-like strumming, and a rousing peak in this fun version.
1997-03-01 Possum Hamburg, Germany 9:43 Heavy metal jamming in the intro and more in the jam itself.
1997-11-19 Possum Champaign, IL 13:48 Funky intro with great Mike. Excellent straightforward jam gets intense and chaotic, then turns bluesy and rocking.
1997-12-07 Possum Dayton, OH 12:38 "Camel Walk"-like licks and polka scales in the intro. Very tight straightforward jam that ends with more polka-style chords.
1997-12-29 Possum New York, NY 9:41 > in from a strong "Bowie." There are two "I Can't Turn You Loose" (Blues Brothers) jams in this solid "Possum."
1998-07-06 Possum Prague, Czech Republic 10:59 Awesome version with a great swingy theme to the jam that Trey keeps returning to. Mike is outstanding, and Page plays the Fender-Rhodes for a stretch, adding to the jazzy feel. Includes a "Stash" tease from Trey.
1998-08-02 Possum Noblesville, IN 11:05 "Manteca"-like jamming, lots of great Page on the B-3, and very strong Mike and Trey. Fun version with a > to "Ghost."
1998-08-16 Possum Limestone, ME 15:25 This extended jam is vintage '98 Phish sound, with technically astute, but patient playing, and with contributions by all band members. None of the frenetic, guitar dominated fury of '92 - '95. But also lacking any real improvisational elements.
1998-11-24 Possum New Haven, CT 13:33 -> in from "Tweezer." Extended jam that grows dissonant and off-key and also incudes "Born On The Bayou" teases.
1998-11-29 Possum Worcester, MA 3:36 "Possum" -> "Wipeout" -> "Possum." 30 second "Wipeout" jam occurs at the beginning of the "Possum" jam.
1998-11-29 Possum Worcester, MA 4:10 -> in from "Wipeout" to return to the standard "Possum" jam.
1998-12-30 Possum New York, NY 11:19 Great intro with awesome Mike. The jam is basically a medley of "Wipeout" jams, with different little jams led by Fish, Mike, Page on the B-3, CK5, Trey, and Mike again. In the encore slot, this one sends the fans home happy.
1999-12-03 Possum Cincinnati, OH 11:47 Sort of a call and response between Trey and Page that becomes more of a Page-led jam. A very different, relaxed vibe.
2000-06-30 Possum Hartford, CT 10:24 Trey's agitated, high pitched playing in the latter part of the jam sounds like a jet airplane throttling up for takeoff.
2009-06-02 Possum Wantagh, NY 8:00 Sweet Page B-3 solo at the beginning of the jam, followed by Trey.
2009-06-06 Possum Mansfield, MA 9:10 Mike figures prominently in the jam as Trey brings the volume way down early. Rousing finish to the jam.
2009-08-07 Possum George, WA 8:33 Normal "Possum" jam abandoned for call and response between Trey and Page. Unique and well worth a listen.
2011-06-04 Possum Cuyahoga Falls, OH 10:21 The jam includes a number of tempo downshifts, grinding things to a near stop, including during the ending lyrics.
2012-06-07 Possum Worcester, MA 9:31 Unusual jam which breaks into very un-"Possum"-like sections at 6:00 and again at 7:00. Not typical at all, but very exploratory for "Possum."
2013-11-01 Possum Atlantic City, NJ 11:04 A quality "old school" version with a lot of good "Type I" variation in the jamming, building up to an intense peak.
2014-07-16 Possum Clarkston, MI 9:51 Resembles a lot of the better versions from '89 - '91, when the "Possum" jam typically included some quieter play and "Type I" exploration, before shifting gears to the high energy finish. The peak could be better here, but still a fine version.
2016-07-03 Possum Saratoga Springs, NY 8:02 Colorful bluesy licks. "Southern" swinging lines. Page and Fish might set this "Possum's" steady, swampy shuffle, but it's Trey who dominates this dense, extremely solid version.
2016-07-18 Possum San Francisco, CA 9:07 Like other recent strong versions, Trey's warm soloing shapes and colors a great groove. However here, Trey also works a series of licks into excellent and somewhat cacophonous full-band improvisation, which results in the wonderful, boxed-in feel of a "Guyute" jam.
2017-09-03 Possum Commerce City, CO 12:03 > from "2001", the version smacks of 1991. Approaching the jam quite differently, Trey's solo is awesome and strange, dissonant and improvisational. Melodic play and playful teasing gives way to a sound off-kilter, which slowly swells to inform a steady block of tension. This, then, builds to burst in classic "Possum" fashion.
2018-07-25 Possum San Francisco, CA 10:51 Another strong showing, with the band again (see 7/18/16 and 9/3/17) departing from patterned, formulaic play. Trey elects to experiment, and strikes any number of interesting notes - in lieu of swapping solos with Page - before leading the band into, and through, a dark, dissonant foray; this culminates in a strong, protracted, build and release.
2018-10-21 Possum Hampton, VA 12:57 Following a quality piano solo, Trey grabs the marsupial by the scruff of the neck, and proceeds to give it a serious workout. Like many versions from the early '90s, Trey explores a number of musical ideas and variation, all within the context of "Possum." Strong, straightforward jamming here.
2019-06-21 Possum Charlotte, NC 12:20 > from "20 Years Later." After a normal start to the song, at 5:50 the band shifts to a quiet, minimalist jam for about a minute. At this point, Trey starts singing the words to "Have Mercy" over the jam and the rest of the band follows suit. "Have Mercy" is sung over the jam for a moment, and then more typical "Possum" play until the song is brought to a rousing conclusion.
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