Jam Chart for It's Ice (73 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1991-09-25 It's Ice Keene, NH 9:25 Debut in Keene, NH. First version includes Page-led, band-wide jam following the descending chords indicating the lyrical skater's fall through the ice.
1991-09-26 It's Ice Ithaca, NY 8:59 Good rocking and somewhat dissonant jam section with great Fish.
1991-09-27 It's Ice Rochester, NY 9:21 Some excellent tension building by Page and Trey in the jam segment.
1991-11-14 It's Ice Chapel Hill, NC 9:10 Brief Page solo, then the whole band gets rocking. Sweet!
1991-11-30 It's Ice Port Chester, NY 8:57 Another version in which the whole band kicks in after letting Page shine briefly.
1992-03-06 It's Ice Portsmouth, NH 9:10 Full band jam featuring Page on the organ instead of piano. Almost sounds like a "YEM" jam for a measure or two.
1992-03-12 It's Ice Burlington, VT 9:03 Another great organ focused jam from the Flynn in Burlington.
1992-03-17 It's Ice Washington, DC 8:46 Almost sounds like 1997 five years early with Page's funky sounding organ. Must-hear.
1992-03-25 It's Ice Charlottesville, VA 9:05 Nice swinging groove on this jam. "Call To The Post" tease by Page.
1992-04-07 It's Ice Durango, CO 8:45 Page on the B-3 again. Great Mike. > to "Fee."
1992-04-16 It's Ice Isla Vista, CA 8:53 Following "Buried Alive" and a smoking "Possum" opening this show, this excellent version keeps the joint rocking.
1992-04-18 It's Ice Palo Alto, CA 6:05 The jam begins in customary fashion, with Page out front, but then Trey sneakily leads a -> to "Mind Left Body Jam."
1992-04-18 It's Ice Palo Alto, CA 1:23 -> in from the Phish debut of "Mind Left Body Jam" to close out this version of "It's Ice."
1992-04-21 It's Ice Eureka, CA 9:05 Good jam and nice work by Page on the Hammond B-3. Segue to "Eliza."
1992-04-29 It's Ice Minneapolis, MN 8:39 Another good organ rocker with great Mike.
1992-05-01 It's Ice Milwaukee, WI 10:21 Begins with Fish playing the "Bowie" hi-hat intro, and Trey in the wrong key, but the Page-led jam is strong.
1992-05-12 It's Ice Canton, NY 10:21 Very strange jam with each band member seemingly trying not to blend until its final few measures.
1993-03-19 It's Ice Redlands, CA 10:35 Bizarre and creepy jam includes a "Rhapsody In Blue" tease from Page, and an unusual ending with screaming.
1993-03-22 It's Ice Sacramento, CA 5:06 Band uses the jam as a segue for a performance of the entire suite of Gamehenge songs, one of only 5 such performances. Unfinished.
1993-05-08 It's Ice Durham, NH 9:26 "Discipline" and "Manteca" teases in an extended jam unusual for Spring '93 tour.
1993-08-14 It's Ice Tinley Park, IL 9:02 "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy" tease by Page. Solid version with excellent Fish and Page teaming at the end of the jam.
1993-08-20 It's Ice Morrison, CO 8:13 Nice work by Page on this version (released on Live Bait Vol. 6).
1993-08-24 It's Ice Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 9:32 "I Feel The Earth Move" tease/jam in another excellent August '93 version.
1993-08-28 It's Ice Berkeley, CA 9:26 Random Note, All Fall Down, and Oom Pah Pah signals included in this jam.
1993-12-31 It's Ice Worcester, MA 8:50 "Peaches En Regalia" teases and Random Note signal in this version.
1994-04-04 It's Ice Burlington, VT 10:24 "Hey Bulldog" teases during an extended jam. Page led at first, but it becomes a full band rocker.
1994-04-08 It's Ice State College, PA 5:46 Second set jam vehicle. First ever "Digital Delay Loop" jam is performed, followed by a rocking and extended "It's Ice" jam. Must-hear version.
1994-04-08 It's Ice State College, PA 7:19 -> in from the debut of the "Digital Delay Loop" jam. A rocking and excellent "Ice" jam follows the "DDL" jam.
1994-04-10 It's Ice Buffalo, NY 9:12 Good solid rocking jam with Page leading the way.
1994-05-04 It's Ice New Orleans, LA 9:44 A crazy-ass jam, typical for spring '94, and includes a "Right Off" tease (Miles Davis). > to "Sparkle."
1994-05-10 It's Ice Santa Fe, NM 8:55 "Landlady"-like jamming in this wild, high energy jam.
1994-05-13 It's Ice Tempe, AZ 10:11 Ferocious jam with some pretty crazy improvisation by the band. All over the place!
1994-05-20 It's Ice Olympia, WA 9:55 Page and Fish lead the band in a couple of different grooves. An atypically funky jam in parts.
1994-05-28 It's Ice Monterey, CA 10:20 Wild, electro-rock jam!
1994-06-09 It's Ice Salt Lake City, UT 9:11 Good rocking jam with excellent Fish and solid Trey (of course Page is great).
1994-06-18 It's Ice Chicago, IL 8:53 Excellent version where the band really rocks out during the jam.
1994-07-08 It's Ice Mansfield, MA 8:59 A little chaotic, but some really great Mike action on this one. > to an excellent "Stash."
1994-07-15 It's Ice Wantagh, NY 9:01 Page dominated in a great way, but with solid work by the rest, especially Fish.
1994-10-18 It's Ice Nashville, TN 8:55 Nice rocking full band jam.
1994-10-26 It's Ice Boone, NC 9:51 Good tension build up and at times dissonant. Page leads but all contribute.
1994-11-23 It's Ice St. Louis, MO 5:40 Another strong Fall '94 version which -> "Mind Left Body Jam."
1994-11-23 It's Ice St. Louis, MO 2:26 > in from "Mind Left Body Jam" to complete this "Ice."
1995-06-16 It's Ice Raleigh, NC 9:14 Beautiful piano soloing by Page.
1995-07-01 It's Ice Mansfield, MA 9:30 Highly unusual jam with Mike on the electric drill and Fishman on vacuum.
1995-10-07 It's Ice Spokane, WA 10:43 Although Page dominated, the jam has contributions from all band members in a somewhat dissonant, but atypically melodic, and chilling, version.
1995-10-14 It's Ice Austin, TX 9:11 Features a spacey and psychedelic jam.
1995-10-29 It's Ice Louisville, KY 4:47 "It's Ice" -> to "Kung," which is played in its entirety during the jam segment.
1995-10-29 It's Ice Louisville, KY 1:42 -> in from "Kung" to complete this version of "Ice."
1995-12-15 It's Ice Philadelphia, PA 8:49 Very spacey jam segues into a creepy, Fish-driven groove with unintelligble, bizarre vocalizations from someone (?), as Page teases the "Pink Panther" theme a few times. "Odd" doesn't even begin to describe this.
1995-12-30 It's Ice New York, NY 4:45 Another "Kung" sandwich makes up the meat of the "Ice" jam.
1995-12-30 It's Ice New York, NY 1:39 -> in from "Kung" to complete this version of "Ice."
1996-08-05 It's Ice Morrison, CO 8:28 Not too long, but a pretty unusual and cool jam.
1996-08-12 It's Ice Noblesville, IN 9:52 Excellent percussion support from Fish in this choppy, discordant jam.
1996-08-17 It's Ice Plattsburgh, NY 9:05 Old fashioned version with the whole band involved in a subdued jam.
1996-10-26 It's Ice Charlotte, NC 9:14 Creepy background effects pair with some fantastic piano stylings.
1996-11-30 It's Ice Sacramento, CA 10:24 After a cacophony of noisy effects, nice crescendo building by Trey and Page.
1997-08-08 It's Ice Tinley Park, IL 10:27 Weird, spacey, Trey-Mike-led jam.
1997-12-07 It's Ice Dayton, OH 6:41 "Swept Away" and "Steep" sandwich. Flawless segue to "Swept Away."
1997-12-07 It's Ice Dayton, OH 1:54 > in from "Steep" to complete this version of "Ice."
1998-07-28 It's Ice Bonner Springs, KS 5:47 "Lengthwise" sandwich occurs with Fishman singing the verses into his Electrolux.
1998-07-28 It's Ice Bonner Springs, KS 1:41 > in from "Lengthwise" to complete this version of "Ice."
2000-09-20 It's Ice Cincinnati, OH 14:32 Extended jam that is markedly different from the typical Page-led jam. A spacey, rambling jam, but worth a listen. Unfinished.
2003-07-26 It's Ice Atlanta, GA 10:07 Swirling and extended jam, somewhat spacey, typical of the more improvisational versions from the early to mid 1990s.
2009-03-07 It's Ice Hampton, VA 9:09 Spacey, effects-laden jam with Page on synthesizer instead of piano.
2013-07-14 It's Ice Columbia, MD 7:43 Nice "old school" little rocking jam with Page on the B-3. It's been 10 years, really more like 17, or going back to 1996, since the band last played one of these rocking little jams, which add great flavor to an otherwise fully composed piece.
2013-07-31 It's Ice Stateline, NV 7:53 Another nice little funky and rhythmic "Ice" jam with Page rocking on the B-3.
2013-09-01 It's Ice Commerce City, CO 8:25 Page leads a solid full band jam on the B-3. And compared to 7/14/13, the transition back to "Ice" is clean.
2013-12-29 It's Ice New York, NY 8:21 This one has a bad-ass "Ice" jam with some wild and rocking playing by all four. It almost sounds like some of the crazy versions from Spring '94 and also makes a nice clean return to "It's Ice."
2014-07-16 It's Ice Clarkston, MI 8:50 Another "Ice" with a solid, funky and rocking jam. Alas, Trey has a bit of trouble transitioning out of the jam and back to the closing section.
2014-07-30 It's Ice Portsmouth, VA 8:30 Page immediately jumps to the clavinet, while Trey lays back, comping him nicely. Mike also helps to power this Page-led funk fest.
2014-10-24 It's Ice Inglewood, CA 8:47 Like the Portsmouth "It's Ice", Page hops on the clavinet out of the gate, but this time Trey chips in some wah-scratching and Echoplex to this funky jam before sticking the landing.
2015-08-12 It's Ice Philadelphia, PA 9:03 After a Jekyll (jam) and Hyde (composed section) take just four shows earlier, Trey redeems himself with the Mann "It's Ice". The whole band jumps into the jam feet first, coalescing around a "Manteca"-like theme for a few minutes during which Page goes absolutely nuts on his clavinet.
2017-07-23 It's Ice New York, NY 15:14 An absolutely outstanding version. Right out of the gate, Mike pushes the jam into a darker mode, and the band slides into a seductive groove, Lil' Punkin meshing beautifully with Trey's effects-laden playing while Mike and Fish hold down the fort. Trey fires off some lovely trills as a fog creeps over the proceedings, with Mike really stepping up his game in the latter half. The jam winds down into noise, then returns neatly to the "It's Ice" theme. Longest version to date.
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