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Link Wednesday, 11/23/1994
The Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO

Soundcheck: Jam > Funky Bitch > Jam, Poor Heart > John Hardy, Amazing Grace, Poor Heart

Set 1: Wilson > Sparkle > Simple -> It's Ice > If I Could, Oh Kee PaThe Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > SuzySuzy Greenberg, DividedDivided Sky, Amazing Grace[1]

Set 2: Maze, Fee[2] -> SOAMuleScent of a Mule, Tweezer, Lifeboy, YEMYou Enjoy Myself -> Vibration of LifeThe Vibration of Life -> YEMYou Enjoy Myself, TweepriseTweezer Reprise

Encore: SampleSample in a Jar

[1] Without microphones.
[2] Trey sang verses through megaphone.

· Power of Soul tease in Tweezer
· Frankenstein and Hello Skinny teases in You Enjoy Myself

Noteworthy Jams: It's Ice, Tweezer (highly recommended), You Enjoy Myself (highly recommended), The Vibration of Life (highly recommended), You Enjoy Myself (highly recommended)

Average Song Gap: 4.05

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone. Tweezer contained a Power of Soul tease and YEM contained a Frankenstein tease. The YEM vocal jam was based on Hello Skinny. Amazing Grace (both in the soundcheck and during the show) was performed without microphones. The soundcheck's first Poor Heart featured alternate lyrics and the second Poor Heart was the slow version.

Song Distribution:
5 Stash
4 Hoist
3 Rift
3 Junta
2 A Picture of Nectar
2 The White Tape
1 Lawn Boy
1 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1994 Fall Tour."

westbrook , attached to 1994-11-23 Permalink
westbrook This is simply a fantastic show in the middle of an incredible run from 11/22-12/1. It really doesn't get much better than this. The first set gets off to a brisk start with Wilson>Sparkle and Simple->It's Ice is the first highlight of the show with a cool segue. It's Ice itself is great too. After a beautiful If I Could and the energy-boosting pair of Oh Kee Pa Ceremony (with laughing like in the studio version)>Suzy, the set closes with a soaring Divided Sky and Amazing Grace. The first set is very good, but the second set takes it to another level.

Set 2 gets off to a great start with a smoking Maze and is followed up with the crowd-pleaser Fee, which segues into Scent of a Mule. And then comes the TWEEZER, which is top 5 material for me. It's just a gorgeous jam with ambient sections, a mind blowing return to the Tweezer theme, and thrilling peaks. Listen to this jam asap if you haven't heard it. The SBD was released on From the Archives Bonnaroo. Lifeboy is one of my favorite ballads and is always a great choice following Tweezer. The following YEM is spectacular as well. Tweezer Reprise wraps up the phenomenal second set and the Sample encore doesn't take anything away from this throwdown of a show.
Score: 6

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