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Link Thursday, 05/06/1993
Palace Theatre, Albany, NY

Set 1: CDTChalk Dust Torture, Mound, SOAMeltSplit Open and Melt, HorseThe Horse[1] > SilentSilent in the Morning > ATRAll Things Reconsidered > Llama, Fluffhead, Possum[2], Lawn Boy[3], Why You Been Gone So Long?[4], Tennessee Waltz[5], I Been to Georgia on a Fast Train[5]

Set 2: SuzySuzy Greenberg > Tweezer, Tela > Uncle Pen, BBJBig Ball Jam, CoilThe Squirming Coil, Mike'sMike's Song -> Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Jam -> Rocky Top[3], HYHUHold Your Head Up[3] > Cracklin' Rosie[3] > HYHUHold Your Head Up[3], That's Alright Mama[5]

Encore: Sweet Adeline[6], Contact > TweepriseTweezer Reprise

[1] Trey on acoustic guitar.
[2] Simpsons, Key Change, and All Fall Down signals.
[3] Dick Solberg on violin.
[4] Phish debut; Dick Solberg on violin; Jeff Walton on vocals.
[5] Phish debut; Dick Solberg on violin and Jeff Walton on acoustic guitar.
[6] Without microphones.

· Sweet Emotion and Crimes of the Mind teases in Tweezer
· Cheap Sunglasses tease in Mike's Song

Noteworthy Jams: Possum, Tweezer (highly recommended)

Average Song Gap: 4.5

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon, Dick Solberg (Guest), Jeff Walton (Guest)

Notes: The Horse featured Trey on acoustic guitar. Possum contained Simpsons, Key Change, and All Fall Down signals. Why You Been Gone So Long, Tennessee Waltz, I Been To Georgia On A Fast Train and That's Alright Mama were all Phish debuts. Lawn Boy, Why You Been Gone So Long, Rocky Top, both HYHUs, and Cracklin' Rosie featured Dick Solberg on violin. Tennessee Waltz, I Been To Georgia On A Fast Train, and That’s Alright Mama featured Solberg on violin and Jeff Walton on acoustic guitar. Why You Been Gone So Long also featured Walton on vocals. Tweezer included a Sweet Emotion tease and a jam on Crimes of the Mind. Mike's Song contained Cheap Sunglasses teases. Rosie was “dedicated to Neil, who's on tour now!” Sweet Adeline was performed without microphones.

Song Distribution:
4 Rift
4 A Picture of Nectar
3 Lawn Boy
2 Junta
2 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday
1 Stash

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1993 Winter/Spring Tour."

Icculus Staff , attached to 1993-05-06 Permalink
Icculus (Tweezer review posted to RMP in 1994)
5/6/93 The Palace, Albany, NY (Rvwd 11/94)

Without question, the best Tweezer in my collection in the 1990-3
span. The second set opens with a very good Suzy with a great jam.
Tweezer comes next. A very standard uneventful opening. Sure, the
usual exaggerated lyrics here and there. No hints of what is to
come. At the very beginning of the jam, Mike has the audacity to play
what is basically Sweet Emotion's (but not quite if you listen
carefully) primary bass line over and over again for the first few
minutes. It sounds really, really awesome (unless you hate Sweet
Emotion). Trey ignores him, but Page steps up and drops some Sweet
Emotion chords as well.

The jam is very bold and raw until Trey breaks out of the Force and
steps out in front of everyone, soaring magnificently on the
Languedoc. Soon, the jam gets taken over by Trey, and frankly, gets
really weird, with everyone just tooling around. Actually doesn't
sound too good.. just weird (like Bangor and Bomb Factory do at
times). They just all screw off for a few minutes. Then Mike and
Trey lock into a weird repetitive lick that would have become dull if
they had continued on it longer than they did. [Editor's Note: They
jam on the main riff of the Dude of Life's Crimes of the Mind in here,
which I didn't recognize back in 11/94 when I reviewed this Tweezer.]
Mike soon fires up the bass out of this lick (after Page adds his two cents),
and then Trey starts firing off chords and They blast off into a
rocking Tweezer finale jam -- that actually isn't the finale!!

Suddenly, they drop this raw near-the-end-sounding Tweezer jam and
move into this sweeeeeeet, beautiful, awe-inspiring minute or so of
blissful melodic Play (that's right.. 'Play" for all you Derrideans
out there.. you know who you are). It is ORGASMIC!! Then the typical
Tweezer theme arises again very powerfull,y and the plebeian
slowed-down end-of-the-theme standard ending "jam" (!) comes in.
(exhale) At nearly twenty minutes, this is a killer Tweezer that --
though it includes 3 or so minutes of just plain old fucking around
that sounds weird -- is simply fantastic as a version. If they had
just continued wailing instead of going into that weird chaotic
mind-melting interlude I would give this version a 9.0 "must get this
fucking tweezer" rating. This wouldn't be fair to Eureka 4/92,
though, which is also a killer version of Tweezer. I think I like
this one more, though. I have to give it a must have rating. 8.5 .
There. I've done it. It's over. Flame away. Please, one of you has
got to think that this is the lamest version of Tweezer ever.. I'm
ready to hear your "rationality" regarding this.

Oh yeah, and this show (set, actually) had Dick Solberg doing some
stuff on violin with the boyz which sounds great.. 'That's Alright
Mama' is really cool! Not to mention the ob la di in the Mikes..! (A)
Score: 4
DollarBill , attached to 1993-05-06 Permalink
DollarBill This is the third and last show at the Palace Theatre in Albany, 68th of the tour, and another pretty good one overall, with more guest stars as well. It seemed to be a board recording for the most part, which is always a pleasure to hear, however there were digital glitches, from a DAT most likely, and I had to seek out a different source for Fluffhead and Possum because they were missing.

A nice solid Chalk Dust opened up the first set and was pretty well played. Fishís drum part takes us right into a nearly flawless Mound. A good, but average, Melt keeps the energy going pretty well. Trey picks up the acoustic for a good Horse and then Silent, which has really improved recently, was solid to follow. Trey had some rough spots in the middle of a fast ATR. Llama was raging, as usual, and also had some rough spots in the middle. So raging in fact, that Trey pulled himself out of tune and didnít fix it before an average Fluffhead. The soundboard source gave out a few minutes in. Fish kind of blows his drum part in the Clod and the ending was pretty weak too. Possum was also just in the ok category to me tonight. Then we have a guest star for another funny Lawn Boy, and Page really milks the ending vocal part. Another guest is added and we end the set with three debut songs, which I guess were great because I have nothing to compare them to, but this is definitely up Mikeís alley. Pretty good first set overall, except for Fluffhead.

Suzy rocks the opener spot for the second set, and was well played going right into a long Tweezer. A good jam is included in this one, but it really didnít do much for me musically. Tela was an unexpected mini bust-out tonight, and had some rust showing during the middle solo. Pen also had a rough time at the top, but was ok overall. Then the Balls come outÖ Coil was pretty average, but Page works his magic at the end, of course. Mikeís was also in the average category and after reaching the jam in F they make a turn into more uncharted territory with Ob La Di, Ob La Da? Not sure what that was all about, but they add the fiddle player back in and work into an unexpected, early, Rocky Top. This one is usually reserved for encores, but whatever, it rocked anyways. HYHU brings Fish out for Rosie with a nice shout out to Neil. Just like the first set we have a debut song, and a shout out to Elvis, to end the second set. Well played set for the most part, although it did get a little weird in there.

For the encores, Adeline was cut from the board source I heard. Iím sure it was fine. Then we continue the Mike show with a fun Contact, and the expected Tweeprise wraps things up nicely to a fine finish.

For the Phish part of this show, it is a four star night for me. But just like last nightís show, the guest stars and all the debut songs make this one a little more special. So I will reluctantly go with five stars on this one.
Score: 2
soundboy1 , attached to 1993-05-06 Permalink
soundboy1 Ok this was just a fun show. Musically it was fantastic as well but in general it was just a kickass time. The Palace Theatre is a classic venue and seeing any show there was a great time. Great scene outside and with all the colleges and the proximity to Vermont led to a great show.
The first set was great I think this was my first Possum which was the very first Phish song I ever heard. So that was great for me. It had signals in it which I think are the coolest Phish/crowd interaction that they ever did. I wish they would bring those back. I mean when he did the instructions that was the whole point right? Anyway when they introduced Dick I wasn't that thrilled. I paid to see Phish not this other guy! But once he got them going it actually was so much fun. Tennessee Waltz was a real standout for me.
2nd set was killer. Tweezer and Mike's in the same set is always great. I remember during Tweezer that at one point I was in the front row and also somewhere in the balcony. I used to love when there were no rules and you could just hang out wherever you want. Anyway The Mike's>Ob-Li-Di Ob-Li-Da was great. I wasn't that into the Beatles much but I of course knew that song. The whole crowd was singing and it was a great Phishy moment. I walked out of there really high on the Phish. I only saw them one more time the rest of the year so this show kind of stuck with me.
Score: 2
Issiah , attached to 1993-05-06 Permalink
Issiah After a few encounters with Phish, I really wanted to share the experience with some close friends. This was first time with closest of friends. It blew our faces off the face of the earth. The little Theatre beautifully carried a young raw energentic explosion of light and sound. We became phamily... The Big Ball Jam consisted of the band throwing like three huge balls into the crowd; The guys would then make a basket by joining arms and forming a circle. We would then attempt to work together to shoot the ball into their hoop. They would move about the stage trying to assist the "shot" into the hoop.
Being very young....Mom was here for this show. She sang along to the songs the Dudes came out and played on Acoustic with Phish. We all found common ground with Ob la di Ob la da...That was great. Just big smiles mixed in with beauty and Fierce rips and Funk...
Score: 1

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