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Link Thursday, 04/16/1992
Anaconda Theatre, Isla Vista, CA

Soundcheck: Tube

Set 1: Buried Alive > Possum[1], It's Ice > Bouncin'Bouncing Around the Room, SOAMeltSplit Open and Melt, Rift, Fee -> Maze, Forbin'sColonel Forbin's Ascent > MockingbirdFly Famous Mockingbird > Icculus > MockingbirdFly Famous Mockingbird > AntelopeRun Like an Antelope

Set 2: Sanity, Llama, LizardsThe Lizards, Mike'sMike's Song > HydrogenI Am Hydrogen > WeekapaugWeekapaug Groove, Horn > Poor Heart, Cold as Ice > Terrapin[2] > Cold as Ice, Carolina[3], Memories[3], Sweet Adeline[3], SuzySuzy Greenberg

Encore: Sleeping Monkey

[1] Random Laugh, Simpsons, Oom Pa Pa, and All Fall Down signals.
[2] Band and crew introductions from Fish.
[3] Without microphones.

· Harpua tease in Fly Famous Mockingbird
· Follow the Yellow Brick Road tease in Run Like an Antelope

Noteworthy Jams: Possum, It's Ice, Run Like an Antelope, Llama, Mike's Song, Weekapaug Groove

Average Song Gap: 8.31

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: Possum included Random Laugh, Simpsons, Oom Pa Pa, and All Fall Down signals. Mockingbird contained Harpua teases from Mike. This version of Icculus (first since April 6, 1991, or 118 shows) was, perhaps, the shortest version ever as it did not contain the usual build-up and screaming. Antelope contained a Follow the Yellow Brick Road tease from Trey. Terrapin included band and crew introductions from Fish. Carolina through Sweet Adeline were performed without microphones. Widespread Panic opened.

Song Distribution:
4 Rift
4 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday
3 Stash
3 Lawn Boy
3 Junta
2 A Picture of Nectar
1 The White Tape

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1992 Spring Tour."

, attached to 1992-04-16 Permalink
(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

On 4/16/92, Phish began a legendary five night run (4/16-21/92). Each of these shows is listed among people's favorites, and I never saw any other Phish shows that came close to this level of playing or intensity. I felt they were out to prove sell themselves.
A little Anaconda history: I grew up in Los Angeles, and would spend a week each summer (for ten years, starting when I was five years old) in Santa Barbara at the UCSB family camp. I loved it there, and I really liked hanging out in Isla Vista (the UCSB college "town"). My first memories of the Anaconda were when the place was a Bank of America. After the bank closed, the place became a pool hall / arcade which I would spend many hours in during each of my summer visits. My last time at the place was during the summer of 1987, and I had no idea that Phish would be playing the same room five years later.
I showed up in the middle of the afternoon before the show. Instantly we were hassled by UCSB cops. We weren't actually doing anything but waiting in the lot before the show, but the cop caught a glance of our pipe and needed to threaten us for a while. Soon after the pig walked away, the bands showed up at the venue. I then spent the afternoon with Trey, his dog Marley, and Dave Schools (Widespread Panic bassist).
At the time it seemed like nothing special; we were all just killing time waiting for the show. This was back in the days when the band actually hung out with folks before and after the show. During this tour, the only one in the band who didn't hang with random fans was Page.
So showtime rolls around, and we walk in. No more than 100 people in the venue, plenty of space. You could walk to the stage and hang out, or drop back fifteen feet and have lots of dancing room.. Plus, it was a bar and the place had arcade games all along the walls. By the time WSP finished their opening set, I'd say the crowd had grown to about 200 people total. I remember being stoked that I could leave the venue during setbreak and get pizza across the street, and then come back for Set II.
The show starts off with a great combo of "Buried Alive" and "Possum". No warm-up time needed for this show, they come out of the gate at "11". By the opening notes of "Possum" they've got the crowd in their hands and they're playing with us -  building crowd anticipation until they finally start playing the song. "Bouncing Around the Room" was great fun, followed by a really funky version of "Split Open and Melt" (the tape that I have is really bass-heavy, and Mike really pounds out the groove in this version). Trey's solos in this version are completely on fire; it's the second peak of the first set.
The band easily transitions from "Split Open" to "Rift", and the solid playing continues. "Maze" is easily the third peak of the first set, with Trey just tearing it up. It was so good that it seems like he was inspired to do some Gamehendge stuff, including a quick introduction about Gamehendge before he transported the crowd there. I guess he could sense that most members of the crowd had never seen the band before and were unfamiliar with the story. The narration is classic!. The whole Gamehendge mini-set is epic with a fantastic version of "Mockingbird"; I had no idea how rare this was at the time, we were just having a blast! The set ends with the forth peak of the set, a dance till-you-drop version of "Antelope".
Second set starts with a great set of tunes. The "Sanity" is goofy, but at the time it seemed perfect. The "Llama" and "Lizards" are both played well, but the peak of the set was the "Mike's" > "Hydrogen" > "Weekapaug". This version is one of my personal favorites and really floored me at the show. I was totally blown away by the sheer power of the music and by how tight and together the band was playing. The show slows down after the "Weekapaug"; I guess we all needed a break after something that intense. The rest of the show was solid, but nothing spectacular.
We walked out of the show that night drenched in sweat, happy to have seen Phish play at their full potential. It was a totally different experience than my first show the night before, regarding both the music and venue. This was the show where I "got it" as far as Phish was concerned -  I was hooked. We drove the four hours back to Santa Cruz after the show, getting very excited to see Phish play at the Warfield the next night.
Score: 8
benjedi420vt , attached to 1992-04-16 Permalink
You haven't really heard Phish if you haven't heard some of these five shows, I've heard 4/16 about a million times but have finally heard the other 4 (4/16-4/21) a few times now. I'm not saying they didn't play well afterwards, obviously they have and did, Island tour and fall 97 is simply amazing (I love Rochester Fall 97 - for me a perfect 5.0/5.0 show, perfect first set, perfect second set and perfect encore!)

However, to appreciate Phish and where they came from you have to hear these shows, they have their goofiness and weird moments that makes them uniquely Phish but also throws a ripple in the energy of the show throwing you off balance. But in my opinion, the moments in these shows, like Buried Alive-->Possum (4/16) is quite simply the best Phish has ever played!

The band is composed of 4 complete scholars of music. They are each master musicians at their instruments. With that said, the band is still a Trey - Guitar oriented band. When he is really going off AND the band is really going off in a matching way, like a few moments in these shows, it is perfection. I think it is the youthful restless Trey going "Marty McFly in Back To The Future" on the guitar that really sparked these genius moments of playing. Post 2001 Trey has gotten a little older, more mature and just doesn't quite have the same ability in his fingers anymore. Great expressive and mindful jams, but that 1992-1998 ripping ability is fading!

Anyone new to Phish that is learning about them and has heard Livephish releases, or offical realeases HAS TO HEAR THESE SHOWS- YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY!! Get good sounding SBDs at
Score: 4
DollarBill , attached to 1992-04-16 Permalink
DollarBill Really good show! Very nice Mike heavy mix. Good playing. A little loose during Bouncing, Fee and the begining of Maze, but overall a great first set. The Forbin's narration is awesome and unique with the Icculus in there. Rocking Antelope.

Great set openers tonight with Sanity and Buried Alive. Llama rocks! A great second set continues with a huge Weekapaug Groove! Really a precursor to what we are all used to today. Fish's Terrapin and introductions are great with the crew taking solos! Triple barbershop treatment! Good Suzy to close.

Great encore to end a great show full of energy tonight.
Score: 2
Raible , attached to 1992-04-16 Permalink
Raible So much has been said of the April 92 West Coast run that I have nothing new to add. It's just awesome.

That said, the Weekapaug in this show is one of my absolute favorites of all time. Mike's forwardness in these mixes really gives you a good taste of the magic he works in the band, and in this track in particular, he bubbles and simmers under the arrangement in a sublime way that keeps it barreling along without ever being overbearing. Trey's guitar parts for this version are subdued and focus more on the dynamics rather than indulging his "Machine Gun Trey" side.

The Forbin's->Icculus->Mockingbird is also highly recommended, as the Icculus is in service to the narration of the suite of songs, and isn't a typical slow build-up to hilarious screaming. Something a little different.

Dig it!
Score: 2
MiguelSanchez , attached to 1992-04-16 Permalink
MiguelSanchez in my opinion, this run from 4/16-21/92 is one of the only string of shows that compares to the island tour in '98. this night is probably my favorite of the run.

any show that opens with buried alive is probably going to be pretty hot, and i love the pairing with a red hot possum. trey really gets nice and bluesy on this one, when he is not having some nice secret language fun. i love the early 90's versions of its ice. fishman has a nice loose feel on these early versions. batr is pretty straight forward, but the soa melt that follows is very nice, especially for the time. page has some nice licks in here. rift and fee are pretty straight forward, before ol' page storms out again on a red hot maze. then, check out this FIRST set closing sequence. we dip into gamehendge with an awesome forbin>icculus>mockingbird. as if that was not enough, trey buries an antelope closer before the boys take a break. what a first set!

sanity really says it all here. this song is always a good indication that the band is feeling a bit fiesty. llama gets them back in a tight playing mode and lizards works well after wards. then they blast off into a mind blowing mike's song. trey and fishman really take this one over the top before crashing into hydrogen. weekapaugh is no slouch either. horn and poor heart work well before the fishman segment kicks off. i love terrapin and this is a good take. a quick run of 3 accepellas works well before a rowdy suzy closer. monkey is monkey.

this show has some amazingly tight playing and a very unique setlist. it is straight up stacked, buried alive, forbin>icculus>bird, 'lope, sanity, mike's groove..... what a show!
Score: 1
BassPlayer , attached to 1992-04-16 Permalink
BassPlayer This was the 1st live phish i heard and it was life changing. Thank you Justin L and Scott W!
Score: 1
IntoYesterday , attached to 1992-04-16 Permalink
This is my favorite Phish show. Owned these tapes about 18 years ago not long after I first heard Phish. Hard to avoid developing an obsession for the band when you have this show in your collection. It's priceless.
Score: 1
Brandonclick77 , attached to 1992-04-16 Permalink
My first Phish bootleg on tape back in 94 and still one of my most coveted...
Score: 1
theghost , attached to 1992-04-16 Permalink
theghost This was a very heavily traded show back in the day when Phish was surging to stardom. I'm sure these tapes in particular played a role in driving their rise. I know I sent this one out to many people.

It's just a great show...definitely my favorite of the California run and one of the best of the year. The first set is a perfect showcase of what they were doing at the time. The second set is a little gimmicky but the Weekapaug is sublime.
Score: 1

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