Llama and Bowie included teases of the Munsters theme song and there was a brief Free Ride tease at the start of the show. Carolina was sung for Mary Buckner. There was a Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy tease prior to Landlady. Tweezer included HYHU, Donna Lee, 2001, and Who Knows teases. Chalk Dust contained Lawn Boy teases from Trey and Page and was unfinished. The Old Home Place and Nellie Kane were performed acoustic and, along with Memories, without microphones.
Jam Chart Versions
Theme from The Munsters tease in Llama, Theme from The Munsters tease in David Bowie, Hold Your Head Up, Donna Lee, Also Sprach Zarathustra, and Who Knows teases in Tweezer, Lawn Boy tease in Chalk Dust Torture, Free Ride and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy teases
Debut Years (Average: 1989)
Song Distribution

This show was part of the "1994 Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1994-07-06

Review by andrewrose

andrewrose How did I not mention the Reba when I wrote that review years ago? This might be my favourite Reba ever.
, attached to 1994-07-06

Review by n00b100

n00b100 A genuinely impressive show from Summer '94. Set 1 is perfectly fine until they get to Reba, which starts off as plain old Reba before Mike and Fish combine to give us a really nifty and powerful groove that enriches our lives for a few glorious minutes until the band drops right back into the Reba jam without missing a beat and builds to a screaming, wicked climax. The other highlight of the set comes in the closing Bowie, which mixes in an odd tease of the Munsters theme and then launches into a usual powerful mid-90s Bowie jam. Set 2 features a wild Tweezer that starts off with some weirdness (Trey playing a simplistic riff with the band offering spartan accompaniment) before leaping into a HYHU jam, swinging back into a usual (for '94) big-rockin' Tweezer jam, switches up to a weird jazzy beat, swings *back* to a usual (for '94) big-rockin' Tweezer jam, pulls out the 2001 "chorus" out of nowhere (seriously, what the hell?), then just sorta ends up in Lawn Boy with a shrug of the shoulders. Tweezer could give you whiplash in 1994 and they still weren't quite ready to go super-deep yet, but the best parts of this jam are as fun as anything else from the year. CDT steps up next, and instead of ending rolls right into BBFCFM > Sample > BBFCFM (a weird pairing that somehow works), then the show ends with a superb Hood that builds in a more interesting manner than your garden-variety Hood and peaks in very fine fashion. The extended acoustic encore is also neat as well. A very fine show with some tremendous jams - one of the best of the summer, in fact.
, attached to 1994-07-06

Review by Anonymous

(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

There's nothing like your first Phish show. And there's nothing like a Phish show in your hometown. I was lucky enough to have both happen to me back in Summer `94. I was thirteen at the time, and some older friends of mine had insisted I see a bunch of shows around this time, it being Jazz Fest time as well. I saw some great music of those two weeks, and even remember catching a glimpse of Fish a couple rows ahead of us at the Elvin Jones/McCoy Tyner show. Phish hasn't been back to Montreal since. A terrible shame that I can only hope will be remedied sometime soon.
Theatre St. Denis is not a big place. I'd say there were at most 1200 people there, and it was basically full. To give you an idea of how intimate the show was: tons of people had taken off their shoes, myself included, and put them in a pile behind the speakers on Page's side. The band took advantage of this to do a few a cappella numbers without mics in both the first set and in the encore. And indeed, this show is as full of typical `94 playfulness as any other. Listen for the banter before the killer "Bowie" (w/ Munsters theme!) about doing "a song about a really good friend of ours "... someone we consider a brother" or something like that.
But I also consider Set II to be one of the great overlooked "Tweezer"fests of `94. And unlike some of its aimless counterparts, this "Tweezer", and the feats that follow, are all well constructed and focused fun. Trey leads a full-on "2001" jam in the "Tweezer".
Yeah, by the time the soaring "Hood" hit (the "Hood"s were goood in `94) I was pretty much hooked. If I hadn't been a clueless thirteen-year-old, I may have had the sense and means to get myself down to Great Woods to catch a Gamehendge two days later "....
, attached to 1994-07-06

Review by Penn42

Penn42 This is a really good show. This is also a really odd show. Who ever heard of a Chalkdust -> BBFCFM -> Sample -> BBFCFM segment smack dab in the middle of set II? What about a Julius in slot three? Setlist wise this show just doesn't seem to make all the much sense to me, but it totally works. Every song that is jammed gets a really nice work out. Everybody should be familiar with this wonderful type II Reba, great Tweezer, and peaking Hood. Also, Bowie! The Landlady even gets a nice unique jam. Trey holds a single note for a long time and Fish takes over bringing lots of energy to the jam. This is Grade A Pasteurized Phish!

Get it, get it, get it!
, attached to 1994-07-06

Review by westbrook

westbrook This is a great, great show with many highlights. A top 5 Reba of all time, the best Tweezer of Summer 1994, a solid David Bowie, and a tremendous Hood. If you like Reba or Hood, definitely check these versions out. If you like goofiness and seguefests, check out the second set, where songs like CDT and sample in a jar get a BBFCFM twist. The 4 song encore is icing on the cake. This is one of the best shows of Summer 1994. The AUD from the spreadsheet sounds great, as well.
, attached to 1994-07-06

Review by 3po1nt0

3po1nt0 just picked up on a brief "if i could" tease at the end of fluffhead
, attached to 1994-07-06

Review by Real_out_casty

Real_out_casty best tweez of 94 summer? u need to listen to 5/7/94
, attached to 1994-07-06

Review by desmondthefamilyberzerker

desmondthefamilyberzerker A ripping Llama to start, this 1st set crushes particularly for my favorite Reba ever. These shows in Canada from Summer 94 are in my rotation of go to Phish shows. The Reba jam goes into some dark territory leaving the Eb-F progression for what sounds like a jam in Cm (eb's relative minor). It definitely sounds to me alot like something you could hear in an extended 2001 or Gin from 97-98. It comes back to the main theme after some time and peaks wonderfully. The Tweezer is one of the better ones from 94 and the whackiness of CDT->BBFCM->Sample->BBFCM is vintage early 90's bizarre Phish.

Find this show and the previous nights from the Congress if you don't have them already.
, attached to 1994-07-06

Review by MrPalmers1000DollarQ

MrPalmers1000DollarQ Everybody knows the Reba from this show, but there's so much more goodness among these two sets plus encore. Llama rips strong with a nice Munsters tease from Trey, and Fluffhead delivers a gumptious punch, especially on behalf of Page and Fish who absolutely crush this one. Julius starts out with a fun extended intro that loosens the band up for a fiery performance. Although everybody knows about it, it must be said that this Reba is breathtaking...Reba may be one of the hardest songs to pin down a single "all-time best," but I will never deny anyone the opinion that 7/6/94 takes the cake. This could be the best thing the band's ever played. Anyway, the next few tunes are relatively standard until we get to the Bowie closer, which starts with a fun Munsters tease to bookend the set. The jam moves in a few different directions, rhythmic, melodic, and chaotic, but lands in the '94 speeding bullet territory by the close for a tight finish to the set.

Second set Landlady opener is fucking awesome. Starts out with a cool Nutcracker tease, features stellar play, and one of the longest sustained note Trey has on record. (On Relisten, from 3:59 to 5:15--76 seconds!!) That moment opens up the floor for Page, Fishman, and Mike to really slam it home, and boy do they. The Tweezer jam has plenty of distinct sections, some more compelling than others, but ultimately lands in a tremendous Also Sprach jam, which the band uses to launch the energy up high. Lawn Boy features beautiful solos from Page and Trey, particularly subdued. The CDT->BBFCFM->Sample->BBFCM sandwich looks so weird on paper, but trust me it works. I will even admit that this might be the first BBFCFM I actually enjoyed (sorry, just not my thing usually). The shrill, cutting soar that gives way to Sample really sells this version. Hood offers a nice jam of note for its quiet section. The final peak is textbook Machine Gun Trey hose. The encore is quaint in its mostly acoustic nature; it's a cute reminder of the Phish-audience relationship origins to hear folks ask what the name of the song was (for "Old Home Place").
, attached to 1994-07-06

Review by Fallopian_Dude

Fallopian_Dude This wonderful Reba bubbles and sparkles before soaring into a most satisfying climax. 70s arena-rock style jam > Reba jam proper--that transition is spooky good.

(That's really all I have to say...

...however, .net will not let me post this as it is too brief for a show review. In the words of Mr. Burns, "exxcellent"...)
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