Mike teased My Favorite Things before Gumbo. This show marked the Phish debut of Frost. The jam in Energy featured Fish on the Marimba Lumina. Fluffhead was unfinished and included a Heartbreaker tease from Trey. Piper contained Energy quotes.
Jam Chart Versions
Heartbreaker tease in Fluffhead, My Favorite Things tease, Energy quote in Piper
Debut Years (Average: 1994)

This show was part of the "2013 Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by careful_w_that_axe_Miller

careful_w_that_axe_Miller 5/5 haha I could of given one for last night or a SPAC, so a 5 here evens it out.

I listened to the first set thanks to a Sciuridae through a broken iPhone5 with no headset thanks to sat with family and one of my many nieces, she's 23months, I informed her that she was hearing one of the greatest, if not the greatest, songs ever written when divided sky was playing, when it came to the pause I told her to wait for the "ping", then I considered if DS is the greatest song ever written and while lost in thought I heard "ping" echoed by a 23 month old saying "ping" and lighting up a smile. No price.

This is love man. This is a groove to be shared in unspoken language to our youth. If Phish play they get 5 from me. I promise to rate less shows.
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by captainfluff

captainfluff so the, near; HotLanta shows have drawn to a close. I have been streaming both nights and loved every minute of it . As I always do I found many negative posts in the chat box's, but also many positive posts. There is no doubt that phish is at the top of their game right now, so I surmised a hypothesis about why the negative posts exist when the boys are jamming their COLLECTIVE ass'es off right now. U see it is like a highly addictive drug, the music that is, and when u do this drug, you become tolerant to it, and forget why you got so into it in the first place, therefore becoming unappreciative of it, My point is that the negative comments and vibes are coming from people that want phish to be something they are not, the first time u saw phish or the first time you got totally blasted, it is never the same, only with phish it just keeps getting better and different, these guys are not 25 anymore they are much more mature musically, and I really love the way they are trying to go to new places. Songs like Light and Energy are the future springboards for amazing jams, Hell they already are. As for the Atlanta run I thought it was amazing. I also think that by the end of tour the boys will be playing some of their finest music EVER. So lets all keep open minds and hearts and see where it goes. BE GOOD KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by makisupaman

makisupaman My 20th show and my first of Year 30. Had a great time at this one despite the miserable conditions (multiple moments of deja vu a la Deer Creek 2009). Moma, Gumbo, and Guyute stick out as highlights for me from set 1. Set 2 was great also, though I will be the first to admit that Drowned seemed to have more in the tank. That said, I had no anticipation of the jam out of Energy, which worked exceptionally well in that slot. Piper also had fresh ideas floating through that I really enjoyed. Fast Enough was a treat, and 2001 after that? Sure! Mike's Wedge Groove to finish? Yep, let's do that too! Unexpected delights combined with a seemingly reinvigorated commitment to push the boundaries might best characterize this current incarnation of the Phish from Vermont, and I couldn't be happier about it. See you all at Northerly Island!
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by Phishes

Phishes Dont let the length of Piper discourage you. Despite being cut off just as page wax going somewhere, still a good 5 minutes of type 2 jamming. Rest of show is hot
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by MichiBrew

MichiBrew Captain you got it right...exactly...brilliant post...right now is brilliant Phish...
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by The__Van

The__Van Kind of a landmark show for me. My first multi-night run with Phish and it was balls fun, even though it's pretty average.

First set was fun and energetic but nothing special. I would've liked to see them close with Guyute but I can't complain about getting too much Phish at a Phish show.

Second set opened with Punch just like my friend predicted and I thought it'd be a great lead in to some proper jamming. Again, like the night before, the jams came from covers. Now I've got nothing against Phish playing covers but I was really hoping to hear more originals get jammed even if just for a bit.

Drowned was getting pretty cool until Page ripcorded into WITS. Energy it seems is jam vehicle that never was. This version shows what the boys could do with it if they pushed just a bit but it doesn't quite ever take on a life on its own. Fishman just sorta drops out suddenly which leads to a cool little jam between Trey, Mike, and Fish on the Marimba Lumina before sliding into Fluffhead.

Piper is the only thing I relisten to from this show. It gets off to a quick start and gets dark fast; almost hinting at SaSS briefly.

Good show but average.
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by CaptainKennedy

CaptainKennedy The energy in this show was incredible, and I don't mean just the song. Phish played great 1st and 2nd sets and Trey's guitar seemed to be perfectly in sync with the thunder and lightning.

Heartbreaker teases between the two shows were fun and the Piper > Fast Enough joke aimed at the kid with the "slow building Piper" poster was perfectly executed.

Great show
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by steelcon58

steelcon58 After I illegally parked in Lot A, I looked at my parka and said "Nah, I won't need that, it's going to be beautiful tonight." Bad call. It rained hard and a lot. Luckily I found a janitor holding garbage bags.

Phish came out around 8:10 and Trey played one single chord, just to see if his guitar was ready to go and the guy in front of me said "Runaway Jim". Wow, now that's early.

The show was fun and the crowd, again, was great, despite a deluge of cold and continuous rain.

The Wedge in Mike's Groove is perfect and I hope takes over the role of I am Hydrogen.

Seems like every show has something for everyone. This band is great and seem to be setting up for a really good album. Can't wait.
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by skippy11

skippy11 I cant Believe it stormed again! and I was standing in the same exact spot and 2 years ago getting drenched all over again! it was glorious! had some friends experience their first shows this Tuesday and wensday and they are hooked for sure!
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by phootyjon

phootyjon Well put captain! I've been seeing these boys for 20 years and 200 shows and this east coast stretch (with MPP N2 being a high water mark) has been as strong as anything I have seen since 1997-2003 or anything from 3.0. Haters beware - PHISH IS PHEARLESS and they're kicking ass and taking names!

See you in Chicagoland.
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by BCKicker540

BCKicker540 listened on the webcast, even though the stream was stopping literally every 5 seconds through the whole 2nd set I could tell that it really had some flow. First set was very concise, except for a long D Sky (I was actually surprised to see 17+ on LP timing, didn't seem like it at the time) No real BIG jams, but all were tasteful and at least seemed finished, and the song selection was great. Glad to see Trey get his hands off that ripcord finally. It seems like the story of 2013 is getting deep into type II territory and then making the escape before they can allow it to drag on at all. can't wait to give it a listen without all the pauses and sans squirrel commentary (which I actually thought was hilarious for the stream experience, but for musical appreciation purposes I don't need to hear it again)
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads Here's a show where the second set clearly bests the first set, which is ironically not always the case. Said first set is not particularly jammy (at least not Type II) but Divided Sky is a spirited version, for sure. Set 2 opens with Punch You in the Eye, which is always gan'na set a proper tone as an opener of any set or any show, but there's an interesting Page-led segue into Water in the Sky from Drowned, and Energy and Piper both strike me as noteworthy jams, apparently to the contrary of what the site team thinks. Another good segue emerges from the synthy type of near-Fukuoka jam out of Energy into Fluffhead, but the remainder of the show just doesn't seem to give enough breathing room to songs like 2001 and Mike's Song, that really scream to be jammed appreciably.
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by osyrus2001

osyrus2001 Phish opened the show with pure FUNK! I was lucky enough to get pit tix because the weather was terrible. It was my first time sitting on Page side and now i understand the phrase, "page side, rage side" and rage he did. The start of the first set from runaway to gumbo might have been the best start to a show i have ever witnessed. i think the awful weather contributed to the experience.
The second set was also unique and full of "energy"! speaking of "energy", this song is really growing on me and i love the lyrics and meaning behind the tune. The water references were cool and made the show special, one that i will never forget. also thought mikes>wedge>weekapaug was different and perfect at the same time! you people who go to phish shows and complain, please stay at home! as long as you have fun at the show, then shut the fuck up and dont complain about the best band in the world!
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by PlaidMax

PlaidMax Is there not a Heartbreaker tease in Quinn towards the final few choruses?
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by dfro20

dfro20 The show this night was amazing. The divided sky to bring in the storm was really something special, and Nellie Kane was a treat indeed. For me the highlight of the night was Fluffhead>Piper for sure. However, the segue from the Wedge into Weekapaug was not too great, but I attribute that to it being the first time the band ever used Wedge in the groove. It rained but not nearly as hard as the storm two years ago, and I definitely had a blast at this show. I'm keeping fingers crossed that Phish will come back to the south soon...maybe even to Florida so I don't have a minimum 7 hour drive to get to them. =)
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by skippy11

skippy11 I cant Believe it stormed again! and I was standing in the same exact spot and 2 years ago getting drenched all over again! it was glorious! had some friends experience their first shows this Tuesday and wensday and they are hooked for sure!
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by captainfluff

captainfluff So phunky 58 has it all figured out. I cant believe no one has ever thought of this before. Now for reality. Phunky 58 is not a member of Phish , the last time I checked anyway. So this means he does not organize sets or setlists. Thank God for that. If you don't like the way the band is playing why the fuck would you even bother to listen or write that piece of shit, thoughtless post. Let Phish be Phish whatever that may mean or sound like on any given night. And please , phunky 58 do us all a favor and stay home and off this site, I absolutely hate pollution and people like u are polluting shows and sites like this one. Nuff said???
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by phunky58

phunky58 less songs more long sustained jams please. so far last year trumps this year imo
, attached to 2013-07-17

Review by phunky58

phunky58 less songs more jams please. so far last year trumps this year imo.
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