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Party Time

Party Time

Released: 2009-10
  1. Party Time
  2. Alaska
  3. Windy City
  4. In a Misty Glade
  5. Gone
  6. Only a Dream
  7. The Birdwatcher
  8. Let Me Lie
  9. If I Told You
  10. Splinters of Hail
  11. Can't Come Back
  12. Shrine
  13. Liquid Time

Only officially made available via the Joy boxed set in 2009. Not available for stand-alone purchase as a physical CD or, curiously, as a Live Phish download.

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DreadBeast Reply
DreadBeast Update: Party Time is indeed available on Live Phish as a stand-alone download.
Score: 3
FatahRuark Reply
FatahRuark Also available on vinyl as a limited release at Superball IX and also on Record Store Day 2011.
Score: 2
CooGarn Reply
CooGarn The vinyl artwork should be added to this as well.
Score: 0
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