This show was webcast via Live Phish. Crosseyed was teased in Meatstick, Mercury, Light, and Rocky Top and teased and quoted in Drowned.
Noteworthy Jams
Crosseyed and Painless tease in Meatstick, Crosseyed and Painless tease in Mercury, Crosseyed and Painless tease & quote in Drowned, Crosseyed and Painless tease in Rocky Top, Crosseyed and Painless tease in Light
Debut Years (Average: 2001)

This show was part of the "Mexico 2017"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2017-01-14

Review by brb2323

brb2323 The Curtain With opener was beautiful as always. AC/DC was nice. I'd like to see them take this for a ride sometime. Tube jam was short but very sweet. FEFY was nice. A bit sloppy but i don't really worry about that stuff much. It's definitely about feeling with Phish. Ocelot Ocelot where have you gone. Won't you come out to play. This show from Chalkdust Torture on was outstanding. The CDT jam accelerated into an intense darkness. Great version here! The lights by Kuroda have been amazing in Mexico. He really uses all the surrounding settings as a great backdrop for the lighting effects. Crosseyed set 2 opener was nice. Same with Blaze On. Meatstick was so smooth, organic, funky. This song has really had some killer versions lately. Last night's, MSG, MGM Halloween plus Magnaball are all highly recommended. Winterqueen is always welcome for me. Love it here in the second set. Mercury is such a beautiful song. It's definitely one of my favorite Phish songs written in all of 3.0. It was dark and psychedelic, just how it should be. Followed by another 3.0 favorite, Light. More psychedelic jamming. This second set was very nice! Great song selection and flow. Velvet Sea was a nice closer. Drowned is a great song but man sometimes its painful to hear Mike's voice on it. It's a tough song vocally, and I've heard him sing it well. Just not last night. I still love you Mike! Roger Daltrey had an incomparable voice pretty much. Then of course, what Mexico show wouldn't be complete without Rocky Top!?! It was fun and a good ending. 4 out of 5 with the strong CDT and second set.
, attached to 2017-01-14

Review by JARdale

JARdale Very good show overall. I couched it and thought that the set list was average on paper but they boys brought it up another level with their playing. The meatstick.... mercury..... winterqueen provided some killer jams/solos. Nice encores as well. Always fun when they show the people in the surf. Thank you for the webcasts!!!
, attached to 2017-01-14

Review by MrFoot

MrFoot Arrived on the first bus from our resort again and found ourselves at the front of the line with most of the same people from night one minus the poster gang. They let us in from the alternating lines in groups of 30 instead of 100 as they did the first night.

Set I - The Curtain With was a lovely way to open the show - my last one was the Acoustic 8 set, but Bag felt a little flat and eliminated hopes of a Gamehendge set, and Breath and Burning, while nice to hear, lacked energy. Poor heart, usually good for injecting some life, didn't quite get things moving. Moon, the Line and Waking Up Dead continued what was shaping up to be a very mellow show. Fine by me, as I did rage a bit hard on the 13th. Man it's hard to refuse drinks being served to you whilst dancing on the beach. Tube got me raging again...only to mellow out again with FEFY - I'm a bit of a sucker for the slow songs and really love Fast Enough. My wife loves Ocelot so was very happy and we were treated to a jamming Chalkdust to close the set. I'm 45 now so, 'can't I live while I'm young', doesn't have the same impact on me as when I was a 19 year old undergrad at UNC in Greeley, CO. But it was a heater and you should listen to it.

Set II - The last time I heard Crosseyed was 10-31-96 and it was a great way to get everyone moving again. Blaze On was funky and fun and then we got a nice dirty Meatstick with a great jam. Surprisingly, Winterqueen kept up with the previous jam and led into an equally nice Mercury. We wandered off at the start of Light to dance under the light of the palm trees then down to the shore for Velvet Sea. Twas lovely really.

The Drowned Rocky Top encore was interesting. We are huge Who fans so love this and have epic memories from 10/31/95 but Mike just can't sing like Daltrey. Whatever! Daltrey can't play bass like Mike. Oh let me get back to the see...or Rocky Top of course.

Average setlist with above average playing and outstanding atmosphere - The Crosseyed and Painless themed second set is definitely worth your won't regret it. It's cool, I'm still waiting too.
, attached to 2017-01-14

Review by dpwilljr

dpwilljr This show is slightly over-shadowed by the next night. The Curtain With is extremely well executed. The entire first set is worth listening to again. What really made an impression on me was the second set.
Crosseyed is outstanding, but the flow takes form during the Blaze On jam. There is a certain fluid, unconscious playing for the majority of the second set. Every song they touched, turned to gold. I refuse to complain about the Velvet Sea closer, it was part of the canvas they painted that night.
Drowned sent me over the edge....
, attached to 2017-01-14

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads I really enjoyed the song selection in the first set of this show. It so happened that it was bookended by great jams: The Curtain With and Chalkdust Torture. That's what I'll focus on, since most of the rest of the first set was pretty much by The Book. The Curtain With is a treat any time I hear it, and this version was typical of the song yet nicely executed with perhaps a nod to the surroundings--though I haven't heard what the weather's been like--if, as one would suspect, January in Mexico on the beach is kinda breezy and relaxed. Chalkdust was compared in the setlist/discussion thread to the legendary 7/10/99 version; I wouldn't rank it that high, but it surprised me with its laser-guided melodies and professionally thematic jam.

The second set, for me, is notable for the Mercury > Light. Crosseyed didn't do much, except get teased/quoted a lot, which I'm pretty much meh about. A rarely concise Blaze On led into Meatstick > Winterqueen, with Meatstick getting extended a bit--and including the now-ubiquitous Japanese lyrics--before a stately Winterqueen which left me a bit puzzled why they would want to extend that song, though my fear that the set was gonna feature a bunch of 8-10 min. numbers was answered with aplomb by the aforementioned Mercury > Light! I'm not really familiar enough with Mercury yet to be able to analyze it from the standpoint of separating composition from jam expertly (thanks Ezrin) but I enjoyed it, and the Light that follows, though monochromatic from a key signature standpoint, was accomplished and threw me a bone on the jamhound side of things. Note: I'd like Drowned taken for a ride again, hopefully soon. It and Rock and Roll deserve better than encore status, IMO.

An average-great show was enjoyed by many, hated by none. If I'd been there I'd've been thrilled, but when it comes to Phish there's average-thrilled and there's thrilled, if you know what I mean. The structure and setlist kind of reminds me of last year's Lockn' shows. I would've been proud to show this to a non-phan as a non-Phish-only festival show. I hope tonight is truly revelatory, as I know in my bone-marrow Phish is capable of any time they feel like it.
, attached to 2017-01-14

Review by twezer

twezer The nets unbreakable, don't worry about falling.

Watched from home. What a beautiful location for a show. First set was good highlighted by tube (not 98 guality, but that's ok), FEFY and an extended fan fav chalkdust.

Crosseyed opener paved the way for teases the rest of the night. Mercury is excellent and worthy of a headphone listen. This song takes you on a journey with its melodic changes. Light goes deep into the jam and back. Thought I heard no quarter but they went right into the velvet sea. I love this song (didn't back in '99) and this was a good fit to end set 2. Drowned encore followed by Rocky Top to end it with a final lick of C&P from Trey.
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