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Link Saturday, 09/03/2011
Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO

Soundcheck: Brown Eyed Girl, Sweet Virginia, Low Rider, Jam (with "On Broadway" and "Close To You" with lyric alteration shout outs to production staff.) [Unconfirmed and Possibly Incomplete]

Set 1: Possum, MomaThe Moma Dance > WedgeThe Wedge, Ocelot > DividedDivided Sky, Funky Bitch, Axilla > Llama, FEFYFast Enough for You, Wolfman'sWolfman's Brother

Set 2: DwDDown with Disease[1] -> Tweezer > Golden Age > LxLLimb By Limb, KDFKill Devil Falls > 2001Also Sprach Zarathustra > Light > Julius > Cavern > AntelopeRun Like an Antelope

Encore: Sleeping Monkey > TweepriseTweezer Reprise

[1] Unfinished.

· Streets of Cairo tease in Llama
· Green-Eyed Lady and Golden Age teases in Tweezer
· Dirt and Down with Disease teases in Light
· Down with Disease tease in Run Like an Antelope
· Down with Disease tease in Tweezer Reprise
· Theme from The Brady Bunch tease

Noteworthy Jams: Wolfman's Brother, Tweezer (highly recommended), Kill Devil Falls, Light

Average Song Gap: 5.41

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: This show was webcast via LivePhish. Llama included a Streets of Cairo tease. Mike teased the Brady Bunch theme before Disease, which was unfinished. Tweezer included multiple teases of Green-Eyed Lady by Page in the composed intro section, and a tease of Golden Age by Fish in the jam segment. Light, Antelope, and Tweezer Reprise contained Disease teases from Trey. Light also contained Dirt teases from Mike. Trey said, "We'd like to play a song that begins with the letter 'S'" prior to Sleeping Monkey.

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Video "Tweezer" Official Video Blog Recap Recap

Song Distribution:
4 A Picture of Nectar
3 Joy
3 Hoist
2 The Story of the Ghost
2 Stash
2 Rift
2 The White Tape
1 Lawn Boy
1 Junta
1 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday

Songs by Debut Year:

waxbanks , attached to 2011-09-03 Permalink
waxbanks The second set through Light is a devastating run of songs - I'm a big fan of Light, and this is a well-integrated version, smoothly rolling from the usual incantatory wails through a tense minor-key section to a gorgeous outro jam (reminiscent of the classic 8/7/09 Gorge version)...which turns unexpectedly into a patient, majestic DWD Reprise!! The return of the DWD riff has capped several great jams over the years (2/16/03 Piper and 2/17/97 set II spring right to mind), but this one is special: a gentle downtempo guitar line from Trey brings the whole band into wondrous unison to seal the setlong deal.

At that point it makes perfect sense to start the homeward-bound Julius/Cavern/Antelope sequence. Can't complain.

Disease itself is a pretty standard 2011 version, actually - it's the Trey/Mike segue into Tweezer that sets things off. Fish calls for Golden Age during this chiming major-key Tweezer, and Trey obliges as the jam fades out; a short version of that tune ends with a brief bit of funk riffing that previews the night's 2001. Great stuff.

But then LxL continues unexpectedly to serve as a showcase jam tune, and the band keeps blasting out the KDF jam *after* its closing vocals, and after a standard 2001 we have the aforementioned triumphant 'Down with Light' jam, jam, jam, damn.

That's about 70 minutes of grade-A+ Phish to anchor another 2011-level show, which is to say everything here is very very good or better. And don't miss the huge Wolfman's in the first, nor Ocelot, nor FEFY. This show is similar to 8/16, the second night of last month's UIC run: every jam is full of energy, empathy, detail, inspiration. Maybe I'll look back on my 2011-gushing someday with mild embarrassment, but right now I wouldn't bet on it: the music is just better than it has any right to be, given the late hour...
Score: 17
LG221 , attached to 2011-09-03 Permalink
i think the people who have said that this show had no highs has either listened to far too little phish, had ear plugs in during the show or just doesnt know what to listen for to even understand when phish is throwing the fuck down!!! That second set duo of Disease ---> Tweezer was out of this world! That was phish at their best ever possibly! please disregard the other two comments, get this show, turn it the fuck up and lay back and enjoy, PHISH is on top of their game as good as they have ever been if not better, this is prime time phish music get it while its hot!!! 221 to the most high!
Score: 11
ferody , attached to 2011-09-03 Permalink
Sleeping Monkey encore... was wondering if Aron Ralston was at the show?
Score: 2
Chris , attached to 2011-09-03 Permalink
I think the setlist should read Disease -> Tweezer -> Disease. Excellent weekend!
Score: 2
chefbrett , attached to 2011-09-03 Permalink
chefbrett I'm amazed that almost none of these reviews mention that they played the best Tweezer of the year, and possibly of the past many years. Must-listen Tweezer, for sure.
Score: 1
JordyBug , attached to 2011-09-03 Permalink
JordyBug Saturday.....Saturday was solid, nothing jaw gaping but solid. This show was just a slow roller. Songs just kind of came and went. No super highs, no super lows just pretty consistent playing. Mike however is taking on his leadership role well nailing songs like DWD, Golden Age and Funky B were all highlights for me. Friends, Mike is the new Trey. The question is will Trey be able to stay interested in what Mike is saying musically. I did notice the lack of continuity in some of the jams Saturday and sometimes a bit disjointed. You couldn't help but wonder if the band was just trying to bring us down easy from the Friday mayhem. 2001 through Antelope is worth a listen too. Happy to be here in cool CO.
Score: 0
Blackeydsloth , attached to 2011-09-03 Permalink
Blackeydsloth Ok I am more into this show for a listen more often than the 1st night. Nothing spectacular but played well. I recommend checking out the Ocelot and Wolfman's from this show. I thought they were 1st set highlights not to forget to mention the Divided and Fast Enough For You which are great as well.
Set 2 my highlights are Down With Disease>Tweezer>golden age(although not my favorite golden age) A pretty normal Limb By Limb
Kill Devil Falls rocked out i liked this version alot. And finally LIGHT!!!
I think this might be my favorite from this show. Check it out perfect DWD TEASE!!!
The rest is pretty average. I do again recommend this show.

3 stars.
Score: 0
CreatureoftheNight , attached to 2011-09-03 Permalink
CreatureoftheNight After spending Possum and Moma getting on the floor, my Wedge shirt finally paid off as we made our way page side. The floor was a lot more packed than the night before, but we still found room to boogie up close. It was Saturday night and everything came up glitter for us. Kari got her ripping Llama, the Rhombus guy got his Divided Sky, and all of us got a second set that upped the ante on the S show. Many people talked about how fortunate we were to be witnessing greatness night after night.

Disease had its usual fire, but I love the rhythmic playing in its wake. The Tweezer gets my vote for the best jam of the weekend. Swaying with huge grins, eyes closed. The band and the crowd was oozing with positive energy for the entire 14 minutes. Masterful.

Golden Age was perfectly placed for me. I jumped up and down with the first notes, even though I've seen a ton of versions this summer. I can't get enough of this song. Trey's soaring solo at the end keeps getting better and better. I only wish the jam in the last minute kept going. Limb By Limb is a song I'd like to hear more, especially after UIC. This version's emotion seemed like a preview of the Hood coming up on Sunday. Whew, they finally their first breath of the set. It lasts about 5 seconds.

KDF? Sure, why not? The band could play almost any song and belt out a home run. Fish and Mike wouldn't let this one die. KDF Reprise caused a lot of glances and we got an even bigger peak than the one earlier in the song. Fishman was noticeably more animated all weekend and this was a great example of his determination. 2001 filled the funk requirement for the night, but the opening of Light got everyone buzzing again. Another killer jam?! Trey decided to leave the usual jam for a more patient approach. By the 5 minute mark, the band's synergy was again apparent. Drippy goodness straight into DwD. Over an hour later, we were back where we started.

The rest of the show, especially the Antelope, was the reason I couldn't move very well Sunday morning. The band kept raging until the house lights came back on. Thanks to Phish and all the people than helped make it one more glorious Saturday night.
Score: 0
CreatureoftheNight , attached to 2011-09-03 Permalink
CreatureoftheNight People keep raving about the 12-28-2012 Tweezer. My $ is still on this version for the best of 3.0.
Score: 0

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