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Link Sunday, 08/02/1998
Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN

Set 1: Roggae, DividedDivided Sky, HorseThe Horse > SilentSilent in the Morning > You Better Believe It Baby, Boogie OnBoogie On Reggae Woman > Reba, Weigh > BOAFBirds of a Feather

Set 2: Possum > Ghost > Lifeboy > BowieDavid Bowie, I Get a Kick Out of You[1], Loving Cup

Encore: HoodHarry Hood > Bittersweet Motel

[1] Phish debut.

· The Lizards, Possum, and Divided Sky teases in David Bowie

Noteworthy Jams: Boogie On Reggae Woman, Possum, Ghost

Average Song Gap: 15.31

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: The end of Bowie contained Lizards, Possum, and Divided Sky teases from Trey. This show marked the Phish debut of I Get a Kick Out of You.

Song Distribution:
3 The Story of the Ghost
3 Rift
2 Junta
1 Hoist
1 Lawn Boy
1 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday
1 The White Tape

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1998 Summer U.S. Tour."

Victor_Cleave , attached to 1998-08-02 Permalink
Victor_Cleave At 14 years old this was only my 3rd rock concert (behind Kiss and Ozzfest) and my first ever Phish show!
I had an uncle who very much lamented never taking me to see a Dead show, so he jumped at the opportunity to introduce me to Phish.
I was not very familiar with most of the music at the time, but a few things captivated me and set me down the path.
First off, I listened to TONS of Sinatra as a boy so I was totally stoked about the I Get a Kick Out of You.
Second, the whole atmosphere was obviously something I had never experienced before.
Looking back I realize just how epic this show was!
Got Divided Sky, Reba, Ghost, Bowie, and Hood for my first time!
Only years later would I realize how rare that is.
Score: 3
MiguelSanchez , attached to 1998-08-02 Permalink
MiguelSanchez this is a good fun show. roggae through you better believe it baby stays a little mellow but well-played. boogie on really gets the crowd grooving, and this is my favorite reba of '98. very good version. try is right on point. weigh is a nice treat, and the "new tune" birds of a feather closes this set down in style.

the set opening possum is a doozy. they really take this one all the way out there before storming back. this ghost and the jam the ensues have a nice dark/funky feel. it is nice and explorative before petering out into life boy. trey plays very well on david bowie. plus, they throw a whole bunch of nice little teases on the back end of this one. outside of a debut of "i get a kick out of you," the rest of this show ends end good but standard fashion. harry hood is nice, and bittersweet motel is a little bonus. good show.

set 1:

roggae, boogie on reggae woman, reba

set 2:
possum, ghost, david bowie
Score: 1
Looking4Owls , attached to 1998-08-02 Permalink
You NEED to listen to set II! Superb. Possum and Ghost are fantastic. I love the Sinatra!
Score: 0

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