Jam Chart for Boogie On Reggae Woman (20 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1987-02-21 Boogie On Burlington, VT 5:17 Debut. Mike's bass playing is noticeably strong and funky even in this first version.
1997-12-07 Boogie On Dayton, OH 7:55 Busted out after a 989 show gap and segues smoothly out of Wolfman's Brother. The '97 style outro jam is distinct and deviates from the structure of "Boogie" at 5 minutes and is played at a slower tempo than recent versions. Transitions to a hot "Reba".
1998-08-02 Boogie On Noblesville, IN 7:26 Funk groove that sticks close to the "Boogie on" theme and features great contributions from all band members, especially Fishman.
1999-07-25 Boogie On Noblesville, IN 10:43 Extended funk groove. Mike holds it down while Page and Trey play off each other very well. Returns to the "Boogie on" theme at 10 minutes.
1999-09-18 Boogie On Chula Vista, CA 21:30 The intial funky jam seems to be coming to an end at 9 minutes, but the jam picks back up and grooves for a few more minutes while Trey plays lead before the jam shifts to soaring, melodic "hose". Returns to "Boogie" with breakdown solos from Mike, Trey, and Page. Must-hear.
1999-12-02 Boogie On Auburn Hills, MI 8:00 Wah-groove from Trey.
1999-12-11 Boogie On Philadelphia, PA 7:50 An extra funky jam kicks off a great set.
2000-09-18 Boogie On Cuyahoga Falls, OH 13:37 Very improvisational version. Trey adds nicely to the basic outro, then the group moves on to a bluesy swing, swirling '00 funk, some rhythmic jamming, and a spacey transition with a -> to "Twist."
2003-02-21 Boogie On Cincinnati, OH 6:47 Breakdown jamming.
2003-12-02 Boogie On Boston, MA 6:10 20th Anniversary edition. The jam shifts in the last minute to set up the segue into "Cities".
2003-12-29 Boogie On Miami, FL 7:04 -> in from "Twist." Short, but definitely gets beyond "Boogie On" into a nice groove before -> to "Ghost."
2004-06-26 Boogie On East Troy, WI 12:43 During the outro, Mike has a brief solo, and from there, Trey and Page take off, while Fish and Mike stick to "Boogie On" for a bit. The latter two don't hold on for too long before joining the hard rocking, very optimistic (for 2.0) jam with a -> to "Ghost."
2009-08-02 Boogie On Morrison, CO 16:30 Dynamic and improvisational version that includes a "Twist"-esque jam and "Oye Como Va" tease from Page. The sentiment is very positive and upbeat (again). Must-hear for any 3.0 nay sayers.
2010-07-01 Boogie On Raleigh, NC 9:52 In the encore slot. While basically "Type I", Trey provides a rich and celebratory melodic line to the basic "Boogie On" outro jam, which elevates this version considerably.
2010-08-09 Boogie On Telluride, CO 8:23 Segues out of "Tweezer". Manteca tease from Page in the "plinko" jam with some footbell action from Mike.
2011-05-27 Boogie On Bethel, NY 9:03 Staccato jamming gives way to a "Type II" slowed down, effects-laden outro and > into "Waves".
2011-06-12 Boogie On Columbia, MD 8:02 Patient segue out of "Wolfman's Brother." Mike drops one of his ground-shaking bombs at 4:10. Great playing from Trey and Page in the outro jam before the > into "Gumbo."
2011-08-05 Boogie On George, WA 8:42 -> in from "Meatstick." Trey and Page join Super Mike and all three rock this one hard, while Fish dutifully keeps everything in check. Technically "Type I," it's nevertheless a great version. > to "Farmhouse."
2012-06-07 Boogie On Worcester, MA 11:39 Segues out of "Ghost" and includes some serious hose from Trey and reaches several satisfying peaks. Drops back into a funk groove for the last minute and the jam fades away into "If I Could".
2013-11-01 Boogie On Atlantic City, NJ 5:42 > from "Meatstick". There's some extra funky mustard on this one and it also includes alternate lyrics referencing bush and kush, as well as a tease of the "Theme from the Rockford Files." Ends with a > to "The Wedge".
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