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Link Tuesday, 10/25/1994
Atlanta Civic Center, Atlanta, GA

Set 1: Fee[1] > Llama, Horn, Julius, HorseThe Horse > SilentSilent in the Morning, SOAMeltSplit Open and Melt, LizardsThe Lizards, SampleSample in a Jar

Set 2: Mike'sMike's Song > Simple > MangoThe Mango Song > WeekapaugWeekapaug Groove[2] -> Yerushalayim Shel Zahav -> Glide, Axilla (Part II) -> JJLCJesus Just Left Chicago -> BBJBig Ball Jam, HYHUHold Your Head Up > If I Only Had a Brain > HYHUHold Your Head Up, Possum

Encore: Foreplay/Long Time[3], GolgiGolgi Apparatus

[1] Trey sang verses through megaphone.
[2] Unfinished.
[3] Acoustic.

· On Broadway tease in Weekapaug Groove
· The Rover, Kashmir, and Magilla teases in Possum
· Voodoo Child (Slight Return) tease

Noteworthy Jams: Split Open and Melt (highly recommended), Mike's Song, Weekapaug Groove (highly recommended), Jesus Just Left Chicago, Possum

Average Song Gap: 8.21

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone. The second set opened with a Voodoo Child tease. Weekapaug included an On Broadway tease and was unfinished. The Rover was teased before Possum as well as numerous times in Possum itself. Possum also contained full band teases of Kashmir and Magilla. Foreplay/Long Time was performed acoustic.

Song Distribution:
3 Hoist
3 Rift
3 A Picture of Nectar
2 Stash
2 Junta
2 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday
1 Lawn Boy

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1994 Fall Tour."

Harryshappyplace , attached to 1994-10-25 Permalink
Harryshappyplace This is a neat little show with some cool interesting jams that really give this show some bite. The first set is pretty standard for the time period, but in this treasure chest, you want to look for the Melt to give it some value. The meat of the jam is chaotic, frantic, like a car out of control trying to find its way through one of those heavy Georgia thunderstorms, you think its let up, but it just keeps pounding you again and again. It does slow down and gets downright mean before they launch back into the Melt outro that still keeps the heavy, grungy theme. The Lizards that comes next is a great pickup that allows people to gather their thoughts and reattach their bottom jaw to their face.

Second set is an awesome segue fest and features another gem with an extended Weekapaug that also finds a dark and stormy spot similar to the Melt from the first set. With YEM-like vocals to accompany the soundscape, the boys sound as if they're on a roller coaster and they're worried about the inevitable peak at the top of it right before they dip over the edge.
Jesus Just Left Chicago is a welcomed treat that is played magnificently with some great Page/Trey action. Trey really can hit that soulful blues sound. Right out of serious-face blues, they switch gears to the fun, silliness of Big Ball Jam and continue onto Fishmanland where he wishes he had a brain (and his goggles), and Possum lets out some more fire before sending us off. The encore is fun and levels things off.

For what its worth, check out the Melt, Paug, and JJLC for three treats from another solid showing from the Phish.
Score: 1
soundboy1 , attached to 1994-10-25 Permalink
soundboy1 This was the first show for me after I ditched my Dad and just went with the flow. After Gainesville the guy I was driving with suggested we go to a Rainbow farm in Jeffersonville Georgia... This turned out to be a great suggestion. I had never been to a Rainbow gathering but this was the next best thing. When we showed up we ran into some familiar faces from tour and it was a very heady scene. I hate the word hippie but I can't think of any other way to describe the people. Just very accepting and open to anyone who showed respect.

The first night of my tour I got eaten alive by fire ants and I itched for a week. I wasn't the only one and when we told our hosts about it they told us about a pond that had clay that would cure our itches. I was very skeptical but figured it couldn't hurt. That stuff worked better than any calamine lotion I ever used. It cured me and I was most thankful....

So we got to the show the next day very early. So did most of the other travelers. At this point the touring scene consisted of 50 cars or so. I ran into a friend of mine from upstate NY which was pretty cool. He was the first guy I ever met who had multiple jars of dank. I also got to smoke out of great glass on that tour. Everyone seemed to have Bobs who was the heady blower. I had no idea about any of that stuff but the bowls were really cool... Jeff had one called the enterprise which was amazing...I met Mike in the parking lot at this one. He was just walking around chilling out. Very nice guy totally gracious. At this point I felt like we were just all one big family.

This show was great. It was a small theater and I'm pretty sure it sold out. But they didnt rip tickets so EVERYONE got in. It was fantastic. I remember the acoustics were exceptional. Melt and Lizards were the highlight of the first set but the Mike's Groove from the 2nd set was the highlight of my tour. It just flowed so nicely and then dropped into Glide which is my favorite Phish tune to see live. Fishman's song was totally perfect for my mindset. I had nothing to do in the world but see Phish every night. It was a great life.
Score: 1
Chipster10 , attached to 1994-10-25 Permalink
My first show...was absolutely ecstatic the Fee opener...had been listening to Junta since the summer of 1993 & this was my first chance to see them, coming down from Young Harris College. A lot of folks call the first set a "standard" but it was full of energy & the place was absolutely rocking...The Horse> SITM was massive....inexplicably complex and wonderful, Maybe I'm bias, but DAMN, what a first set!

Second was just as satisfying... Yerushalayim Shel Zahav -> Glide, Axilla (Part II) -> Jesus Just Left Chicago. Fish stepped up to the microphone after a standard HYHU intro and belted out an "If I only had a Brain"...and promptly lost his goggles. Not only my first show but an epic 94 offering in my humble opinion. Golgi closer was high energy as well!! Find it, download it, & check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Score: 1

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