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Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek

Released: 2008
  1. Runaway Jim
  2. My Soul
  3. Water in the Sky
  4. Stash
  5. Bouncing Around the Room
  6. Vultures
  7. Bye Bye Foot
  8. Taste
  9. Down with Disease
  10. Mike's Song
  11. Simple
  12. I Am Hydrogen
  13. Weekapaug Groove
  14. Hello My Baby
  15. When the Circus Comes
  16. Harry Hood
  17. Runaway Jim
  18. Free
  19. Reba
  20. Dog Faced Boy
  21. Catapult
  22. Split Open and Melt
  23. Carolina

The official Walnut Creek 2-DVD set includes "Runaway Jim" through "Harry Hood," the complete Phish performance from July 22, 1997 at the Walnut Creek Amphitheater in Raleigh, NC. The now out-of-print Left Nuts bonus CD ("Runaway Jim" through "Carolina") is from the same venue on June 16, 1995, excepting "Reba" which was from June 29, 1994.

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