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Music/Lyrics: Anastasio/Marshall/Herman

Vocals: Trey, Page (lead), Fish, Mike (backing)

Albums: Live Phish 06, Walnut Creek, Live In Utica

Debut: 1997-06-13

Historian: Martin Acaster (Doctor_Smarty)

Whether a circling vulture is a good sign or a bad sign depends entirely on the philosophical frame of reference of the observer. To a wayward hiker overcome by the midsummer sun of the southeast Oregon desert, seeing the vultures moving in could be a bad omen indeed. To the Tibetan villager relinquishing the useless corpse of a loved one to the macabre ritual of sky burial, the vulture instead symbolizes something good. To Tibetans, the vultures that feast on the discarded remains of a now useless body are the Dakini. The Dakini, or Sky Dancers, are the supreme embodiment of highest wisdom and feminine divinity to Tibetan Buddhists. The role of the Dakini in the sky burial is to transmute suffering by removing anger, greed, and delusion from the scene. The role of the Sky Dancers at a Phish show should without question be the same. Too often this is not the case.

With their clear reference to timing, expectations, and those expectations not being met, the lyrics of “Vultures” appear to be an indictment of the dissatisfied Phish fan. Too often the anger, greed, and delusion of the fan unhappy with the length of a given song, setlist, or show is manifest in an irrational feeling of being somehow cheated by the band. This ungratefulness must wear thin at times. In a broader sense, “Vultures” reflects the impending death of anything. Whether it be a job, a relationship, a way of life, or a really good show, when the end is near, the signal is clear. At times we can all see the vultures moving in. Clearly, based on one’s perspective, this can be a good thing or a bad thing.

"Vultures" – 7/22/97, from the Walnut Creek DVD

“Vultures” was one of several songs (which included “Ghost, “Dirt” and “Limb By Limb”) that were first played 6/6/97 at a pre-tour party at Brad Sands’ house. Unlike many of the songs first played at Bradstock, “Vultures” has yet to find its way onto a Phish studio album. It debuted before a paying audience a week later (6/13/97) at the tour opener in Dublin, Ireland. “Vultures” was in fairly regular rotation throughout both the European and U.S. legs of the 1997 summer tour and had a curious association with “Dogs Stole Things” in setlists. “Vultures” was reworked during studio sessions for Story of the Ghost. A studio outtake version of the song includes an additional verse where the "razor to the throat" is replaced with "a potato," a line which Trey sang in one (11/27/98) of only three versions played in 1998, all of which were the new reworked version. The Worcester “Vultures” was subsequently released on Live Phish 06, and the original potato-free four-track recording by Trey and Tom was released on Trampled by Lambs & Pecked by the Dove. “Vultures” came circling more often during summer and fall 1999 with repeat performances in some venues suggesting preferred roosts (Shoreline 7/31/97 and 9/16/99; Deer Creek 8/11/97 and 7/26/99; Atlanta 8/6/98 and 7/4/99; and TAFKAK 12/13/97 and 10/10/99). 

This propensity for favored feeding grounds did not continue with the summer 2000 tour, as the Vultures chose instead to make their return (7/1/00) from their winter migration at the Meadows in Hartford. The remaining two pre-hiatus “Vultures” descended on Great Woods (9/11/00) and Phoenix (10/1/00). 

"Vultures" – 11/28/09, Albany, NY

In 2003 “Vultures” flew into Chula Vista, CA (7/8/03), made a return visit to Deer Creek (7/21/03), and picked at IT way up in Limestone (8/2/03). The last of the "Vultures" to tear flesh from the decaying corpse of the pre-Coventry Phish returned to Deer Creek (6/24/04) for a fourth meal. 

Happily the Dakini, like the band, returned from the land of the dead in 2009, staying with its curious migration routes by visiting for the third time another one of its preferred ceremonial altars in Albany (11/28/09).

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StillWading Reply
StillWading Nice use of the song on 12/30/2011 to foreshadow the brilliant NYE spectacle of dancers in the sky perhaps? I wonder if anyone called the gig after hearing Vultures.
Score: 1
makisupaman Reply
makisupaman From Tom Marshall's Soundcloud:

"Here's another from the "Twist" session in Stowe, VT in May 1997. Vultures was Trey's from the start -- he asked me to push the buttons on the tape deck while he composed the intro on piano...which I remember being very excited about. His jazzy drum beat made me realize he had a vision and was on auto-pilot. Then he added guitar and vocals. Scott Herman helped me write the lyrics. When I think about it, I didn't do a whole lot on this song!! :) In any case, I love this original version (from Trampled by Lambs and Pecked by the Dove). A couple things -- no one has ever gotten all these lyrics right:
Timing is everything
that much I know
Sometimes I'm faster
and sometimes I'm slow
I exceed expectations
but sometimes I'm told
To go to the end of the line
But when I don't meet
what's expected of me
they look at their clocks
and they say "this can't be"
Watching it pass
without reason or rhyme
I find myself drifting in time

Also...Why did they occasionally say "Potato to the throat" instead of "razor to the throat"? -- I don't know how that originated. I asked Trey, he doesn't remember exactly but says "a razor is so violent" -- so that's the official answer to that mystery.
As I write this I'm reminded that we constructed the intro to Walls of the Cave in a very similar fashion -- Trey on piano with me engineering. I see the vultures moving in!"
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johnnyd Staff Reply
johnnyd Here's a link to a brief Twitter exchange with Tom Marshall about the origin of "Paulutek" (sp?). I had wondered for a long time, assumed it was an author or poet I was not familiar with. But then I hit the googles and didnt find anything at all.

He wasnt sure, but said the name might come from an H.P. Lovecraft demon.

Score: 0
cMags13 Reply
@nichobert said:
Any suggestions as to the best versions? I know they've jammed it out a few times and not jammed it out a few other times
9/21/99 Vultures is 12 minutes long. The longest version.
Score: 0
crawPHiSHgumbo Reply
crawPHiSHgumbo Vultures bring out the dark side
Score: 0
goldenroad Reply
Utica Vultures is naaaaaaasty

@nichobert said:
Any suggestions as to the best versions? I know they've jammed it out a few times and not jammed it out a few other times
Score: 0
nichobert Reply
nichobert Any suggestions as to the best versions? I know they've jammed it out a few times and not jammed it out a few other times
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