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My Soul

Vocals: Trey (lead), All (backing)

Original Artist: Clifton Chenier

Original Album: Single (1957)

Albums: Live Phish 05, Walnut Creek, Hampton/Winston-Salem '97, Live In Utica, Ventura

Debut: 1997-02-13

Historian: song history staff

Last Update: 2014-07-15

Clifton Chenier was a mid-20th-century music pioneer who some credit as the grandfather of American Zydeco. Drawing on his background of R&B, blues, and rock, Chenier wrote and played songs with raw energy and determination and brought an element of rock and roll to zydeco that, to that point, had not been seen before.

Clifton Chenier, “My Soul”

Some comparisons to Phish are actually quite interesting: he was known as a showman (sometimes wearing a cape and/or crown to his performances) and he carved out his niche via a non-stop touring schedule. Phish began performing his blues number “My Soul” in 1997, nearly ten years after Chenier’s death. 

Phish, “My Soul” – 2/18/97, Paris, France

Fans seem split in their opinions on this number; some enjoyed the energy and raw blues power while others find the simplistic structure repetitive and boring. For those in the latter category, it didn’t help that it was, for a while, the most frequently played song on tour… or maybe it just seemed that way. “My Soul” was in heavy rotation in 1997 and 1998 and, though played somewhat less, was still a regular in 1999 and 2000. After the hiatus, though, "My Soul" disappeared for the entirety of 2.0. It was resurrected on 12/28/09 Miami and has remained in modest rotation since; though versions are essentially interchangeable, check out versions appearing in otherwise outstanding shows such as 10/20/10 Utica (Live in Utica DVD), the 1/1/11 MSG show opener, or 8/4/13 San Francisco.

Phish, “My Soul” – 1/1/11, New York, NY

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Ez_and_not_so_Fast Reply
Ez_and_not_so_Fast CK5 always brings the superb heat to My Soul.
Score: 0
YEMatty Reply
Cant forget the blazing second set opener from Fillmore 98...
Score: 0
Ruby1977 Reply
I especially enjoyed the 4/22/00 Radio City 2nd set "My Soul" opener.
Score: 0
Mikesgroover Reply
Mikesgroover During "Bike" on 11/10/90 Page and Mike play a brief "My Soul" jam in the background during Fishman's vocal jam. It's short but distinct-- perhaps the first example of them jamming on this theme?
Score: 0
the_van Reply
There's a prominent "My Soul" chorus during the 4/11/94 YEM vocal jam.
Score: 0
nichobert Reply
nichobert Any thoughts on the recommended versions, or any other great versions of this song? I know there are some super jammy My Souls but the article doesn't seem to mention the versions that go well outside the structure.

There is one from summer 97 where they jam into a My Soul jam, (From Jim maybe?) and then into the beginning of My Soul. Almost like a Disco Biscuits "inversion" but several years ahead of the fact. Great jam whichever the show was.
Score: 0
DeerCreek_King Reply
don't forget about the scorching opener in "guyutica" 2010
Score: 0
phananas Reply
phananas Saw this beauty at Phall GUYUtica 2011 :-)
I remember wandering around the lot hearing the words "soul." Then began the nastiest Phish show I have seen to date.... My Soul> Stealing Time From a Faulty Plan.
Score: 0
DollarBill Reply
DollarBill I just heard a version of David Bowie from 7-16-92, that has a section about eight minutes in that sounds exactly like the solo section from My Soul, four and a half years before they really started playing it!
Score: 0
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