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Also Known As: Carolina in the Morning

Music: Walter Donaldson

Lyrics: Gus Kahn

Vocals: All

Original Artist: Traditional

Albums: Live Phish 10, Walnut Creek

Debut: 1990-01-20

Historian: Dan Mielcarz (ColForbin)

"Carolina" (a.k.a. "Carolina in the Morning") represents one of several forays Phish has made into the barbershop quartet genre. It made its debut at Dartmouth College on 1/20/90, and in small (and sometimes not so small) venues was sung without amplification. Unfortunately, this often leads to a live recording consisting solely of the yells of an appreciative audience. A setlist workhorse from its debut through 1994, since 1995 “Carolina” has only been performed eight times, with the most recent to date on 3/1/03 (in North Carolina).

Phish, "Carolina" – 4/29/90, Woodbury, CT

In concert, Phish takes “Carolina” seriously, respecting the uniquely American roots of the song. However, in one hilarious soundcheck from 5/4/90, Fishman makes the song eternally his. By rhyming “Carolina” with a certain female body part, Fish lets all of us experience what he calls “The Boy Scout Anthem.” Interested fans will seek this version out, as well as some of the later, amplified versions of “Carolina.”

Phish, "Carolina" – 3/1/03, Greensboro, NC

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