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Bye Bye Foot

Music/Lyrics: Fishman

Vocals: Fish

Albums: Walnut Creek

Debut: 1997-06-14

Historian: Bradley Lonard

A gentle ballad with an air of childlike wonderment reminiscent of Syd Barrett, “Bye Bye Foot” gave Fishman a – relatively rare in 1997 – turn at the microphone. Not that he took too much advantage of the fact; after making its initial public appearance in Dublin on 6/14/97, it was played just three more times – once more in Europe and twice on the US summer tour – before the band put it away, possibly because it was a bit ambitious vocally for Fish. Even on what is probably the best version – 7/22/97, captured on the Walnut Creek DVD – with a beautifully flowing solo from Trey, Fishman strains to reach the notes. The composer thought enough of the lyrics to have them printed in the summer 1997 Döniac Schvice

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