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Bye Bye Foot

Music/Lyrics: Fishman

Vocals: Fish

Albums: Walnut Creek

Debut: 1997-06-14

Historian: Bradley Lonard

A gentle ballad with an air of childlike wonderment reminiscent of Syd Barrett, “Bye Bye Foot” gave Fishman a – relatively rare in 1997 – turn at the microphone. Not that he took too much advantage of the fact; after making its initial public appearance in Dublin on 6/14/97, it was played just three more times – once more in Europe and twice on the US summer tour – before the band put it away, possibly because it was a bit ambitious vocally for Fish. Even on what is probably the best version – 7/22/97, captured on the Walnut Creek DVD – with a beautifully flowing solo from Trey, Fishman strains to reach the notes. The composer thought enough of the lyrics to have them printed in the summer 1997 Döniac Schvice

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makisupaman Reply
makisupaman One of Fish's many understated songs concerning love and relationships. Hope the line gets crossed again soon.
Score: 2
dscott Reply
This song utterly floors me every time I hear it. So simple, and yet so powerful. Fishman's straining to reach the notes makes it all the more potent, accentuating the plaintive yearning of which the lyrics speak. Then, there's Trey's understated solo. Again - so simple, and yet so powerful.
Score: 1
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